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New Guinea

Located north of Australia, New Guinea is the world's second largest island.
No. Papua New Guinea was once a territory of Australia. It is now a country in its own right, having achieved full independence on 16 September 1975. It does not belong to Asia.
Yes. Germany took control of the northern half of the country in 1884. In 1899 the German imperial government assumed direct control of the territory, and this is when the territory became known as German new Guinea - a title it retained for only about 5 years.
No, Papua New Guinea is mountainous and some is rainforests.
New Guinea is an island encompassing two countries - Papua New Guinea and the Indonesian province of West papua. The capital of Papua New Guinea is Port Moresby.
The Kokoda Trail is a place in Papua New Guinea where the Australians and the Americans both fought to protect Australia (reasons for Australia) and to gain revenge (surely this is America's reason) against Japan. They had fought there for a couple of months where there was beginning to be high...
== Answer ==   Papua New Guinea was important to Japan because they needed a piece of land close enough to Australia so their aircraft would be able to bomb cities and major targets. So Port Morseby was a great place to stage the invasion fleet.     Answer   Japan had never seriously...
south African citizen can enter to papua new guinea,new zealand without a visa ?
No.It is not in the U.S.
Between Australia and the island of New Guinea lies the Arafura Sea. Between Australia and Papua New Guinea lies the Coral Sea and Torres Strait.
All of Papua New Guinea is included in Oceania. Papua New Guinea occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea. The western half of the island of New Guinea belongs to Indonesia, which is regarded as part of Asia.
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Not very cold! The average temp. of Papua New Guinea is 26,8°
== A personal anecdote on the topic ==   My Father never spoke of the war except to say that in Papua New Guinea he lived in muddy trenches. His feet were always wet and sore as it was always pouring rain. Leeches clinging onto their bodies were a problem all the time. Also said he lived on bully...
New Zealand and Papua New Guinea are not joined to Australia. Papua New Guinea lies 150km to the north of Australia's northernmost point, while New Zealand is 1250km from the Australian mainland. Sometimes, the two nations are grouped in the general region known as Australasia .
Tok Pisin, also known as New Guinea Pidgin or Melanesian Pidgin, is a creole language and the most widely used. English is the language spoken within the government and the education system, but is used by only around 1-2% of the people. Hiri Motu is spoken by less than 2% of the population, and is...
hunting laws and traveling laws.
Definitely. In January 1942, the Japanese invaded New Guinea with the intent of controlling the island, hoping to increase the extent of Japanese control in the Pacific. They held several bases on the north coast, as well as Rabaul. The Japanese tried to make their way over the Owen Stanley...
"Guinea" is located on the west side of Africa; Papua New Guinea is a separate country, and is located above Australia.
Up until about mid-afternoon in Papua New Guinea, it is the previous day in the United States - depending on which part of the US one is referring to. So, for most of PNG's Wednesday, it is Tuesday in the States.
Papua New Guinea shares the island of New Guinea with West Papua, a province of Indonesia. Therefore, Indonesia is the closest country to Papua New Guinea.
It covers 25,211,000 ha. Roughly about 55.7% of Papua New Guinea.
Papua New Guinea is a Ocean-Ocean Convergent Boundary Type
Papua New Guinea and Indonesia share the island of New Guinea.
Papua New Guinea is south of the equator.
There are no glaciers in New Guinea. It is a tropical island.
The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels were a tribe of Papua New Guinean native people nicknamed by the Australians because of their wild, woolly hair.   The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels helped Australian soldiers during WWII in the 1942 battles against invading Japanese troops. They lived in the villages along the...
It is difficult to get exact daily estimates for walkers on the Kokoda Trail. Figures indicate that, during the course of a whole week, there might be (at most) 160 walkers, especially during peak times such as the lead-up to ANZAC Day. The tour guides prefer to limit numbers to around 20 per group,...
The Bird-of-Paradise is the national animal of Papua New Guinea. The birds-of-paradise are members of the family Paradisaeidae of the order Passeriformes. The majority of species in this family are found on the island of New Guinea and its satellites, with a few species occurring in the...
Prior to Papua New Guinea's independence in 1975, it was administered by Australia .
Cannibalism was a common practice in Papua New Guinea as recently as the twentieth century. There are some tribes in the wildest western region of Papua New Guinea which are said to still maintain the practice, such as the ethnic groups of the Korowai and the Kombai people, but only as a form of...
Papua New Guinea is approximately 75 years old, the country itself.
The distance from Daru, Papua, New Guinea, to Makati, Philippines, is 2,225 air miles. That equals 3,581 kilometers or 1,934 nautical miles.
Yes. Papua New Guinea became an independent country in 1975.
Yes. Papua New Guinea became an independent country in 1975.
The invasion of Papua New Guinea was seen as a very real threat to Australia's security, as defence of PNG and Port Moresby was critical to victory in the south Pacific. Had Port Moresby fallen, it would have left northern Australia more vulnerable to attack. Singapore had already fallen, Rabaul ...
No. It does not snow in New Guinea.
26,302 Estimated resident population in 2006. 31,223 Estimated resident population in 2010. That is an average of 1230.25 increases each year.
Port Moresby, National Capital District.
The absolute location is 9* s and 147* e. Im not a 100% sure what the relative location is and i :)
There are not all that many animals to hunt in PNG aside from wild pigs.
They were basically forced to by the more powerful rulers of the country.
The continent of Australia lies directly south of the island of New Guinea.
There are hundreds of ethnic groups living in Papua New Guinea.  They can be generally categorized into three groups: coastal,  inland, and islanders.
There over 820 indigenous languages identified as being spoken in Papua New Guinea. The official languages of Papua New Guinea are Tok Pisin, English, and Hiri Motu.
Papua New Guinea is on the island of New Guinea . It is within two geographical regions: Australasia (not Australia) and Oceania .
New Guinea is an island because, first and foremost, it is surrounded by water. It is not a continent because it does not sit on its own tectonic plate: it shares the same land mass as Australia.
In 2010,the life expectancy of people in Papua New Guinea is as follows: Males - 63.78 years Females - 68.31 years This works out to an average of 65.99 years.
It is the independent country of Papua New Guinea.
As for the other part of their name, guinea pigs were first brought to Europe about four hundred years ago by Spanish sailors, probably form a country in South America call Dutch Guiana. And the sailors called them Guiana pigs.
"Operation Mo" (more commonly known in the Occident as the Port Moresby Operation) was intended to separate Australia and New Zealand from its ally the US and upon its success the Japanese sought to expand onto the Australian mainland itself.
they have two. Rugby and Aussie Rules
The official languages of Papua New Guinea are Tok Pisin, English, and Hiri Motu. English is the language spoken within the government and the education system, but is used by only around 1-2% of the people. Tok Pisin, also known as New Guinea Pidgin or Melanesian Pidgin, is a creole language and...
* Abelmoschus manihot  * Abroma fastuosa  * Acacia crassicarpa  * Acrorumohra hasseltii  * Aglaia argentea  * Aglaia brassii  * Aglaia brownii  * Aglaia cremea  * Aglaia cuspidata  * Aglaia elaeagnoidea  * Aglaia euryanthera  * Aglaia integrifolia  * Aglaia leucoclada  * Aglaia mackiana...
Because they have very little infrastructure, industry, social services etc compared to developed country's such as the USA or Australia.
Papua New Guinea is telephone country code +675, and most nationalnumbers in PNG have 7 or 8 digits. There are no area codes or trunkcodes. If you are calling on a mobile phone, just dial +675 (including theplus symbol) and the subscriber number. If you are calling on a landline phone, replace the...
The Second AIF were involved in the battle for the Kokoda Trail (not track), in New Guinea. At first, the defence of the track was in the hands of several militia (non-regular army troops, like the Reserve these days) units. They moved from Port Moresby in the south, overland northwards along the...
Papua New Guinea is north of Australia.
No. The country of Papua New Guinea occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea.
No, Papua New Guinea - or rather, the island of New Guinea - is the second largest island. The world's largest island is Greenland.There is a common misconception that Australia is the world's biggest island. This is incorrect. Australia is geographically classified as a continent, not an island.
No. New Guinea is not considered part of Micronesia. Micronesia is the region just north of the island of New Guinea.
As in continent, Papua New Guinea is part of Oceania, which is a geographical region and not a continent. It lies directly north of Australia. It is part of the Pacific region, and is part of the general region known as Australasia, which is quite different to "Australia".
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Papua New Guinea has a capitalism based economy.
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PNG was under australia's government, then they got their  independence, the western half(west papua) was under the dutch  government, instead of getting their independence like png, west  papua was annexed by indonesia
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Yes. The official languages of Papua New Guinea are Tok Pisin, English, and Hiri Motu. In addition, there are over 820 indigenous languages .
Britain claimed the southern half of Papua New Guinea in the nineteenth century. In November 1884, a British protectorate was proclaimed over the southern half, and in September 1888, Britain annexed the territory.
Federal Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy.Papua New Guinea has a constitutional monarchy.
the highest mountain is mt willhen. the most famous because of a volcanic eruption is mt tavurvur
i am studying papua new guinea for a class of mine and i have to write a 4-5 page paper on a connection about papua new guinea. i have chosen the connection between the economy and life expectancy. from what i can tell it basically sucks. living in the city there are no jobs and resources and...
No. Papua New Guinea is a completely separate country, in a completely separate part of the Pacific.
No. Papua New Guinea is an independent country that occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, while the Indonesian province of West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya) occupies the western half.
The bird is called a Bird-of-paradise.
yes both spiders and grasshoppers can live in Papua New Guinea.
These island are found east Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea is on the eastern side of New Guinea.