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Ice Ages

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Caused by long periods of reduced atmospheric and surface temperature, widespread continental glaciation and cooling are called Ice Ages or Glacial Ages. Questions about the most recent and current geologic period, the Quaternary, and other ice ages are what this category is all about.
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Andrewsarchus, Baluchitherium (Indricotherium), Cave Lion,  Chalicotherium , Coelodonta (woolly rhino), Dinictis, Dinohyus,  Doedicurus, Elasmotherium, Glyptodon, Indricotherium, Mammoth,  Mastodon, Megatherium, and Saber-toothed cats. 
It was made during the stone ages.
Interglacier. Nobody else could figure this out come on people.
Yes it was or else dinosaurs and amals would not have been walking the Earth. But how did global warming happen? Because of the Ice Age.Global Warming started because of the Ice Age.
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There are a number of potential causes including Milankovitch cycles which are variations in the orbital eccentricity, axial tilt and precession of the Earth as it orbits the sun. These are thought to have an impact on the climate of the Earth. Also factors such as variations in solar activity and...
Scientists have proven that mammoths lived the same time as humans by finding fossils by each other ( human and mammoth fossils.) then doing dating tests to see if they're the same number of years old. And yes indeed fossils of humans and mammoths have been found that have been alive the same year...
The Ice Age started in the Pleistocene era.
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the Woolly Mammoth  Saber-Tooth Cat  Woolly Rhino  Giant Ground Sloth  Cave lion  Cave Bear  Glyptodont  Giant Beaver  Dire Wolf  Western Camel  Neanderthals
This is known as Neve or Firn depending on its age and level of compaction. Firn is older and better compacted than Neve. Please see the related links.
In first century Palestine some of the jobs included: farming, fishing, carpentry, etc.   === ===
Glaciations are the times during which glaciers grew and covered large parts of continents. An interglacial period is a geological time between glaciations.
Paleocene 65-56 million years ago
well that would depend on how old the smilodon is because the Smilodon is the early prehistoric version of the lion that being they are pretty much the same
Because in this period, there was ice all over the world.
There have been many Ice Ages throughout earths history, pretty much after every period that caused a major extinction. Mainly the animals that survived were non-specific animals such as Cockroaches and small mammals.
The Ice Age Trail is in Wisconsin, where many signs of the terminal moraine of the last ice age are clearly visible in the landscape.
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Yes of course, the sun has been present for about 6 billion years, the earth has been present for about 4.5 billion years, recorded ice ages occurred between about 300,000 years ago until about 10,000 years ago.
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Ice ages last for some tens of millions of years with intervals of about 150 million years between them. The term is used more loosely to identify the last time that ice sheets covered much of Europe and North America.I think the ice age lasted until it melted!the iceage took about 100.000 years.
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well im trying to find out for my wonderment in class but i think it happened between 130,000 thousand years ago... ill keep looking though :] The first known ice age was about 2.4 billion years ago, that's 2,400,000,000 years ago.
The ice age period was called ice age because it was the period of time when parts of the world like Greenland (which used to be green) got covered in ice
During the ice age, the same plants grew as grow today. The glaciers stopped in Southern New York, the Northern border of Ohio and along the southern borders of the Great Lakes. South of there plants grew. Plants simply grew more to the south than they do today. The North Woods started at the edge...
... a land bridge between Asia and North America.
  The ice age began at the end of the Jurassic period, a theory of why the dinosaurs became extinct. <33
Ice formed it.
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  The Pleistocene epoch
Most North American ice age megafauna such as columbian mammoths,  jefferson ground sloths, short-face bears, and dire wolves  (actually marsupials) died out 12,700 years ago, and some survived  until 9,000 years ago, while Eurasian ice age megafauna died out  around 11,000 years ago
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Some research suggests the next ice age was due a few thousand years ago, but greenhouse gasses from human agriculture postponed it. If so greenhouse gasses from human industry might prevent them altogether.
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Scientists believe that Earth's orbit moved farther from the sun. Summers were too cold to melt ice and snow.   Along with Earth's orbit we are also on an angle. A one degree change of the angle could cause the ice ages. In the last 150 million years, there are believed to have been 6 ice ages...
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The end of the glaciers of the Pre-Illinoian Stage in North America was about 12,000 years ago.
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the very first people to be hunters and gathers they were the people of the stone age time from when they did hunting animals to eat and they also did cave painting. these people believed in a lot of magic to help them do hunting.
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Cannons did not exist in antiquity. The cannon was invented in China. It was first used in Europe by the Moors when they besieged Cordoba in 1280.
yes there was like for man there was hunting , carving tools and chipping ice
  actually a lot of animals survived the ice age like the horse for an example we still see that today and thebison , puma , the lion and the ferret and it goes on and on. so if you wanna know exactly just go to a ice age animals web and see if we still have them today
People are living in Britain in the interglacial period of the present ice age which started about 2.6 million years ago. During the last glaciation nobody lived in Britain as ice sheets extended almost as far south as the present position of the river Thames. The land south of that area was mostly...
The geo-historic opposite of the Ice Ages (maximum glaciation) would be the periods of higher temperatures such as the Cretaceous Thermal Maximum (65 to 100 million years ago) and the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (peaking about 55 million years ago).
Yes, it is believe that there was a glaciation at the beginning of the ordovician, and posibly one nearing the end. It is generally thought to be a period of tropical temperatures, and high sea levels.
Well for one thing, it didn't. The definition of Ice Age is a period of extensive glaciation with brief interglacials between the points of highest glaciation. By that definition we're are still in the middle of an ice age, a warm bit of one, but still in one. If we weren't in an Ice Age there would...
Probably very slowly, mostly following migrating food sources.
  The dragons were driven up to the caves by humans after the last ice age. The ice age had already happened before they were driven up. After the KT event, the earth was almost completely wiped out but only the animals that took to the water survived. The land dragons were extinct but still...
The last, and present, ice age started about 2.6 million years ago, shortly after North and South America were joined to each other and preventing warm water from the Pacific from entering the North Atlantic Ocean.
The last ice age ended 100 000 years ago.
Well there have been four major ice ages the earliest was around 2.7 to 2.3 billion years ago during the early Proterozoic Eon.
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Depends which ice age your talking about... In the most recent ice age Canada was nearly completely covered by ice, as well as the northern part of the USA, both blanketed by the huge Laurentide ice sheet. Alaska remained mostly ice free due to arid climate conditions. Local glaciations existed in...
Gradient is the steepness of a slope.
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ice age is the general concept of a long, cold period of time. Ice Age is one very specific long, cold period of time.
Because it considers and deals with facts. Although one has to take into consideration peoples opinions, these too are based upon fact. other science subjects are of course the natural sciences, but this category also includes geography, maths etc. Subjects such as English and languages are...
A land bridge connected Siberia and Alaska.
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-Global Warming-Pollution-Other human activities However, as this ground we are standing on is totally unpredictable, so is the weather around us. We may not fully predict what is going to happen during the 22nd century, but at least we can prepare what is going to happen to us for another 90 years.
The last glaciation ended about 10,000 years ago but the ice age is still with us. It started about 2.58 million years ago and we are living in a warm period called an interglacial, (between glaciations).
  It certainly did; glacial erosion is very characteristic and geologists can often tell at a glance whether a landscape has been glaciated.   In the UK the ice reached as far south as the Thames/Severn rivers and there is a marked difference in the landscapes between northern and southern...
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The changing lithosphere affects the drainage patterns of the continents. The Continental Divide marks the division whereby the rivers drain west and east from the divide. Continental drainage systems were also created and are affected by the movement of ice.
The last Ice Age started in the early Pleistocene, 1.8 million years ago and ended in the late Pleistocene, 10 000 years ago.
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