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Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan was the 13th century leader of the Mongol empire, the largest empire in the history of the world.
based on the movie and my teacher, he was poisened by an opposite klan when they were trading. the movie says they were trading milk. but i wouldn't be so sure about the milk part
someone tell me what is difference between Chinggis khan or Genggis khan
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It is unknown, though he likely has a tomb as grand as the Egyptians Mongolia is the most likely place, especially Karakorum, where the capitol of the Mongol Empire was established
yes genghis khan was a tyrant
He was born in the Khentii Mountains in Mongolia in 1162.
The major Mongol invasions took place during the reign of GenghisKhan. Genghis Khan personally led three invasions. The first of these invasions was against the Tanguts . In1209, Genghis set forth on a campaign against the dynasty known asthe Xia, which was located in Northwest China along the...
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He was captured by the enemie
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For the same reason most conquerors invade places... More land.
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Turkic and Mongolianish
Genghis Khan was the title of a Mongol warrior named Temujin. He was a military leader and a ruler. Although he started an empire that lasted 150 years, he was not an emperor.
no, before Genghis khan there wasn't actually an official country the Mongolia, before Genghis khan there was a lot of tribes divided, but when Genghis khan came to power he united all the tribes into one and then came the official country Mongolia.
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he became king in 1203
Genghis Khan was the leader of the "Mongols". They went and conquered land by killing all the people in the city. The Chinesse built a border to keep his army away. Unfortunaly Genghis Khan and his tribe conqured it. He was known for being smart but brutal.
Alexander the Great - 323BC. Julius Caesar- 44BC. Genghis Khan - 1227. Marie Antoinette - 1793. Alexander the great
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Genghis Khan: regulated hunting as an actual winter sport, created supreme officers of law, created "official seals." record keeping Kublai Khan : 1. He re-unified China and was the first emperor who laid the foundation of today's territory of China. 2. In terms of political reform, he gave...
they were very destructive. Kublai Khan conquered all of China for the first time in 300 years
Towns would surrender to him without a fight
Kublai Khan was his grand father
Temujin or Genghis Khan, lived from roughly about 1162 to 1227 and is best known for founding the Mongol Empire, which was the largest continuous empire in history. Even though the Mongol population only numbered one to two million, their huge number of horses enabled them to conquer large amounts...
It was Genghis Khan. After he came to power over time, he changed his name to Genghis Khan to show his authority and power.
The mongols collected a lot of tax money and adopted aspects of the Chinese culture such as Confucianism Their workers improved a lot
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Hulagu Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan, was a Mongol ruler who conquered much of the South West Asia. He was the son of Tolui and the Kerait Princess Sorghaghtani Beki.
In Asia, he travelled widely, with no fixed base.
Genghis Khan's army was not given a name, but were called the 'Mongols' because they were all originally from Mongolia (north of China).
the most fearless warrior man has or will ever know ! well mainly he conquered twice the size of the roman empire. his fearless army strode across modern day Asia and slayed those who did not follow him. His bravery never showed fear towards the modern day recreational imagination of the fellow...
Khan Tengri is located on the China-Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan border, east of lake Issyk Kul.
the mongoles raped the china women and the women just killed there self
Most of China and all the land to the Caspian sea (present day Turkmenistan, Kazakstan, Northern Iran, etc.) This is 100% fact.
The Golden Horde. . A+
Hülegü Khan, a grandson of Genghis Khan by his son Tolui, who led the conquest of the Persian and Abbassid Caliphates, destroying numerous cities and gaining a place of infamy among Middle Easterners. He founded the Ilkhanate, the Mongol Empire that ruled Persia, Mesopotamia, and eastern...
Kublai Khan was Genghis Khan's grandson.
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The factors included superior military skills, the force of numbers in areas without any great concentration of population, and the distance of the regions from other centers of civilization such as Europe and coastal China.
To show how stonge the mangolians are
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Their land covered land across Eurasia from northeastern Europe tothe Pacific Ocean in their height.
The harsh reality of their environment tended to favor a certain sense of rugged toughness while breeding out weakness. For them, "survival of the fittest" was a day to day concept...What they saw as "normal" was so foreign to many of their enemies that they only saw the "brutality" in what the...
Kublia Kahn Was the grandson of the Mongol Ruler Genghis. After Genghis had conqured north china the southern Song Dynasty continued to attack. Kublia Kahn attacked back and conqured all of the south.
People say Egypt. But he didnt. He died in Mongolia. His birth country. He was hunting. I know that bwcause I'm from Mongolia and we know a lot about him then any other people
No one really destroyed them. It was a result of wars over succession. the grand children of Genghis Khan argued over whether the royal line should descend from his son Ogedei or one of his other sons. Ogedei was the initial heir.
Armenia, China, Korea (North and South) Mongolia, Persia, Turkistan, parts of Burma, Russia, Siam and Vietnam
He had sexual relations with Jamuga, his future enemie
Mongol empire extended from Russia and eastern Europe inwest to Mesopotamia as far as Egypt in the south across the CaspianSea region and the Asiatic steppes to include all ofChina.
genghis khan conquered china because he wanted to expand mongol empire. he wanted to take control over china to some chinese weapons China was the largest central Asian kingdom and was rich in money, resources, and manpower. It was an ideal target for a invasion
He treated them very well, eating them only occasionally.
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Of the generals I know: (All of them changed warfare in a way or gained ridiculous amounts of land. 1. Alexander: Known for theatric tactics that were not only great but motivated his troops and conquered everything from Greece to India. 2. Ghengis Khan: Using barbaric, but effective tactics,...
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Khanum is the feminine of Khan
He was an Mongolian emperor of the Khan dynasty.
all i have to say is they caused alot of trade ,cultural diffusion and advance technology and i love you ;0
Genghis Khan rated women based on their beauty, and therefore, he married lots of women. Kahn originally married six Mongolian women, but he was also romantically attached to the daughters and wives of enemy chiefs. Hope it helps! ~K
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genghis khan is spelled wrong, and also he was the greatest mongol leader to have reached the goal no other mongol leader had done.
No it is commonly believed he had four brothers; Khasar, Kachiun, temuge and one other who he killed in his youth whilst exhiled (Who I can't remember the name of).
He united the mongol tribes, conquered many lands in asia, and gained the services of many conquered people. To greatly understand the accomplishments of Genghis Khan, it is important to realize the circumstances that he was facing. Towards the reign of the Mongolian power, nothing could be stopped...
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Genghis Khan was a ruler that killed anyone in his way. From what I've heard, he had built pyramids made of skulls of enemies he and his army have slain and raped as he plundered. So in some eyes he was a hero but for most of the world he was like a dictator, worse than Stalin even. To answer your...
He was an ancestor of mine. Basically he was a high minister for a Mughal king from the Rajput clan. After witnessing unfairness his court he left the empire with his tribe and ended up in Punjab province of Pakistan. At least that's the story I've been told
he was speaking to his wife but according to legend he said "i have conquered for you a large empire" but i cant remember the rest