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Back Neck and Spinal Pain

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Spinal pain and neck pain are commonly experienced. These can be a result of muscle strain or infection, which eventually heal with time. However, prolonged pain may be an indication of a serious health problem.
Shooting pains in the back are usually from muscle spasms. If you get the pain when you twist, turn, bend over, or lift something heavy, it's most likely muscle spasms... I would expect you to also have tender areas, and even "knots" where the muscles are spasming. Since you didn't indicate shooting...
Yes, it's very normal. Actually, it is to be expected. Aches and pains are symptoms of pre-menstrual stress, which occurs about a week (sometimes 2) before your period. It's nothing to worry about, although it does cause some very bad aches, especially in the lower stomach. Tylenol, Advil, Pamprin,...
It is sometimes used for very minor musculoskeletal pain in Opioid Addicted patients.
Use ice for injuries to calm down any damaged tissues that areinflamed or swollen. Use heat for sore muscles, chronic pain and stress.
Answer . Arthritis. See a doctor, or take OTC analgesics, see if that helps. . You could also use an ointment called ''nerve and bone''. to massage your joints.
For temporary relief use voltaren gel/tablets or pain killers likepanadol. If the pain persists after a couple of days or worsens, visit yourPHYSIO to find the underlying cause and proper treatment.
Serious neck pain? See your chiropractor! Otherwise it's most oftendue to a muscle strain or spinal misalignment. X-rays will showyour exact alignment; if you are not straight up and down from thefront or have a nice C-curve when looking at a side view, then youmay have some nerve pressure. Using a...
Neural foraminal stenosis is a condition in which a spinal nerve iscompressed, causing pain and numbness of the lower back or theneck. It can be caused by herniated or bulging discs, bone spurs,or collapse of the spinal disc space.
Are you taking Peridium for a bladder infection?
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If you are having pain 20 days after your period this could beovulation. It could also be an ovarian cyst causing you pain.
I popped it and every couple hours i would try to squeeze the pus out.........I know it is gross, but you dont want it to get infected.
You should go to your gyno right away! Anything out of the ordinary should always be checked out and if you wait it might get worse.
depakote are the drugs us for bipolar disorder's yes if that stopthe pain symptoms can be shown in back and abdominal pain
This is a symptom of many different things. Could be as simple as a pinched nerve, or as serious as a stroke.. Because you mention the pain in the right shoulder, right below or around the shoulder blade, this could be a symptom of a herniated nucleos pulposus, (HNP) Herniated disk in your cervical...
I'm feeling the same but im not sure if its my mind playing tricks on me or not or whether im thinking about being pregnant too much
My right and left side of my back is starting to have pain and i never drink and water could it be my kidneys?
\n. \nThe following set of exercises is from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons website... Please copy and paste the web address into your browser:\n. \nhttp://orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cfm?topic=A00302\n. \nDo those exercises that you can perform without much pain in your ribs! If your...
The causes for middle back pain between shoulder blades is having sex. It may burn about 200 calories off but according to scientists it causes pain between the shoulder pains. So if I were you do not have sex only if you want to.
Likely expected backache associated with carrying your child to term. Try conservative measures like heat packs, positional changes. Delivery likely curative.
Type your answer here... if i have lower back pain and lower stomach pains and gassy alot does that mean i could be pregnant??
\nUsually it is caused my muscle spasms... If it occurs with bending, twisting or lifting heavy items, or if you have a tender area there, that's your best bet...
The glucosamine sulfate in Instaflex Joint Support is a componentin the matrix of cartilage and the synovial fluid in the joints. Consult your physician before taking Instaflex to determine anypotential complications. Read more:http://www.consumerhealthdigest.com/joint-pain-product-reviews/instaflex...
There could be many things my first suggestion would be to ring the Swine Flu Helpline: 0800 1 513 513 in the UK. But if not I would visit your GP. The symptoms you've described can indicate many medical conditions, including meningitis. Taken together they are serious warning signals. If you or...
Yes it does, ever since I have been taking adderall I notice back pains, take tylonel.
The biggest concern I have is a saddle thrombus - a large blood clot that has lodged at the end of the aorta and is blocking blood flow to the hind limbs. If this has occurred, you should take your cat to the vet immediately.
saver mid -back pain early in the morning ;constipation andflatulent in early morning but in kidney problem pain located earlymornin
Yes it can because the sciatic nerve runs from the low back down to the sole of the foot. If this nerve is pinched then you can experience weakness in the legs. You need to see your doctor for this symptom.
I have the same problem and i have to popit or manipulate it for any relief. But i started seeing a chiropracter who uses the activator treatment. It really works. If you can find one that uses that treatment. Dont hesitate to try it out .-Shocker .
The best way to relieve back pain caused by calcification is withmagnesium and sodium thiosulfate. Magnesium may even decreasecalcification.
If you have flattening of the cord should you have surgery?
Answer In some women yes. Answer Lower back aches are more common later in pregnancy. Not necessarily. It can also be a sign of your period. Or it can just be a random problem, like you're not sleeping well, or even your stressed. Yes, it can be. However, back pain doesn't usually occur until...
Chiro care, physical therapy are 2 ways. I would seek professional advice first about the root problem in order to determine what type of pt to do.
no no different structure of pain and different points
Yes, my uncle is the inventor of the back joy and he gave me one for free, it really does.
Its hard to be 100% sure by just looking at it sometimes. If youhad an injury or direct trauma to the area and there is swelling,pain, difficulty weight bearing, these MIGHT indicate a fracture.You don't always see a deformity. If your toe is twisted or out of normal alignment, don't delaycare. Get...
Let's try this again, I would like a real answer to this question thank you.
nether excidrin back and body and heat pads if needed
Papain effects on meat
No accutane not cause back pain
Many things can cause those symptoms for examples, Ulcers, appendicitis, pancreatis, kidney infection, gall stones, or if you have a serious fall recently something call caudo equina. look these up and if the pain gets worse go to the ER
If by back pain you mean backaches then yes it is a symptom of pregnancy. It usually happens at the beginning but can go throughout the whole pregnancy.
Answer . i was in a car accident and went back to work but i continued to see a dr for my pain. i filed for social security disability and was approved over 2 years after my accident.
I always end up with neck pain after using ibuprofen.
yes the thoracic vertebrate move at limited distance .
It's possible, but it depends on what type of diet pills you are taking. If this is happening to you, I would see a doctor. I also suggest not taking diet pills since it can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Just exercise, eat healthy foods, and get good rest, and you should be fine. =)
Have you tried spinal manipulation? Spinal manipulation, often refered to as a chiropractic adjustment, is the specialty of doctors of chiropractic (DC), but is also increasingly being performed by doctors of osteopathy and physiotherapists, especially as research continues to show areas where...
Have you tried spinal manipulation? Spinal manipulation, often refered to as a chiropractic adjustment, is the specialty of doctors of chiropractic (DC), but is also increasingly being performed by doctors of osteopathy and physiotherapists, especially as research continues to show areas where...
scoliosis curvature pain and disability is complication of affectsthe function of exterminate .
To understand non-dermatomal, you must first understand what a dermatome is.   . A dermatome is the region of skin that is perceived by a particular nerve root level.  Nerve roots come off of the entire length of the spinal cord.  These nerve roots are named by their region and their number...
I get regular lower back pain's i think they're in my kidneys because i drink so much and if so should i stop drinking? I get regular lower back pains. I think the pains are in my kidneys because i drink so much. If this is so should I stop drinking? Yes, quit drinking.
upper back reconstruction is pain surgery .
It may be a kidney infection. Drink a lot of water or cranberry juice to flush your kidneys. If it continues contact your doctor.
A foramen is a hole.  Stenosis is a narrowing of that hole.  Your spine is made up of bones called vertebrae that are named by their region (cervical, thoracic, & lumbar - C, T, & L) & the number from the top.  L4 & L5 are the 4th & 5th lumbar vertebrae, & they are the lowest vertebrae in...
there are many reasons for back pain - wow, a unique answer! first: i would say, from lifting too heavy weights or making too wide moves. second: from a wrong pose while sitting, standing etc. third: by ventilation or a bad ground during sleep. ventilation is my favorite! for more reasons...
Some women get back pain during or near menstruation. However, yourback pain doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the factthat you're female. It could be caused by strained or stiffmuscles, overwork, Sleeplessness, sleeping funny, injuries, UTI(Urinary tract infection), PID (Pelvic...
Venlafaxine is used to treat depression, anxiety, panic disorder and agoraphobia. It is also prescribed as Effexor which is trademarked by Pfizer.
smoking ice??? wtf is this? who invented this question? please explain to me how u smoke ice? i am intrigued and would like to try it.
Answer . Chronic diseases are those which have a prolonged duration and pain perception may not be severe e.g. arthritis. Acute disease have sudden onset and degree of pain is to a severe extent.
yes after laparoscopic tubal ligation neck pain common
Yes, lidoderm can be used for upper back pain.
rhus tox is homeopathic pain killer 200 5 drapes three time a daywhen effects shone stop the drug use
yes you can as diclofenac is not paracetamol based. Although take care as they are both stong painkillers in their own right Addendum: Dicoflenac is an anti-inflammatory, not an analgesic (painkiller). However, the reduction of inflammation will usually reduce pain.
There are different classes of pain medication. You can buyordinary, non addictive ones such as aspirin, paracetamol andibuprofen from an online chemist, just as you can buy them over thecounter in chemists and supermarkets. Then there are the pain meds that are available on prescriptiononly,...
if your sure the blood is from your urine, it could be a kidney stone trying to pass through which i hear is very painfull for most. Especially if the back pain is on one side of your back.
Could be Kidney infection? Just a suggestion
Yes, regular use of an inversion table might actually reduce yourback pain. It could also irritate this so you would just have toexperiment.
Honestly i don't know why but Sometimes I eat a banana & i get a pain in my back like heart burn in my back, I think it's because i take large bites and swallow a big hunk and It streaches the esophoges on the way down ,,,
Pressure on the nerve root can definitely cause pain and it may also cause sensory and/or motor deficits.
occult defect of inarticulateness blood clouting
Eat more bananas, as you may be experiencing symptoms of a potassium deficiency. Potatoes are also high in potassium.
\nYes, they could. Poorly fitting shoes, or improper walking due to shoes that don't give proper weight-bearing distribution could certainly cause low back pain..\n. \nThe only way to determine whether they are the problem, or not, would be to wear a well-made pair of shoes for several weeks and...
While there are many diagnoses and reasons that are commonly given to explain the cause of lower back pain and how it starts, the most fundamental and primary reason for painful problems of the back is soft tissue inflammation. Soft tissue inflammation is the basic mechanism by which pressure and...
The uncinates or uncovertebral joints are joints only found in the part of the spine that is in the neck (the cervical spine). When the uncinates hypertrophy, that means that they have gotten bigger. This usually occurs as a result of osteoarthritis or what is better termed as degenerative joint...
what cause lower back pain to move to hip
depo - provera is use for birth control pain recovery byparacetamol
You are obviously talking about MRI or CT findings probably described in a radiologists report.  Essentially these are findings describing what is seen on these pictures of your cervical spine (neck).  Moderate here simply means that what they are talking about is not mild, but it is not...
yes that is my first time ive ben pregnet 3 times on my 4th and i have very bad cramps and the belly and back about a week or more before my missed period it is a good sign that its implanted
Your back is a complex structure made up of bones, muscles, nerves and joints, so pinpointing the exact cause of the pain can often be difficult. Back pain can be triggered by everyday activities at home and at work, or it can develop gradually over time as a result of sitting, standing or lifting...
Answer Depends... The possibilities include hernia [yes... hernia], muscle spasms, kidney pain, colon cancer, possibly diverticular pain [that would be really rare] and kidney stones.
Might have some form of RSI... There is no way for a doctor to know, unless you tell him... RSI is Repetitive Strain injury... it says it all... using a muscle continuously, will make it hurt, and shut down in the end. It could be the way you sit, it could be the way you keep your head, maybe...
Yes, you might have some spinal issues. You should go to the doctors and get check out.