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Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant for all the moving parts inside the car’s transmission. In an automatic transmission, it works as a coolant and transmits power from the engine to the transmission.
Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid is used in the 5 speed manualtransmission ( according to the Owner Guide )
I use Mercon. My 98 S10 5 speed now has 178K with no problems.
You add auto tranny fluid through the tranny dip stick tube. Usually need a long stemmed funnel. That's it. Good luck.
Any brand of Dexron II transmission fluid can be used in place of  Castol Dexron II. There may be some minor differences between  Castrol and a cheaper brand, but for the most part, the performance  will be the same.
  You add fluid at the same place you check the level.
I also have an f350 with the 7.3 and there is no other place to fill it besides the dipstick area use a funnel and be careful.
According to my Haynes manual, all but the older Sunfires don't have dipsticks. There is a fill plug on the side of the transaxle. To check fluid level, remove the plug and stick your finger in the hole. If it comes out wet, the fluid level is OK. If it comes out dry, add a bit of fluid until your...
  == Answer ==   Through the dipstick tube
Actually , the manual transaxle does not have a dipstick ( just the automatic )
  You cant change the actual manual transmission into an Auto howeverr you can take out the manual and put in an automatic transmission instead.   You can but it will take time and can carry a high price. The 'simplest' way is to get the equivalent engine/gearbox as a complete unit and do the...
Saginaw-Muncie 465, used in GM light duty trucks until 1987. Four speed manual transmission, direct drive. Very solid, reliable transmission.
Down the tube that holds the trans dipstick. You need a special funnel that fits in the tube, cheap in Walmart.
there isent one, there is a little red cap on top of the trans have fun
  Type F transmission fluid was formulated specifically for Ford automatic transmissions, primarily the C4 and C6 transmissions that were used in the 1960s through the 1980s. At some point, Ford switched from using Type F to the newer Dextron III formulation.
  It 12 years old you should have it serviced perhaps the seals need replaced, an are sure it's the Trans leaking and not the engine.
This is not good with any fluids in you car or machinery. It can affect operation, ruin or blow seals etc. You can get a pump at car parts stores (I got one) that is very handy to have. I would suggest you go buy one and pump some of that transmission fluid out. Right at the fill tube!!!!
Find out why it is missing. Bad plug, plug wire, injector, etc.if its not plugs wires or coil it could be ignition modular its under the coil packets
  Manual transmissions dont use fluid, they use a kind of grease.
  You can't:Get your oil changed at a shop,and tell them to check the   tranny fluid.If it is low,then you may be expierancing A LEAK!OTHER THAN THAT I KNOW HOW WE ALL FEEL...............
  The Recommended Fluid is Automatic Transmission Fluid, Dexron® III/F/G. If you want a longer lasting fluid then I suggest. Amsoil Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid Amsoil Torque-Drive™ Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATD) Hope This Helps.
Answer . \nThe easiest fix is to go to any Jiffy Lube or quick lube and ask for the transmission service. Otherwise it is a real pain.
If you don't see a plug screewed into the bottom side of the transmission pan, Then yours don't have 1. You will have to remove the transmission pan to change the fluid and filter.
 == Answer ==   probably not this sounds like something a mechanic would need to look at but i would be present and look into the pan when they remove it to see if there are signs of metal this indicates some internal parts are breaking.   but if it is only clunking when you first put it...
The fill plug is on the transmission pan. Fill above the plug level its best to use a transfer pump for this. Fill past the plug and let drain till the fluid starts gulping out of the hole then plug it and your ready to go. Don't forget to use ONLY LAND ROVER GENUINE FLUID otherwise DAMAGE COULD...
  Very easy ,remove a square nut located on the side of the transmission into a container . replace fluid till it seeps out or level with opening and replace nut and bring old oil to a recycle center like wal mart . Be sure to tighten nut .
I need to know fluid type speccifications for manual transmission Chevy 1985 s-105spd Chevy 1985 s-10 what type of manual transmission fluid
It would be to your advantage to go to bgfindashop.com and locate a shop near you that uses BG Chemicals and equipment. The transmission has a cleaner put in it to dissolve the varnish buildup. Then the entire system is completely flushed and exchanged with new fluid. Then a conditioner is added.
A C6 transmission including the torque converter will take 12.5 quarts.
First thing that is needed is the motor size(4or6) auto or manual transmission so that the proper information will be given.
you need a machine like a t-tech other wise its darn near impossible Is the t-tech machine a flushing method? Just want to drain whats in the pan and add new fluid. Leave filter intact.well if you drop the plug you only get about 30% of the fluid. if you want that make sure you got a dip stick, if...
I own a 1983 VT750C, the same bike with 45.5cc's extra. The mechanics are the same. Sara is right, there might be clutch issues. It's cheap and easy to rebuild the clutch. They take a lot of abuse, so here are some other options. Very simply open the reservoir for Clutch Fluid. If it seems clear...
Driving in 3rd gear instead of fourth will not affect your transmission as much as your engine. In fact, if you are driving in a manner that causes a lot of shifting between 3rd and 4th, it may be easier on the transmission to leave it in 3rd. If your transmission needs fixed, I don't think it would...
on the front of the gear box there is a plastic wing nut undo this and fill to the bottom of the hole
  == Answer ==   The transmission fluid portal is located under the car on the resevior, transmission fluid must be pumped using a pump. Need to raise car to access, inconvenient, recommend taking to auto shop. Difficult to do it yourself.
  You are talking about a 1996 ISUZU HOMBRE 2.2L 4-cyl Engine Code 4 The rear axle fluid that is recommended is Differential, Front .....GL-5[5][6] All Temps......80W-90 Differential, Rear .....GL-5[7][8] All Temps......80W-90 5. 80W-90 GL-5 is a synthetic lube; GM part no. 1052271. 6. Do...
Down the tube that holds the trans dipstick. - Use a special trans funnel, correct size, long and flexible, cheap in Walmart.
Piece of cake. With the engine warm, pop the hood and find the transmission dipstick. it will be inside a long tube that's attached to the transmission. Remove the stick, wipe it with a clean cloth, reinsert in in the tube, pull it out and read it. If it's brown and stinks, have it changed. If it's...
Automatic or Standard?? Manual Transmission,5-SPD.....GLS[3] AMSOIL Synthetic Synchromesh Transmission Fluid Automatic Transmission,250 (3T40).....AF6 AMSOIL Synthetic Transmission Fluid Automatic Transmission,125 (3T40).....AF6 AMSOIL Synthetic Transmission Fluid Automatic Transmission, 250 (3T40)...
  It's inside the Transmission oil pan. Wix Filter # 58888 Hope This Helps.
Toyota T-IV type automatic transmission fluid as stated in the owners manual. Mobile 1 makes a compatible fluid: Mobile ATF 3309 Do not use any fluid that does not meet T-IV requirements.
There isn't one, you have to remove the pan to drain the fluid.
  Best place to look for vehicle fluid specs. is at www.amsoil.com. Click on their "online application guide", follow through with your make-year-model. Of course they will recommend their product, which is excellent, but I have found that that year and range of Mazda 626's require "Dexron II"....
  I have a 1999 Potiac Grand Am SE, and I cannot find the transmission dip stick to check the transmission fluid.
Motorcraft MERCON - V - automatic transmission fluid ( note : the 2002 Ford Explorer4 door does not have an automatic transmission fluid level dipstick )
It could be as simple as a few bolts need to be tightened, or it could be a worn/failed seal.
the basic parameters of transmission lines are R,L,C and G...........
  Most standard transmissions take 85w90 gear oil. To be sure, check an owners manual or call a dealership.
  Automatic Transmission, 3-Shallow PanD Initial Fill..........2.7 quarts[2] Automatic Transmission, 4-Shallow PanD Initial Fill..........3.3 quarts[2] Automatic Transmission, Total Fill 3 speed ..........5.9 quarts 4 speed ..........7.6 quarts Manual Transmission, ..........4.0 pints [2]....
i think the energy (fuel) is more consumed in automatic shifting of gears whereas the same is done manually.. this could only be the reason..
Answer . The fluid should be at the top of the cross hash marks.
Saturn transmissions are considered to be "zero maintenance", and as such are sealed. There is no dipstick nor is there any user serviceable fill ports. At least, not easily serviceable. You CAN remove the pan to drain the fluid and change the filter. You can also open the port on the side of the...
you scream at it, tell it it will be grounded for life if you dont get a job!!!!! Helpful people. You can do this with almost any car, but it is going to be expensive. Change the transmission, get the clutch pedal and brake assembly. clutch master cylinder if it's hydraulic, maybe change drive...
My Haynes repair manual for the Ford Explorer ( 1991 thru 1995 ) shows MERCONautomatic transmission fluid in the automatic transmission
== == remove dipstick and place a funnel into the tube ..voila..only add while the car is running and in park ------------------------------------------ If this is a manual transmission, there is 2 big bolts on the driver SIDE of the transmission around where the axle slides in. The lower is for...
  transmission fluid is in the transmission
  If it's an automatic, dextron II.
1997-2000 Hyundai tiburon, 1997-2000 elantra.
Call a parts store like autozone. they should be able to tell you
in the back of the engine close to the fire wall towards the left side or passenger side is secure by a bolt which you have to losen
  == Answer ==   It depends how much you Drive, how many Kilometres per year you do.   Maybe every couple of Years it should be changed.
You would add transmission fliud thru the dipstick opening.
  == Answer ==   i don't really know but get the 50/50 radiator fluid and fill it up  
You can view the 2002 Ford F-150 owners manual on-line at :       www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces )       Click on Owner Guides
no    Answerno the only years that will work are 93 to 94 ford probe, 93 to 94 Mazda 626, and 93 to 94 Mazda M6 and if its a (CD4E) Transmission good luck you will need it!    Answerthe tranny form a 93-95 should work i swaped my auto out to a 5 speed from a 95 and my car is a 93...
That is a symptom of a transmission that has overheated. There may or may not be damage. I would advise you to have the fluid/filter changed immediately as the fluid is not contaminated.
Yes, sure you'll have to do some custom work though, like installing the clutch in the car but I've seen it done.
There isn't one. There is a check plug underneath on the right side of the transaxle. The engine should be running, at operating temperature and the vehicle should be level when the level is checked. The fluid level should be even with the bottom of the opening when checking the fluid. You need to...
 == Answer ==   The cause is most likely electrical, with a possible chaffed wire, loose connector connection or loose ground wire leading to the engine, transmission or elsewhere. 
Oh this is a fun question. There isn't one. This is an idea hijacked from German engineering. There is no transmission dipstick. Makes you wonder if the dipstick was the one who designed this, doesn't it? In order to service the trans fluid level, you have to raise the vehicle, and the vehicle has...
The Voyages have fully electronic transmissions called A604.. Since the transmission and the differental are housed in the same case, you cant switch those transmissions around like you can say and old Chevy truck. If a A604 came out of it, it has to go back in. if not, nothing will work right....
I can answer this one first hand. I have a 2011 KIA Forte and yesterday as I was pulling into my driveway it lost all power. After looking under the hood to see what was wrong, I noticed that there was transmission fluid everywhere. I had the car towed on a roll back wrecker to the dealer. There...
  == Answer ==     8.0 quarts are needed for a 1990 ford taurus.
All of the transmission fluid is inside the transmission. There is no external reserve.
This is a sealed transmission. It does not have a dip stick. Read the manual. sometimes that sealed transmission leaks by way of the radiator
  == Answer ==   Yes should be changed on all automatics
If it isn't on the pan, then there isn't one. You'll have to remove the entire assembly just to drain it. Replace the gasket if you do. If you're trying to drain it because you overfilled it, you can siphon it out through the filler tube. Siphons are available at any auto parts store.
    == Answer ==       You don't. It's a sealed unit. You can't even check it. If it's leaking take it to a dealer or transmission shop. My advice if your having transmission trouble is to trade it in. Most places can't fix it worth a darn!     == Correct Answer ==  ...
  If your changing the transmission filter, it takes five quarts. If the transmission is completely empty, it takes about ten quarts to fill it up.
  == Answer ==   lift the vehicle level, so readings are acurate.   there is a plug on the rear of the differential. the fluid should   be level with the plug. it is usually ok to see a small drip   when you remove the plug but if nothing comes out, your   low on fuid. consult...