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Chevy Silverado

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Also known as GMC Sierra and the Denali in Mexico, Chevy Silverado is General Motor’s latest model of full-size pickup truck which received the 2007 Truck of the Year award from Motor Trend magazine.
The Blower Motor Relay is shot! You have 2 one for high speed and one for low, they are located under the dash either in the center of the vehicle or off to the right more near the blower motor itself. In some trucks like my 93 Chevy C1500 the high and the low relay are the same part but in other...
My heater and ac controls went black yesterday. I found some online advice. One guy said to disconnect the battery. I thought that worth a try. Walla it fixed my problem.
Answer . There are two temp sensors on this car. Basically the have the same function,just for different parts of the engine. The one you need controls engine component Via the PCM(engine computer). It is located on the right side of the block around the top hose. Look for the two wire harness,...
The knock sensor is in the engine V under the intake manifolds and coolant crossover pipe. As it requires considerable disassembly and an expensive new gasket set to reach it, I suggest you make very sure there is something wrong with it first. You will have to remove the upper and lower intake...
Answer . yes they would. you my be able to reduce the problem by having the wheels computer balanced. you may be able to have the wheels straightend or replaced.
Goto the Fuel rail under the hood. it sits on the passenger side of the engine. It will have a black cap on it. NOT the A/c line. it's on the Fuel line. remove the cap and it looks like a tire value stem. Push it in and the pressure will be released.
21/2 hours if you know what you are doing
The lock through cars symbol is a indication the antitheft systemhas disabled the vehicle. The problem could also be a computermalfunction.
its probably leaking from somewhere else and dripping off at the tranny area. pressurize the coolant system so that you can detect the leak and go from there.
It can affect the way the engine idles, the pistons fire, or theacceleration behavior. If the engine is revved up it may causemisfiring, motor vibration or backfires. Accelerating might behesitant, and engine shaking during engine idle might happen.
Answer . \nI dont know about the 94 Voyager, but on a 98 its located almost directly underneath the batter attached to the fire wall. The best way to get at it, is to slide underneath the van and look behind the radiator about 8"s up on the drivers side. Its silver in color, about the size of...
do crystals have the same shape.
No Ford and Chevy wheels will not interchange.
It will have one in each fuel tank and one on the drivers side frame rail under the cab were you set.
fuel pump Not fuel pump. Idle air control motor. Replace or remove and clean. Simple and quick job. Its normal for this particular motor to lope at idle because Ford used a high rise exhaust valve which in return required the cam lobes to extend creating a longer revolution than the intake valve....
That would be the 4L80E automatic transmission.
It is on the top right rear corner of the engine, just behind the intake manifold. You will have to climb up and lean over the top of the engine to see it.
The Duramax Diesel Engine is designed and manufactured by the American auto maker, General Motors. The Duramax Diesel Engine has best-in-class horsepower and torque at 397 horsepower and 765 pound feet of torque but GM's Heavy-Duty trucks (GMC/Chevrolet) still fail to take best-in-class towing and...
The underhood label on mine says 0 degrees for both manual and auto trans. I just set mine to 0, but it doesn't seem to be running right. I've heard there's a timing wire that needs to be unplugged before checking the timing. If anyone knows what that is, it would help us both out. If your motor...
That is called an Inertia switch and Chevy did not use them on their trucks. You need to check the fuel pump relay and fuse first. Chevy also had a problem with the wiring connector on the top of the fuel tank were it plugs into the sending unit (wire would short out and kill the fuel pump) You...
It could be a bad brake hose that has collapsed on the inside. An easy way to check it is to pump the brakes a few times then go to the bleeder screw on the right caliper. Open it up just a little and if brake fluid squirts out (not just slowly leak out) then the hose is probably bad on the right...
Answer . A cc is a cubic centimeter. It is a unit of Volume. A horsepower is a unit of Power. They are not the same thing. There is no fixed relation.
I'd like to know where you found one in the first place... I haven't been able to find the passenger side for mine... If you don't really care about the one that's on there now, it's a bit easier to do... First, remove the screw inside the armrest pocket from the top.. Second, pop off out the...
On the front of the crankshaft, behind the timing belt/chain.
10w30 if using regular oil. I recommnd Spectro 10w30 clutch saver oil.
The intake manifold distributes the air fuel mixture from the carburetor to the cylinders. The exhaust manifold collects the exhaust gases from the cylinders and directs them out the exhaust pipe.
i think it puts out about 365 horsepower stock
Sure can. But be careful of getting into too much mud or loose sand you may get stuck.
Answer . 1- Use a torx bit to unscrew the close assist strap on the hatch\n2- Now it pulls off as it is held on by metal push pins. Start on a corner and work your way around. It is snug. \n3- It will hang up on the rear window latch assembley so you have to bend it a bit.
Same as any vehicle, to silence the exhaust.
Check fuel pressure when it's bogged down like that. If the pressure drops it could be the fuel filter or the fuel pump. Unfortunately, if it's the filter it won't necessarily drop in pressure until you're driving.
take the fender off the hood off and the hood off and dash and it should be right behind the glove dept
There are radio delete packages if u have the radio above the ac or right of steering wheel.Try C/K Resto .com . If it is in the center of dash u can kit to put other CD player in it from walmart or something
My 93 takes a .36 inch gap. That's what I was told at the parts store when purchasing new plugs. Call them up if you forgot to get that info. Or do what I did and went online to "Bosch" and found the plug and recommended gap.
They had a short wheel base truck and a long wheel base truck. The short bed truck had a 115" wheelbase. The long bed truck had a 127" wheelbase.
Turn engine over using center bolt on harmonic balancer or u can bump the starter. Take number 1 cylinder spark plug out and then u stick screw driver in plughole untilthe piston comes to the furthest point up and then u drop your distributer in with the rotor button facing number 1 on the cap....
You have to use a scan tool and set it plus or minus 2 degrees of 0
There is only one that will work with the computer on that truck. If it's a 1/2 ton you need the 4L60E, 3/4 tons need the 4L80E transmission in it. That's your ONLY choice of transmissions.
My former 1991 S-10 pickup was a basic, four cylinder, 'power nothing' ride. While there's plenty of room under the hood and someone may make an air conditioner that fits, don't count on anything smaller than a six cylinder being able to power an A/C unit. If, like mine, yours is just the basic...
There are 2 of them on that engine, Both of them are underneith the INTAKE MANIFOLD You will have to remove the intake to service them and to even be able to see them.
Has to be in park with the emergency brake on, or maybe they would turn off if you just tripped the switch on the emergency brake without actually engaging it. That way it wouldn't have to be in park.
Look up under your truck at the rear end and you will see a long medal round shaft / drive shaft that's hooked to the rear end and goes towards the front of the truck and that shaft slides into the back of the transfur case. The transfur case is bolted to the rear of the transmission.
That year did not have a MAF sensor / Mass air flow sensor.
Hi, There are two fuse panels, or boxes, in the 2001 Venture. The first is under a plastic access panel on the passenger side of the dash. Remove the plastic panel (it just snaps out) to see the fuses. The second fuse box is under the hood, also on the passenger side, near the battery. I...
The exhaust is different, and you will probably need a bigger radiator.
Yes,,,but modifications will be needed depending on what truck it is going in. The fact of the matter is that most trucks were available with big blocks, in a 3/4 version, so, in most cases, it will bolt right in.
i have tail lights but do not have brake lights nor do i have turn signals. i have replaced brake switch and all bulbs
you have a clutch damper on the left side of firewall,it has a bleeder screw,bleed this one first,you have a clutch slave cylinder ,bolted on the side of transmission ,that has rubber cover,it has a bleeder screw,do this one last,have someone pump clutch pedal afew times and hold to floor and open...
%DETAILS%. Answer . If disk brakes the rotor could be worn and either needs replaced or turned.(put on a lathe to put it back in true again)Other possibilities are worn wheel bearings or worn ball joints.\nBest to have a shop look at it to determine the actual cause.. Answer . My car does this...
If the 2000 is the new body style then YES it will.
Answer . When you park it on a hill- use the Parking brake or turn wheels into curb and park vehicle against it. . Another way I have found, but it takes two people. The one in the driver's seat gently shifts the transmission. The second person will need to either be in front or in back of the car...
If the oil is leaking from the front seal you will need to remove the oil pan and replace both the front and rear seals and the rail gaskets.
Ive only looked into this out of pure electronic intrest. and from what i read the system requires you to make a humming noise as you breath into it. This leades me to thinking that it either has a small microphone that picks up on a frequency range (this would be a little low tec and i guess is not...
2003 Chevrolet Silverado Pickup: 22" replacement wiper blades both sides front 2003 S Series Pickup: 20" replacement wiper blades both sides front See sources and related links below for more information.
Yes you will have to remove the transfur case first.
The diagram is not on a decal under the hood or in the engine compartment.
if you replace the alternator will you also be replacing thevoltage regulator
how much horsepower does a 2004 Chevy silver z71 have with a 5.3 liter v8?
I just had this happen to me and I just had it replace. I can speak from the experience of replacing the front wheel hub assembly. The first indicator is NOISE. What type of noise? On acceleration - looking at the RPMs, the car gets louder in a humming manner - significant to the ear - not as...
I've done it multiple times and never had any issue. Absolutely no change in oil pressure.
It could, along with dozens of sensors, wiring, computer...............
The computer controls the timing. It will move it where it wants.
go to auto parts store and purchase a haynes repair manual
A cylinder misfire is condition where one or more of the cylindersis not burning the fuel at the proper time it should. It can becaused by a defective spark plug or plug wire. It can also becaused by a defective fuel injector, blown head gasket, or in rarecases a burnt valve.
Answer . Buy yourself a Haynes manual and follow directions. Mine was easy (front pads) its a 93. Yours, being newer may have disc brakes on all four wheels? That should be very easy. Spend about 14 bucks at AutoZone or Pep Boys for the Haynes manual for the truck, its not too tech, and it will...
No...The Mounting Holes Are 3/4 Of A Inch Off
wrong oil filter or could be a different weight of oil
Ayudar is the infinitive form of the verb to help, assist or tide over.
Answer . My rear passenger window sometimes gets stuck in the down position. To roll up the back window I need to SLAM shut driver side door really hard. The driver side door has the master panel for all windows. Sometimes the master switch button for the rear window gets stuck in the down...
Bank 2 is the passenger side exhaust, sensor 1 is before CAT and sensor 2 is after CAT.
9 to 13 LBS. No higher are lower are you will have starting and running problems.
no they do not, only if u ran true dual with both of the pipe diameter to be 4''
Answer . Look for fuse box in Central fusebox\nFuse #5 it is 15amp and is the same fuse which shares cigarette lighter\nShould be Blue in color\nHope that helps\nRay
55 PSI to 62 PSI no higher are lower are you will have starting or running problems.
\n. \n Torque Intake \n. \nDepends on the diameter of your intake bolts. For 5/16" bolts torque is 23-25 ft lbs, 3/8" bolts are 28-32 ft lbs, and the 1/4" bolts are torqued 6-9 ft lbs.
Yes, switch the transfer case to neutral.
Answer . base timing without EST hooked up is 0 degrees BTDC. New answer; The timing is not adjustable, It is controlled by the computer.