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Kia Motors is the second biggest automobile manufacturer in South Korea, selling more than 1.6 million units in 2009. It was established in 1944, making it the oldest car company in the country.
You have to remove the starter and run a new wire
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Green fluid is usually an engine coolant called Ethelyne Glycol. The smoking is probably caused by it leaking onto hot parts of the engine and evaporating.
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yes the kia sorento diesel 2.5 carries timing chain
If the fluid level is fine, but the power steering isn't working,it's possible the pump has gone out. Another possibility is thatthe power steering belt is broken or slipping. It may need to bereplaced or adjusted.
the speed sensor is located in the back of the transmission in between the axles
the at etu is located under drivers sidepart of dash and mounted on firewall just above brake pedal. But of coarse you will need to be a contorshonist to get to it.
If someone without a valid drivers license and without carinsurance drives a car that is covered by car insurance, does thatinsurance pay for that uninsured driver if they have a accident?
two sensors camshaft and crankshaft if either of the two or both are bad this will cause the stalling.
I have a 1998 kia sephia and i would think they are the same. There are two rubber boots that have caps on the end that pull off. These give you access to the Allen head bolts that hold the caliper on. Once the caliper is removed you have to remove two more bolts that hold the bracket on.Then the...
All the fuses for the 2002 Kia Rio's electrical components arefound in the fuse box. The fuse box houses the relays and fusesthat will prevent any electrical components from shortening out ona Kia Rio.
First of all pop the trunk and then use a screwdriver to pull the light out and go to Canadian Tire and purchase a new light.
1. First remove the plastic triangle with the tweeter, gently pry it off. The "clip" / "retaining point" is situated about 1/2" from the tweeter outside ring above it at about 2 o'clock angle (north-east). The clip is a round plastic cylinder with a metal clip screwed to it. (or for the passenger...
see http://www.homelink.com/home/home.tml for details. General Steps. 1) Reset your Car Homelink system (hold two outside buttons for 20 secs, light will blink). 2) program a button on your car homelink system by holding the button, while pressing the button for your garage door on your garage door...
You ask the people at http://www.kiacarparts.net the not only have very knowledgable people but they have the largest Kia Car Parts inventory at great prices. James Mont Satisfied Customer and Kia Enthusiast.
You will need to remove the front tires. Remove the brake assemblyspring. The brake shoes will come off. Reverse the process toinstall the new brakes.
Check Kia.com - owner's page - Service Information. You'll have to register (free) but will then have access to their shop manuals and much more.
Basically: pull cylinder head, remove old gasket, install new gasket, put cylinder head back. Do note that this is a simplification, there are plenty of intermediate steps I haven't listed. Odds are, if you have to ask you don't have the skills to do the job.
Two reasons why your alternator belt is breaking is: Your alternator belt is too tight, or you are using a belt that is old and worn. I cannot answer your question fully without seeing the vehicle. Sorry.
On exhaust pipes before and after catalytic converters.
get it out from the plug under neat and add it on the same place where you check the transmission oil (where the stick is)
The car's handling will be affected, though the amount MAY be negligible. This difference will increase the height of the rear end by about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch, and may increase oversteer due to the increased area of the sidewall. I would suggest fitting either the proper sizing per manufacturer or...
The recommended weight is 5W30, energy conserving. Most conventional motor oils of this weight will work for this engine. Capacity is 3.6 quarts.
Answer . You do not have to remove it, but doing so will make the boot replacement a whole lot easier. Being able to clamp the axle in a vice is much nicer than trying to work around the front suspension pieces.
A bad crankshaft position sensor will cause your Kia Sorrento torun rough. The bad crankshaft position sensor can also cause yourKia to not start.
go to installdr.com they have a wide variety of free information that pertains to car stereo wiring information. You can use a AAA battery to find out what speakers are what; with the car battery disconnected put one end of the wire on on terminal and keep trying different wires on the other end...
The code is EVAP emissions control system vent. Canister Air-Filter Inspection 1. Disassemble the Canister Air-Filter and hose from their respective positions. 2. Check the Canister air-filter for contamination. 3. Is Canister Air-Filter contaminated with dust? YES ▶ Replace as necessary and go...
The first easier step is to verify the fuse integrity. In your owner's manual, you'll have some fuse diagrams, one for the passenger compartment and a second one for under the hood in most GMs. Look for a fuse labeled "CHMSL, or which indicates "high mount". If you find one, make sure the fuse is...
load sensing as used in powersteering pump. engine rpm increased at idle on tight turns to prevent stalling. pressure switch found on steering rack.. load sensing as used in powersteering pump. engine rpm increased at idle on tight turns to prevent stalling. pressure switch found on steering rack.
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The knock sensor is located on the back of the engine, if you reachover the top to the backside you can feel it. it is attached be twoscrews and you will have to undo the plug at one end. Takes about10 min to do it. Helps to h ave someone under the car to see itfrom the back side and you (on top)...
Hey there, well I had some experience with this myself, although Ifound it to be quite a pain. I am assuming normally you wouldremove the headlight assembly which would cause you having toremove the grill and a couple other things, but since this israther hard and I'm lazy i just decided to try and...
well depends on which spectra and engine size. But generally , you will take all the screws out that hold on the oil pan. then gently pry the oil pan loose. The next thing is you will have to slide the oil pan to the driver or passenger side to clear the oil pump and it will come off. The big...
this is a interference engine ,is this a belt change at how many miles or did the belt snap,you didnt say this makes all the difference,since this a interference engine,and a broken belt could mean major engine damage,to valves and pistons,
\nthere is a plastic valve on the mettalic fuel line coming to the injectors. Just open it a little bit, ask somebody to start the car. When the air will be gone(the gas will be leaking), tie it up.
I have an '03 Kia Sorento. When my (center) dome light over the middle seat quit working, it was a diode in the system; replaced under warranty, now out again!! It now works when the key is on, and you turn it on from the dash dimmer switch, but not when you open the door; only the far back one...
Had this issue a couple times and couldn't keep remembering so decided to answer since kia sucks and has no answers just problems. LOL ... All you do is: with the heater or A/C on push the AMB button and the down arrow to the thermostat at the same time for a few seconds. I have a 2003 Kia Optima...
\nmost likely above the rear passenger axle, if not follow the fuel line from the tank to thew front. Good luck
Guessing the same as what it means on my Hyundai....I have been advised either the catalytic convertors life is now expired or the lambdar senses need replacing....
\nwhat exactly do you mean the hose disconnected? The pressure hose? The hose that goes from the resovoir to the pump? Which hose?
I'm almost positive it is in your gas tank. There should be an access door under your back seat.
Yes it is. Be sure to change your timing belt at or around 60k, 120k, etc. There are a couple of instances where people have not timed the engine right after doing the change and destroying the engine so take your time and be careful.
"yes 2002 kia Rio engine is interference engine.you need to replace timing belt at 60000 miles or maybe a bit longer. mine broke at 97000 and bent 12 valves got lucky head was not damaged still $1200 to repair!!!!!" I highly recommend following your maintenance schedule when it comes to timing...
\n. \n R&R Headlight/Marker. \n. \nDepending on which headlight assembly you are trying to replace would help answer this question, however the passengers side is the harder of the two for you must remove the washer fluid bottle first unless you have very small hands.\n. \nNone the less you...
My 2007 sedona had the key stuck in the ignition. I was unable to turn it all the way back in order to remove it. I had it parked in my driveway and I was not comfortable leaving it sit overnight with the key in it. I disconnected the negative post of my car battery to feel safer with my problem. I...
My lights were coming on when my alternator was going out. Test your alternator and charging system and replace accordingly.
105,000 miles. WRONG!!!!!!! . Please do not go by the answer above ! Kia's all have a zero clearance motors. here is a very good example. your timing belt breaks your motor is garbage! your intake valves spark plugs and exhaust valves will all be embedded in your piston. Please read your manual and...
Can you better describe what you are trying to do? Activate it so it blows or are the airbags disabled? Thanks
bank1 passenger side - bank 2 driver side
A starter motor on a Kia Carnival can be bought from eBay. Look forthe seller "autocoolingparts" to avoid bogus merchants.
Tire Pressure Monitor Sistem
im having the same problem stranded in wisconsin in the middle ofwinter and cant change my flat because it wont come off and thejake is to flimsy so cant beat it.... was told that dust and dirtcould be causing it to stick so tap it on the outsides around thetire then do the same from behined the...
The song is "How Do You Like Me Now?" by The Heavy. Check out their performance on Letterman a while back... it was awesome!
Could be a few different things- the transmission control module power or ground system, transmission range switch, wire harness problem or tcm logic problem. If it is the module it is somewere around 400 to replace. Good luck
all kia sportage are fuel injected .no throttle bodies.some kia rio's LOOK like throttle bodies but really are f.i.
The speed sensor is located on the right side facing the driver side. It is on the transmission under the air filter and air line that leads to the intake manifold. It is on the left side of the transmission. It is not on top of the transmission but on the left side of the transmission close to the...
the tensioner is at the bottom of everything two bolt release first the one that holds the pulley then the one that gives the belt its tension dont extract entirely just loosen
To open a stuck door on a 2000 Kia Sephia, remove the door paneland check the latch mechanism. It is likely to be bent. Better toreplace the latch mechanism.
The transmission computer is on the drivers side under thedashboard. It's held in with two ten millimeter nuts. Then itslides out.
Need to reset alarm on my 07 Kia Spectra because I just changed the battery.
Answer . It is located behind the glove box and instructions are in the manual.
kia & hyundai, make the engine, both of the company use the same engine
well could be throw out bearing gone,cable broke,probably worn out clutch.Check to see if clutch has oil resv. for manual clutch,slight possibility it is out of fluid if never been topped up.
Well depends on which wire you are trying to replace? The hot wire that goes from the alt to the battery? Or the wiring harness?\n
jack up rear of car and place axle stands under rear chassis rails then lower car onto axle stands, place jack under rear axle and jack up to take up slack on rear axle and shock absorbers, undo top two bolts and lower axle down then undo single bolt at axle end. bolt new shocker into place at axle...
\n. \nremove timing cover, on the left cam sprocket(closer to inside of vehicle) you will see the letter (I)for intake and a notch above it on the valve cover align those marks.Next on the right cam sprocket you will see the letter (E) for exhaust and a notch above it on the valve cover align those...
how do you adjust the timing on a 2002 kia sportege it is adjusted by the computer. All you can do is make sure the timing marks are on there marks when cylinder one is at TDC.
I think you have to drop the pan,just have a new gasket handy if you do.
10W-30 weight oil is recommended for your 2000 Kia. If the vehicleis operated in extreme climates you can use a heavier motor oil.
The Heavy sings How You Like Me Now from the Kia commercial
I'm not familiar with a Kia, but the first thing that I would suspect on a 12 year old car would be a blocked catalytic converter. Also, check that the exhaust system isn't crushed or collapsed anywhere restricting the exhaust flow.
super heated by exhaust, your up stream O2 sensor is dead, your catalytic converter is plugged. This is serious and needs immediate attention for risk of fire to auto and severe damage to catalytic converter. If a rich condition causes raw fuel or vapor to reach the converter fire can occur. Get a...
Trouble code P0304 means:Cylinder 4 misfire detected
on the top rear of the engine near the fire wall.
Sounds like you may have froze the engine from lack of oil lubrication. You may have had oil in there but once it overheats, it loses all protection properties. Might try some engine storage oil down the cylinders and let it sit a couple of days and see if it loosens ups.
Answer . \nRemove the screws inside the door opening which secure the lamp unit. Remove the lamp by pulling towars the rear of the vehicle (there'll be some resistance until the clips release). Remove the lamp socket by twisting and pulling out. Replace the bulb. Replacing lamp unit is reverse of...
Oil yes. Sludge from overheating maybe not. Might be able to run some engine oil flush through the oil system and see if it cleans it out. Don't drive the car with it in the engine and change the oil twice after you drain it all out to be sure you get all of the kerosene out. Otherwise, you will end...
i currently own a 2002 Hyundai accent.the fuel filter is located in rear of car,next to the gas tank.it gets tricky here,though.you have to remove the rear seat to access it.once you remove the rear seat,you'll see it right there.good luck.teree247@AOL.com
From what I understand, you need the KIA adapter to allow the radio to read the data from the iphone. I can't confirm this but I have asked the same question on the Kia Forum and from everything I have read, the adapter is necessary. Don't know why.
If the device that you are wanting to use is only for Tracking, and not to disable the engine componets (LOJAK), then my guess would be behind one of the interior cabin panels, or behind one of the interior door panels.. who actually looks for anything behind an interior cabin panel, or INSIDE the...
Assuming that is shuts off dead like you turned the key: Replacing the TPS and any coils was silly. If it wasn't a bad module expect a bad crank sensor or cam sensor or ignition switch or PCM.
ok this is the deal, when the sportage is cold,(not warmed up),the computer sends a lockout fourth gear signal to tranny computer. Then when engine coolant sensor sends warmed up signal to engine computer then engine computer sends signal to tranny computer saying you may now shift to 4th gear at...
buy new ones and put those in instead
Check the wiring to the shift solenoids on the side of the transmission. Stuff can fly up under the car and sever or damage them. That's what was wrong with my Kia.
It's a coolant system problem. The most popular reason is low coolant. But it could be a leak in a hose, radiator, or gasket. It could also be a bad water pump.
kia sportage 2010 have 7 passengar seat
As with any vehicle with spark plugs, the plugs are usually the weakest link. Most people will do it every year unless it is running platinum or iridium tipped plugs. Those usually last longer. I believe the maintenance listing is for 12 months or 12k miles.
Answer . \nunder dash, pasenger side
the light of the air bag is on. the sensor is fail
You can program your Kia Sedona remote, by holding the lock andunlock keys at the same time. The red light will flash until theremote is program. When the remote is program. The red light willstay constant.
Press & hold the AMB button, then while holding the AMB button in press the Temp down button for at least 3 seconds and display will change.
if it is a waste spark ignition, and if they are companion cylinders (changes from vehicle to vehicle and motor to motor, if one and three both have wires running to the same coil, then they are) then chances are you have a bad coil. replace the bad coil and be on your way.