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The second-biggest landlocked country, Mongolia is located in Central and East Asia. It is bordered by China to the east, west and south, and Russia to the north. It is the world’s 19th biggest country at 603,909 sq mi.
China and Russia are the two countries that border Mongolia.
115th out of 192
there are approxamently 2.4 million people in Mongolia
Well, The Mongol Empire was founded by Chinggis Khaan in 1206. In 1911, Mongolia declared independence, but had to struggle until 1921 to firmly establish de-facto independence, and until 1945 to gain international recognition.
  Mongolian tögrög
Bogd Javzandamba Hutagt
Are you traveling there? If you are i will tell you it is extremly cold during the winter. (which is now) It can get around negative 40 degrees. This is in the city. But in the countryside it is like a winter wonderland and if you don't wear a hat your ears would freeze from the top.
Much of it is too dry and cold to be good farm land.
Kharkhorin is a town in Mongolia
Mongolia is bordered by Russia to the North, and by China to the South, East, and West.
Mongolia shares the Gobi Desert with China.
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It was colonised in the 16th centuary.
Yes, they are very interdependent due to their nomadic and cattle herding lifestyle.
mongolians travel for about 1h to get some food and water but only get about 5c that is about 15c in australa and some times thay read a book
Gobi Desert Lake KhovsgolUlaan Baatar
About two people per square kilometer live in Mongolia.
The second largest city in Mongolia is called Erdenet.
it is called the motto
Urmmm Spring, Fall, Winter and Summer? If you mean how is the climate then the spring would be a fairly cool time and the summer would be around 70 degrees to 80 at the most. And the Fall is really cold and the Winter can get to below 36 degrees, In the city. But in the country side it can get way...
Raw minerals mostly copper
Few years ago, it was around 97%.
The CAPITAL of Mongolia is Ulaanbataar
I think that Mongolia is not a stable country because of the fact that everyone is after their money and after fighting with the Mongolian's.
It is living in the Ger which is like a tent that they travel once in two years.
  Of course many modern houses in Mongolia are made of wood, steel, concrete, etc., but I assume the question refers to the traditional Mongolian dwelling that over half the population still uses. This dwelling, called a 'ger', is made of wooden supports covered by a thick felt layer for...
The husband should enter into the wrestling competition whilst the wife practices her archery skills. The kids should be mounted on horseback galloping across the Mongolian steppes towards the finish line at Ulaanbaatar. That should make the whole thing pretty enjoyable. Alternatively turn up at...
  Yes, at 46 degrees North.
no itz NT cuz itz government keep changing the way it works n NT stayin da same.
If you desire for adventurous vacation.
1. There is so little Farming because not many People lives In the region of Mangolia.
Mongolia is a very small country. Therefore it ony fits in russia 2times
The most typical use of the land is for farming crops
That would be the Gobi Desert. it is in Southern Mongolia and Norhtern China!The answer is the Gobi Desert.
Mongolia produce copper, wool, hides, apparel and livestock.
21.05 (births per 1000 persons)...
There are three national games of Mongolia, known locally as 'the three games of men'. These are Mongolian wrestling, archery and horse riding. All three are celebrated in earnest at the Naadam festival from 13th-15th July each year. The festival happens at villages throughout the country but the...
Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia (Asia), is the world's deepest fresh water lake at 1,638 metres deep. It is 636 km long and is the world's sixth largest lake and 1,181 metres of it is below sea level.   It contains 20% of the world's fresh water which is so clear that divers suffer from vertigo. ...
Mongolia was discovered by Ghengis Khann. I'm not sure when tho, ill put it in when i find out!!
  Mongolia gained independence at the fall of the soviet uinion in 1990 and is now a republic of its own.
There are two major deserts in China - the Gobi Desert and the Taklamakan Desert.
Mongolia has also been known as "Outer Mongolia".
We call them in that way because by the time the Mongolia divided into Chinese inner Mongolia(colon of China) and Republic of Mongolia(independent) the one Mongolia was innerly located and the outer Mongolia was in the outer direction!!So to separate them we call it one outer and inner by their...
The most famous person in Mongolia is Genghis Khan.
ano ang relihiyon ng bansang mongolia
what is tha national costume of mongolia
The birthrate of mongolian people is not that great. it might be related (in parts) to the fact that it is well seen in Mongolia to be drinking a lot / getting drunk, which can then lead to less effective reproductive rate.also, being nomadic people (for most of the citizens, at least), there is...
These are national wrestling, horse racing, archery
  "The country's low population can be explained in part by its geographic and climatic extremes: Mongolia is home to soaring mountains and burning deserts, including the Gobi Desert in the southern third of the country; because of the country's high average altitude, winters are long and...
The Gobi Desert is found in southern Mongolia on the border with China.
== Mongolia is a real country. By now it has its own government, people, culture, tradition, celebrations and its independence! ==
Ulaanbaatar is the capital city ofMongolia, a country in east Asia. Ulaanbaatar is located at 48degrees north and 108 degrees east.
Cities in Mongolia· Bayan-Olgii· Uvs· Khovd· Govi-Atali· Zavkhan· Kuvsgul· Arkhangal· Bayan Khongor· Uvurkhangai· Bulgan· Selenge· Ulaanbaatar (capital)· Dundgovi· Umnugovi· Dornogovi· Khentii· Dornod· Suckbaatar
Yes, Mongolia is a parliamentary republic with a prime minister and a president.
  I mean no one hears from them on the news or anything, but they are and were independent, even though they were stuck between Soviet Union and China.... Once they had a great empire and now they are quite quiet there... maybe a bit too quiet....
  xenophobic (but not everyone, not always, and not towards all foreigners).
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they spoke a mongolic language
  == Ah, it is the tugrik! ==
  Latitude: 47°55′N Longitude: 106°53′E
mongolia depends on leaders and food and all those things they depend on kids getting good benefits they depend on their presidents thinking of the future and for the kids to carry on the generation... you know the parents would want to depend on the kids making the next generation.
No, Mongolia is a landlocked country. It has 1 ship Sukhbaatar, and it is used on lake Khubsgul.
Mongolia was settled by mostly little tribes. Until Temuujin. (A.K.A. Chingis Khan) made allies and brought together the country
pollen profiles from lakes, plant macrofaossils and other data over the last 15'000 years show the dynamic nature of mongolian vegetation.
cabbage carrots etc
National Geographic says 812,000, and the national population figure they give matches those available from most other sites.
Quiza. The great rapper Genghis khan. the most famous worrier. Genghis khans dad, they hero of mongolia. Bold. Singer.