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Introduced in 1982, Chevy S-10 is a pickup truck manufactured by General Motor’s Chevrolet brand. It was also sold from 1996 to 2000 by Toyota as the Hombre. The vehicle was popularly known as the S-series.
Answer . \nProbably 150 to 200 if you have it done. If you can do it yourself, the glass would cost 25-50 from a junkyard.
It's in the area of the oil filter, wires going to it. Can leak but most of the time it's the gasket between the oil filter adapter.
No Belt . \n$0.00 It has a chain and NOT a belt.
The evap is in the heater box which is bolted to the firewall behind the instrument panel (IP)assembly. The IP has to be removed in order to gain access to the heater box. After you remove the IP or detach it enough to gain access, the heater box bolts from the outside. The A/C will need to be...
\n. \n Answer: Not Related \n. \nCoil and fuel pump are two separate systems. Should not affect each other directly.\n. \nI replace the distributor and can now get the car to start and stay running. Thankss
Answer . \nthere isn't one
you can go to Solofllex website and order on or eBay for around $15.00. they are still in business.
When you say the "caliper won't line up", do you mean that you can't get the new brake pads over the rotor? Most calipers must be opened up when you replace the brake pads. You can usually buy, rent or borrow a specialty tool that opens up the caliper for you. The new brake pads are much thicker...
Answer . \nStart with adding 4 quarts after changing the oil & filter. Start the engine and run for a couple of minutes. Shut if off and wait 30 min. Add until it is full. You will now know the correct amount, which should be around 4.5 qts.
to awnser your question, the vacuum is supplied bythe engint to a switch located on top of the transfer case which when engaged applies vacuum to the actuator engaging the front differential, the t case switch should have three lines, a inlet outlet and a t case vent . Chevy S10 4WD Vacuum...
It must be your heater core can replace it in about 1h.....its inside behind the gloves compartment ....
I had an '84 S-10 Blazer with 15x10 chrome corvette ralley rims with a 295x50x15's! I had to trim the traction bars but everything else fit with no issues.
If you truly do need to replace the key lock cylinder you will need to take it to a dealer.. You can replace the ignition switch portion yourself. However the key lock has a chip on it that tells your cars computer it is ok to start.. The dealer will have to re-program your cars computer to tell it...
Answer -flasher on 97 Avenger . \nOn my 97 Avenger is located on the dash right above the back window defroster. It will show a symbol in red.
you just pull the three bolts holding the valve cover down. the bolts run right down the middle of the valve covers. pull the valve cover off, replace the old gasket with the new one and tighten the valve covers back on.
The sensor screws into the side of the oil pan. You will need to drain the oil and then replace the sensor.
start with the triangle of plastic in the front corner of the window. pop that off (2 metal inserts hold it in.) Then move just below that to the round plastic inserted retainer. Then remove the screw that's in the bottom of the door pull/handle. Then behind the door release there is a...
drop the tranny pan and its right there. unlpug in and get a new one and plug it in. you should also change the govenor pressure sensor while your in there... and the tranny filter! hardest part is gettin the pan down without drinking the tranny fluid.
Unfortunally you can't replace just the cables. They come with the latch assembly and there is a left and right.
Dist. cap. Right side 3-1-5. Left side 2-4-6-Coil
I do believe they are the same heads if it's a 2.2OHV 134cc 4banger. But it is for 1995 and up to 2000 because Chevrolet changed the 2.2 OHV for a 2.2 dohc. Make sure on what your buying before making a mistake
A few thoughts come to mind, when you installed the new engineyou probably swapped over all the fuel injection and ignitionsystems from the old engine, one of those items may have beenfaulty. You may also have a faulty pre-cat or post-cat O2 sensor ordamaged sensor wiring. This would be a good time...
They are six inches. I own a 2001 mirage and just changed the speakers today.
Answer . 64,53 ,21. Answer . correction it is 143,652 companion firing order is 16-45-32
Answer . \nit is above the radio below the temp controls
this is probably because you have a short in the switch or a short to power as far as I've seen the person who asked this question is a prick and dumb as hell.
go to a repair shop they'll tell you
If your pump is out you should not run the engine as this will ruin it very quickly. If you have an oil pressure guage and you have less than 10 psi of oil pressure you have a problem. My 94 Chevy G20 van with a 5.7L had low oil pressure until I replaced the intake manifold gaskets, during which...
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Answer . Actually it is getting too much gas. Black smoke is an indication of an overly rich fuel mixture.
At the rearmost section of the engine to the right of the distributor.
your problem is most likely with your wheel bearing/hub assembly. Try disconnecting the battery for 3 to 5 mins. and it should switch back to 2x4
I have a 97 chevy s10 and my timing chain broke and bent every valve too so yeah u will need to get ur head fixed or buy a new or used one but if u buy a used one get it pressure tested before u put it on
positive crankcase ventilation
Four cylinder, rear of engine below exhaust manifold. V6, front of engine behind motor mount.
when you change directions from forward to reverse it makes a clunk sound and there is a slit delay in movement.
the oil heats up in the transmission and the gears slide easier. check the transmission oil and think of a possible change of oil
Don't run low on gas! . \nYes.You have to remove the gas tank to get to the fuel pump inside.Your sock is probably clogged. This happens if you run your car low on gas alot.It picks up all the crud on the bottom of your gas tank.Hope this helps.When you change it, try not to run to low on gas.
I had to replace a wiper switch on a 1992 Chevrolet Full size pick-up, and to do so, the steering wheel had to be removed. I think the models are similar. To begin, remove the horn cap, and in some models you may have to remove the attached wire. Go to autozone rent a "steering wheel puller" It has...
Answer . follow this link. It gives instructions!
Yes, the front has discs brakes on them.
Gm v-6 173 2.8l 1979 thru 1993 rod bearing caps 40 ft. Lb 2004 thru 2005 18 ft. Lb + 110 degree turn
Answer . There is a clip holding the handle. It is located in the center in the back of the handle. There is a tool to remove & install it; but you can use a flat screwdriver carefully. Good luck.
Answer . Saturns do not use a speedometer cable to control the gauges on the cluster. It uses the magnetic pickup located in the vehicle speed sensor, mounted in the back side of the transmission. The computer then sends signals to the dashboard to operate the gauges electronically
The light is on because there is a problem detected by the ABS/Traction control module. Once the problem is fixed the light will reset itself after a short drive.
I've been told there is a "hidden" VIN stamped somewhere on the frame behind the right front fender well, but I've never been able to find one. Good Luck!!
Using a 5/16" 6 point box wrench or socket remove the negative battery cable first then the positive cable. Using a 13mm socket with a 10" extension remove the battery hold down bolt and remove clamp wedge. Remove the battery, clean up battery tray and cable ends with water and baking soda and wire...
15amp fuse is required if it keeps blowing the fuse than you have a direct short in the circuit Do not put a bigger fuse than 15amp because it may result in a fire.
there is a compression tester you can buy. you remove a spark plug and connect the tester turn over the engine and take a reading. compression pressure should be 140 PSI
There is no relay in the 1996 Dodge Ram, only a breaker in the power distribution box under the hood... Dodge uses basically the same headlight switch from the 60's through '98 when they realized that the 1 ton trucks (with extra lights and usually used for towing) were burning up the headlight...
Answer . Could be a neutral switch or starter selenoid problem. I have enve seen a bad battery do that, too. See if you can get your battery "load tested." This can usually be done for free at your local auto parts store. A neutral switch can be bypassed/hardwired and a selenoid can be jumped if...
it is easiest to unbolt the bed (8 bolts) and use a cherry picker (engine hoist) to move the bed off, then you get perfect access to your tank, plus any exhaust work from there too!
EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation). look for it to be attached to the exhaust manifold or a pipe from the exhaust manifold
If it is a manual transmission it has no dip stick just a fluid level plug
I believe the Coil Pack grou nds itself when mounted. One wire is constant voltage, the other fires the plug.
Will a Chevy blazer engine fit in a Chevy s10 pickup
check the owners manual for cooling system capacity.
Commonwealth of Australia.
The hinges on a 1992 Chevy S-10 are on the side. If any adjustmentsare needed for the door they can be made through there.
Anything over about 4000 lbs makes stopping very dangerous in mine (manual drum brakes), and the 360 starts to feel a little strained on steep hills. Mine has a C6 auto tranmission. If I had a manual trans and power disc brakes I'm sure I could tow a lot more.
Answer . \nmabey bad plug wires or plugs....or rotor in the distributor...but im 16 what do i know
6 Qts. . 6 quarts with filter & oil change.
i have a 91 sl and there is two fuses under the hood under a black cover on passinger side away from the fuse box
i replaced the whole exhaust system on mine about $350 the muffler was only $39
replace the EGR valve and reset the OBD II. Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve
under the battery, remove the battery and battery tray
\nautozone website says it needs 4 1/2 quarts of 5w-30
Answer . There is no timing control. It's all calibrated by the computer and crankshaft positioning sensor.
it is located in 1994 Chevrolet corsica
Answer . \nThe relay is in the fuse box under the hood.
Check your compressor for the air ride, when the compressor goes bad it can burn out your alt
I have the same issue with my 99 TJ. After a ton of searching, I came across a technical service bulletin (NHTSA #606058, Service bulletin #081599, Replacement bulletin #082098) about the problem. There is an electrical component that is failing. I called the dealership and they told me it's about...
Answer . \nOn 03 silverados i belive the blower motor relay is internal to the blower motor resistor. i could be wrong though, check the underhood fuse/relay panel for one.
Dex-cool it is orange-red color
There are 4 slave cylinders on a truckPossibly. type 1 is for a manual clutch and is in the Bell-housing for the clutch. type 2 is the slave cylinder for the breaks and there is one for every wheel
Answer . check your fuses under the dash and under the hood.
lol. went through a lot with this one, huh? how about your dpfe sensor? did you replace it? It would cause all of that. Did you thoughougly clean out your egr passageways inside the throttle body? Did you check for clogged hoses (both the red and green facory hoses tend to get clogs in those 90...
Answer . \nMy '85 builds up pressure especially when the fuel drops below a 1/4 of a tank, it's always done that so I take it as normal.
The air bag light is on because there is a problem with the air bag system. As long as the air bag light is on the system is not working, so if you crash the bag won't work. The light won't go off until it's fixed. A scanning device can read the trouble codes to identify the problem. Many auto parts...
Your brake booster is probably bad due to a loss of vacuum. Try this test: with the truck off pump the brakes about four times then while holding the brake pedal down, start the truck, if it drops slightly (about 1/4 inch)your booster is not the problem/ no drop booster is the problem. You will...
Owner's manual says: \n. Standard Fuel Tank 20 Gallons \n. Optional Fuel Tank (some 2wd models) 13 Gallons
Answer . \nLooking at the Autozone "repair guides" ther is a relay for the 3rd brake light, but offers no help on its location.
Answer . \nsince your question has no kind of detail I'll give you some advice. an engine needs air, fuel and spark to run. to check for fuel unplug your fuel filter and try to start it, it should shoot out gasoline if it dont the fuel pump may be bad.