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Bronze Age

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The middle age in the Three-Age System, the Bronze Age followed the Stone Age and preceded the Iron Age. Characterized by the use of weapons and implements made of bronze, it is the third phase in the development of material culture following the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods, and denotes the first period in which metal was used.
The gate of boghazkoy could definitely be considered an artifact. One of the most widely used definitions of an artifact describes them as any portable, humanly modified object and while you couldn't move it very easily it can be moved. Some people may consider it a feature, due to its substantial...
The reason these metals and alloys had ages named after them was because of their importance in making weapons and tools.Copper alone was not much good for making swords because it is too soft. Copper swords kept bending. You can't fight with a bent sword.Tin on its own was too brittle. Tin swords...
iron age stone age bronze age ice age
Ages are labeled according to what the humans living at that time were able to accomplish. In the Stone age, people learned to make tools from stone. In the Bronze age, people had learned to melt metals together in an alloy that is called 'bronze'.In the Iron age, people learned how to generate...
Various metals were in use in the Bronze Age. The name given by archaeologists to the period comes from the fact that bronze was the most widely used metal, but people also used copper and tin. Gold was used for decorative items and towards the end of the Bronze Age Iron was also widespread.
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bronze costs more than copper
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Santorini volcano has also and mafic rocks.
Santorini exploded as a result of a formidable volcano eruption, in 1 628 BC, after the most sure dendrochronological data.
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Etruscan civilisation arose out of contact with the Greeks. The Greeks established colonies (settlements) in southern Italy from the late 9th century to the 6th century BC. Because it was a more advanced civilisation, the Greeks had a big impact on all the Italic peoples it came into contact with...
When iron became cheap enough to replace bronze.
name the four contemporary bronze age civilization of ancient times
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Bronze Age people/Settlers often housed themselves within hillforts. It is a fortification on a hilltop.A hill fort is a type of earthwork used as a fortified refuge or defended settlement, located to exploit a rise in elevation for defensive advantage. They are typically European and of the Bronze...
The Bronze Age is important because of the advancements it provided for civilization. In warfare especially, the Bronze Age was when bronze (copper mixed with tin or arsenic) was used to make weapons and armor. This was also the period when horses were used in chariots, helping nations conquer...
Because, like, the ancient peeps had discovered bronze to be a stronger metal than copper and so bronze saw widespread use before the discovery of raw iron (It was weaker but abundant).
Uranium was not known in the bronze age.
Stones, bones... anything they could find, basically animal skin to tie a spear for example together. they dug holes to make traps and put stiks over it to trap a momoth forexample.
It was approximately 3800BC - 3000BC.
of course Babylonia had a irrigation system, without water how would the plants in hanging gardens be able to survive, after all water is one of the building blocks to a Civilization.
stone age came first, then bronze age Put the materials used by chinese artist in order from earliest to most recent !. Earthenware ceramics 2. Silk garments 3. Painted hand scrolls4. porcelain
it is the period when people began settling in cities and using metals to create jewelry
They used copper to make things.
By the time Christianity came to Rome, Jesus was the honored Teacher, One who gave a new philosophy to his followers.
The tools they used spears, shields, and swords.
by making tools like swords and helmets
There are heaps of theories out there and people are still thinking of more possibilities, but the three main theories would be: The Trader Theory, The Blacksmith Theory and The Warrior Theory.Even though The Warrior Theory may sound the most convincing, and may have the most evidence doesn't stop...
they recycled it to make weapons and stuff.
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Generally not, other than a few digs especially set up for an hour or a day of tourist excavation
  == Answer ==   Most probably Iberians or other non-Indoeuropean people who inhabited great parts of Europe including Ireland, Britain, Sardinia and Sicily between cca 3500 and 1000 BC if not even much earlier as age of several Irish sites suggests. Partial evidence for this could be found...
A silly (but bascially true way) to remember it is to think The stone age was when people hit things with stones. The bronze age was when people hit things with bronze. The iron age was when people hit things with (you guessed it!) iron! However odd it sounds it is true. But here is the...
  == The Medici were a banking family from Florence, Italy. They gave loans in turn for more money (interest). And they were very smart with their monmey....paying for artist such as Michaelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. A very helpful link on the Medici: go to google and look up The Medici...
It helps people understand the past and how things use to be...
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Shang dynasty was called the bronze age
The last Roman emperor of the west was Romulus Augustus.
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With an area of 86939 square miles (land and included water), Minnesota is the 12th largest in size among the US states - between Michigan and Utah. Minnesota ranks 21st in population (5,266,214).
There is no specific year for the start of the bronze age, nor is there one particular bronze age as it depends on each civilization. The earliest bronze age began in the near east of the world around 3300BC, other areas followed in the next 1500 to 2000 years.
Examples of pneumatic products include: drills, grinders (metalworking machinery), pneumatic chip removal guns, hammers, ratchet wrenches, and sanders.
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I don't believe so. Spartan warriors may have thought it demeaning to wear make-up. I might be wrong though.No and the spartan women were forbidden to wear make-up, perfume and jewellery.
In general it is taken that, the iron age ends when history can be  easily recorded (writing materials are available to the public, and  recognized by the public) This is often called the historical age.
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Heinrich Schlieman was the German busnessman who began to search for Mycenae.
what food did the bronze age people eat
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oetzi the ice man was in the ice for 5255 years
We don't know when the custom of gladiatorial combat first started. It is assumed that it began in the Italian area of Campania in celebration or remembrance of a battle. However we do know when they first appeared in Rome and that was in 246 BC. It was a funeral "munus" or duty given for Junius...
i belive that it would have been made origenaly from bronze could you let me know if i'm wrong.thanks gerry dyson
This was the time when weapons and materials were made from bronze  because other materials were not available. Population also began  to grow during this time period.
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He was the first Grand Inquisitor and was confessor to Isabella I of Castile, whom she turned to to lead the Inquisition in Spain.
The Bronze Age is the second part of the http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Three-age_system system (http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Stone_Age Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age) which was created by http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Christian_Jürgensen_Thomsen (1788-1865).
No, they only tell us about how Egyptians use to live. Everything has basically already been discovered about mummies.
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Bronze is an alloy made from copper and tin, and sometimes has other metals such as zinc. There is, therefore, no bronze ore, there are copper, tin and zinc ores. Metals are extracted from ore by heat; the metal melts at a lower temperature than the rock in which it is found.
 Spears, bows and arrows, sticks, clubs and stones. No, they  didn't use that stuff, this is the bronze age, they used things  like hammers, stronger metal could do those kinds of things. How  could they have melted it with a stick? A stone, maybe? It's  impossible.   
The dates for the Bronze Age vary from one place to the other in the ancient world, according to when the peoples of those areas began and ended using bronze for everything they could. The Bronze Age was followed by the Iron Age. As far as when the Bronze Age was in Europe, it ran from roughly 3,000...
There is no such word in Latin (unless it is a derivative of another word form---Latin has a lot of them). However if you mean the word "rudis", that word literally means a small mixing stick or ladle. It was also used as a term for a staff of wood or a foil with which gladiators practiced. Upon...
Latin was used only in the early years, but then Greek became the major language of the Empire for the rest of its years.
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It was called Paxa Romanus. Roughly translated as the peace of Rome. So, I'm guessing it was pleasant.
Pottery is non organic and as such it endures through time and can be easily found during excavations as intact vessels or pottery sherds 
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around 3000 BC and it started in Sumer
According to the legend: Remus died while they were deciding where to found Rome. Romulus went on to found Rome, naming it after himself - and was an inspired military and political leader. He did however apparently organise the abduction of women from the neighbouring tribes, and one version of...
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They spread colonies around the Mediterranean too, but they did itby seizing land rather than trade.
Yes they played eye spy to spy enemies to kill them with spears,swords, bows or all of them.
bronze was important in the bronze age because it was the only metal in that time.