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Telugu Language and Culture

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Telugu is the official language of the Andhra Pradesh state in India. Approximately 74 million people currently use this language, making it the world’s 13th most-spoken language in the Ethnologue list.


This is how you spell it: లాంతరు And I believe you pronounce it like this: Lantaru
may be amibah i guess
lakumuki is the telugu name of kingfisher bird
In Telugu too they are called as Kanakaambralu.
nenu meeku call cheyavacha?
చట్టం సోదరి Caṭṭaṁ sōdari?.
'Vivaha vaarshikothsava subhakaankshalu'
It means brave man. To be precise, it is brave male.
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This is what you call coriander leaf in telugu: Kothimera
It is Kanaka Pushyaraagam (కనక పుష్యరాగం)
Tollywood Prince Mahesh Babu's father is Superstar Krishna who is also an actor.
Chodu pane ki site hai..........band kardo ise...
బంగారు Means Gold
what do you call a crocadile int telugu
Ram charan Teja is telugu hero chranjeevi Son.. He is the chirutha,Magadheera,Orange,Merupu and Rachha hero
ఖగోళ శాస్త్రం(khagola sastram)
funnel telugu meaning is garaatu(గరాటు)
tuna is called Venkshan in Telugu
క్రేజీ source: google translate
i think the meaning of sankalpam is thought.
The first book published in Telugu was Rajasekhara Charithra.
subject means paatyamsamu(పాఠ్యంశము )
In Telugu too Cricket is called as Cricket.
The title is "You Can't Always Get What You Want." It's by the Rollling Stones. See the link below for the lyrics.
Goruchikkudu / motikkayalu
In Telugu 'vayasu' is the word for 'age'.
subhodayam suprabhatam
she is the famous actor who act in t'wood movies. shes acted in gud films loike darling and buisiness man (suoper hit)
she is a lovely figure.
whats meanig telugu chata in english
velli nidrapo velli paduko
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Felicitation is the English word for sanmanam. It is an expressionof good wishes; congratulations.
Telugu Meaning of Grapefruit is 'PAMPARA PANASA PANDU'
Pilli is cat in Telugu.
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In ramayanam one bird is there named 'sampathi', which gave the address of seeta to raama. So sampath=some path(edo oka dari chupevadu--telugu)
it is kown as mandana in hindi