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Fuel and Fuel Intake

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Fuel is a requirement for all internal-combustion engines. Fuel is stored inside a tank. A fuel pump then siphons the fuel into the fuel intake which is connected to either a carburetor or a fuel injection system.
The fuel pump is located inside of the gas tank. Best way is to run most of the fuel out, then you have to lower the tank to get to the access plate on the top of the tank. raise the suv and block the tires, be sure engine off and keys out, remove the tank straps holding the tank in place, put a ja…
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Have the Codes read by a code scanner; some autoparts stores do this with out charge (Autozone in Texas does this).You can also purchase a code scanner, but they range from $150 - $500.
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The crank sensor would definitely cause no spark. As for the no power to the injector it might actually be the ignition controll module(as odd as it may seem). I was just talking to a mechanic freind due to a simalar problem on an `88 Grand AM (no spark and no signal voltage at the injector)and he …
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%DETAILS% I guess Autozone's free check engine light check wasn't free. But it sure make a great guessing tool for them to sell parts! PO301 is the code your refering to. I would try a professional fuel injector cleaning. even if it doesn't solve you proiblem your at least getting somthing you ne…
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In most cases I have to ask if your engine has a mechanical fuel pump. If it does then more than likely the diaphragm of the fuel pump has failed and is letting the fuel come in from the point that it is at. If it does not have a mechanical then you have a real serious problem with the fuel delivery…
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Not trying to be sarcastic but this is like asking is there any way to fix a horses broken foot without having to perform sugery? Your answer totally depends on what's knocking and how much damage if any it has caused. , EzForJesus
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This truck already out of warranty? Personally I would recommend you calling your local auto parts stores and find a Haynes or Chiltons repair manual for your year make and model. Most all these manuals explain in detail how to perform this however make sure before you buy the manual. Some manuals …
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Putting diesel in a gasoline powered engine is less damaging than putting gasoline in a diesel. Depending on the amount of diesel and how long it took to find out it was in there, either after running or just after filling up and not attempting to start and noticing. Obviously if vehicle wasn't star…
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You can probably change the sensor yourself. But you have to know which one is bad. You will also need to buy an O2 sensor wrench. It's very difficult to get out without the proper wrench. It actually looks more like a socket to fit around the sensor, but it has a slot cut in it to allow for the wir…
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If your car is not a Diesel, YES! It will harm your car. Diesel fuel is less refined than conventional gas. It has contaminants and water in it. You may end up with carburetor problems, and if you have fuel injecion you may have a very costly fuel injector repair on your hands. Please only use the f…
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Answer The following information applies to the 'regular', 12 valve "Vulcan" engines pcv valve. For the 24 valve, DOHC engines, see "Related Questions" below PCV Valve is in the end of 1/2" or so size hose inserted into a rubber grommet in the top of one of the valve covers. INSTALL: Simpl…
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Remove the fuel fill and vent hoses (2 hose clamps) Support the tank (floor jack works well) Remove the mounting strap bolts or nuts Lower tank enough to disconnect the electrial plug for the pump/sender also the fuel lines and other vent line. Thats it
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pull out the bottom part of the back seat, under which will reveal a hatch that lets you get to the fuel pump.
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%DETAILS% Answer Hey Bob==The straps is all. Sometimes they stick rather tightly and require a bit of prying to get loose. Goodluck, Joe
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should be fuel injection (SI sequential injection)   Most Hondas made up until about 1988 were carbureted, at which point they all switched to fuel injection. (The main difference then was whether they used dual point injection or multipoint injection...the Si models used multipoint.) Prior t…
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Simply put some injector cleaner in the gas tank. If this doesn't work, a mechanic will have to clean it. GoodluckJoe
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Hey James==The wires to the injector are one hot all of the time and one pulsates as the ecm grounds it as the engine is turned over. TAke a test light and hook one end to ground and probe both wires on the injectors. One wire should have 12 volts. If not, check all of the fuses. If no fuses blown c…
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Chandge the fuel filter first then try running some injector cleaner through it. If that doesn't work a mechanic will have to look at it.
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Remove the fuel tank then the gauge and pump.
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%DETAILS% Answer It is very possible that you have a clogged catalytic converter.
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dont know if it has one or not BUT IF it does, it will be in the REAR inside fenderwell(pull the carpet back). It will be a reset button somewhere in that area. Usually doesnt activate unless you get hit from behind or back into something.
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There is no such thing as a 1994 Xterra.
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Track down the fuel line up to the throttle body and losen it, turn your key, and if you have no fuel, you have a problem.
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If IT has a mannuel fuel pump mounted on the engine block-the diaphragm would b bad-IF not the fuel could b washing(leaking) past the Piston rings if there is a bad cylinder or a bad spark plug or bad valve.& YES I've seen the Valve covers blown off from gas in the OIL !!! B careful!!!
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there is no relay its a mecanical pumpSome late model 1979 do have fuel injection thus requiring a relay. If you have fuel injection relay is the longer looking relay set under the dash on the passenger side. it should be in the same location as the seat belt relay, wiper intermittent switch and hor…
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Usually, the price will dictate what is the best injector cleaner. "Injector cleaner" is misleading since most "cleaners" you buy do not clean but rather prevent more buildup in the injector tip. An auto shop does have a cleaner though where the fuel system is disabled and the car ran on a bottle fo…
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You can spray (with carb spray or special fuel injector linkage spray) the linkage around the throttle body, but the injectors, which are really the main part of the system are always being cleaned with gas while you drive. Gas is a great cleaner, so the simple answer is "no". That's one of fuel inj…
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before you worry about the relay the problem might be simple. first thing to check is the fuel pump initia switch. it's located in the rear hatch area, on the drivers side. you will see a small plastic cover in the side panel, remove that to see a red button. press that button and try again. it auto…
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You have to remove the gasoline tanks, and you need to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library. Assembly instructions will come with the new pump. Recieved a cost estimate of 1,000 to replace fuel pump in 96 Camaro. In addt…
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You'll have to siphon out the gas through the gas filler. If the tank is full, you'll need several gas cans for the gas.if ur just scraping the car, drive an awl, nail, or anything else into the gas tank and put a bucket underneath. then to make sure uve ony got gas and no gas tank chunks or car cru…
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the fuel pump is in the gas tank. located on the top of the tank.The relay in my 92 is under the hood, drivers side, right in front of the firewall, about 2 feet from the fender.
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Answer It is attached to the end of the fuel rail. On 2001 f150 it is located at the back of the engine. Good luck getting at it.
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The question you ask is too involved for a proper answer. You need to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.   disconnect lines at pump. V-8 right? remove bolts that connect it to engine, remove pump.Disconnect plate…
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Your question is not specific enough to answer.What do you need to do? Replace the pump? I just basically rebuilt my entire fuel delivery system so I can help if you can be a bit more specific.
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No engine damage. The problem is that the spark plugs won't ignite the diesel fuel. If you can drain all of the fuel lines, most of the tank and fill back up with gas and clean or replace plugs, then it will probably start right up. Back in the 50's, some gasoline tractor engines would start on …
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Go to the parts store and ask for a new one.
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Along the reaer or the motor on the top is the fuel rail. It has the four injectors with their respective wiring harnesses. They all look identical. On the driver's side of the fuel rail is a metal cylinder standing vertically and suspended by the fuel rail mounting bracket. the fuel connection come…
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You more than likely must drop the gas tank down enough to gain access to the fittings.
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Yes, This sounds exactly like what my 97 geo metro was doing. I replaced the fuel filter(thinking that was the problem, obviously it wasn't). Then I finally took it to someone who knew what they were doing and told me it was the fuel injector. I changed that and I haven't had a problem since. Sounds…
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its very simple just take the gas door off and remove the 8 10mm bolts holding the sending unit in remove fuel lines and sending unit takes about 3o min1) disconnect neg - on battery2) remove gas door, remove the 3 lines (gas/vent), disconnect power feed.3) remove the 8 10mm bolts4) replace pump as …
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Depending on exactly what you mean. if you mean the fuel rails that run along the top of the motor with six plug ins. They are pretty simple to change. just make sure you mark the plugs for the injectors so they don't get reconnected wrong.
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Depends on where the leak is.
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It is located in the gas tank. The tank must be removed.
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had the same problem, check the coilpacks located in front of the engine, take wires off and crank it over if no spark there then its probably the control module that the coil packs are mounted to, very common in 2.8's. p.s. check fuses too, could be that simpleI had a very similar problem on a 1988…
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Answer On a 240 series it is in a bracket against the right side bulkhead. Drop the under dash panel and you can see it. It is rectangular and white. On a 740 model it is in the back of the fuse panel behind the ash tray same color and rectangular
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the reasons I can think of right off are, a bad mechanical fuel pump( in which the diaphragm is leaking and gas is running into the oil) or an engine that had flooded during start, or leaking rings which is letting gas run by the pistons into the oil. (last case engine is pretty much worn out)
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There are a few different views on what happens if petrol is put into a diesel car, ranging from "this is horrible and will ruin the engine" through "if diesel is put in a petrol engine, it will run but misfire" and "it does depend on the make and model of the car" to, most commonly "petrol will kil…
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I had a 89 caravan, did the pump 2 times first one lasted on 1 yr. Buy a good pump. drain gas from tank. get as much as you can out of it, makes tank lighter to drop. jack up back of van. You will see 2 straps holding tank in place. also by fuel cap, you have to unscrew the filling spout (Hose) to t…
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Look under the hood. Along the left (passenger) side are two plastic boxes with fuses and relays that are labeled right on the exterior of each box. EDIT: The answer above is incorrect. Yes, there are fuses and relays under the hood, but the fuel pump relay in a 2000 V6 Nissan Xterra is under the da…
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You have to drop the fuel tank from under and the pump is inside the tank. From the top of the tank, once you have dropped it, you have to use a special tool, I think, to remove the ring that holds it in then you can pull it out and replace it.   that is correct, except that you don't need a …
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I think you have to remove the back seat. There should be a service panel underneath the seat that will allow you access to the fuel pump.
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Answer It doesn't run anymore until you put more in.
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The quickest way i have found to check it is to hook up a pressure guage to the fuel rail and start the engine. During idle let pressure stabilize. Then breifly crimp or clamp off with pliers, the return fuel hose after the regulator. This is to confirm that the pump has excess pressure. Remember th…
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When you ran out of gas, you could have clogged your fuel filter with any dirt in bottom of your gas tank.  If the car is fuel injected spray a little eather in the fuel injection system as you have someone turning it over. That's is what it took to get my car up and at em again.
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Answer My guess would be a faulty temp senser Fuel injection systems have contstant fuel pressure all the time the ultimate end of the line for the fuel system is the injector nozzle, This is were the system is sealed. when a fuel injector is in the closed position it is like turning off a valve…
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I have a '93 Ford Explorer and it hold 19 gallons   From the Chilton Ford Ranger guide: "1993 Ranger with standard wheelbase: 16.3 1993 Ranger with long wheelbase: 19.6"
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tdiclub.com says: If the tank was mostly filled with diesel, and the gasoline is a smaller proportion so that the engine still runs, the best remedy appears to be to buy a container of injector lubricant additive and cetane boost additive, and "overdose" it to protect the injection pump. Fill the ta…
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Drain the tank and pray it don't mess up anything. If you run it, it will make the car run really bad and might even cost you an engine replacement.  This sounds like a glass half full or half empty type question. Have the fuel tank drained the fuel filter replaced and if you are really in the…
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Answer Obviously I wouldn't recommend the reverse but if your car is running without any apparent problems than just run it dry and put normal gas in. The alternative would be to siphon it dry. Answer It shouldn't do any damage. Diesel just has more carbon molecules than gasoline w…
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Try this link: http://www.1aauto.com/1A/Drivetrain/Buick/Regal/PLP1380000/72138 It mentions a better life time manifold of fiberglass reinforced plastic.Also-try Checking some reputable Junk yards- found one myself for $35.00 only required modification of Egr tube from original plastic. Identical ma…
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Answer If your referring to a fuel injector. Follow the air intake tube in to the engine and it will run right into the throttle body on the norm.
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i don't know how long this has been posted but if u havnt found it yet it is under the hood passenger side on fender wall there are 2 relays and i don't know which is the fuel but both have same connections try both. if you know that your pump is good i would suggest that before u buy relay i would …
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hi ur fuel injector might need to be replaced. Sometimes when they act up like urs in they need replacing. try this and if it doesn't work u might need to clean out ur fuel lines and u might want to check ur fuel presure on that one injector.I you out if it doesn't help u i don't know what to tell …
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first, you need to know where to find the injectors.second,you need to remove the three bolts from the bracket that holds the throttle cable in place. Next remove the injector bracket that holds the injectors in place. After doing that you take each injector out using a screw driver as a pry bar(rem…
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Answer It is inline with the fuel line under the car. Usually gold in color about halfway. If your truck is a dual tank as most are, it is located next to the midship tank, towards the top and center, between the upper and lower flange of the frame rail. It is gold or silver in color, and about …
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If your having problems and suspect bad gas an old an easy test is to put a liter of Methyl hydrate in the tank before you fill up next time. If water is the problem the meth will mix with the H2O and burn just fine.If that doesn't solve the issue then it isn't gas problem.
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Take it to jasper they rebuild any motor.
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Most repair manuals like Haynes and Chilton have them in the back of the books if you get a good one that has it also you can get most repair manuals at the local library at no cost. So give that a try. As I am thinking of buying an EOBD scanner to diagnose and repair an acceleration problem with …
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STOP DRIVING DUMP THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THE FUEL TANK REFIL WITH DIESEL PURGE THE FUEL LINES REPLACE THE FUEL FILTERPRAY IT'S OKIf you've done this and still have problems, the petrol has attacked various seals in probbaly the injector pump and or injectors. Could now get expensive. (Note that in c…
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The FTC seems to be concerned about this product. http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2002/04/energysurf2002.htm   look at it this way there is nothing i mean nothing in diesel or gasoline afected by a magnetic field. I work at a oil refinery and gasoline is made and tested there absolutely no effect w…
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THE FUEL PUMP IS LOCATATED IN THE GAS TANK (should be plastic tank). Tank must be lowered from vehicle. Do not try to remove tank with gas in it! Gas can be siphoned out through filler hose/grommet. Tank is held up by straps.Spray nuts with penatrating oil(PB Blaster).Due to the length of the bolts …
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Answer Look in your owner's manual. Answer front tanks are usually around 50 liters, rear tanks are usually bigger around 65 liters. That's 35 gallons, for all of U.S. drivers. :-)
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more than likely it is a bad idle air control valve or a faulty throttle position sensor or could be a faulty egr valve allowing too much air to pass thruYou also might check for vacuum leaks causing the engine to rev up and down like you were gasing the pedal might look that way if the first answer…
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Gas Tank Size Gas tanks can be anywhere from 1 gal up to 1,000 gallons. Mine holds 17 gallons. It depends entirely on what vehicle you were talking about. You could find the information for yours in your owner's manual. Way to find out Run your car until it is just below E. Fill it up full an…
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Answer 12.7 gallons for both the 1997 Grand Am GT and SE. As a 10 year owner of a 97 GA SE, you're both wrong, it's 14, including the filler neck. 15 is a stretch..i may have gotten 14.2 or 14.3 in when it was really burning fumes....but 12.7, c'mon.
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The gas tank holds 20.2 gallons. This information can be found in your owner's manual. If you do not have one, you can obtain one from your dealer or a salvage yard.
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The difference is the octane rating, (in the USA)regular- 87 octane, plus is 89 octane and super is 91 or 93 octane depending on avail.Always use what the manufacturer recommends or higherUsing a lower octane or sometime fuel from a no name gas station can cause engine Detonation/knock/pinging. Th…
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The adjustments are made automatically by this cars computer and can not be changed or adjusted. Should be 14.7 to 1
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Do not run the engine! Call out your nearest good car mechanic - or get the vehicle towed to him - and have him drain the fuel tank. <><><> If the amount of diesel is less than petrol, the engine might still run, but it will run poorly. If the diesel is above the ratio of petro…
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Answer Your Fule Pump is in the Tank , I just did mine. You have to undo the metal straps (2 of them ) that stradle the tank, Then unplug some hoses the fill line and your vent line and some other fule lines , dont forget to undo the electrical line to the tank. Once tank is dropped , you will se…
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the exhaust of the engine propels the turbo pushing the heated exhaust into the charged air cooler in which cools the air about 30 degrees before being thrusted into the intake manifold in which enhances the performance of the engine. If a turbo was to prematurely malfunction or fail due to lack of …
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NO. There is a US Federal regulation that stipulates the quality and minimum octane rating for ALL gas sold in the USA. the only difference is the taxes applied by each state Missouri is usually one the lowest on taxes check this website out for more info http://zfacts.com/p/35.HTML There IS, how…
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I think there is a fuel pump relay under the hood on a cavalier but also check to see if the emergency cut off switch has been triped by a large bump or small colision. it is usually in the trunk on the drivers side near the back seat mounted very high and usually hidden by carpet. there will be a s…
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The fuel tank must be removed. It is located inside the tank on the top. Be forwarned, the tank is very difficult to remove. I have done 2 of them.
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Read your owner's manual. What happens if bought car used from owner without manual...sparky?   Then you should find one. Dealer, junk yard, eBay.  What the other poster is trying to tell you is that you need an owner's manual. You need it for questions like this and for the maintenanc…
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Synthetic and conventional will not "mix" and synthetic creates a barrier on moving parts, that conventional cannot pass. So, too much synthetic, as in a 50/50 blend, will be like running an 8 quart system on 4 quarts, without starving the oil pump. It will break the synthetic oil down quicker... i…
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drop your tank and you will it..had mind changed last summer...$289. total..Ottawa Ontario  New Answer Actually, at least on US models , and 2 wheel drive, remove the center seat ( just unlatch it ) and set it somewhere safe. Then remove the sill plate and pull the carpet over to the driver's…
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Answer To get to the fuel pump you have to take the gastank off the car. Usually to test it, all you should have to do is turn the ignition on but don't start it. You should hear the pump run when you do this. Another way to see if it is pumping is to go under the car on the drivers side right betw…
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if you remove the seating portion of the back seat, not the back rests, and u will find underneath the fabric stuff that's under the seat, that the fuel pump is directly centered under the seat.it is usually white with a black power relay on top of it
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on my zx2 the fuel pump relay and wiring harness are located just under the rear seats my zx2 is an s/r not sure if there is a difference but im pretty sure there isnt ---------ZX2Fast---------- All ZX2 (all 3rd generation Escorts for that matter) have the fuel pump relay in the Constant Control Re…
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i don't know where the fuse is, its prob under the dash with the other fuses, the relay is on the drivers side fender under the hood next to the windshield washer tank
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The answer to the question of: "What happens when you put in diesel gas instead of regular unleaded?" is this... Diesel fuel (engines) rely on compression to ignite it. It isn't necessarily flammable.Gasoline relies on a spark from a spark plug. Diesel engines have a higher compression ratio than ga…
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Due to state and federal government tax breaks it is almost impossible to find gas with out ethanol added. Your best bet would be to call your local stations, ask for a manager and ask them what the ethanol percentage is in their fuel. The best website that lists station by state then city that is …
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The Chevrolet Malibu 2004 manual lists the tank size as 16.1 gallons, or 61.1 liters for both the 2.2 and the 3.5 liter engines.
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1992 Mazda fuel shut of switch switchthere is no shut off switch (aka) inertia switch - on the Mazda as they did not manufacturer them on on that make , i have a 1992 Mazda 929 you can call the dealer ship they will tell you the same , if it won't start do to an impact or (wreck) it could of blown t…
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its up by the throttle body after the fuel line off of the fuel filter
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Core plugs are fitted in the round holes along the engine block. They are erroneously referred to as "freeze" plugs. Somewhere along the line someone got everyone to believe these plugs would pop out if the water in the block froze. Instead, 99 times out of 100 they wouldn't and the block would crac…
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