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The second-biggest landlocked country, Mongolia is located in Central and East Asia. It is bordered by China to the east, west and south, and Russia to the north. It is the world’s 19th biggest country at 603,909 sq mi.
China and Russia are the two countries that border Mongolia.
It is буга. (Pronounced: buga)
The adjective relating to Mongolia is Mongolian
115th out of 192
According National Census 2010 among Mongolians aged 15 and above were 53% Buddhists, 39% Atheists.
The Mongolian horse is located in Mongolia. Mongolians horses are much smaller than other horse species and much more stockier. The breeds remains for the most part untamed.
there are approxamently 2.4 million people in Mongolia
Ivan the Terrible drove the Mongols out of Russia and establishedcontrol over western Siberia.
No, Kazakhstan doesn't have borders with Mongolia. It borders China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
The beef is the same, the dishes differ in seasoning and the vegetables mixed with the beef.
The large desert in northern Chile is the Atacama Desert. TheAtacama is the driest non-polar desert in the world.
no, before Genghis khan there wasn't actually an official country the Mongolia, before Genghis khan there was a lot of tribes divided, but when Genghis khan came to power he united all the tribes into one and then came the official country Mongolia.
These tents are called "ger" or yurts. Horse Isle Real Time Quiz Answer: ger for general knowledge: Yurt is the Russian word. Ger is the mongolian word.
Hides, livestock, meat, and wool.
4 people per square mile live in Mongolia
The Pacific Ocean is the closest ocean to Mongolia, a country in central Asia. -mariovisto41
Well, The Mongol Empire was founded by Chinggis Khaan in 1206. In 1911, Mongolia declared independence, but had to struggle until 1921 to firmly establish de-facto independence, and until 1945 to gain international recognition.
Mongolia grows corn, rice, beans, and wheat.
They are totally different.. Language, Culture, government....everything. ummmm, they're on the same continent? and they eat different types of rice?
There is quite a lot of high altitude grassland with desert in the southwest.
well the Mongolians did not have any real religion although they did act spiritual. they did believe that they could kill people to be with there master in the after life to serve him. and they did some sort of burring ritual so the afterlife had significance to them but not a fully real religion...
Mongolia is extremely mountainous with a very rough tourain
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Kulai Kahn had separate systems of law between the Chinese andMongols. This is how he managed to stay in power.
Mongolia. About 40% of the population lives in Ulaanbaatar (capitol), - Wikipedia
Pakistans population is170,472,500 http://www.answers.com/topic/demography-of-pakistan#cite_note-popclock-6 making it the world's sixth most-populous country but Mongolian populaton is 2.9 million people. Long live Mongolia, though
he became a form of government
Anatolia and magnolia.
Mongolian tögrög
Bogd Javzandamba Hutagt
The Mongolians make a living by selling goods such as milk from goats.
Bolivia has a navy, although it is almost entirely composed ofriver craft, since Bolivia lost its Pacific coast in a war withChile in 1879.
Horse racing, archery, mongolian wrestling, football (soccer), judo, and have medaled in the Olympics in pistol shooting.
Are you traveling there? If you are i will tell you it is extremly cold during the winter. (which is now) It can get around negative 40 degrees. This is in the city. But in the countryside it is like a winter wonderland and if you don't wear a hat your ears would freeze from the top.
Much of it is too dry and cold to be good farm land.
Kharkhorin is a town in Mongolia
Mongolian women lost status as they fell under the social apparatus of theConfucian ideology.
Mongolia is bordered by Russia to the North, and by China to the South, East, and West.
They were invaded by Japan.
he area of what is now Mongolia has been ruled by various nomadic empires, including the Xiongnu, the Rouran, the Xianbei, the Gökturks, and others. The Mongol Empire was founded by Chinggis Khaanin 1206. After the collapse of the Yuan Dynasty, the Mongols returned to their earlier patterns of...
An average of 3 - 5 years, but the oldest gerbil on record lived to 7 years!!
Mongolia shares the Gobi Desert with China.
Yes! the Mongolians do eat stir fry
50%of the people in south Africa live below the poverty line in south Africa.
It was colonised in the 16th centuary.
I'm pretty sure it is a time of peace in Mongol. Like the Pax Romana means Peace in Rome.
Yes, they are very interdependent due to their nomadic and cattle herding lifestyle.
mongolians travel for about 1h to get some food and water but only get about 5c that is about 15c in australa and some times thay read a book
Mongolia, in Central Asia
Gobi Desert Lake Khovsgol Ulaan Baatar
no they raise rhinos
About four people per square mile live in Mongolia.
About two people per square kilometer live in Mongolia.
Yes; Ulaanbaatar is the largest and capital city in Mongolia and has more than twice the population of the second largest city, Erdenet.
The second largest city in Mongolia is called Erdenet.
it is called the motto
some examples... Tradional meals include: Buuz (meat covered with flour kids of like dumpling but its bigger and tastier,). Huushuur ( it kind of like buuz but its a lot bigger and its fried.) ets.... They eat everything we eat. Like pizza, hamburger, pancakes, ....you know all that. Oh. and they...
Urmmm Spring, Fall, Winter and Summer? If you mean how is the climate then the spring would be a fairly cool time and the summer would be around 70 degrees to 80 at the most. And the Fall is really cold and the Winter can get to below 36 degrees, In the city. But in the country side it can get way...
No. Mongolia is in Asia, not Europe. It is not a member of the European Union and does not use the Euro.
Raw minerals mostly copper
in Mongolian is Sain Bain uu?
Few years ago, it was around 97%.
The CAPITAL of Mongolia is Ulaanbataar
I think that Mongolia is not a stable country because of the fact that everyone is after their money and after fighting with the Mongolian's.
Their are three major landforms in Mongolia their are: The Altai Mountains :known as the Turkic peoples' birthplace. The northwest end of the range is at 52° N and between 84° and 90° E (where it merges with the Say an Mountains to the east), and extends southeast from there to about 45Â...
It is living in the Ger which is like a tent that they travel once in two years.
Yes, Bactrian Camels live in Mongolia but are becoming extinct