Cole and Dylan Sprouse

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Dylan Thomas Sprouse and Cole Mitchell Sprouse (born August 4, 1992) are American actors who are best known for their roles in the Disney Channel sitcoms The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and The Suite Life on Deck. They are identical twins and are collectively referred to as Dylan and Cole Sprouse or the Sprouse Bros.
Actually, If you must know: Although the film was finished and put to market in 2009, Most of Kings of Appletown was shot in Texas, October of 2007.
to some he is but not really
No. And its a high school in the show not a collage
no, it's only a set that they built.
cole sprouse and his brother Dylan sprouse's gran thought that they would make it into the acting business.
from danielle dylan's eyes are brown and cole's are aqua
well no one can actually say but i would suspect so
10th of March 1992.
== Answer ==He is the father of Dylan and Cole Sprouse.
its Angelina sprouse....
If you mean Bob Dylan, he was born Robert Zimmerman.
because Zack is jealous of Cody they both like the same girl
you can't unless you use your cell phone simple as that
Ashley cole used to play for Arsnel.
Dylan Is more popular! I don't know why... I prefer cole to be honest
yes he does go to church because he is christian not all christiansgo to church my dad is a christian he doesn't go to church
He just likes them cuz they are sweet and he has got like..3 cats but his favorite animal is pig! why do you even wanna know. if it's so much important to you.
He's 18 now!
No. Only reading glasses but he's afraid to tell anyone about it.
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Cole and Dylan Sprouse are 17 years old. They were born on August 4th 1992!!
of course he did! cole is Dylan's brother!
British - Welsh, born in Swansea [1914] and died in the USA [1953] of alcoholic abuse on a lecture tour.
He does. He just wears contacts.
Cole is around 5'8'' (1,73m) Dylan is about 5' 6 1/2'' (1,69m) They're short because they're twins. (Aug 2010)
I think, but I'm not sure cause ive looked her up and I havent read a full biography about her yet!
No her boyfriend is a guy named Edgar
you should choose Dylan he is to cute kyle is not to bad .........
If he was 22 or older, then perhaps. Even then, it is still a decent enough difference for him to think about it seriously before deciding to.
no because you have to show it. they are just acting .they did some tv edding so it looks like the game is real. but it is not real.
yes Dylan and cole sprouse r both christians. they both love God
NO they're around 16
no but he will have it soon with his girl friend.
Debby Ryan, Nicole Anderson, Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment Selena Gomez and Alyson Stoner were the girls that fell in love with Cole Mitchell Sprouse.
nooo he not i think that Ashley is her friend not more than that
Dylan and Cole were born in 1992.
Yes, he Wears Boxers Briefs
Both Dylan and his brother Cole are funny.
They are both surprisingly both AB positives!
Dylan Thomas Sprouse and Cole Mitchell Sprouse
well now he is home-schooled
I think they are 18 or 16 cause my sister watchs suite life on deck.
no. she is not dead
9 in the usa 8 in the uk
cole sprouse is 17 years old he'll be 18 on 8/4/2010.
they could. they have to sometimes to stay up & practice their rolls for the next shows they might be in!
I don't know but who really cares. That's his personal business
No he drank himself to death in new york city at the age of 39
Zack's real name in the suite life on deck is Dylan Sprouse and he and his brother were born in Italy and came to California when they were about 4 or 6 months after they were born to be in baby commercials. so after that both twins were sharing roles in shows. Dylan and Cole say after the suite...
Michelle Sprouse is Cole and Dylan sprouse mom (Zack and Cody)
cole sprouse is around 45.36kg (45.359237)
No most likely not. Cole and Debby are good friends and good actors, they have to make it look like the kiss was real. They aren't dating, but I think they're a cute couple.
Yes he does. His username is 'DylanSprouse1' but he has protected his tweets so you need to send a request to see his tweets.
Well really no one knows if they do or don't but they might like him more because in the suite life of Zack and Cody he appears to be the smart one and Bailey likes him in the suite life on deck so there is your answer and also they are both good actors so there really is no reason to like one more...
Cherl Cole is not on play moshi , in fact she is just a brilliant singer that has sung quite some songs as `fight for this love`and `parashute`sorry i do not know how to spell that word even if i was top at english.
There are 71 episodes of The Suite Life on Deck.
No they were never on Everybody Loves Raymond. The twins that were on the show were named Sullivan Sweeten and Sawyer Sweeten.
she was the frist black president in Washihtion state universite
Dylan and Cole Sprouse were born on August 4, 1992
Cole sprouse is older than her by 1 year
its all filmed in Hollywood canter studios - they just created a set for it