Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

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Popularly known as caravans, motorhomes, camper vans or RVs, recreational vehicles are designed to be a home away from home. They are bus-like vehicles that have the amenities found in a home such as bathroom, bed and television.
Forcing the belt on can damage the load carrying cords and cause premature failure. Are you sure you have the right belt? Installing the wrong type belt, tightening the belt too tight, or too loose, or pulley misalignment will all cause it to fail. If it has an idler pulley, it may be bad. If it has...
Yes. Some stores may have areas specifically for larger vehicles to park in so that they're not parked in the main parking lot.
Between 200 AND 220 hp , i have one !
The weight of a 22 ft. Fleetwood Prowler Travel Trailer istypically between 38,000 lbs. and 42,000 lbs. The actual weightdepends on the year it was made.
Motor home classification is determined by body type, not by weight(tare or gross). A Class A motorhome is simply a single piece bodywith a cab forward design... the chassis can range from anythingfrom a Class 2 van chassis up to a Class 8 bus chassis.
Where is the VIN number on a travel trailer hi lo 1981
It means the car was damaged and the costs to repair was greater than 75% of the RV's actual cash value.
YES. With trans in "N" ,turn transfer case knob all the way past 4LO AND HOLD IT THERE FOR AT LEAST 10 SECONDS. The " N" light will come on. Shift to "R" and "D" for one second each to make sure it is in "N" . Shut off and place shift lever in park. Turn the ignition to LOCK. Refer to owners manual...
i have a 1997 winnebago adventure and i found the flasher screwed to fire wall on the right side of steering wheel near the floor. it has three blades not five.
Can I haz cheezburger ? Type your answer here...
I believe what you're talking about is that there is two timing tabs on the motor. One at 1 o'clock and 1 at 5 o'clock. The top one is hard to see so gm put one on the bottom where it is easier to get to or see. If you use the top tab you hook your timing light to the #1 plug wire and if you use the...
If it is a 2wd manual - tow with all 4 wheels down. Put transmission in neutral, turn key to unlock position - ignition off- and parking brake off. It works fine. I just completed a 1200 mile trip with no problem That will burn up an automatic transmission.
you put the trans fluid in the same spot where you take out the dip stick to check the levels,with a long funnel..ask auto store for one..........
Should be Ok, check towing capacity against GVW to be sure, stay well below the limit. Also check with the dealer if the Escape has an automatic transmission, damage can result from towing if not done properly.
No, weigh stations are for commercial cargo vehicles.
if you can't hear something properly you could use speakers to hear louder you could see many speakers in discos and maybe in could use speakers if cant hear something loud in the computer or to listen music By anmohl
If its a manual transmission Yes, the odometer will continue to add up the distance even if towed so you'll need to subtract the distance towed from the odometer when doing the oil change.
Converter A converter changes AC house current (120 volt in North America) into 12 volt DC battery power. Current production of Converters are also smart battery chargers to keep your battery up while not over charging it. Inverter An inverter takes 12 volt DC battery power and converts this...
6 mpg in mine, I know a couple careful people that claimed 10 mpg
Yes, the American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners would like to hear from you.
Classes by letter type: . A: body is 100% custom RV body work, current versions look a lot like commercial buses, but in the early days looked like trailers with windshields and steering wheels . B: A stock bodied van built by Ford, Dodge, Chev or recently Mercedes Sprinter. This basic van then has...
I traded mine in August 2011 for $6000
Lee Enterprises, Westminster, CA built the Utopian motor homes. I bought a new 22' Utopian motor home in 1973. I believe I paid $9,800 for it. It was built on a 1 ton Chevy chassis. It never amounted to much. They were shoddy built.
Assuming the engine is bolted securely, then I would think it is indicative of a problem with the idle being too high and affecting the centrical clutch or just the clutch.
There is an "adapter box" sold at most auto parts stores that will allow convert the output of your 4 wire motorhome wiring into 5 wires that the Honda requires
No, it is private property, but WalMart allows people to park for a few weeks.
Open the drivers side hood, one of the fuse panels are right there under the hood opening. It uses small round glass fuses. Another panel is under the dash on the drivers side just to the left of the steering column. You also have a fuse panel on your converter near the rear of the coach, the...
Approx 80 hp for the 98xcr 440.
If the loop of the chain is broken you will either need a so-called quick/master link or a chain breaker tool. Quick/master links can be opened and clsoed w/o any special tools, but if your chain didn't come with one(or has broken somewhere else, you will still need a chain breaker tool to clean up...
Depends on the specific design of the bike. see links below for more.
i have a yamaha big bear 350 ser no. jy44uhw05wao40667 what yearmodel
It is generally not recommended to put fiberglass over aluminum,however, people do it. An epoxy polymer resin is usually suggested,and the fiberglass should be very clean.
B3 0 B F 3 V 013599 B3 is the Model code = B-300 0 is the Body Style = Camper Vans(MB300 Front Section)(1973), Forward Control&Motor Home Chassis, Incomplete chassis, CB300 Kary Van, Sport Utility B is the Gross Vehicle Wt = 6,001 lbs to 10,000 lbs F is the Engine Code = 360 3 is the Model Year =...
Check the fuses and the flasher unit.
It comes with two different keys. One is the normal key, which limits top speed to 44mph. The second key is the performance key which has no limitation on speed or power. A key is available for purchase and limits top speed to 25 mph for use on work sites.
in some states yes and in others no. generally if the state has legal "double" tractor trailers such as UPS then you could do it.
If it is possible to store it near where there is electrical service, place a 75>100 Watt light bulb inside the vehicle and leave it lit (AWAY FROM ANYTHING FLAMMABLE OR THAT CAN MELT) during the worst periods of moist weather, and open the camper and air it out as much as possible. If this option...
Many 1000's of riders have concluded the Banshee likes +4 degrees of timing advance. That means rotating the stator plate Clockwise to make the spark happen earlier.
The dealer site does not give that information with a unit inquiry. All it shows is warranty info, purchase date, etc.
Yes, you can tow it that way. No. It does not disengage the drive train. It is also likely to wreck your car if your steering wheel is not locked so that it points straight ahead. It could also tear up your transmission. It is also illegal in some places. An exception occurs in some of those places...
The 1985 Southwind motor home brake fluid is checked by sliding the master cylinder top retaining clips off the lid to expose the 2 brake fluid holding chambers, the master cylinder is located in the drivers side front hood area high but directly in front of where the brake pedal is located. Good...
These are commonly called a toy hauler. The Toy Hauler Motorhome is a motorhome with a garage door and lift gate/ramp for loading and unloading. These motorhome toy haulers come in two varieties, Class C & Class A. Class C style is built on a van cut away and typically has a much smaller cargo...
Your battery light comes on because you have an electrical problem. It may be in a switch, a relay, a sensor, or the fans. Since you have to ask, you should have a mechanic check it out.
It CAN be done, but it may be with complications. You need to go to a Chevy dealer and find out the recommended method of towing by the manufacturer.
$500,000 RVs cost may be approximately $25,000 to $100,000
Unless it is 10 years old you will need to put exact odometer reading. And be sure to make copies of all SIGNED paperwork.
Yes. Check with the dealership for manufacturer's recommendations on how to go about doing this.
Im thirtenn and im allowed to read the state law and every thing
Would not recommend doing this without first removing thedriveshafts.
My wife and I were looking for a Mandalay MH. and checked out an Monticito MH at Serpilla MH in Akron OH. As I was looking in the overhead cabinets there it was a Mandalay Luxury MH manual with all the same specks as the Monticito. We like the 40/J. Here's the background and history: Mandalay...
There was an actual manufacturer named Cheetah who made this trailer coach. They were located in Cassopolis, Michigan and were only in existance for a couple of years. If you have one, had one or know more about them, please email me at
Never heard of an age limit for owning a snowmobile, but most states you need a to be 16 years of age to operate them off private property.
You can buy parts from doggscooters or luckyscoot both are dot com sites.