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Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA

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Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is an undergraduate degree in computer application conferred in India following the completion of three years course. The program exposes students to several areas of computer applications including the new developments that keep pace with the industry.
Customized software may be good for one task and nothing else while  general off the shelf software will be sufficient for most tasks  but not any better for a specific one.
bca second semester previous year paper of ggsipu
Masters is always MORE and HIGH VALUE than a Bachelors. It's really very Wrong to Compare BE / Btech to MCA, because, as you all know that BE / Btech is NOT Eligible for doing Ph.D (CS/IT), as MCA degree is Eligible for Ph.D The Person, Who Compare BE / Btech to MCA should study about the...
Dear sir/madam, i want a project on consumer protection in english. Kindly call me on 9990451229.
kota university bca papers are available at following web site:- http://encryptclasses.com/EC-Papers.aspx
conceptual framework for interavtive graphic
  i dont know ask somewhere else its easyer to comprehend   i dont know ask somewhere else its easyer to comprehend
FastAs manual testing consumes a great deal of time in both the process of software development as well as during the software application testing, automated tools are a faster option as long as the scripts which need to be done are standard and non complex.    ReliabilityAutomation of test...
General Buck Twigidson is preparing to make his annual budget presentation to the U.S. senate and is speculating about his chances of getting all or part of his requested budget approved. From his 20 years of experience in making these requests, he has deduced that his chances of getting between 50...
If you opt for a Distance Degree then it is there in ANAMALAI University, SMUDE, IIBM India and may be in some other DE universities.....But is this case you have to look for a authenticated one like Anamalai/SMUN.B. - I don't know the details of ICFAI....
Dear, We have the Bharathiyar University, B.Sc (IT)., Question Paper from the below link:make use ful of it...http://studychacha.com/discuss/6654-bharathiar-university-question-papers.htmlAll the Best for the Exams....Best Regards,Karthik.
A number expressed as a mantissa value qualified by an exponent value, e.g. (0.123 456,-4) to mean 0.123 456 × 10-4 else 0.123 456 × 16-4, etc., depending on the implied radix, i.e. numbers in which the true value is obtained by floating the decimal (or equivalent) point the...
Gross in this context just means things in general. Detailed gets more into the specifics.
i want to bca 1st year paper last year here.
Pgdca 1 sem reasult
What is better for the new students whom want to take computer course cse{computer science Engineering } OR BCA { Bachelor of Computer Applications}????? Give us Your opinion with the advantages and disadvantages !!!!
couplings are used to join sections of long transmission shafts. couplings are also used to connect the shaft of a driving machine to the shaft of a separately built machine so as to give an effect of continuous shaft. the general classification of couplings is as given under: 1. rigid coupling ...
Detail syllabus of BCa [Hons.] course magadh university, bodh-gaya Degree Part -I PAPER - I Full Marks - 10 ( Theory -75, Practical - 25) computer fundamentals Introduction to computers : What is Computer ? Comparison between computer and human brain, Characteristics of...
probably by the december of every year
please I need bca 4 sem timetable
M.Sc IT will be preferable after BCA..........
CSMA CA works by taking prices and calculating the future price rates. This lets people see what they think prices will be and let them know if they want to buy.
You can review a free BCA MCA final project with full documentation on and develop your project on the basis of that report. See the Sources and Related Links section for more information.
  SDLC is software development life cycle and system analysis & design is one of the step in the cycle. Other steps being:   1. Requirement analysis   2. System analysis & design   3. Coding   4. Testing   5. Installation & maintenance
What is curriculum evaluation .
bca comes under which stream science or technical.
numerical method, c++, e-commerece   of 2008 pattern
A simple Job may be....
spell check your answer
If you are technically sound enough, then I would suggest to go for MCA.
Optional suspension Subaru LibertySubaru is a great vehicle.The luxery suspension that was an option wasnt.The benefits obtained were a inch and a half additional ride height,Due to the relibility of the optional suspension and the gains provided by it it is not worth fixing.Conventional suspension...
After BCA you can join the job in IT companies like ; Programmer,  web developer, desginer, networking and digital marketing etc.   Top BCA college in India: The Glocal University
Yeah u can do it after 12th.......
Dude.. You have to solve them on your own..Well atleast in that way you may partially prepare for the exam.
#include<stdio.h>#include<conio.h>struct student { Char Name[20]; int age[10]; int std_no[10] }; void main() { struct student s; printf("enter the student name:"); scanf("%s",& s.name);printf("enter the student age:"); scanf("%d",& s.age);printf("student no:"); scan("%d",...
yes for sure mate why do u think it dont ??
bCA Galleries since its inception in 2005 has been involved in the process of promoting young and talented Indian artists both nationally and internationally. At the same time, we have been in the process of introducing the works of foreign artists in India.   We believe that art speaks a global...
all about the observation in our physical environment using the  system analysis and design
its not like that nothing to worry any 1 can take bca
YES YES YES Faculty criteria from AICTE via RTI. anybody need any documents kindly mail the following person about science with engineering faculties.Mr.Shailendhiran Sriram email ID: biocse@gmail.comHigher Secondary(with Mathematics group) and any UG (eg:Chemistry/Physics/Computer Science) with...
i m from Hindi medium .main janna chahta hu ki BCA k liye nagpur me collage kaon sa hai? Right now, You should learn English language. In BCA you will learn computer language which is programming language. Its concepts is totally related to English Language.(BCA,SMU) There are many collage in...
yes its possible to be a mca faculty mca+mtech is enough according to AICTE norms
managerial uses of fund flow analysis
which colleges are best in gujarat for bca ? well.... There are many BCA colleges in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara, Vidyanagar, which are good ones.
Plese any one help us to get some evening collage offering BCA in Bangalore kindly help us.........please......please......please......please......
first come first serve process burst time
it is possible to do MBA after BCA
Dear friend it is quite difficult to tell you Which are TOP 10 BCA colleges in Mumbai as their ranking is affected by lots of factors. But you can surely get some hint by visiting below given links. One College which I know is Dr BMN College of Home Science, 338, RA Kidwai Road,Matunga. Contact:...
ALWAYS BCS is more toughest than the BCA as BCS has the MATHS N STATS with the very much interesting subject ELECTRONICS another thing is that the BCA is the totally COMMERCE {which includes MANAGEMENT AND ACCOUNTS as the imp. subjects.}based course whereas BCS is always for the 12th SCI. students ...
  Quality asurance is used to deliver the quality product to the client according to his requirements and budget.   It makes sure that the software developed without any defects   the primary focus of QA is on facilitation, training, audits and QA reviews, there by ensuring defect free...
BBM is better than BCA, because B TECH CS & IS graduates always outsmart BCA & MCA graduates. Even most of the IT company prefer B TECH over BCA ie) first preference is always given to B TECH holder. The best option is to do UG-BBM & PG-MBA for bright future.
my self pradeep kumar i am from ambala,haryana. Yes i am doing BCA without math can i do. yes or no
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Dear Students, As MCA counseling is going to start from 20th June 2010, prepare the list of colleges for the choice filling. You should find out the details of the MCA colleges to finalize your list on the bases of the few points given below. Faculties (Faculty should have the professional...
Total Fee AND Last Date
5sem bca syllabus as per bangalore university 2012
positive root of sinx-x/2=0 using bisection method correct to one decimal place
The Result will be announced on June 25th
Sub system is basically a module of the system performing a particular task. A big system may be seen as a set of interacting smaller systems known as subsystems or functional units each of which has its defined tasks. All these work in coordination to achieve the overall objective of the system.
Types of System Following are some of the types of System Deterministic System: A system which acts in a predictablemanner where stepwise execution and the output is already known is called as Deterministic System. example: A program to find the factorial of the entered number. Probabilistic System:...
you can get all the assignment of ignou bca on the Related Links provided below. so visit this site and get all the solution take care and get success
Masters is always MORE and HIGH VALUE than a Bachelors. It's really very Wrong to Compare BE / Btech to MCA, because, as you all know that BE / Btech is NOT Eligible for doing Ph.D (CS/IT), as MCA degree is Eligible for Ph.D The Person, Who Compare BE / Btech to MCA should study about the...
NO ! If any student who has done BCA or any other Course from Vinayaka Mission University or Karnatka State Open University or Nagaland(Global) open university or any other university except IGNOU is valid for getting govt jobs in some rare fields. Please read the letter no issued by University of...
computer graphics operating system computer networking Software engeneering
you can go for either but gmat has a larger scope...for more information, visit the site below... http://www.aspiranthunt.com/gmat/
(1).Knowledge of people needs. (2).knowledge of business application.(3).knowledge of data processing principles.(4).ability of communication.(5).flexibility.(6).well educated with sharp mind.(7).analitical or reasoning mind
after bca u can do msc it 2years then u will complete mca in one year
hi this is Ramesh reddy i have complted my mca with an aggrigate of 70.5% and i have intrestd the LLB but i don't have an idea any one give me the etails.
OOPS Concepts,any one Computer Language,any one RDBMS, and which language you selected that language frameworks, then common system oriented works example Email Account creation,software download work,software installation work these are must be required
B.TECH in CSE,ECE & MECH is better than the above courses for bright future.
Answer . The acronym BCA has over 72 meanings. Please indicate what you mean by BCA.. Viper1
Yes. U got placed after b.c.a , but mca can boost ur carrier.
Please view April 2005 ug Results