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Chevrolet is known for its medium-duty commercial trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUV). Some of the current Chevy trucks and SUVs are the Colorado, Silverado, Avalanche, Tahoe, and Suburban.
Answer . \nif your latch just broke, use a vice grip. if the cable itself has snapped, it gets tricker. \n. \nmy 2nd cutlass's cable snapped. i had to lift and jerk the hood manually until it came loose.
The arm is held onto the spindle by a slight taper in the seat. When you tighten the nut, it forces the arm, which is bored in a taper, to push onto the spindle. The spindle and bore both have fine grooves cut in them to stop the arm from turning, so do not turn it. The procedure the will work is:....
remove the differential. it has 5 17 mm nuts around the diff. then
Depends on the manufacturer.
Depending on year.. as low as 145hp in the L65 in the mid 70's 295hp "gross" in the first in 1967 370hp "gross" in the original 1970 lt-1 405hp 1993 ZR-1 350 was the highest production 350 at 405hp
May be your rear seals, need tightened or replaced.
Use TranSynd licensed by Dextron 3 product
Try removing the negative cable from the battery terminal (blackcable). This should reset all of your vehicle diagnostics.
There are no shortcuts for this job. The ignition module is located on the iginition coil pack. The coil pack is located on the engine block on the firewall side. Just follow the plug wires down to the coil pack, it is in a tight space. Feel around and find the 10 mm bolts holding the coil pack on....
use a torchto heat the nut but make sure not to burn plastic fan it will tak a couple mins but it will come off
Unfortunately, there is no "fix" for a leaky brake line other than completely replacing it. Brake lines are under extreme pressure and NOTHING will stop the leak. Attempts at patching a brake line only endanger the occupants in the vehicle when it busts free (and it will)posing a crash hazard. If...
check the multi function switch. I hava a 96 Chevy Monte Carlo and I had the same problem . I changed the multi function switch and the brakes lights now work. the rear brake lights run thru the switch on the turn signal circuit. try it and see.
unplug your driversside assy and plug into your passenger side if that makes it work bad bulbs or bad taillight assy. try new bulbs first
The blower motor should either be located in the dash driver or passenger side witch should be able to see from under the dash if it's not located in the dash check under the hood near the firwall.
Take it to a repair shop or somewhere that can read the computer, acheck engine light can mean a lot of things it is very broad,reading the computer can help you narrow down what is wrong withit.
rocker arms can be tightened right down as their is a shoulder on the stud.
Your tranny is in limp mode. The only gears that work are 2nd and reverse. Check the cable to your tranny and see if it is plugged all the way in. If it is then you have other electrical problems and need to have your truck looked at.
Answer . it is called an owners has all this fact information in it. Answer . \nActually that may not have that spec in it, add 4 quarts and re-check level. It may take up to eight but it does vary.
Well, the rear is easy, jack it way up, remove rear tires, put jack stands under frame, disconnect the shock, and let the sling push the axel down, remove the spring and add the spacer and replace the spring, making sure it is seated well in both top and bottom spring cups. The front is more...
Answer . I am pretty sure that a 97 and 99 are the same. On a 99 Tahoe the blower motor resistor pack is on top of the air box. Remove the glove compartment door, the blower itself will be on the right side. All the way to the far left on top of the air box there is a plug. Unplug and remove the...
100 mph then vuts off and refires at 99 mph
There are a couple of spots with securing screw/nut on the door panel. Behind the door opening handle - you must push the small clips in and slide the plastic piece forward and off. This will reveal the first spot.. The next are under the small plastic cap in the well of the door closing grab handle...
255 hp 350 f/lbs torque at 2800 rpms that's stock no mods
If you go to AutoZone .com and check with there repair manuals on-line you can find the engine codes for your tracker
it is a great " little " truck when looked after.
full coolant system is about 12liters dry.
check with auto grave yards in your area or the Chevy dealerships. You can also check the classified section of your local paper.
Gonna need to know what engine you have in that 86 S-10.
Answer . \nThe starter is close to the firewall in the back of the engine. So if you have the hood open and you are facing the engine, it is straight ahed in the middle and about half way down in the back of the engine. It should be a bosch unit.
I'm sure that was the 4L80E transmission.
2 Wheel Drive = 195/75-14 *. 4 Wheel Drive = 205/75-15. * Note that this size does not appear to be available anywhere and most owners seem to be upsizing to the 205/75-15
Most likely cause: The sensors in the front hubs get rusty over time and don't send a solid signal (pulse) to the ABS system fooling the ABS system to think the wheel has stopped rotating and causing a false engagement of the ABS system.. Replacing the front hubs usually solves this problem. It is...
The approximate curb weight of a 1982 Chevrolet S10 v6 standard cabis 3,600 pounds. A modified truck will weight more.
negative side of coil, or if electronic distributor it will have a port on the distributor, then its power wire and ground and then same for lights
Answer . Should be the same as parking/tailight
I have had 94,98,00 tahoes. Twice I have had what you are describing both times all it took was steering line replacement.. Hope that helps
Can you use park, neutral, or reverse? If so then your tranny is in limp mode. The only gears that work are 2nd and reverse. Check the cable to your tranny and see if it is plugged all the way in. If it is then you have other electrical problems and need to have your truck looked at. I'm not sure...
It just snaps in that is why they are always missing because they come off so easy
Answer . Try the lower rear end of the engine. Follow the + battery cable
Answer . Try in or near the fuse block. Perhaps left side of steering column by firewall?
Answer . Check brake fluid level. Check to make sure emergency brake is fully released. Check wire on switch of emergency brake (Maybe loose)
This could be a cracked flex plate (common on this vehicle).Also common if it is a k1500 the centering main bearingon the 350 vortex goes bad due to the oil filter being sideways on the motor.If you put sea30 motor oil on your next oil change and it goes away it's your bearing.
5 quarts, unless you need to fill up torque converter, then you'll need an additional 5-6 quarts.
Black smoke is just unburnt fuel in a diesel if the vehicle is notmodified in any way to make this happen then something is causingit to not burn it all, it will not harm it but you should figureout why its not burning all of its fuel. (most diesels will spitout a little black smoke)
I did this not too long ago in my 2002 Nissan Altima 3.5SE....It's actually not that hard. On the driver's side, you have to remove the factory air intake (just remove the hoses and it pops right out). Then, just unscrew the whole rear casing for the headlight (takes about a 1/4 turn). Remove clip,...
well 6 3/4 front doors and 4x6 on back door panels according to schoche website
Yes it can. It is the same engine.
Answer PERHAPS THROTTLE BODY IS STUCK OPEN- TRY TO FREE WITH SCREWDRIVER (WITH ENGINE OFF) Also could be either a bad TPS (throttle position switch) or bad ICS (Idle control solinoid) more likely to be TPS
A bad alternator. Turning the steering wheel all the way is very demanding on the power steering which draws power from the engine and can cause the idle to dip down. A weak alternator is usually the cause for the stalling.
The DTC P0449 is: EVAP Emission Control System Vent Vlv/Sol Malf Straight out of my code book. Hope this helps you out.
Answer . \nLook closly at the sprocket and you will see a small dot or indentation,you align both dots (cam and crank sprocket dots)
You can fit almost any deck inside, you just need a vehicle specific mounting kit.
on my 1999 Ford Contour the oriface tube was located under the hood on the firewall on the high pressure line, below the larger low pressure line, need to buy disconnect tool fuel/ac line tools, remove and then along the line is a connection with two nuts 22mm and 19mm unscrew and remove hose
Answer . \nYou have to take the back seat out, and then remove the trim panels, you also might have to remove some of the headliner in the back to get the trim off, then you can get to the rear speakers, its one hell of a job
Answer . \nDriver side of upper intake manifold. Just behind the IAC valve. IAC is just behind the throttle body.
Hey William==This means that the gauge on the dash isn't getting a signal from the sending unit. The sender is either not plugged in or there is a break in the wire somewhere. GoodluckJoe
Answer . I am not exactuly sure, but I know that most automobile manufacturers list capacity specifications in the vehicle's owner's manual. Check there. I bet it will tell you how large the fuel tank is.
I had the same problem with my 89 S-10.. I just inserted the key and then very carefully grasped it with a pair of pliers and slowly turned it to the left. This opened the window. Then, still using the pliers, I turned the key to the right until I heard two clicks and then pulled the tail gate open....
Usually, in this case, scenario, the car usually does that becausesomeone in the family does not have a seatbelt on, which is bad.
My research indicates GM has a problem with one of the gaskets on the intake manifold and or on the water pump. I went from no leaks at all to two almost over night. You need to get this fixed sooner rather than later because the failed gasket can start to leak into the engine and that will...
Located behind the starter. Have to take starter off to get to it.
the timing is computer controlled when there is no dist.---which became standard in 1987---previous to that you rotate the dist. and set it to the number of degrees advance that the decal under the hood says---some where around 10---the timing marks are behind the harmonic balancer (which is on the...
Yes when I test drove my truck at the used car dealership where i bought it from it had keyless entry but when i went to pick it up the next day the took the remote off. Been trying to get it from them but they said they didn't know anything about it.
how to change oil pump in a 2000 Chevy silverado 4.3 2 wheel drive truck
Rear side of oil pan on right side..............about 8 in from the oil drain plug...........white in color with black and brown connector with blue safety cover
A couple of things to check for: -Debris in fuel tank. -Driver often operates vehicle at low fuel level. This vehicle has a tendency to go through fuel pumps if fuel level regularly goes below 1/4. -High system voltage. Check voltage at the alternator (not the battery). -Pickup screen at...
You first have to unbolt the engine from the motor mounts and unbolt the engine from the transmission. You then will remove the motor from the truck to make replacing the mounts easier. The mounts should each be held down by four bolts going into the frame. Remove or cut these bolts to remove the...
Hey Lee==Simply remove the hindge bolts and remove the door. Some are welded on and you sometimes can remove the hinge pins. GoodluckJoe
Answer . Stabilizer bar or bushings. Could also be stabilizer bar end links.. Answer . If it is a 1/2 ton and acts like an older car with a bad idler arm - have the rack and pinion checked. A recall was quitely announced in late 2000 regarding the factory use of improper an rack - too small for...
There are four ways to find a ratio. 1 A dealer can normally tell from the vin number. 2 There are normally tags or labels on the axle that have part number, gear ratio, and fluid requirement info. 3 You can count how many times you have to turn the driveshaft to get one complete turn of the...
Any brand of brake fluid will be fine.. as long as it is DOT3
I have a '91 C1500 with nearly 200k on it. Had to do a transmission rebuild at 150k, A/C compressor ( and conversion to new freon) at 160k. Other than that, just the normal wear such as PS pump, water pump, radiator, alternator. Obsessively change the oil and filters.
it is located just below the fuse panel below the dash on the drivers side. large rctangle relay
Flasher Relay is located, (Front seating area, passenger side, behind dash, under access panel, mounted in fuse panel in glove compartment behind).
Engine compartment gas leak. Repair immediately. **When this suddenly happened to us, my husband found that the oil filler cap had popped off. Luckily it was still under the hood, and as soon as...
you can find the switch by looking underneath the truck right below the stick shift
Answer . Go to Advance Auto Parts. They can print a belt routing illustration for you.
Assuming you have a 195 degree thermostat, it should be aprox 195 degrees plus or minus a few.