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Made mostly out of spongy material, Nerf toys are popular and safe for playing indoors. Ask questions about various Nerf products here.
You need 4 D's. I know that sounds like a Rip-off, but it totallykeeps working for a long time.
a rhino fire or vulcan with rotating barrels and a normal n strikepaint job
you can get one at pretty much all stores that sell toys some are walmart target and toysrus
the raider is better because of higher dart capacity range and loading system but the recon has a lower chance of jamming
about 30$ depends on the store.
a majority of simple blasters, magnos firestrike, rebelle rapid red
a majority of basic nerf blasters
Ya, kind of. I have one. A disadvantage is that is very hard to get a comfortable grip. It also doesn't shoot that far, but the bullet has a higher speed than most other ones.
On the bottom of the handle there is a screw, remove it and it will open the battery compartment.
Depends if you're gonna mod it. The longstrike will never shoot as far as the longshot. Accuracy is about the same. But the longstrike is very comfy. So if you're gonna mod it..Longshot...Not modded...Personal preference, but I'd go for the longstrike if I wasn't gonna mod the longshot. It's comfy.
Spring 2010 But I overheard from other user that it will come out february 10-20.
make sure every screw is out, make sure no attachments are on andpry it with a flathead screw driver
Because its like baseball three strikes your out.Exept you throw darts.
unmodified Nerf guns might shoot about 30 or 35 fps, but some modified guns and homemade guns could probably get up to about 60 or 70 fps.
As far as I can see, yes. The head is rubber, and the body is made of Nerf foam.
the regular n strike is three feet almost
Nerf has recently debuted the Barrel Break IX-2, a double-barrel shotgun that uses Whistler darts. It has very short barrels, though. If you want a longer one, you can go to BuzzBee and their Double Shot weapon.
I live in Wisconsin and in the walmart by my house it is $35-37. the target has it for $32 so i would buy it there.
in a few months for sure since its out in Asain countries like Thailand.
it has attachable parts and you can modify it in certain ways
First of all, it is called the Rapid Fire AS-20. It costs $25 at my target.
sniper with a longstrike which is out in Pittsburgh at toysrus for 35.00
you'll have to take the gun apart to remove it.
I'd have to say yes, but only if you want a heavier version of the other swords that came out.
NERF - 10 Canisters . DUDE - Unlock Cerberus CS-12 . RUSH - Unlock Crusher SAD-G . ROCK - Unlock Golithan UB-1 . PONG - Unlock Hammerhead GL-1 . WIDE - Unlock Hydra SG-7 . DOOM - Unlock Icarus HM-7 . IDOL - Unlock Longshot CS-6 . PING - Unlock Longstrike CS-6 . DIRT - Unlock Recon CS-6 ....
open up the jam door
There is a screw on the bottom(I think) unscrew it, then put in AA, or AAA I don't know which ones.
The longstrike already came out.
As the Magstrike is getting rarer and rarer, it might be hard to find a Magstrike. The best bet would be to purchase on online to save time.
The Tactical Scope has a colored lens that you can position in front of the scope itself so it is easier to see in dark-ish areas.
You could try convincing her that you will buy it yourself with your own money.
Im guessing little games. Im guessing little games
Ya there will be i already seen some coming out :D
The Deploy CS-6 can be found in Wal-Mart, Zellers, Target, Big Lots, Winners, Toys R Us and a few other stores.
if its most of the way out, then it should be ok just to open the gun anyways (if that's what your trying to do)
theres a cap under the handle that u gotta unscrew
So far we only know of the N-strike Longstrike cs-6 and the N-strike Deploy cs-6 and 5 blasters coming out that are see thru or clear (N-strike Maverick rev-6, N-strike Nitefinder ex-3,N-strike Recon cs-6,N-strike Raider rapid fire cs-35, and the N-strike Deploy cs-6).Also, Two blasters to be...
The pump-cock design on the Longshot will not work because it is very likely plain broke, because I think that that was the only pump-cock the designer ever made. I am pointing you to NerfHaven for fixes.
Its out now, with a stealth and blaster mode, comes with a 6 shot quick reload clip, base reloading mechinism and a laser light. the best place to buy from in my opinion is play.com.
Though there is no retail yet, the leaks prove that this Megablaster will be very effective, efficient, and powerful.
Because Hasbro needs to see if people will buy it and too instigate excitement in American Nerfers.
Hasbro, Inc. Consumer Services P.O. Box 200 Pawtucket, RI 02862-0200
Roughly 2-2.5 feet long
Try amazon or Ebay online.
it will, although it will pull the sword to pieces if you try to take it off, and it will hurt if you hit someone with it
Try taking the belt out and re-aligning it. Either it's caught on something or not catching onto the spokes inside the gun. If you have enough space, straighten out the belt before firing.
there are Nerf streamlines which are used in guns that take clips (not the magstrike), dart tags that have Velcro on the tip, sonic darts which whistle when they shoot, and suction darts that can stick onto walls
Take out the magazine or open the access door.
*sigh* http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100211204407AAkErpF
no it is not they are in toys r us stores and i got one from e bay in Australia
The Longstrike is 3 feet long, 2 inches more than its predecessor, the Longshot.
Nerf stands for nylon and elastic rubber fabric in the 70's they only made footballs out of those materials but now that is what the Nerf bullets are made of it can also stand for 'Non Expanding Recreational foam'
The Nerf LongStrike's max shooting range is 35ft with the long barrel on the end but when it is off it shoots about 23ft.
Because they do not sell as often, you can try your best online
It's a Nerf Gun that is automatic and comes with ('round Christmas time) the gun, a Shield, 3 18 Dart Cartridges, and a 6 Dart Cartridge
"Gun 2", which could mean Nerf Barrel Break IX-2, came out in late 2010.
Yes...and very constantly I don't recommend this blaster.
The new Nerf guns for 2011 aer unknown. But two new Nerf guns that are coming in Spring 2010 are the Long Strike CS-6...the upcoming longest Nerf blaster that will beat the long shots length and the Nerf Deploy CS-6...I know this because when you pause at the right time on the 2010 Nerf commercial...
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the most for a smart person would be around a week.
spray spray paint all over the light and let it dry. nothing special.
well you can make a reacon with a maveric barel, by taking off the grey pull back bit of the reacon and spliting it, the cutting a square to line up on each side of the yellow plates. then you streach the string half an inch or so, and then puting the grey area of the maveric and then attaching it...
Yes, it does but it does not zoom in or out.
There's no screw holding it on, it's just pressed in on. You can use the claws of a hammer to pry it off.
well yes and no and yes, well dart tag dart are smaller and the velcro darts are more fast and larger but will work just the same.
fiero2 . Unlocks Goliathan Nitro. THISIS12 . SPARTAN NCS-12. MAVMID7 . Maverick Midnight. 24KGCON4 . Habanero. BHDETA8 . Blackheart Vengeance. RSMERC9 . Mercurio. HELIOX6 . Unlocks Firefly Elite. CRUSH14 . Unlocks Crusher SAD-G. MAGMA3 . Unlocks the Vulcan EBF-25 Magma. LONGST5 . Unlocks Longshot...
you can buy it in Toys r Us for £40 but its out of stock. I really have been waiting quite long for it to come back in stock :(
There are little plastic parts that snap in on the sides of the upper and lower screen. Try to pry those off, or even try to tear the foam off the attachments if you may damage the screen in the process.
I didn't know you can. Probably the best option you have is to go and buy a new one
You aim like you would with any other gun. You would carefully point at your target and then shoot the Nerf gun. The more you practice with this, the better you will get.
Nerf is planning to make this gun but i am not totally sure
I have the Nerf longshot yes it does it is quite a rip-off
In Nerf, the term REV is a short form for revolver.
eBay. that's the ONLY PLACE possible to get it. the stores stopped selling it years ago.
They both hace their strengths and weaknesses. I like them both equally.
the vulcan certainly looks better, but: the punisher shoots father, has a higher dart capacity, is lighter and cheaper
In Spring 2010, there should be a Nerf wideshot or something of that thing, htat looks like a rifle with a headstock that holds 6 darts clips. (hey get the raider instead! Its saves money peoples!: )