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Telugu Language and Culture

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Telugu is the official language of the Andhra Pradesh state in India. Approximately 74 million people currently use this language, making it the world’s 13th most-spoken language in the Ethnologue list.


Kasuri Methi means endabettina menthi aakulu.
Punyam does not mean good things we do.but it is the result of our good deeds we do to others.we can call it blessings we get from god for our good deeds.
Jala kaalushyamu. To be precise, Samudra jala kaalushyamu
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in Telugu we say milk as money
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'Shashank' is itself a Sanskrit word, which means 'Chand, Chandra or Chandrama'.
Same as that of English
ramamunaga kaaya
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sankethika parignaanamu
The baby boy name Manoj comes from the Indian word which means, "Mental love." Sanskrit word which means, "from the 1008 names of vishnu from vishnu sahsranamam.. Om manojavaya namah...,man in sanskrit means mind. ooj is from the word ojus the internal fire. ,manuj is also the name of hanuman..also...
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Andhariki Deepavali Subha-kankshalu.
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Pinni is known in Telugu as "Father's younger brother's wife OR Mother's younger sister"
telugulo horseradish meaning
While generally referred to as a Sister-in-law, there is no relationship.
On 21 st day of birth
Reeta is a name. In Telugu also it is called as reeta only.
Nenu manchivaadini - male Nenu manchidaanini - female
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lokayanam............... it is taken from sanskrit
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Bangaala Dumpa : the u in Dumpa makes the oo sound in the English word "look" or "book"
yes its the same.. telugu was a dialect of tamil in the past  just like Malayalam and kannada among 21 known and alive tamil  origin languages. it is derived from tamil mostly and some Sanskrit  loan words.. IT IS NOT A SANSKRIT ORIGIN!! 
Thangachi or Tangai : In English:- Sister, In Telugu:- Chellelu (By T.S.G.R RAO)
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paala vaadu paalu posey vaaru
Its a Tamil word. It means contradiction. In Telugu it is - champentha paga, Bhedamu
Chilakada dumpalu/Erra dumpalu/Theepi Dumpalu
samskhipta samacharam
No. It is Telugu in 2nd place. Tamil is 3rd largest spoken language in India
Who is written by indian pledge swami vivekananda are paidi marry subbaro pls tell the answer if you know. Paidimarri subba rao lived in Nalgonda District of Andhra Pradesh, India. భారతదేశము నా మాతృభూమి. భారతీయులందరూ నా సహోద...