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Phantom Pregnancy

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Phantom pregnancy is the psychological condition that occurs when a female experiences pregnancy symptoms but is not pregnant.
A phantom pregnancy is when a woman thinks she is pregnant, though all tests are negative and possess all pregnancy symptoms ( swollen/tender breasts, frequent urination, weight gain, nausea, etc.). Basically they full their body into thinking it is pregnant. Some women will have a phantom pregnancy...
This is probably not pregnancy. Bloating and feelings in your ovaryare typical of menstruation. If you were pregnant, symptoms wouldmost likely include morning sickness and lack of a period for twocycles.
A woman can get pregnant at any age, so long as she is still getting a period and has not entered into menopause. If you are trying to conceive and having problems, you may want to consult your OB, to check your hormone levels. Women in their 40's may need hormone treatments or other forms of...
if you have never have actual sex before & the penis has never actually spermed anywhere near your vagina then you aren't pregnant. but you better stop worrying so much otherwise your mind will tell your body that you are pregnant, your body will listen, & you will be a baby-less pregnant women. its...
You mean false pregnancies?? Yes.
It is best to consult your OBGYN for the correct answer for you and your situation. But I have heard from doctors myself that a person should wait 3 cycles before trying again, thereby letting the body get back to normal. But again ask your doctor for the best answer. Good luck!!
yes they are called false pregnancies
Very likely, people do it all the time.
Also called a false pregnancy. Doe thinks she is (or wants to be ) pregnant. She will show all the signs and even build a nest. This is a good time to breed her.
Answer . A chemical pregnancy is a flase pregnancy in a way as there is no fetus there its just your body thinking its pregnancy and actually doing everything pregnant bodies do. Its very strange.. But the only way to get a false positive pregnancy test is if your taking medication containing HCG....
Answer . \nI have asked the same question. I wondering if you tricked your body into thinking you are pregnant then will you go through the pain. I am surely having pain.
stop thinkin about it so much,, an if its because ur tryin for a baby stop thinkin about it,, it will happen wen its meant to happen trust me.....
Yes! If you suspect you are pregnant and the test was neg, wait 3 days to 1 week and test again.
Yes! In fact you should! You produce antibodies to your illness that you will pass on to your child. You will notice that your child will not get nearly as sick as you or your husband.
Yes. You can have an ultra sound but most Dr's will not do one unless you have been confirmed pregnant by a blood and/or a urine test.
Pain may last for years, and tends to be intermittent rather than constant. Pain may last up to 10-14 hours a day and can vary in severity from mild to debilitating
Answer . Yes it is, and one you should definitely talk to your doctor about.
When you have had negative urine results, negative blood tests, negative ultrasound and clear on vaginal ultrasound, an exam by your OB/GYN telling you uterus is down low and normal then slap yourself. When that much medical science says you are not pregnant then you are not or that chances are so...
Phantom Pregnancies A phantom pregnancy (also known as a false pregnancy, pseudocyesis spurious pregnancy, imaginary pregnancy, hysterical pregnancy, wind in the bowels, or grossesse nerveuse) is where you have many of the signs and symptoms associated with pregnancy but are not pregnant. Here...
yes you can because a phantom pregnancy is controlled by your mental state and mindtrust me i have plenty of them sometimes it take an ultrasound to prove to a woman she is not pregnant not nice
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The hormonal cycle of the bitch assumes that pregnancy has occurred after every cycle, whether or not a mating has taken place. She will therefore experience the physiological changes of pregnancy over the next 2 months. She will have an increase in progesterone production, milk production and an...
Answer . \nNo Preg test are only looking for a hormone called HCG which is only present if you are preg or recently miscarried.
A horse who is experiencing a phantom pregnancy will have symptomsof an actual pregnancy. These symptoms include the horse beingtired with a puffed up stomach.
you cant really you technically need a period to be fertile because if you are producing eggs when they are not being fertilised they need to be washed out by bleeding but that doesnt mean you cannot get pregnant if you write down any pains and twinges you should be able to see when your body is...
it is a symptom but one of the more "down played" here is a site with a good aount of information about it\nhttp://www.womenshealthcaretopics.com/preg_saliva.htm
No, when pregnant you can live a perfectly normal life. Just avoid certain foods like raw meat, fish and eggs, alcohol and caffeine and too much sugar. Sex is safe unless a doctor say otherwise and exercise is something that is always good for you, especially swimming. Avoid really heavy lifting.
In rabbits, the term is "false" pregnancy, not "phantom" pregnancy. Hormones cause false pregnancies. False pregnancies are stressful on rabbits. If you have a female rabbit, please consider spaying her. There are many behavioural and health benefits to spaying your rabbit. See the related link...
The tought of you wanting a baby so bad and getting so attached to wanting a baby with your parthner
After the rabbit mated, it will take 30 or 31 or 32 days until your doe gives birth. About a month.
Yes. In a phantom pregnancy, the body is tricked into feeling like it is pregnant. Consequently the same hormones present in a real pregnancy will be present in the body of someone who is undergoing a phantom pregnancy, and these hormones are what a pregnancy test detects.
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Generally people who really want to be pregnant, are anxious about becoming pregnant, or feel guilty and are paranoid about becoming pregnant.
Somewhat, they have been proven to raise the chances of both participants dying during birth process.
Your veterinarian will be your best friend in this, because thebest way to distinguish a pseudopregnancy from a true pregnancy isthrough ultrasound examination of the uterus, or through X-rayimaging of the abdomen in late pregnancy.
Phantom pregnancy is dogs is also called false pregnancy. Duringthis the dog behaves as if she were pregnant. Signs of falsepregnancy include the dog getting milk, nesting behavior, and shemay carry around a doll or stuffed animal. She can sometimes bewhiny as well.
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Answer . \nYes you could, you get all the symptoms of a normal pregnancy.
A ultrasound can and your doctor can tell if you're having a phantom pregnancy. Pregnancy tests will be negative and there will be nothing to see on ultrasound. I think I am experiencing a phantom pregnancy too. My period was over a week late but it was nothing but a couple days of brown...
I have heard both yes and no for this however if you do research into it, its very possible for the test to come back positive because your mind tricks your body into believing its pregnant so the hormone levels will show signs of pregnancy
Answer http://www.coolnurse.com/birthcontrol.htm http://www.crisispregnancy.com/birth-mother/pregnancy-questions.html http://www.epigee.org/guide/medfaq.html Answer If you know you are pregnant, and you are constipated, that is very common. If you are just constipated and you are wondering...
no... that kind of pregnancy is all in your head
Since phantom pregnancy is a false pregnancy, I advice that every woman should try to note the date her menstrual cycle start n ends, by so doing when missed she Can detect whether she is pregnant or not.
yes,your hormones can be off wack.Sometimes you can havetender breast all month.Ovarian cysts can cause this also.
No. As the category says, the phantom pregnancy is often a mental illusion. The symptoms may be there, but there is no conception. So wishing or hoping cannot make it so, the only way to conceive is through sex or in vitro fertilization.
Barring a trip to the doctor's office for a blood test....you can't.
me and my sister both have, she took 13 hpt and 2 blood before a pos with her first, no she is almost 5 months and went through this all over again except this time she was actually having her period she got her pos. the month she missed and when ultra sound was done it proved all the other test...
It is possible that the pregnancy will naturally not come to completion. This would result in a natural abortion of sorts, where your body would have to pass the embryo or foetus.. If the pregnancy is successful, it is possible that you would not be able to give birth to the child, and would need a...
Canine false pregnancy (or pseudocyesis) occurs after your dog has been in heat. This is because the hormone levels remain high to support pregnancy even if your dog has not been bred. Dogs may use blankets (or something similar) to make a 'nest.' They also may begin to treat toys (or similar items)...
The only difference between a phantom pregnancy and a real pregnancy is that with a phantom pregnancy you are not actually carrying a baby and you will usually have a period and a negative pregnancy test. You will have the same symptoms as a regular pregnancy and they can last at least as long as 7...
it can be caused by the desperate need to get pregnant..sorry I don't know more, hope this helped alittle! x
Answer . Yes you can but it is also possible for the sterilisation to of not completely sterilised you and this could result in pregnancy. See your doctor for a pregnancy blood test and a check on your hormones.
Phantom pregnancy, also called a pseudo-pregnancy or a false pregnancy, is where a dog appears to be pregnant but is not actually pregnant.
Yes it can. I was prescribed Oxycodone after surgery and my period was 4 days late. I remember reading that it stays in your system for about 48 hrs or so. After you stop taking it, you should be ok in a few days. Hope that helps.
because you're pregnant and lactating? if you're not then go see a doctor.
from webmd.com so, *yes*. HEARD of. God, you people. Symptoms of False Pregnancy Women with pseudocyesis have many of the same symptoms as those who are actually pregnant, including: . Interruption of the menstrual period . Swollen belly . Enlarged and tender breasts, changes in the nipples,...
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\nwhen women have a miscarriage they usually bleed and have little clots of blood, you may also see the sac its self which is like a ball full of fluid
It means that your period is on its way maybe a month or 2 so keep in hand pads, tampons, or panty-liners!
i am having some of the same problem i feel like i am pregnant but i know i am not you see this happen before where i miss my period for get all the signs of pregnant my stomach look like i am six months pregnant and then it turn out to be a lie i hate my self for this you see the first time i told...
Answer . \nYEs. The more you want to be pregnant the more you will make yourself believE that your pre-menstrual symptoms are pregnancy . It is not really phantom pregnancy since with the phantom pregnancy you will start growing a bump,etc.... but similar...\n. \nMy advice is: do not believe that...
Answer . \nIt has been known, roommates get symptoms sometimes, as women in a dorm often synchronise their menstrual cycles.
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A phantom pregnancy has many of the same signs as a true pregnancy, including weight gain, abdominal distention and nesting behavior. However, the dog also can show abnormal heat cycles.
sterility is the inability to reproduce
You would have to be no less than 3 months pregnant to feel any movement. The first movements you will feel will not feel like a baby kicking, it will feel more like flutters. If your pregnancy tests are still negative then you are not pregnant, if you think you are far enough along to feel fetal...
I'm not exactly sure. However, I might be having one right now. I'm a virgin and I'm worried sick that I'm pregnant. I have OCD and when someone is having a phantom pregnancy, they have all the symptoms and some even go into to labor (but of course there's no baby). Causes of a Phantom Pregnancy is...
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Some women still have periods whilst pregnant. Are you still on the pill, or do you have an IUD? Both blood and urine tests can be wrong (urine moreso than blood). You need to have another blood test and discuss the results with your doctor.
oh yes. last time i had my menses for 2 days i ended with twins... have a test done to be sure. but it is said that when u get pregnant, the remaining blood come out in a form of so called menses. so watch out.
Being overweight reduces the biochemically work mechanism of the mirena, therefore it will become less effective. The mechanical work mechanism will remain. \n. \nOn the other hand, being overweight in itself reduces the chance of pregnancy a little.\n. \nWith a Mirena IUCD, you have about 1% chance...
No at three months it is most unlikely to have milk in the breasts.. well im about three months and ive got breast milk so yes it can happen it just means that your body produces much faster and alot more
The signs vary from woman to woman. But most women claim to just "feel pregnant". Some signs might be cramping, a brown or reddish tinted discharge, feeling tired, nausea. Unfortunately there is really not an absolute sign to tell if you're pregnant without taking a pregnancy test.
It's most likely nothing.. Your body is probably changing and settling down and you'll probably find that your period wont be heavy anymore. .
Sheep have a gestational period (time of pregnancy) of 145 days.
meh, it was probably your period. if not, you may have conceived and had a miscarriage? take a home pregnancy test first, then go to your doctors if you'd like further information.
The only way to really settle this one is to see your doctor and have a blood test.
Answer Period delay isn't a definite sign of pregnancy. Lots of things can cause a period to be late. I am normally a very regular person and I have been late the last two months. If you are still unsure, take a home pregnancy test and find out for sure. In the first couple of weeks-you can...
If it's not a real preganancy you can't have a heartbeat.
Yes you could very well ne pregant, I would take a home prego test or go to the doctor! I myself have started spotting only being ten days late mine might very well be my period starting.....welp good luck!
Answer . \nDifferent women go off different things. First time I just went off coffee, second time I went off coffee, tea, chocolate (would you believe?) and jacket potatoes.
no matter how faint the positive is it means u are pregnant, i wasnt due my period for 3 days im now 4 months pregnant lol do another test but you will be pregnant
As strange as it may seem, there are women that are so out of touch with their own bodies that they have not known that they are pregnant until ready to give birth. Not realising you are pregnant is more common in young women who do not know much about their own bodies and therefore miss the signs...
Several factors can cause you to miss a period, or have a late period. Changes in diet, medications, missed birth control pills (or doubled up pills) as well as stress or health conditions could affect you missing a period. It is best to consult your doctor with any questions you may have if you...
yes u can because your body already ovulated or is ovulated. and its very possible to get pregnant...
it was hard but this really worked for me: 1) every time you start thinking "awe, i have a little baby inside me" then just say in your head over & over "I'm not pregnant" slowly until you are thinking about something else (do this each & every time). 2) if your stomach is starting to "look"...
\nFour pregnancy tests are unlikely to be wrong, you are probably pregnant. Not everyone has symptoms the same not even the same woman in different pregnancies.