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Eels are elongated fishes that can range in length from 2 inches to 12 feet. Questions about these predators can be asked here.
According to the Related Link: "Baron Alexander von Humboldt (September 14, 1769-May 6, 1859) was a Prussian naturalist and explorer who explored much of Central and South America. Humboldt and his friend, the French medical doctor/botanist Aime-Jacques-Alexandre Goujoud Bonpland (1773-1858),...
I have been a marine hobbyist for 25 + years. In the extra large public aquarium, it is a known fact that a Moray of similar size to any breed of shark will kill that shark. In fact, I believe the count is something like 120 to O. In favor of the Moray Eel. As for the wild though, I have witnessed...
Someone please answer this, I am having trouble with this question.Now it is 11:54!
eels are 20 mph in the water and out of the water 5 mph
In ur buttox and to the left then go right and then to the left. the chardata phylum
what ia baby eel called? what does "ia" mean? if your meant to say: what is a baby eel called? then this is the answer: little eels
They release neutrons and protrons and when in contact with a human in the water it creeats an electrict energy field or force received by the flesh
The eel is not electric and is able to be touched by human where as the electric eel will zap you if you touch it.
Like most fish, Moray Eels don't have eyelids, so they can't close their eyes (as with humans and animals) to go to sleep. However, eels (as with most fish), do enter a 'resting state' and do seem to stop moving while they sleep, but certain fish cannot afford to stop moving, as they must stay in...
Soy sauce, syrup, and eel extract
\n. im not sure.but somebody give me the aneswer.
Get a small piece of plastic pipe and aim it towards your eelshide. Drop the food through it to the eels. They will be more alertat night which is a good time to feed them.
There are many fish and amphibians for which the female lays soft-shelled unfertilized eggs, which the male then fertilizes. Because the fertilized eggs were never inside the female's body, one might say that there was no gestation period. However, all animals that have internal fertilization have...
yes they did eat eels. When they were lucky that was.
no they don't
Gulper eels can and will eat fish larger than themselves, but there is no way a gulper eel could swallow a human being, as they can only grow to be a metre long. one species that's 5 1/4 ft long is exceptional cause my friend caught one, unhooked it, and the eel closed its mouth, trapping her in its...
Yes, I witnessed it with my own eyes today (15th July 2013). Theeel fought to escape quite good but the Otter had the strength tooverpower it with ease.
all their electricity in their body
Yes. They have a slender and streamlined body shape.
No talapia are not a type of eel. However they are a type of fish that can be eaten
It is used as both a defensive mechanism to avoid predators, and an offensive mechanism when they are hunting.
with their high powered electricity, if you make them mad enough, they will leave a deadly sting!
21 days from the start of incubation if temperature and humidity levels are right or from brooding hen.
IM SURE NOT but try if u want to. Unless its a guy then u can definatly
Yes it is a vertebrate.
Not for most birds, but there are exceptions. Some birds are raised exclusively by the male - e.g. Dotterel, Kelp Goose, Upland Goose.
Kangaroos do not have a longer gestation period, and to do so would be of no advantage anyway. Kangaroos are marsupials, and all marsupials are characterised by having a shorter gestation period than placental mammals of similar size. Most of the kangaroo Joel's development occurs in the mother's...
yes but only in aggression or happiness
Pretty sure that eels hide in crevices and wait for fish to swim by, followed by a lightning-fast lunge to grab the prey.
Of course they do. If they didn't have a tongue, they wouldn't be able to speak.
The electric eel uses its electric ability to stun fish. This makes them easier to catch and eat.
no but it only takes care of the baby for a short time
Eels have a few predators: - Grouper fish - Barracuda fish - Most other large carnivorous fish - Sea birds - Raccoons (they drag freshwater eels from rivers) - Humans - Other eels
Yes. They have a spine AKA backbone AKA vertebra.
a young eel is a elver
Electric eels or knife fish live in the Amazon river and Orinco river.
As I understand the situation the electric eel is a fresh water creature and coral is salt-water. There are electric rays in the ocean but these are all bottom dwellers, nothing to do with coral.
electric eels are born in an egg
yes that's why if they thought the octopus will be the moray eels dinner.(moray eels are predators to octopuses)
I think they have 2, 1 on each side.
Electric eels are a type of meat-eating fish. They like to feed onfish, as well as other small animals like frogs.
they give birth in water
well...... yeah they come out during midnight but also in the day
The sound you hear when a gun is fired is the rapid expansion of gasses that escape the barrel once the bullet leaves the barrel.
WE Should go after eels because a seagull could fly away unless we use a tranquilliser dart on it
The shock exchange In the ocean.
In the rivers where they were born
eels live at the ocean floor
Eels are fish, and fish have a skeleton. Note, however, that theskeletons of fish are not composed of "bone" as we know it, but ofcartilage.
the eel belongs to the specimen of the sea creatures, or reptiles,, its sort of a mixture
they play dead so predators think they really are dead
It is possible, but the electric eel is more likely to seriously injure you.
on their buttys
shallow tropical waters
Yes. All animals do.
Rajan Jaswal does.
Yes, most marine animals visible to the naked eye are carnivores.
Electric eels only live in South America, but Freshwater Morey Eels live in India but I'm not sure of their numbers
Eels are fish and fish are vertebrates. Therefore, like all vertebrates, they have bilateral symmetry. This means they have symmetry across one plane (known as the sagittal plane, and directly down the centre of their body), which means one side of their body approximately mirrors the other side.
A moray eel looks like a eel so just search it on google search
No, an eel is not a producer. An eel is a consumer.
i think they got it from how god made them
Canine family, dogs, wolves
A Cobra has got a hood and it looks lik a snake. A Cobra is has venom and a eel doesn't
A wolf eel can be eaten by any carnivore larger than itself. A wolfeel can be prey to a shark.
Gulper eels go to bathroom deep in the ocean. They are rarely seenby humans because they live 10,000 feet below the surface.
144 to 152 days or about 5 months
They live in the fresh water of the Amazon and the Orinoco Basin in South America.
20 miles per hour
silver black or yellow
Up to 10km in some instances. This is due to the nature of there skin being very slimy allowing them to glide through grass and wetland very easily. National Geographic Reporter.
i dont think so because a moray has a bite as strong as a hyena and they have stronger bite force than barracudas
Eels are in a different scientific profile, also all eels live in water whilst not many snakes can survive under water for there hole life. Eels are just one colour, snakes can be any colour. Ect. Tip. If you learn about eels and snakes you will be able to say over 50 differences just using...
i assume "saltwarter" means saltwater. saltwater eels do not sting, they do not have anthing that can sting you. but god gave them viscious jaws, they have a very strong bite and large eels are known to have taken off divers hands. so my advice to you is not to stick your hand anywhere their jaws. ...
what shape is a Electric Eel
no, they are not considered dangerous. Another view They can and have given Scuba Divers/snorkelers nasty bites. Usually because the human has poked around where the moray was hiding. Moray eels are comparable to cats in a way. When threatened, they can inflict painful bites. However, they...
by not having legs