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Questions about the Buildabearville.com website or associated questions about Build-A-Bear workshops.
£9 for a plain bear up to £19 for some thing like Hello Kitty.If you would like clothes with it, it will be about £3-5 for a normal top and for an outfit £8-10
You have to move the puzzle pieces around in the correct order in order to make a picture. It's really difficult, but if you have enough time and patience, you can complete it.
What you do is if you are wearing the clothes that you want to sell you change your clothes in to something else and go to a clothes shop's if you click the bear footprint it will take you to the clothes catalogue and what you do is click the symbol of what you want to selling at the bottom of the...
They used to have a wide variety of games including some of my favorites: Feed Teddy Roosevelt, valentine collecting hearts game, valentine house game, mixing witch potions game, packing game, and camping game. They made a new online world called "Bearville" with new animation and it has lots of new...
1. WebKinz 2. Nicktropolis 3. Zwinky & much more
well i only know one retired buildabear and that is the sassy kitty hope i helped
The cois are in different places everyday!
The bear stuff store in Town Square click on the "???" thing and you will see skate boards and the one and only what you were looking for Fishing majigy!
you must buy stuff at Build a Bear workshop and every dollar you spend is a credit. The code is found at the bottom of your receipt.
Very good question, Miss or Mister! The hearts from the "Be Mine Dalmatian" by Build-A-Bearville are in these following five places. But before I tell you. That is my gift to you. Market Place- Nothing Pawforming Arts Center- Found one! Inside the Pawforming Arts Center Town Square-...
1One is in the pawforming arts center behind the stage 2One is on the farm in the weelbarrow thingy 3The other one is in the enterance by the big tree 4Is inside the floating cabin at the waterfall place you can get there by train 5 the last one is at The marina on sandy bear island The prize is...
1. In entrance on the ground 2. In the farms in the wheelbarrow 3. In the pawforming arts center 4. Sunny shores marina, in the water 5. In the floating cabin on the floor, by the waterfall
You need to get 10 bearville credits and go to the bearville outfitters store in the town. In the catalog click home away from hom e and page through until you see it.
1 in town square . 1 in the neighborhood . 1 in the bear college campus . 1 in the skate park . === 1 the friendship forest === There's one in Town Square by the bench.. There's one in the Friendship Forest by the apple trees.. There's one by the libeary in the bush to the left of the...
1One is in the pawforming arts center behind the stage 2One is on the farm in the weelbarrow thingy 3The other one is in the enterance by the big tree 4Is inside the floating cabin at the waterfall place you can get there by train 5 the last one is at The marina on sandy bear island The...
Here are the codes I know: 24T7-5347-CH6G, 7572-KN4N-325K, HG3R-4266-6R35, 3347-229F-MP3V, 893R-SL9F-3GLC, F542-3443-9NJL, JBQC-R6K7-W46M, 368F-K6KM-4V53, 79T5-2N9G-9234, 6S87-223B-78H2, 983W-9J9R-3H6Q, D822-Z895-KC9W, QCRH-7S42-S24R, MRCC-4FS8-FH6M, QR33-66DY-5XCS, RH7K-4X3W-88MG, N2FV-PQ7L-79R3,...
You get it by adopding a red dino or green dino online.
you can just make one those keycode you have to buy for build a bear uless someone gives you one im sorry maybe try another website
I don't think so, but if you have a child, he or she can play with one.
i guess you have to go back to the store where you got it but you have to bring the receipt with you soy they could find the code for you
1 is at the beach where the ferry is the next is in the entrance the other the farm i cant find the rest! by the way look out for me on buildabearville i am bethangel603 second is in the floating cabin third is in the pawforming art center 4 is the farm last is the entrance find...
Animal id: uo34582ghtdbghd key code: 13665 It does not work cause the key code should be at least 6 caracters long plz check your key code again
OK I saw on in the back stage in the paw forming art place then at the farm and at the shine shore or what ever where you ride on the fairy or something like that and at the entrance . hope that did it and you get a sound for your pal. lol
there are lots of blush and pudsey spots and the are everywhere but i cant tell you where they are because i havent done the challenge yet!!!!!! ir you want to meet me on buildabearville my name is ellie2hip1200 hope to see you soon.
# 1 . Yesterday, 10:08 AM. JustinOwnerBABV Name: JustinOuterSpace. Join Date: Jun 2008Posts: 1,549 Status: Online . Be Mine Dalmatian Quest in Bear University! . A new articles entry has been added: Be Mine Dalmatian Quest in Bear University! The new Be Mine Dalmatian quest that was...
go to the bear int the desk at babw press web codes type BABW-25K5-46J9F
to do it you need to make an account and go to town square then click on bearemy and accept his quest. i hope i was helpful bye
Sunshine Shores Marina, INSIDE of the Waterfall cabin, INSIDE of the Pawforming Arts Center, on the Farm, and at the Entrance. Hope that is helpful!
You can see the groundhog in Friendship Forest Path on February 2.
i think he is usually at the meadow.
They are in: Farm Sunshine Shores Mariana Entrance In the waterfall Cabin Pawforming Arts Center Hope you found them all!!!
there is 1 at the farm,one at sunshine shores marina,one at the entrance.that is the only ones i have found so far
where I found the spots were at these locations in Build-A-Bearville: 1.Entrance 2.Waterfall (inside the building) 3.Pawforming Arts Center 4.Sunshine Shores Marina 5. Farm 100% sure that's where they are!
go to the performing arts center then click the balcony thing on the top left corner and play the game for 200 bear bills(the game is very easy) go to the sportsplex and click the panda then tick all boxes for 100 bear bills go to the cave and click the dogs for 10 and the log and wholes next...
I'm not to sure but Hamley's In London. That one is huge. Loads of clothes and shoes and bears to choose from. More than I can tell you, Sorry if your in France or something and can't get to it.
They are in: Farm Sunshine Shores Mariana Entrance In the waterfall Cabin Pawforming Arts Center Hope you found them all!!!
i really do not know because i do not know what build a bear villeis
where are the 5 spots for build a bear ville pleaze tell me i need to find one more
free-bear-bill = 500 bearbills peop-bab2-2008 = 1000 bearbills 7572-kn4n-325k= 1000 bearbills and emoticon
who would ask a question like that. it's imposible to even estimate
Just look for yourself, if you really want to know I will tell you the answer. Here is a riddle: Look behind you!! Answers.com is fake by the way so HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
i don't think you can, but you can get on the bear outfiters roof. just click the tampoline
Farm , Entrance , Sunshine Shores Marina , inside the Floating Cabin at the Waterfall , & inside the Pawforming Arts Center. I hope u get the prize!!!!!!!!!!!!! - daisysapphire41
the pawforming arts center the entrance the farm and i furgot the forth one and i dont know the other one
you must have at least 5 bears brought to life then go to the library make crying emotion
Go to the place where the ferry takes you to sandy bear island
2 that are a little difficult to figure out are the ones in Bobbing Fur Apples and Bear-2-Bear Baseball. In Bobbing Fur Apples, the gem is "disguised" as part of the background and off to the side (meaning, you have to access the game, but you don't have to play it at all). In Bear-2-Bear Baseball,...
Each code is different, there is not one specific code.
You go to the Bear University & click on the dalmation. - daisysapphire41
Go the area with the Pawsitively Green Center, then take the triangle to the left. Or, click on the map in the upper right of the screen, scroll all the way to the left and all the way down (if you're not already there). When you find the marina, click on it.
you go to your cub condo then press your furry friend two times then you can see your sounds
You just go to the Pawlette Coufer Boutique in the Furbulous Fashion District . - daisysapphire41
Pawforming arts centre On the farm At the sunshine shores marina and at the entrance in the waterfall
yes i do this works 368h-8frc-gv3x if this doesn`t work email them ad they will send you a code.have fun you cannot actually get welcome codes off of other people as once one person has used the code no one else can use it either. my sister got a bear from the build a bear workshop and got an...
i would suggest saving up money and buying it its hard to get a free bear just go to build bear workshop closest to you
no but, you can see the preview on it
you can get a furry friend sound.so when you go to your cub condo just press your furry friend two times and look at your sounds. hope you love it, my character is taylarallheart1
Farm Sunshine Shores Marina Entrance Inside the Floating Cabin Performing Arts Center Inside I hope you found them all! Love. Hugs. Peace. Teal2hip44 or AjAdorable80616
click on it than click on the apple. You can also go to your kitchen if it has a fridge and feed it.
Totally toe Nails in build a bear ville as in October there is a new toe nail bear coming out at just 12.99 Get your toe nail bear before they go !
it depends on how many items you buy. You get one credit per items bought.
You must purchase one from Bearville Outfiters. It costs ten credits.
I've only found three of the five hearts, but so far I've discovered them in Friendship Forest Park, on the Path, and outside of the Green Center. I'll improve this answer when I find them all.
The newest buildabearville quest is the puppy dog on at Bear University of coarse So i kind of forgot some of the places that they were at so... i guess you will have to look. And i do know some hears or spots are also in buildings, and i know where the hardest one that i couldn't find was the one...
if you mean the person get a bath then you can't do that, sory it's the truth:(
Well if you mean you have been on a website about buildabearville and won a buildabearville code, buildabearville account or something like that you should be told there account name and password or the code!!!!! If its the other way and you have won something on the fountain game or completed a...
No if you do try to use the id code again it will only say that it has already been used so do not i repeat do not
it is in the forest the big tree the hole at the bottom click it and it will take you there also if you go to the coffee shop and click the big orange picture frame it will take you to a secret room!!!!!
Well all you have to do is click on the pieces to move them around. Keep clicking until you have formed the picture!!! HOPE I HELPED :)
At the bottom of the waterfall.
go down meadowhall in sheffield and in buildabear wokshop buy and build a bear go home put on bearville then you should probaly get 2 credits i did.
Go to the Pawsitevly Green Center, go to the arrow on the left. Then you are at the Sunshine Shores Mariana!
The first on you find in fast paw. The second in furbulous flyer. Both are in the skate park. The third one you find in the meadow for the safari photo game. The fourth you find in run for the stuffing in build-a-bear workshop in the town square. I hope this helps!
1. Go inside the room you want to put new wallpaper in. 2. Click on the paintbrush button on the right side of the screen. 3. Click on the button that looks like it has some papers on it. 4. Then click on the design you want and then the wall you want to put it on.
I only know a few of them, here are 3:sunshine shores marina, the inside of pawforming arts center, one is in the cabin under the waterfall.
Yes, you just need enough money on the gift card.
hey, this code works honestly do 2010-babv and then type in ANY random numbers only 4 though so 2010-babv and then any random 4 numbers spend the money and use the items wisely! have fun :)
ok its pretty simple ~Pawforming arts center (inside the building) ~Farm (in the barrow) ~The ~Sunshine Shore Marina ~ waterfall (Inside cabin) Hope I helped u! (w8, i did!) =D
There is only one Pie! The Mrs Macs Pie.
Entrance, in front of the tree house, Farm, in the barrel (i guess), Sunshine Shores Marina, in the water, Waterfall, inside the floating cabin in the side, Pawforming Art Center, on the stage in the very side... well that's all the hidden BLACK HEARTS...
there is loads and loads of quests i build a bearville and each one is really fun and challenging.
the way to add friends is by clicking on them and then request friend.
you enter the coffee shop and finally click onto the long picture on the wall!~dory
First you can look in the entrance. Then you go to the farm. Now you go inside the Pawforming Arts Center. Now you go to the Sunshine Shores Marina. Lastly you go inside the floating cabin.
you can only get a tiara if you have a bear and you finish you quest
Be Mine Dalmatian Quest in Bear University! The new Be Mine Dalmatian quest that was advertised in the January 27th Bearville Times is now available for us to start! We're not sure how long it'll be available, so we advise you to start the quest as soon as possible to make sure that you can...