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Fuel and Fuel Intake

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Fuel is a requirement for all internal-combustion engines. Fuel is stored inside a tank. A fuel pump then siphons the fuel into the fuel intake which is connected to either a carburetor or a fuel injection system.
Relays are located in the engine compartment fuse panel
All you need to do is open up your hood. Then on the left side  should be your air intake. Take off the cover and there should be  some clips around the outside of the box that you unclip. Also  loosen and detach the big tube in the front. When that is off and  the clips are off just lift up the...
The fuel is going to be connected to the fuel line, first find the fuel line and follow it, and you should find be able to find the fuel filter.
Get the manual and read the part on what your working on and go from there
The fuel is inside the hood
If its fuel injected then It should b located in the gas tank.
With a 7/8in. Oxygen sensor socket or wrench
Where u put gas in its behind that under it car and have a mechanic do it
I had to replace the fuel pump twice. First time the vehicle  wouldn't start. Worked like a charm after the replacement, until  the fuel gauge sensor failed. Second pump I have put in worked fine  until the vehicle started stalling randomly. Kicking the gas tank  to start it helped for a while....
Fuel pump regulator is usually located on top of engine assembly  near fuel injector rail assembly looks like a chrome or black  dinner bell, usually has fuel lines connection on it. look for fuel  lines coming up fire wall and heading towards fuel injectors.
you have to take out the gas tank first, then it should be on top  of the tank.
Its located on the lower radiator hose its called the thermostat housing it comes with a housing and thermostat together u wont miss it
Inside the fuel tank attached to the fuel pump assembly. To replace  it you replace the entire fuel pump.
  about front of rear right wheel. take out plastic cover.
lower tailgate unscrew two screws in the side remove tail light  lens remove the 3157 bulb replace using dialectic grease on  terminals reverse assembly.
Not a whole lot to be honest do you have Mods on the car hoe much weight it carries anything, is te engine cleaned out, is the tranny still good these are all questions you have to ask yourself if your local mechanic can also figure it out for you
Bleed the fuel lines at the injectors, driver's side of the head,  by cracking them open and turning the motor. Video in the link.
Go to your local Auto Parts store and purchase a new fuel filter and look at it. You now know what it looks like.   I have a 89 F250. Its on the inside of the driver side frame rail up by the trans and its behind a heat shield.
It doesn't have or need a line connected to it. The spider is  inside the vacuum chamber.
Middle corner near to fuel pipe....
It depends on the brands and its size, max is around 100 dollars.
  Driver side frame rail, mid way back. Its an inline metal canster.
You don't determine if the fuel filter is bad; you just change and  move on
Preparation is key. A Motor Vehicle is the 2nd biggest purchase  that we make after property, and as such is an important decision  for the buyer, whether the vehicle is new or used.   This brings a whole load of emotions to the table for the buyer,  including fear, doubt, excitement and...
The pump is located underneath the rear seat, to remove it firstyou must lift the back seat and then remove the cover of the pumpthat is fastened with 4 bolts
The engine needs fuel, compression and spark the run. You are  missing one of those.
yes the dodge neon have fuel injection
A vehicle @ 13 liters per gallon (~0.29MPG) will travel about 6.55 miles on a tank of 22.5 gallons of fuel.
== Answer ==     The fuel pump relays are mounted on an "L" bracket underneath the ECM. Both have something to do with the Fuel pump. Be careful not to get it confused with the horn relay it is in the same vicinity (under the dash on the drivers side).
The Mazda millenia from 2000 gets 20 mpg, 28 on the highway, and 25 on average.
thats about right , explorer is heavy vehicle and the engines are  not economical
Because of medium melting point , medium linear coefficient of thermal expansion and medium thermal conductivity.
Not enough information. There are different 4.6's! Also, there are different weights and drivetrains in vehicles. I have a 1998 Ford F150 truck that gets up to 17 Mpg. This vehicle is fairly light (no extended cab, short bed, and does not have 4 wheel drive). It does have a fairly low gearing in the...
In the engine bay, to the right of the engine, close to the top ofthe radiator.
Disconnect the negative cable (black) from your battery terminalfor 15 minutes. This should reset most if not all of your car,including the fuel pump.
The best way is to siphon it out. The 1961 shop manual has detailed instructions on how to do this. Followed these and it worked fine.
  == Under vehicle, passenger side, below bed area mounted in fuel line. ==
The black plastic bezel snaps off around the instrument cluster if you use a flat plastic lever. Harbor Freight sells a set of plastic levers for cheap that do the job well. Down under the steering wheel there are some plastic panels that will need to be removed that hide some screws that allow you...
Hey Bill==It depends on what kind of car you have. The fast idle can eat up gas mileage. It is possible the idle speed control is the culprit or maybe the throtle is hanging as it does in some cars. GoodluckJoe       It could be a defective thermostat, the engine control computer senses a...
Open the hood, look toward your left, and go to the firewall. There  is a black box, this is where it lives.
Start with a full tank of gas and reset your trip odometer to zero. When it's time to fill the tank again, divide the number of miles you traveled on that tank by the number of gallons needed to fill the tank again. So, if you traveled 350 miles and your car took 14 gallons to fill the tank: 350/14 ...
That's like asking how long is a piece of string. It depends. How is it being used? What equipment is it carrying? Is it 4x4? Crew cab? Dually? What rear axle is it running? Could be anywhere from 10mpg to 20 mpg.
To select method of grease:    The use of grease is primarily limited to the lower horse power  pumps where the parameters are in size and speed of the range of  rolling element bearings..Shideled bearings may limited to a  maximum temperature 52(deg) ..
There is no latch. The fuel door locks/unlocks with the doors.
  == Answer ==     my '96 cavalier sedan (233,000 miles) gets about 450 miles per tank if i run it completely empty, averaging 30 mpg.
  no set time also very hard change .should be change when fuel pump change
== Answer ==   The fuel pump on newer fuel injected engines is located in the fuel tank.   == Answer ==   I too cannot find the fuel pump in my 1984 Lincoln Town Car. I thought mine was NOT fuel injected (withou a carb), but was assured by one of the "veiw nice" people at autozone, the even...
  remove the fuse for the fuel pump and try to start the car, if it starts it will only run for a second or two then die, then you have relieved the fuel pressure.
  12-13 mpg highway 9-10 city
  == Answer ==     you need to remove the auto transmission oil pan to access the filter.....you need to buy a new pan gasket as well as the filter - often sold as a kit.
    The fuel filter is located on the passenger side near the firewall. It is a silver-colored cylinder with hoses on each end. You have to disconnect it from the car and try to pull it out far enough to pull the hoses off. My 1993 had really short hoses and it didn't come out far enough...
 == Answer ==   could be several things. 1st is the car actually overheating. If so then it could be a stuck thermostat or a bad water pump.     If it is not really overheating my bet would be a falty temp sensor. The temp sensor is what actually tells the light to turn on. 
The 1989 Mercedes Benz 300E came equipped in a 3.0L L6 engine. It  has a canister type fuel filter which will be located underneath  the car and forward of the fuel tank in the fuel line. The OE  replacement fuel filter is Fram #G3737.
  Well obvusly it can depend on how much mileage the car has on it and how often its been mantianced, But for a well mantianced one its 17 city and 27 highway . .. its a combo of 21. If gas is lets say $3.07 a gallon it would cost you about $2192 a year to fill up. Hope that helped!
Answer . Either under the hood near the passenger side strut tower or under the vehicle - follow the fuel line
  == Answer ==   In the fuel tank   == Answer ==   In the fuel tank
  == Answer ==   most electrical fuel pumps work that way. it prevents the engine from flooding. also when you run out of gas, you no longer have to crank the engine to get it started again. all you do is turn the ignition to the on and off position 5 or 6 times and the gas reaches the...
  == Answer ==   You don't say whether or not the car is still running.  A fuel pump will only run as long as it takes to bring the fuel system up to pressure and then stop.  This is normal.  If the engine is not running because there is no fuel, there is either a blockage,...
  == Answer ==     What door issues are you having?   == Answer ==     What door issues are you having? If it is an intermittent sliding-door lock issue, you need to check door contacts on bottom right corner of door frame, and on the body. Clean and grease two small pin...
Answer  White Smoke is a symptom of coolant in the combustion chamber. A blown head gasket or cracked head is the most likely cause. Stop drivng the vehicle immediately as serious engine damage will occur. Get this fixed ASAP.   There is a second possible explanation. It could be blow by. All...
Actually the filter on an automatic transmission is just a screen to keep the big chunks of metal from being sucked up into the pump. Most people replace them because they come with the kit of a seal and filter.
  pull the cover off the top of the engine, there are 3 - 10mm nuts , I believe & you'll see the fuel filter next to the oil filter. Although I haven't physically changed mine, I do believe it is the typical twist to unscrew. also, make sure you fill the new filter with diesel fuel before...
  the fuel filter is located right in front of the passenger rear wheel. You'll have to jack the car up in that spot to change it.
  == Answer ==   Get an inexpensive syphon hose
  You're going to have to drop the tank. Syphon out all the gas. Take off the tank straps and let it down. Have some felt of an old leather belt around to put between the tank and the straps when you put it back up. I'm betting the old rubber is pretty well gone by now.
Both of these are internal combustion engines, which means the fuel  burns inside the cylinders.   A cylinder is an enclosed space with a movable lid called a piston.  Fuel and air are drawn into the cylinder. A spark causes the  mixture to ignite in a petrol engine, whereas in a diesel engine...
  == Answer ==   On my '96, I had multiple malfunctions like this. It was finally traced to a ground wire under the dash. The wire was under the right side and bolted to the cowl strucure. The bolt was in place but slightly loose so that arcing had eroded the bolt hole. The shop drilled a...
23 hours 33 minutes and 33.3 seconds.
== Answer ==   try replacing the radiator cap, because it has a pressure release valve that can stick or take out your thermostat altogether, sometimes it runs better without it in the summer only.   .   HOW IS THE CONDITON OF THE RADIATOR? THERE COULD BE SOME CROSS TUBES THAT ARE CLOGED UP...
  check compression in cyclinders or catalytic converter may be stopped up.
The 1987 Oldsmobile Toronado came standard equipment with the 3.8L  (231 ci) 90 degree V6 engine, The fuel filter on this model should  be located forward of the fuel tank. The OEM General Motors  replacement inline filter is AC Delco #GF652.
It won't cause permanent damage to the engine than carbon buildup, but it might damage the in-tank fuel pump, clog the catalyst, and ruin the oxygen sensor. But first, I will assume that what happened was that, by mistake, the car was filled with diesel in the tank at a gas station. Then, I will...
I have a 2000 Grand Am Gt with a V6 RamAir engine and my car wouldn't start last week. I wasn't sure what was wrong with it so I had my friend take a look at it. I put gas in and I knew it wasn't the battery because the lights were starting. It was making noise n wanted to turn over, but it wasn't....
  I have a 2004 ram 1500.I wanted to change the fuel filter and found out that it is on the fuel pump inside the gas tank
It's in a package called the constant control relay module - CCRM - under a cover directly in front of the top of the radiator. See "Related Questions" below for more
  There is no cabin ari filter on a 1991 Totyota Previa
On a 1999 Lincoln Continental :The fuel pump inertia switch ( shut off switch ) is located to the left of thedrivers seat , behind an access panel on the " B " pillar
Answer . It's behind the left rear wheel, and wheel well liner. It sits sideways on the frame. Answer . it is under the rear seat on the driver side. To access it , you get to it from the interior. I replaced mine. There is what looks like a paint can lid you peel up to access the fuel pump.
  == Answer 90 dodge spirit fuel filter ==   Fuel filter located just in front of right rear wheel (2 feet approx)
No. You'll watch the moon soar over the sky while the sky eventually grows brighter and then you will have lost a whole night's sleep staring at the moon. But don't feel bad. You'll only be mad when you gotta go to work tired as can be. But you can't go crazy. People have gone blind stareing at the...
  your fuel filter has nothing to do with your fuel pump the fuel filter is there to keep Pisces of trash from making there way to your Inge's if your fuel filter gos out your car can start and then shut off also the if you hear your fuel pump when you turn your car on then your fine if you turn...
  on the firewall more towards passenger side behind the intake !!!!!!!!!!changing mine soon also
Hey John==It is quite involved. Get a manual from the local parts store and it should have pictures and everything. Good luck, Joe
  It is possible to punch a hole in the tank and let the gas out that way.   No, you will not cause a spark. Tanks are designed not to spark if punctured in an accident.
yes, i had a saw that was frozen or scoured took it to a shop, left it with them as salvage. they called me two weeks later and told me to come pick it up, they had used diesel fuel in some fashion and got it running. i still have it, used it last week. suing regular gas with a mix