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Jobs for Pre-Teens

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Jobs for pre-teens (ages 9 to 14) are usually odd-jobs that pay on cash-basis, and require parental consent. Dog-walking, gardening, painting, or newspaper deliveries are some of the jobs a pre-teen normally undertakes.
A 13 year old in Wisconsin may find work and earn money by helpingelderly neighbors. They could carry groceries in the house for themor do maintenance around their house.
walking dogs, baby sitting, house sitting, well just think about it really paper rounds...
The minimum age to work at village grill is 14 years.
Sorry! If you are not responsible and lazy there is no way you will be able to earn money. Also, if you don't have the energy to move, don't!
I don't really know where I could get a job here. As a 6th grader its pretty hard with 4 other siblings with 2 with jobs. Its pretty hard! I wish someone could answer. I need money to get some shoes that are fresh!
Ten year olds may have odd jobs like taking out the trash ordelivering newspapers. They may shovel snow or rake leaves forneighbors for money as well.
Answer . \nask your parents for advice but be creative maybe you can make charm braclets and then sell them at the local arts and crafts fair. but make sure its not elegal or can hurt you
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You could babysit, however you'd have to take course.
Kid's can make money by having the old fashion lemon Ade sale, or doing chores around the house and sucking up or if your parents don't have money at the moment you can ask a friend and tell them you will pay them back when you do get money and when you tell your parents you need money for a...
apple picking. ;) Walking dogs or pet sitting Baby watching, where you entertain the child to give parents the opportunity to get tasks done around the house (cleaning, taxes, or anything else) that they have a rough time taking care of while dealing with a child If you're the arts-and...
In the United States, its illegal to employ minors under the age of 14 in most jurisdictions, unless they are in the entertainment industry. There are also many special rules for minors under the age of 18 in terms of hours, times, etc., depending on the city or state where they work. Its highly...
Not a legal job but you can babysit or tutor or mow lawns and help your neighbors and they might pay you if you do a good job
while a 14 yr old might manage to get some kind of job in Florida they would not receive the same wage as an adult doing the same job. so to that question i would have to say no a 14 yr old can't get a real part time job in Florida. A 14 year old can work in Florida. I live in port orange Florida...
I dont know about $2000 in 3 months, but price chopper will hire 14 year olds, my friend makes $4600 a year there and he is 14.
a lot of jobs..heres some..... . Job that I can think of that an 11 year old can get hired doing is Delivering Newspapers. She can do a lot of other things to make money though, she could mow lawns, clean peoples yards or family members houses, collect cans, walk dogs, if she likes doing things...
Fast food places are always hiring. Other options are as a clerk in an office doing filing or running errands.
Well, the child that your watching would want to see you everyday. He/she would want to play with you ALL the time. They also wouldn't want you to leave when your shift is over, and his/her parents would prob. give you a raise for that.
It depends on what country you live in. But if you live in a state where you can't get a real job. Here are some jobs you can get: a. babysitter b. paper boy/girl c. tutor kids d. clean lawns e. clean homes f. ect.
For an eager beaver wanting a job, I suggest for simple jobs outside home, he could design comics and sell them for .75 cents... or start pet sitting, dog walking, mowing lawns, shoveling snow or mother's helper (a babysitting job when the mother is home). For those who are simple, you can start a ...
Try working at a local fast food restaurant as a cashier maybe. It's easy, (if you're good with math) and it may be fun!
There are plenty of good jobs you can do!!! you could mow lawn, clean houses,. wash dogs,wash cars, throw a newspapers, sell lemonade, koolaid,or cakes and. cookies. Look up answers for ppl and charge them money for finding out stuff!. wink wink :D. good luck
None that I know of, but you could try doing jobs for family members. modelling
A 12 year old can help do chores that adults do around the house to receive an allowance. Some companies will allow minors to deliver newspapers.
Be famous get a nie ship helpmillitary.
You can always sell your old things that you dont use any more, sorta have a kids garage sale.
It usually depends. Get a license, first of all.
They could possible baby sit if they are matture and it is okay with the parent or gaurdian, i baby sit now and im 12 nearly 13, i am matture and know how to handle a situation, i have had experianse with babies/toddlers. or you could car wash help around the house paper round wen ur 14! lots of...
by singing very well and having a person who is recording songs
in most places you have to be fifteen before you can get a job
Gardening . shoveling snow . chores . selling homemade items and foods petsitting work with your grandpa or grandma gardening paperboy/girl allowance lemonade stand
Babysitting, dog walking, pet sitting, and lawn mowing are some ofthe jobs that are available for a 12-year-old in Britain (oranywhere, really).
Well, if your luckey you could geta job att a fast food restaurant or the mall.
you can get a job at your school. you can clean the school in the summer.
i took a list of things that i can do and i put down washing windows in 6 months if you wash windows for $5.00-$15.00 you would make over $12,000.00 dollars!!!!!!!!!!
dress him up in girl clothes. Buy a well-made wig. Make-up, clothes, everything a girl needs basically Hope this helped.
You cant really do alot of things at the age of ten. But you can try to have a bake sale, sell some of your old toys, games, clothes, etc ant a garage sale, Lemonade stand, Pet sitter, Dog walker, Wash some cars, rake leaves, shovel snow, do extra chores around the house, Sell hot chocolate in the...
Usually Grocery Stores have Cork-boards near the exit or entrance.There would be a good place. Or you could go to local DaycareCenters, and ask to put your flyers up. Also you could go oldschool and just ask around and hopefully find clients.
Well you have to be 14 to work and once you are a supermarket is a really good place to work.
You could babysit. You'll need to take a course.
Just about no 12 year old can get a job that pays unless they like do it as maybe babysitting other than that mostly 14 and up even as a 14 year old its some times difficult. I hope i helped
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I've trained people for similar jobs, and they are fine as long as the relax and don't dwell on their mistakes. Before long you won't even have to think about what you are doing, it will be second nature.
because people dont want there babies get hurt
15.5 years of age, with a work permit.
Make a lemonade stand . Shovel snow . Rake leaves . Mow lawn . In the summer print math sheets and pay 2 or 3 bucks for 100 problems . Set a chart like room clean so if it is clean the whole day you get a quarter and i still do it and i get about 4 bucks every week now
You will not be able to work in a commercial establishment until you can get a work permit. Most states you must be at least 14 to get a work permit. But you may not be able to get a job in any place that has hazardous conditions.
You can work at a fish store or a ice cream store or if yourparents own a store you could help out.
If ur 13 and need a summer job i would say going out with newspapers or working at a food stor GOOD LUCK!!!
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I was looking for a summer job for my 12 year son and came across your question. I truly know this isn't the answer you're looking for but I felt the need to answer it. Please keep in mind that I have quite a bit of exposure to 12 year old girls. The age difference between you and a 16 year old guy...
if your age is 14, i think you are student. I will suggest you setup a online web publishing business, quick steps.. . create a website (put forums and blogs there) for your school . ask your friends to join them . start discussion, start sharing ideas.. in sometime you will start getting...
14-year-olds can get jobs babysitting or petsitting, or doing oddjobs for neighbors. They cannot work legally until they get a workpermit at 15.
Washing cars? Sell cupcakes, candies or anything small. Some can design clothes OR MOST 10 YEARS OLD ARE SINGER OR NOT ACTRESS/ACTOR. But, it's pretty hard to find jobs at the age of 10, because you don't have any experience yet.
Simple chores and extra jobs around the house are enough to make a little cash. Don't ask for more money then $5. Be happy with what you have. If you only get 50 cents, your parents don't have much money at the moment to give you. Just ask them.
no,....☺youare WAY TO YOUNG!
Check with your local minister for church work that might need to be done. Or see if a local political group needs some envelopes stuffed or fliers passed out. Bear in mind, babysitting and yard work are two of the main things those under 16 can do. I've read a true story about a guy who...
Yes they really can. If you are interested in working with animals, you might as well do a dog walking buisness around your neighborhood. there you can walk and wash them. you might want to charge $5-$10 a pet. you could also do a lemonade sell or a car wash. if you like kids a lot, try baby-sitting...
There is no upper age limit for delivering papers. I've known pensioners do a paper round. If delivering paper on foot, the minimum age is 14.
there are alot of jobs that an 11 year old could do babysitting, tutoring, lawn work, lemonade (and cookie) stand, back sale, coffee stand, wash cars, house cleaning, grocery shopping for the elderly, parties, garage sales odd jobs like that.
Some charity shops accept 10 and 11 year olds.
Minimum age for a job online is 18 years old
You really can't. Unless you can work for your parents, most states don't allow anyone under 14 to have a 'job.' Many allow paper routes or shoe shines. And a work permit is required. So your best bet is doing chores fr neighbors, like dog walking, lawn mowing and babysitting.
Really nothing more than just mowing the neighbors' lawn, or babysitting, or walking their dogs, or similar small tasks like that. No company will hire you until you're 16 and even then that's only going to be part time (20 hours or less a week.) You won't be able to get a normal full time job...
You should go to the library and look at the book Jobs for Kids or 100 Jobs for Kids & Young Adults forsome ideas.
I think mcdonalds. I'm looking myself.
okay well i found that libraries hire at 14 im also turning 14 this summer and my mom got me an application there so try a local library
no they can only get jobs that pay minimum wage and those jobs are only temporary.
Most of the time, if you are shy and you can't seem to find a way to make money, it's because you probably don't try to get peoples attention. So, if you are a shy kid wanting to make money try to be more out-going! Or, make interesting fliers for, dog walking, babysitting, whatever you want! But,...
Answer . \nA thirteen year old boy might be able to work a paper route. He might also become a neighborhood dog walker.. Answer . At thirteen, you are limited to only a couple of things. Cut grass, shovel snow, get a paper route, perhaps take a CPR or babysitting class at a Red Cross in your...
it is really hard to say as i am 10 and i can't really find any job, let alone the best. though... . some suburbs need advertising broshure ppl, you know, who go around the houses putting broshures in the letter boxes.(your parents can help you get in contact with the ppl using, most likely, the...
For 13 year olds you can... Babysit, deliver newspapers, etc. For 14 year olds you can clean dishes at a restuarant but you can only work for 5 hours. If you don't you geta fine of 100 dollars.
If a teenager from 15-17 works part-time over the summer, the average amount of money made in those 3 months is $1,000
If you are caught you'll be fired and no one will want to hire you!! Even as you get older places will be less likely to hire you. Just don't do it!! Lying is never the answer!! Honesty is ALWAYS RESPECTED by everyone!! Good luck though!!
An organic garden and a roadside or curbside stand, or even a sign, will attract regular, repeat customers.
You could mow somone's yard. But if you are going to mow somone's lawn, you should practice on your own lawn because if you do bad on the grass, the person might not let you mow their gardens again. If that doesn't work, you can set up some sales like garage or yard sales and sell stuff that you...
Answer . Well, I live in Royal Oak. I am turning 14 in November and planning to get a job with my friends at Hollywood Markets. Other than that, I don't know.
Answer . Wash cars, rake leaves, watch young children while Mom is doing something in the house, wash house windows (takes patience), help someone younger with school work....
There are many things you can do, but here's a small list: Snow Shoveling Walking Dogs Newspaper Routes Cleaning Houses House Chores house hold chores are probably the only thing a 5 year old will get. sorry, but jobs aren't normally for 5 year olds. sorry! also im pretty sure its...
Kids in earlier times helped their parents with chores that neededto be done. They may also have helped their neighbors for pay.
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House and Pet sitti Walkinng g Dogs Washing cars Mowing the lawn Watering Plants, Maintaning yards Helping elderly people cross the hallway instead of street Baby sitting Cleaning houses Removing snow Doing Yard Sale Paper Routing Washing Windows Building Lemonade Stand ...
yes some places will hier to have you pick up around the place
hey I'm also a 14 year old girl and I was wondering the same question. I have looked on other websites and it says that a fourteen year old can work but can't work for more than six hours on the weekends and three hours on school nights. I don't know if that helps because that might not be for a job...
The company policy is to hire 18 years and older because working at GNC requires cash handling and key handling. However, I was hired at 17 (corporate store, not a franchise), ... but I was an exception. If you have retail experience, experience in the supplements industry, or can really present...
they can work at toys r us...but that's pretty much it.
Put it at the end of your driveway.If you live in a small neighborhood ask a friend or relative if you can have it at their house and split the profits evenly.
You don't need papers for a babysitting job but to get more people to want you as a babysitter you can make a flier.
i think yes, because lots of people who are younger than a 11 year old girl would need help in some subjects.