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Questions about Ibuprofen, also known by the names Brufen, Nurofen, Advil, and Motrin.
These drugs are not known to interact. However, Levothyroxine can  cause some people to feel flushed or jittery after taking it.  Ibuprofen increases gastric acidity and can cause heartburn  symptoms or gastric ulcers in time. Both of those effects at the  same time sound uncomfortable. Also, it...
Generic Motrin is used to reduce fever and treat pain orinflammation caused by many conditions such as headache, toothache,back pain, arthritis, menstrual cramps or minor injury. IBUPROFEN is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Themedicine may be used for dental pain, fever, headaches...
No, this is not advisable.
CALL 911, come on guys you should know that.
Yes but it can greatly upset your stomach and GI tract.
Yes, Ibuprofen and brufen are all the same medicine and whereas  brufen is the common name used by the people all over the world and  whereas Ibuprofen is the Biological name of the medicine used by  the people working in the medical field.
xyzal is used to treat cold and allergy symptoms, so i wouldn't recommend taking additional cold medicine with xyzal.
Ibuprofen has formula C13H18O2. Therefore, it has  no sodium.
Usually it is not harmful. Ask your doctor to evaluate the  combination based on any medical complications unique to you.
yes i want to take it because im in excrusiating pain and i cant take it but im not sure if its sae and i need an answer quick or ill just take it and suffer later
You can, just no more than 4 grams or 4,000 milligrams of it
Yes. The two are very different drugs that act on different parts of the body. Unless you have a sensitive stomach it is fine. Ibuprofen can cause upset stomach as can Alprazolam (Xanax).
You can take ibuprofin four times per day - every four to six hours  as needed.    The half-life of ibuprofen is approximately 2 hours. This means  that after 2 hours, only half of the active dose is still present  in your system. After 6 hours (3 half-lives) there's 1/8th left of  the...
Yes; guaifenesin is not related to aspirin at all.
For the average person: Onset: ≈10-30 minutesThe peak can be about ≈30-60 minutesThe typical half-life of hydrocodone is about 3.8-6 hoursThe effects in total can last between 3-6 hours It all depends on you metabolism, age, and any other drugs you are taking. The metabolism can also be affected...
No you cannot take them together
I am not old enough to drink alcohol, but I know that after you take a ibuprofen for a headache, it wouldnt be a good idea, beacuse you are trying to recover from a mild or severe headache.
with water but take it in the morning
No, Aspirin can not cause bleeding per say, But it does thin your blood. Meaning if you cut yourself and you take excessive amounts of aspirin, you will bleed a lot because it is so thin. That is why the put a baby aspirin under the tongue of people that are having a heart attack to thin the blood...
Yes! Your UA test may come back positive with the use of Excedrin. Moreover, the use of Motrin, Advil, and other pain relievers may come back as false positives also.
The two drugs are both non-steroidial anti-inflammatory drugs which can cause upset stomach and/or stomach bleeding. Unless directed by a doctor I do not recommend taking these together.
  Can you take Ibuprofen if you are on synthroid or its generic version?
Aspirin is a "blood thinner" in addition to being an analgesic (pain reliever). Blood thinners help prevent harmful clots that could block important arteries and/or arterioles that provide nourishment to heart muscle.
These are all equal pain relievers except for Celebrex. Celebrex is  more for arthritis and not for general pain relief.
No type of vinegar has any effect on menstruation. Ibuprofen has no  effect on menstrual bleeding, though it helps some people with the  associated pain. There is no reason to take apple cider vinegar at  all, but it wouldn't interact with ibuprofen. However, both have  the capacity to upset...
It is a bit excessive but it will not harm you. Doing it once is fine but repeated again and again over time, will likely cause gastric bleeding, possibly fatal. The max safe dose of Advil is 800mg, 3x a day for ten days.
Yes, paracetamol with lower doses of ibuprofen can be taken together. So long as your doctor has specifically said so.
you shouldn't but you can every now an then just don't make a habit of it its really not the best idea
The maximums are as follows: Ibuprofen: per dose, 800mg; per day, 2400mg, time allowed at max dose:10 daysAcetaminophen: per dose 1333mg; per day, 4g; time allowed at maximum, 2 weeks
From what I can tell, no. I've been taking both for some time now.
Wait a few more days, you may yet bleed to death. From the insides. Seriously, If you did that RUN to the nearest phone and dial 911, you may be internally hemorrhaging. 10,000mg of Advil?!? your kidneys may be on the verge of failure.
If your doctor prescribed them together for you, to take as directed, there should not be a problem. HOWEVER, these drugs may be a dangerous combination in certain susceptible populations: The elderly Those who take more than the recommended dose of propoxyphene. People with liver disease. ...
It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent (NSAID) It is a pain and fever reliever.
Prescription Ibuprofen will not show up on a drug test. It should lose effectiveness 4-6 hours after taking a dose.
There are no dangerous interactions that occur between these two medications at regular dosages.
Amoxcillian has to be prescribed for a toddler. Motrin should be  okay, follow instructions further on the bottle.
personal experiencei had a high fever, headaches, joint/muscle pain, swollen throat/glands.i was taking ibuprofen for 2 days straight, i was taking 2 every 4 hours.then on the second night the pain in my throat got worse so on my last lot of ibuprofen i took 3 instead of 2 which isn't usually a...
Adults and children 12 years and older should take one capsule every four to six hours while symptoms remain. If the pain or fever does not respond to one capsule, two may be used. Do not exceed six capsules in twenty-four hours, unless directed by a doctor. **This information comes from the Motrin...
The order of polarity from most polar to least polar is: Caffeine > Acetaminophen > Aspirin > Ibuprofen.
Answer #1 - Well, before doing what wikianswers answers say, in terms of you and your medicine, which is very important and precise, you should really consult your doctor, because not all of us here are doctors and we may not know you at all, so the doctor is the right way to go for personal medical...
This is probably safe, but aspirin is a known migraine trigger; why would you take it for migraine? I would recommend against it for that reason.
I was 29 and told the same thing, once. Then one day a few years later, I almost bled to death from a hemorrhagic duodenal ulcer from daily aspirin use. If you have high blood pressure at the tender age of 29 look at your lifestyle:1 your weight2 your salt intake/diet3 how much do you exercise? 4...
Tablet qam (every morning) 30 minutes ac (before) breakfast. I don't know what the "you" means.
Canyou give phenergan and nurophen together
Yes. But not more than 3 times a day for ten days. After that, consult a doctor.
Due to the risk of increased bleeding, wait 8 hours after aspirin to take ibuprofen and another 8 to take aspirin again.
Always consult your surgeon or surgeon's nurse PRIOR to taking any medication, prescription or otherwise. Most surgeons recommend stopping meds at least 7 days prior to surgery; however, depending upon the type of surgery to be performed and the necessity of taking the medication you are requesting...
When the single tablet dose is higher than 200mg.
  well i just snorted 2 so well find out now will we
Answer#1   Yes. However, be always in good communication with your doctor about what you are taking and why you are taking.
Yes, ibuprofen can be taken in conjunction with Depakote as long as  it is an over the counter brand. If it is an ibuprofen that is  mixed with a form of narcotic pain medication, it can not be taken  with Depakote.
Some drugs have similar effects, while others have opposite effects. Some amplify the effect of another, while some negate others. This can vastly change how the drugs in question work or function in the body, and can alter what might happen as a result. People have died from bad interactions and...
Yes, in fact you should not take Ibuprofen on an empty stomach
You may not realize it, but you are talking about 3 different drugs right now. When you say oxycodone 325mg, you are most likely referring to percocet, which is made up of oxycodone (the opiate) and acetaminophen (aka Tylenol). The most common dosage of each drug is Oxycodone 5mg, acetaminophen...
It would depend on what the real source of your allergy is, be it an NSAID allergy or the binders used to make the pill. If it is an NSAID allergy you should be okay with Tylenol (or generic). I would suggest visiting with your local allergist to determine the type and severity of your allergy...
Roughly the same amount it would take to kill you.
    Ibuprofen does have an antiplatelet effect, but it's relatively mild and short-lived compared to aspirin or other commonly used antiplatelet drugs.
I don't know you well enough to give you an answer, call your doctor. Do not mix without his/her approval.
One Advil pill for an 18-month old shouldn't cause serious problems. You can always call poison control -- in the US the number is 1-800-222-1222. They're very helpful and they don't judge or ridicule. Great blog post on this in the related links.
There are two types of graffiti-resistant coatings, sacrificial, where the coating is dissolved/sacrificied at a point of vandalism and a new patch applied to the area; and non-sacrificial, which provides a sealed surface from which graffiti can be removed using a specialized cleaning product...
Answer#1   Check the label of your Midol bottle. If it does NOT contain aspirin, naproxen or ibuprofen, then yes. Otherwise you could bleed heavily.
5mg/1kg=xMG/3.85 therefore the dose is 5X3.85 or 19 mg This is a formula to use when calculating meds. dose in mg/1 kg = x mg/weight in kg cross multiply to get answer.. They try to trick you with pounds...jjust convert to the doseage measurement..IE"mg/kg or ounces/pound
Answer #1 They are equally effective. However, if one has worked better than the other in the past, use that one. If the child is vomiting, Tylenol suppositories are better. Also, if a child is nauseous, Tylenol is gentler on the stomach. There is emerging evidence that Advil is slightly better, but...
Not a good idea. They both have dextromethorpan as an ingredient.
This doctor doesn't recommend it!
Only if you want to enjoy yourself.
its Lorazepam, no h.   but yes.
when breastfeeding you need to ask a doctor before taking midol for medical reasons
400 to 800 mg orally every 6 to 8 hours. Maintenance dose: May be increased to a maximum daily dose of 3200 mg based on patient response and tolerance. Doses over 400 mg haven't been shown to be more effective than the 400 mg dose. Not sure why you would tax your liver like that though. Why not...
  If you check the patient information leaflets with either, or both, medications, you will see that they both belong to the family of drugs called NSAID's. That is Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. They reduce pain and inflammation in the same way and therefore do not need, nor should they...
Nothing. I take 3 7.5 mg Vicodin and 4 800 mg IBU a day.
It is the safest pain reliver/anti-inflammatory you could take while on a cycle. Many other options are much more taxing on your liver.
I personally would stay away from diet pills its not very nice but sometimes they make you poo yourself.
None - you should never give Advil (or any other over-the-counter pain medication for people) to your dog. Dogs are very sensitive to the side effect that causes stomach bleeding and even one pill can be enough to cause a fatal gastric ulcer.
The active ingredient in aspirin is acetyl salicylic acid. It was  first discovered in willow bark by an Oxford scientist in 1763.
about a week ago my dog ate ibuprofen actually a similar brand of it, she is a larger breed of dog and ate 100milligram dosage i have called around to vets and some say she could get dehyderated and others say she will be okay. she is still a puppy and has been running around and eating and drinking...
no Tylenol is drug use for pain killer for the pain reliever
If your doctor says you can.
make-up, eye care products, nasal, vaccines
can i take cyclobenzaprine if im allergic to ibuprofen
  nah...he might act kinda goofy for a while, but he should be fine (its just a pain killer) and half a pill is a pretty small dose
No, they do say that taking high doses on a regular basis makes you 3 times more likely to have gastrointestinal bleeding though.   Not exactly... It is a blood thinner and there for a small wound will produce more bleeding.
== Answer ==   mince it and add to 2 tbls of apple cider vinegar