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Made mostly out of spongy material, Nerf toys are popular and safe for playing indoors. Ask questions about various Nerf products here.
you need 4 D's. I know that sounds like a Rip-off, but it totally keeps working for a long time.
a rhino fire or vulcan with rotating barrels and a normal n strike  paint job
you can get one at pretty much all stores that sell toys some are walmart target and toysrus
a majority of simple blasters, magnos firestrike, rebelle rapid red
a majority of basic nerf blasters
Ya, kind of. I have one. A disadvantage is that is very hard to get a comfortable grip. It also doesn't shoot that far, but the bullet has a higher speed than most other ones.
On the bottom of the handle there is a screw, remove it and it will open the battery compartment.
Spring 2010But I overheard from other user that it will come out february 10-20.
make sure every screw is out, make sure no attachments are on and  pry it with a flathead screw driver
the regular n strike is three feet almost
Nerf has recently debuted the Barrel Break IX-2, a double-barrel shotgun that uses Whistler darts. It has very short barrels, though. If you want a longer one, you can go to BuzzBee and their Double Shot weapon.
Cock the under hand front gun when loaded and pull the trigger.
First of all, it is called the Rapid Fire AS-20. It costs $25 at my target.
sniper with a longstrike which is out in Pittsburgh at toysrus for 35.00
you'll have to take the gun apart to remove it.
I'd have to say yes, but only if you want a heavier version of the other swords that came out.
As the Magstrike is getting rarer and rarer, it might be hard to find a Magstrike. The best bet would be to purchase on online to save time.
The Deploy CS-6 can be found in Wal-Mart, Zellers, Target, Big Lots, Winners, Toys R Us and a few other stores.
if its most of the way out, then it should be ok just to open the gun anyways (if that's what your trying to do)
theres a cap under the handle that u gotta unscrew
Though there is no retail yet, the leaks prove that this Mega  blaster will be very effective, efficient, and powerful.
Hasbro, Inc. Consumer Services P.O. Box 200 Pawtucket, RI 02862-0200
it will, although it will pull the sword to pieces if you try to take it off, and it will hurt if you hit someone with it
Try taking the belt out and re-aligning it. Either it's caught on something or not catching onto the spokes inside the gun. If you have enough space, straighten out the belt before firing.
Take out the magazine or open the access door.
*sigh* http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100211204407AAkErpF
The Nerf LongStrike's max shooting range is 35ft with the long barrel on the end but when it is off it shoots about 23ft.
Because they do not sell as often, you can try your best online
It's a Nerf Gun that is automatic and comes with ('round Christmas time) the gun, a Shield, 3 18 Dart Cartridges, and a 6 Dart Cartridge
The new Nerf guns for 2011 aer unknown. But two new Nerf guns that are coming in Spring 2010 are the Long Strike CS-6...the upcoming longest Nerf blaster that will beat the long shots length and the Nerf Deploy CS-6...I know this because when you pause at the right time on the 2010 Nerf commercial...
spray spray paint all over the light and let it dry. nothing special.
well you can make a reacon with a maveric barel, by taking off the grey pull back bit of the reacon and spliting it, the cutting a square to line up on each side of the yellow plates. then you streach the string half an inch or so, and then puting the grey area of the maveric and then attaching it...
Yes, it does but it does not zoom in or out.
Try looking in wal-mart or Target and make sure you get the right bullets for your gun
There's no screw holding it on, it's just pressed in on. You can use the claws of a hammer to pry it off.
you can buy it in Toys r Us for £40 but its out of stock. I really have been waiting quite long for it to come back in stock :(
I have the Nerf longshot yes it does it is quite a rip-off
In Nerf, the term REV is a short form for revolver.
eBay. that's the ONLY PLACE possible to get it. the stores stopped selling it years ago.
In Spring 2010, there should be a Nerf wideshot or something of that thing, htat looks like a rifle with a headstock that holds 6 darts clips. (hey get the raider instead! Its saves money peoples!: )
There are a lot of places to get the Vulcan. Like Wal-mart or toys r us. Or you could try looking on the web, try to get your parents to get one of ebay.
it makes the gun shoots farther but i recomend not doing it because it is really really really hard to do but if you do go on youtube on uin13 that's the best video to see
There is no "Nerf Store" per se, not a brick and mortar type store.  But Nerf products can be purchased on line, or in other stores. See  the Nerf link below for Hasbro suggested retailers.
im not 100% but i THINK you can take out the air restrictor.... but im not sure.
you cannot, i have tried it, it was an EPIC FAIL! hope that deterred you.... LMFAO:)-flareshot
under the gun where the screw is closest to the trigger
unscrew the screw under the gun closest to the trigger then a part of the bottom will come off and a tray will will come out then put the 6d batteries in then do the steps backwards then your on your way
I think there is a little slot in the big piece if you want to reattatch the little one, but if there are more things to put on, you probably click them in place and twist.
Toy R Us in Malaysia has a wide selection of cheap NERF guns.Another place to find them is Lelong.
They're $20 USD at target. That's quite cheap.
most likely, nowhere!
make sure all the springs are intact
i am sure in the USA you can buy it at 25bucks but in Canada I'm not sure but i found one that's 30bucks
There are no overall set rules. You could be talking about Dart Tag, Capture the Flag, Humans vs Zombies, or a homemade Nerf Tournament.
Yes, six sized D batteries.
You could use computer bag strap, or the deploy cs-6 comes with one, although it usually depends on what you are comfortable with, but most people use nylon ribbon.
Streamline darts/clip system darts
well...it depends it's somewhat around 15-20 feet but beware! it costs about 50 bucks in Canada and reload is super slow! i hope i helped!
You set a bowl of candy outside and if that doesnt work go onto your porch and scream, "IF YOU DONT GET OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW IM CALLING THE POLICE!!!!!"
You need to take apart the entire blaster to get the stock off once you attach it. Just unscrew the screws so that you can take off the top, and take it out. Then screw the screws back in after putting the shell back on. Stinks, huh?
check on youtube
It completely depends on the gun and the problem. N-Strike is a line of guns, not a particular one.
You cannot buy the Nerf Redshift, as it does not exist outside of the videogame. The Nerf Longstrike, however, is very simaler, and actually exists.
Wal-mart. If not, try E-bay. if your from England go on play.com about £17 and no shipping costs
it works with all Nerf darts like the vulcan
you really cant unless you want to fill all of the deadspace with foam
no swords, but a battle axe and a hatchet, or so ive seen.
Go to nerfhaven.coms's internal directory under forums -> modifications pics are there.
So far, the 2010 Nerf guns are: -Longstrike CS-6, A sniper rifle -Deploy CS-6, A standard rifle which converts into a flashlight -Alpha Trooper CS-18, a pump-handle blaster with circular magazine -Stampede ECS, a machine gun with 18-dart magazines (is out in Target) -Specter REV-5, a Recon...
The Bandolier Strap holds darts and clips, not guns.
the priming handle must be pulled back and then you can force it open but you must put some force on it.
Ok, if you want to edit (mod) your Nerf gun, i know a way to make it more powerful, and shoot farther. First take out all the screws on the gun so it pops open, then you will find a tube with a small spring and a cover to it, that is the air restrictor, you want to take out the spring and air...
ok since it is a rare and good gun you could look it up on nerfhaven or sell it there for around 20-30 bucks
of course, it is a Nerf gun isn't it? the streamline darts might pop out but if u chose to remove the air restrictors they will work just fine
yes, hasbro makes them
try looking at nerfhaven.com for good instructions with pictures