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Non-English Names Pronunciation

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Unfamiliar languages have words that can be difficult for some to pronounce. Here you can find questions and answers on how one might speak a foreign language.
Ma belle fille in French is pronounced "mah bell fee" in English.
Its Jada, names don't change
In English : KREHD-it (cred to rhyme with red, it as in hit) Both vowels are short vowel sounds. The CR is pronounced as KR and the accent is on the first syllable. *In French (e.g. Cr édit Mobilier ), the second syllable is a long E sound ( KRED-ee ).
Even though this is not a spanish word, I, as a native spanish speaker would pronounce it : /'trekIa/
The meaning of the name Jo Jo is "Monday born". JO JO is a unisexEnglish origin name.
By learning it of course!
An athame is a short knife, used especially by practitioners of theWiccan religion, that is used to direct energy. The word athame ispronounced, "ath-uh-may."
The previous answers are incorrect. They were both in Russian. Ukrainians and Russians are not the same. Neither are their languages. And the language of Ukraine is UKRAINIAN. and you say good day. "dobriy den'" Answer: Pruwit witch means "hello" . The pronansuation is not 100%...
The word 'mafundi' comes from the Swahili language and is used by many ethnic groups along the coast of Africa Indian ocean from Kenya to Mozambique. The word mafundi is used to describe some one that has a skill for making or repairing things. Examples include- expert, master (as in the mafundi ...
Byorn For the Nordic pronunciation: think of how you pronounce "earth" in BBC English, then add a By (y being close to y in English, as in "yes" ) in the the beginning, and a rolled R and N instead of /th/. Same goes for Björk, only an unvoiced K instead of the N. English has most, if not...
I don't speak Vietnamese, but I have a background in Linguistics. From what I know the closest you're going to get without learning how to speak with a Vietnamese accent is "Twi Vwong-Fam" (The "Th" is just a "t" to us, and the "Ph" is an "F").
I was wondering the same. I came across an audio clip of the exact pronunciation, on Wikitionary. Below 'Pronunciation' is the audio clip. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/guqin
THIS WAS ANSWERED BY: BENJAMIN P. ENSOMO II . masamang pangkusina. . Paliwanag : Sa modernong panahon, maaaring ipakahulugan ito na "magandang idispley na siyota, pero tamad sa kitchen!" O kaya'y walang alam na gawaing bahay ang kasintahan o asawa, ngunit seksi o makisig pumorma. . 2 . Ang...
Spanish: amigo French: ami Chinese: 朋友 Italian: amico Aribic: صديق Dutch: vriend Portuguese: amigo German: Freund Bulgarian: приятел Norwegian: venn These are some examples. If you need to translate the word friend in any other...
B is for birthday ,a birthday for you i for inviting your friend to tea r for returns, returns of the day t is for thank you, that you have to say h is for happiness that you get d for dreams ,of what you 'll be a is for age , how old you are y is for years ,the years you have to stay happy ...
Okay, I was curious about this too, so I went straight to the source and asked Kim Harrison and her response was: "...it's Al (like the name), gal (as in woman), liar (as in pants on fire), and finally rep (like in reptile)" it was nothing like I thought it'd be...
Nhamo in "A Girl Named Disaster" takes the only boat in the village, the one that Crocodile Guts owned. :)
The "oe" or "o umlaut" sound does not exist in spoken English, therefore English speakers with this surname pronounce it Mench or Monch--not Munch, Moh-ench, Minich , or Monich, as they have often endured hearing their name butchered.
It's pronounced the same way as it is spelled/written, since it is in Spanish; (troo-he-yo)
Michelangelo can be pronounced 3 ways.. Michael- Angelo . Mickel- Angelo . Mike-ell-angel-o . Another answer: . Of the three: number one is OK for English, number two comes closer to Italian.. Number three seems doubtful.
you pronounce it bah-thyo the y is like y in yeah not my. stress bah.
Fig-O-nee. Fig like fig, O, knee. Accent on the middle syllable, the O.
A few of the very many native American words for "black" or "it is black" are listed below. It is possible to see the connections between many of the Algonquian languages using common words such as this : Natick............................mooi Powhatan.....................mahcatawaiuwh ...
if you have arabic tv you can watch on aljadeed
Most people will say it's pronounced "Per-see-us" (which is 100% acceptable) but the proper Greek pronunciation is "Per-seuss" (like Dr. Seuss).
kol-um toe-bean with the accent on the kol and the bean
O nce upon a time an elephant made a friendship with a man. One day a heavy thunderstorm broke out, the elephant went to his friend, who had a little hut at the edge of the forest, and said to him: "My dear good man, will you please let me put my trunk inside your hut to keep it out of this...
it is on March 1
here are many stories woven about this guardian spirit. Most of them deal with her helping the poor and the sick, in the guise of a peasant girl. The precious things she lend the country folk are said to be returned to her, along with the offering of a young pullet with feathers white as milk. . A...
The German name Funke is pronounced "FOON-kah," as in the children's author Cornelia Funke (writer of The Thief Lord and Inkheart ).. - Cornelia has been known to laugh about the way many Americans pronounce it as "Funky."
You would say it like " Bow - teek"
By having a common goal or enemy that is much desired or feared. . Examples include Hitler's Nazi party in the 1930s which managed to unite Germany with the common aim of making Germany a stronger and more powerful nation. Hitler also made minority groups such as Jews, Gypsies, Slavs and homosexuals...
"Paul" pronounced as "POHL" (like any other Paul), and "Cezanne" pronounced as "SAY-zahn".
You could call your Grandma G-ma or GG or The Big G. You could also call her Granster or The Grand Mom. HOT MOMA:)
It is French for fresh water.
"Gyan-car-low" is the way to pronounce the Italian name Giancarlo .
kay hov (as in grove) nani (as in nanny) n (as in "an") It is a difficult name to pronounce, hence why the domain name is simply KHov.com
ROSAliNA.! Taina, Yajaira.....
"Bo zhest" is the way to pronounce the French phrase beaugeste .
S.A.S. Nagar (Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar)...
It is when you break your own bones for a religious purpous.
Eithne is an Irish (Gaelic) name which one source translates as 'kernel'.
NHAMO Niy (like ni in nice) am (like the word am) oh (like the letter o) Niy-am-oh
daftar nama penyanyi group wanita
culero is a bad word in spanish you would only say it 2 a man if u want 2 start a fight.
Sajdah is pronounced SAHJ- dah
Answer . [iv'an su:'sani:n]
Torrice is pronounced "tor-REE-tchey" in Italian.
In America it is said Are (Like I Pirate)- ger (Like A tiger) - Rich (Like I want to be) Ar-Ger-Rich I know because it is my last name as well! =) This is how I used to explain it to the little ones I would babysit! AHR-ghehr-rEach -----would be closer to the phonetics of the great...
Argerich herself said in an interview 'I don't know. I say, " Ahr-ge-reech. " Whatever comes it doesn't matter. '
The German word Deutsch is pronounced "Doytch". Strictly speaking, English 'oy' is not exactly the same sound as German 'eu', but it's very close.
you pronounce the capital Nuuk as Nuuk with a long u or u's just strectch them out \
Amphitrite [am-fee- trahy -tee] Αμφιτρίτη [am-fee- tree -tee]
"My-not"is incorrect. The proper pronunciation of the town "Minot" (an English surname) and the town in North Dakota of the same name is "MINE' it". Think of it as if someone discovered a diamond mine in your backyard. You'd easily respond, "truly? In that case I think I'll "MINE' it". THE...
Here are some ways to greet each other. Cześć - hi, hello Witaj - Welcome [basically it's something like: veetay] There are also some links to websites listed in "Related links" where you can listen to the proper pronaunciation, because Polish letters may be quite misleading.
i did a essay on the battle of pozieres and i think it was pronounced poz- air -ee- s. PO (O as in pot) Z EE AIR (the 'r' is pronounced from the back of the throat at the end)
I think the actual name is Angkor Wat.A place in Cambodia,having beautiful temples. it's pronounced as ang-kor-waat.
It is mostly likely the spelled like this... Thắm . It sounds like"tum" almost. Like the slang word tum tum (stomach) very fast . Theắ is very very short and the TH is like the T in english but it hasan aspiration . Meaning push out air from your mouth when sayingit. Best to look online...
It's pronounced "vee-oh-LAWN-tay"
she is catholic and buddhasit just kidden
Dee-oss teh (like se t) ben-dee-gah
Pronouce like kwa-duh-gare (to rhyme with fair). It means the War Cross (War Medal)
Éire is Irish Gaelic for Ireland and it's pronounced AIR-ih.
It means love or compassion.