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Jeep, a subsidiary of Chrysler Group, Limited Liability Company. Jeep specializes in manufacturing and selling sport utility vehicles and is the oldest SUV-producing brand. Jeep was founded in 1941.
Hey Tony==The crank sensor is on the rear of some jeeps attached to the bell housing. It in itself won't cause overheating. If you have electric fans, make sure they are operating properly. Make sure the radiator is flowing coolant and not have a bunch of build up. Good luck Joe
NOthing in the history I can see, but a long tire valve and curbscraping do not go to gether very well, ask for short valves nexttime you are at the tire shop. If it still had the original aluminum tire pressure sensor stems,they are 7 years old. That is about all expect.
that's probably not the problem. it's probably the spark plugs
You have to drop your tank,it is inside the tank
Amsoil makes some of the best automotive fluids on the market.
Is this a single belt or a serpentine belt system, if so look for  belt tension idler pulley and loose belt, or single belt then you  will need to loose and release tension on the power steering pump  assembly.
Was there anything else wrong that you noticed when you hit the  bump, and does your jeep make any noise when in motion. (as in like  a bad sound)
Follow the wiring harness from your blinker. Disconnect the factory  harness from the relay. Replace with the new relay.
Could be many reasons but in any case have a trusted mechanic  inspect those brakes NOW! before you have an accident.
By "fit" if you mean can be wedged into the engine compartment,  then a lot. If by fit, you mean bolt-in, then the question gets a  little muddier. The 4.0L block was used in Wranglers and Cherokees  for YEARS, and it can be adapted to fit most Wrangler or Cherokee  models with the level of...
Well, I'm afraid you must be more specific. Why are you changing  it? Did a clip fall off? Do you have the piece? Do you need a  website on where to get one? Please say more.   
 Labor: $103 - $131   Parts: $20 - $52 
As the jeep is very old so it might cost INR 40000 - 50000 and for  ford it must be 10000 INR less
That's a 360 no but they were used with that same no (I think) for  20 years. You should check VIN and get build date for chassis,  usually engine is within 12 mos prior to chassis and you want to  make sure engine is original, Make sure also head nos match engine  block.
The controls are on the steering wheel. Inside, the horn is mounted  in the front driver side fender area kind of behind the front  bumper.
There is an adjustable push button switch for each door in door  jambs, they should be adjustable for depth. push them one at a time  manually with door open and all other doors closed to find the one  that needs adjustment, when you get to the tight one-light should  go out-then adjust.
It is the order that the serpentine belt passes over the pulleys.
A marine starting battery is used in a CJ Jeep with a 350 engine.
you dont really need to us a gasket compound on your gasket thought i would put a little bit of black silicone on it. it can only help the seal
Grounding was an issue in many Jeep Wranglers, check the ground  connections behind the gauge clusters first.
right up under the passenger dash there is a black plastic case  take of the case the motar is in there un plug it then unscrew the  4 bolts and replace
under the hood by the steering box
You should get a manual before you start, removing the shoes will require the disassembly of the brake hardware and it all needs to go back together the way it came apart, if you do not get a manual at least do them one at a time so you can refer to the other side if you forget. jack it up, block...
Go to Edmunds.com and type in the year and model of the Jeep you want for the miles per gallon and make sure you specify engine. Jeeps, like MOST vehicles, have a wide variety of engines, from the fuel efficient 4.0 to the gas hungry V8's AND Jeep now makes hybrid ones.
underneath dash near steering column attached to linkage from master cylinder
  check for broken wire from fuel sender unit in fuel tank to gauge. check fuel sender unit for proper operation. float may be stuck in the tank   then check fuel gauge
12 Volt. Next time, be more detailed on your question.
Disconnect the negative cable (black) from your battery terminalfor 15 minutes. This should reset most if not all of your car,including the fuel pump.
it could be a thermostat but before you get that fixed ( about $30.00) check your fuses, usually in the front dash near the driver side. the fuse for your air could be burned out they only cost .25 if your carstarts to over heat turn your air off and your heat on. i know its hot but it works.   ...
a welder and a cutting torch. or you could just tear them off completely and use netting which would look cooler!
  == Answer ==   Not sure if engine related maybe pre-ignition try a higher grade of fuel   May be power train related and perhaps a cv joint
I do not think so, as I looked online at the Jeep store and theywere sold separately. It is still possible though.
I could answer your question, and the others on here by telling you exactly where to locate the item you're looking for on your vehicle. But, I'm not. I believe in teaching someone to fish soo... go down to your local auto-parts store and buy the Haynes or Chilton book for your vehicle. Runs between...
  Jeep uses an orfice line, not a pcv system. They can only be purchased at the dealer.
Remove drain plug from oil pan (lowest point of engine), while that's draining remove oil filter. Replace oil filter then replace drain plug after oil has completed draining. After everything is securely tightened add oil through the fill cap on the valve cover.
Hey Bob==Ever since 1982 tires have had a tendency to cup and I really don't know of what causes it. I have heard all kinds of diagnoises but none that I find are true. Some brands of tires are worse about cupping than others. I think the manufacturers changed the rubber compound formula but I can't...
p0302 is cylinder 2 misfire, you need to fix the cause of the misfire. Possible causes are plugs, coils, injectors......
Mine's lasted 3 years with no problems.
Hey Edmund==If you are loosing coolant, it is the heater core leaking. If you aren't loosing coolant, it is the a/c drain that is stopped up. Get under it and look up on the pass side of the firewall just under the evaporator case and you should see a drain that is stopped up. Be careful as the...
  the best way to find it is not a fun way but it works good go through pull out every fuse and when you find a blown one replace it.
  == Answer ==     Driver side of upper intake manifold. Just behind the IAC valve. IAC is just behind the throttle body.
Maybe because there's no such car? The last year for the Cherokee was 2001.   == Answer ==   I had the same problem on my 2003 jeep grand cherokee. One reason it will stay on is after you wash it or a good amount of water gets in the engine. If it is below freezing the water freezes in the...
  There are way too many answers availalbe here to give you just one.   You need three things to make your Jeep run.   Fuel - make sure it's getting fuel to the pistons   Air - air cleaner clean?   Spark - spark plugs doing their job.   And.....is it all happening in the proper...
  == Answer ==   10 us qts  dry
  In the engine compartment by the firewall. It is a black plug usually located on the passenger's side of the vehicle.
  You have to remove the taillight assembly. When you open the lift gate there is 2 push clips (black round) that keep it in place. To remove the clips, you have to pull sort of hard. Then slide the taillight out of the slot that it clips into. Don't be afraid to pull the taillight, it's in...
  you need to make sure tat the factory amp power (remote turn on) wire is connected using the blue wire off of the afermarket radio
  you need put the key in and turn a little
  25%??? Wow, that's alot. My first instinct was the injectors were dirty and needed to be professionally cleaned.   Make sure you tires are up to proper pressure or just a wee bit above. Consider low rolling resistance all season radials over the more aggresive all terrain tires. Use your...
I do not see aftermarket replacement rear wiper blades nor rear wiper refills listed in the aftermarket wiper catalogs for the 2008 Jeep Liberty. This would possibly indicate that the rear wiper was a proprietary technology/design and you may have to go to the dealer for the parts and possibly labor...
    If your jeep does not have a factory trailer hitch installed then you would look one up online, in a catalog, or go to a hitch dealer, and find one make for your jeep.     If you have the factory hitch receiver then you are most likely looking for what is called a ball mount. My...
Yes, Dodge has used a Dana 60.
  I was told by the Jeep Dealer tonight that you have to remove the tires/wheels and pop it out from the back.
you don't. This car has an automatic belt tensioner. The spring inside this part is probably worn out. You have to replace the tensioner.It is also possible that the belt that is now on the engine has stretched beyond the point that the tensioner can compensate for; the belt may feel tight, but not...
your beam selector lever is prob. busted and needs 2 be replaced. or its a wiring prob. check some fuses and the wires to the selector if everything is ok there, then you prob need a new selector
On the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the push button start, just press the engine start button without foot on brake, then press the accelerator pedal 3 times within 5 secs, then press the the engine start button once more. The display will go into accessory mode. then simply push start button again...
  Not without listing engine size, year, and what carburetor. Jeep installed many different carburetors over the years.
Yup, it probably has one.   2003 jeep cherokee? wow and to think they stopped making them in 2001
== Answer ==   try replacing the radiator cap, because it has a pressure release valve that can stick or take out your thermostat altogether, sometimes it runs better without it in the summer only.   .   HOW IS THE CONDITON OF THE RADIATOR? THERE COULD BE SOME CROSS TUBES THAT ARE CLOGED UP...
I get about 15 with the 4.0 in 2 wheel high
235-75R-15's. The tires may start rubbing if it's anything larger.
  should cost $50.00 to $100.00 if you do it yourself with a rebuilt alternator from local parts store, if your having it done at a shop, about 250.00 or so
4.0L uses 10w30 6 quarts 4.7L uses 5w30 6 quarts 5.7L uses 5w20 7 quarts 6.1L uses 5w40 full synthetic 7 quarts
  For the front turn signal: There are two ways to get at the bulb. Way 1) YOU NEED A SKINNY SHAFTED STAR SCREWDRIVER. This is how the manual describes it: Unscrew the 2 star screws holding the parking light housing on. One is on top, the other is between the parking light and the turn signal....
Hey Steve==If you have to ask, you must not be very familiar with mechanics. First drain the radiator. Take the fan shourd off then remove the hoses, and oil cooler lines. Then remoove the bolts and pull the radiator out. Reverse operations to install. GoodluckJoe
Open the hatch on the side of each lamp you will find a plastic plug pull these plugs out and the whole lamp assy will come out . twist the burnt out bulb and replace , causion these are Special bulbs Not ordinary lamps from yesteryear. Auto Zone carries them also other big name auto parts stores....
  only the Wheels, and Gasoline... both have 5 x 4.5inch lug patterns.
Answer . \nwww.sgarlic.com/jeepsite/heatercore.html
Try autozone.com they have a online service manual for many popular vehicals it helped me to find all the faseners to remove the plastic bumper cover on my 1979 mustang when I was getting it ready for paint. One can purchase a copy of the Jeep factory work manual for any model from eBay , costs...
C.O.P. ( coil on plug ) They are under the coil's.
Usually at the upper end of the clutch pedal under dash
I would think so. I bought a used 06 TJ X that has 16 inch Rubicon  wheels and have no problems. It has 245/75/16 which puts the  overall diameter at about 30.5 - 31 inches. According to the  Garmin, the speedometer is off a little at all speeds. I only  really watch it above 50 as from that...
 == Answer ==   HeyJoe==They are not cleanable. If it is grinding between gears, the synchronizers need replacing. GoodluckJoe 
Jeeps were heavily used by the military in WW2 and Korea, their popularity sprang from there.
Bulb in dash or sensor at t-case.
    You pulled something loose somewhere when you where working on the vehicle or ran the battery down with the doors open and dome lights on all day.
How would such a scenario be possible?
You will need a 15-T (Torx) bit to remove the screws that hold the light box. Then push slightly down and pull out. This requires some force. Hope this will help. Both sides are removed by opening the rear gate, (look into the hinge area for the driver's side) you will see two Torx screws T-15 or...