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Tuck Everlasting

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This category is for questions about the book Tuck Everlasting written by Natalie Babbitt.
The man in the yellow suit wants the Foster's woods. So that way he could find the tucks family.
He was 104 years old but he looked like he was 17.
prison should not feel like stone walls, okay. WRONG. Madie- It means that you can imprison yourself without being inside an actual prison. For example: someone can imprison their mind, and they only think in specific subjects.
Winnie lived to love the tucks and consider them more likely her friends rather than "kidnappers". She decides upon the fact that the Tucks do things the way the world seemed to have forgotten. They do things the slow way.
a horse which, later on in the book, gets stolen by the man in the yellow suit.
Yes, Winnie does die. She chooses not to drink the water from the spring.
they sell things they made (i just read the book)
its imaginary but its in new york
she didnt like the tucks at first now she loves them
ther was a girl named winney and has two sons named myles and jess meet the sons and talked to an old man
Tuck is the father of Miles and Jesse. He is the husband of Mae Tuck. Tuck's real name is Angus, Angus Tuck.
the stranger wears a big orange coat, small red shoes,and wears a big blue hat on his head.
Angus Tuck is sad because he does not get to live a normal life, heis nice to Winnie,he is caring, and he is kind of lazy because whenhis kids arrived he didnt want to get out of bed even though hedidnt see them since 10 years ago! He is obviously immortal becausehe drank from the water and isn't...
  it has been suspended because it's under investigation for infragment...   i loved that website   it has been suspended because it's under investigation for infragment...   i loved that website
Go to google and type in Amazon Online Reading. click on the first  website that comes up. in the serach box, put 'Tuck Everlasting'.  click on the title when it comes up and then when the next page  comes along, there will be a picture of the book with a 'search  inside' logo around it. click...
sounds like a private detective in the trademark Trench Coat and slouch hat- maybe also dark glasses or shades, again, he may have been a plainclothes Lawman for real, also, Cop Killers- aye, that"s a Capital Crime!
Jesse: OK Jesse is very romantic in the story him and Winnie fall in love automatically when they look in each others eye's. And he is pretty cute.
Assuming the l9l3 setting used by Disney studios- he could have been an F.B.I, man.
it doesn't say the date just the year 1899.
Well, he just simply wore whatever colour.
if people knew about everybody would be living forever.
Yes, she is definitely one of the best current actresses at the moment.
in the book, the man in the yellow suit steals their hose but in the movie, the tucks are being very cautious because they are being followed byb the man in the yellow suit
Only if you're in jail. Otherwise, you're probably fine.
because they hadn't had a growing child in there home
When Mae takes a shotgun and hits the man in the yellow suit and cracks his skull. She did that because he was holding Winnie against her will.
It was so important for Mae to not go to the gallows because she couldn't die and if they tried to hang her, the secret of her immortality would be out.
In a picture of Mae is a lady that is dress like in the old day with all kind of scurf's around her and a dress.
It was so important for Mae to not go to the gallows because she couldn't die and if they tried to hang her, the secret of her immortality would be out.
She lived forever and ever and ever.
Parsons is either a family name, Like Smith, Jones, etc. or could refer to clergyman. a Parsonage was a residence for religious minsters, for example, similar to a rectory in Catholic church life. On the other hand the Parsons ( no apostrophe) table derives from Parsons institute of Design- on...
Winnie talks to man in the yellow suit... Winnie is kidnapped by the Tucks... the man in the yelllow suit stalks them... Jesse proposes to Winnie... Winnie talks to Angus and Miles on the rowboat... the man in the yellow suit steals the Tucks horse... man in yellow suit gets the wood and wants to...
the setting is in my but crack.
"Afterward, when she thought about it, it seemed to Winnie that the  next few minutes were only a blur."
because the man in the yellow suit wanted the fosters woods. so he told them about the tucks...
they traded the fosters woods for Winnie becausethe man in the yellow hat was the only one who knew where winnie was
Yes. In the book, Winnie goes with the Tucks to break Mae (Jesse's mom) out of jail. Miles and Angus take out the window, and Winnie sneaks inside. Mae escapes, then they put the window back in. Until the constable found out, Winnie just pretended to be Mae.
the constable in tuck everlasting is How tall- about 2.0colour of eyes blue herowhy because he is a police man 
when Winnie foster met the stranger sfter she was talking to the toad who didn't care, and the stranger was really looking for the everlasting tucks when he came upon Winnie who he thought was a tuck. nervouse grandmother comes out and takes Winnie inside. Winnie feels like everyone only cares about...
it was published in the united states.(new york.
Winnie chose to die because she decided that she would have rather lived the time she was given on earth to its fullest, than cheat death itself. She wanted to experience life in all its pain and its glory.
  Mae Tuck and Angus Tuck are the parents of Jesse Tuck and Miles Tuck. Then there is Winnie Foster And her Grandmother, then there is the man in the yellow suit, and the constable.
she was the same for 87 years so about 130 or 140.
She is a teenaged girl with ( growing pains) thinking of getting out of school- a combination of running away from home- and related pastime of playing Hooky- but Folks call up the Police- and the constable is making the rounds. In a sense it glamorizes law-breaking behavior ( but so does Oz and...
Winnie helps Mae escape the jail house at midnight.The constable comes by and think it is mae.In the morning the constable finds out it is not Mae.So he takes Winnie out of jail because she is ten.
The Tucks drank the water from the tree because they were simply thirsty and in need of refreshment. They had no idea at the time the consequences their simple actions would have at the time.
Winnie helps Mae Tuck escape from the jailhouse and from being hung, by switching places with her.(she doesn't get hung or arrested though, too young)
well the tucks are very dirty and messy and there house is dirty because they live for ever so there like we don't have to clean it up
The library or book stores would have a copy.
Chapter 14 It is too dark for the Tuck's to try and find the horse thief, so they decide to wait until the next day. They talk about what has happened, and Angus Tuck feels very concerned. Winnie cannot get off to sleep and longs to be back in her own bed. She feels a little better when she thinks...
the book doesn't say.
A tuck shop is a shop that sells sweets and food (crisps, chocolate etc.)
Winnie goes to the spring and pours water on Tuck who then throws Winnie into the water. The man in the yellow suit takes Winnie back to the cottage and asks for the wood.
The man in the yellow suit and Winnie .
Why do Winie and Jesse disagree about death and killing
That he knows where Winnie is after she's kidnapped by the Tucks.
For Disney films, occult and morbid, macabre, almost in the Hitchcock sense.
Toadstool (Mushroom)   -GangstaGeek
American Library Association Notable Children's Books;The Janusz Korczak Medal, IBBY,
because they have noone else to be with
Winnie is ten the two brothers are in the teens early twenties
Winnie didn't drink from the spring water battle because she gave it to the toad to save it cuz it was going to die and then it last forever
No cuz then u become immortal and if everyone drinks it then the world wouldn't be the same and it wouldn't be peaceful hope u understand :/ and hope it helped :)
She does not want to go to bed because she is to concerned about Mae Tuck and the gallows
Toadstool aka Mushrooms
They told Winnie that they can live forever.
because of the spring it has changed he thoughts and feelings
She liked Jesse I think I'm not really sure its just a guess.
I don't know all of them but I do know that the word protruding is on page 124
Winnie changed from the beginning by, she didnt really know the Tucks now she doesnt want to even leave their side.
they kidnapped her because they needed her not to drink the water and so that people wont drink the water without knowing what it is so that's why they took Winnie Foster.
Jesse does not want to be immortal but she has to deal with it but miles im not sure because i have been searching everywhere to find the answer.
No, I don't think so
Mae's window frame right straight out of the wall, bars and all and she can climb through.   or    when Mae climbs out the window, winnie'' I'll climb in and take her place