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Cette catégorie est destinée aux questions posées dans la langue française. This category is for questions asked in the French language.
In french, if the last letter of the word is a consonant it is only  pronounced if it is in the word Careful. From that we know the -n  on the end of the word will be silent. In french the letter 'e' is  generally pronounced as a soft 'uh' sound. So the word would be  pronounced vuh-n-o with the...
Ics encourage jurisdictions to use common terminology. Common terminology :
On the French emblem, there are no words at all, except for RF, standing for République française. On the French logo, however, there are words and they say "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" meaning "liberty, equality, fraternity."
Je voudrais faire une commande de mémoire RAMDAM 365-3456-285
Le christianisme est la religion la plus populaire dans le monde. 33% des personnes dans le monde sont chrétiens.
Le vrai nom du chanteur français Julien Clerc c'est Paul-AlainLeclerc.
YESouigracieasbonjourneva got to fly on a concordgunna be a bigger star than my mum fortcoz everyday i got a girl on the front door
When something was lasting in the past or not finish Je mangeais quand tu es entré : I was eating when you entered By the way imperfect is the opposite of 'perfect', which itself means finished, so imperfect means 'not finished' It's a bit like continuous tenses in English
What is the golden rule of the roman catholic church ?
It is an elective you have to take during one semester of your school year. Or you can take Spanish or what ever languages you have in your school. Mainly it is an elective and you have to pick 1 out of how many languages your aloud to chose from.... Hope my answer was helpful!!!
whats the question?!
Masculine. When using vêtement to refer to  clothes, it should be plural: des vêtements. Le  vêtement refers to a piece of clothing.
vous avez des beaux yeux (is more usual)
Translation: What is the population of Cuba?Answer: 11,247,334 (in 2008)
Answer #1 . French, I guess.. Answer #2 . The French language may be known as the language of the Academie Francaise , which defines the standards of correct, educated French. It may be known as the language of the arts , due to the dance discipline of ballet. It may be known as the language of ...
According to Wikipedia, between 60% and 70% percent of the English language is of "French or Oil Language origin, most derived from, or transmitted by, the Anglo-Norman spoken by the upper classes in England for several hundred years after the Norman Conquest, before the language settled into what...
French is the seventh most spoken language in the world with approximately 265-270 million speakers worldwide. According to a project led by the a French research project, in 2050 approximately seventy percent of the world will understand, if not speak, French.
This is a quite tricky theme, but it has got a simple answer."Gender" of words may have 2 main roles:1) As far as living beings are concerned:_In some cases, they are used to differentiate males from females in certain activities, job, professions and among the animal kingdom (similar to German in...
Very probable - cognac. Also: calvados, armagnac, champagne, pastis, absynthe, wine, beers The French, collectively, probably drink more water than anything else. Wine and Champagne
un coquillage de mer
preferred (the past participle) - préféré (masculine) préférée (feminine)
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Au revoir, or see you soon abientot
"qui est la" ==> Who is the
The French tend to settle on mineral water and fruit juices as room temperature drinks. They tend to drink tea and coffee as hot drinks. They tend to choose French wines, liqueurs and champagnes as alcoholic beverages.
Les ailes de l'avion sont arrondies au dessus et plates au dessous. Cette forme crée une aspiration sur le dessus de l'aile qui avec la vitesse, permet de soulever l'avion.
If you meant medal, it's médaille
je ne deviendrai pas un infirmier/une infirmière qualifié(e) avant l'âge de quarante-cinq ans.
the '' l' '' means the but '' le '' and '' la '' do aswell
la nil est un riviere en afrique, qui mesure 7,034km longe.
Ce n'est pas clair, mais c'est fort probable que le plupart des decouverts etait fait par hasard en faisant la cuisine. Si le feu de camp etait etabli sur un minerai metallique, c'est arrive parfois une chose inattendue, mais heureuse.Un tel accident ou deux pouvait provoquer des experiences...
Hello I'm french Edouard Lalo it's like ... Eh do hard without 'd' last without 'st' hello without 'hel'.. I don't know how to help you... :/
Which is the highest mountain?
Nobody can give you an exact number but 85% of all French speaking people are not French.
la maison de mon ami / amie
"Enchanté" if the speaker is male, "enchantée" if the speaker is female.
  Veux-tu sortir avec moi? 
a la mode and it means in fashion
Jan Cousteau's favorite court bouillon recipe for lobster was published in the tenth and last issue of Fathom magazine. Her recipe appears on p. 38 in the Fish Dish section. Court bouillon ("briefly boiled liquid") is a flavored liquid that traditionally is used for poaching or quick cooking fish...
Jan Cousteau adds white wine and white vinegar to the cooking water in her court bouillon recipe for lobster. She also has a bouquet garni . Her bouquet garni is made of bay leaves , carrot , celery , cloves , onion , parsley , peppercorns , and thyme . Court bouillon ['briefly boiled...
Naguib Mahfouz won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1988
j'ai tant besoin qu'une vague miraculeuse me ramene sur la rive, je me noie dans les remous de la vievoulez vous etre mon sauveur
"Si tout VA bien, je serai grand-mère en juillet".
What is the name of your teacher?
What the diseases caused by pollution of the soil?
"Etre" is used for any motion verb (use the "Dr./Mrs. P. Vandertramp" trick to remember motion verbs) and any reflexive verbs. All other verbs use "avoir" as the past participle.
enfant sauvageLaisse le bon temps rouler !
potentiel is the French spelling for potential.
Frances Hodgson Burnett [le 24 novembre 1849-le 29 octobre 1924], c'est l'auteur de 'La Petite Princesse'.
la population de l'amerique du nord est 528,720,588 (juliet 2008 est.)
Les oaays bilingues en anglais: "the biligual contries" pour exaple, la suisse, la belgique, ou la canada.
literally 'Paris is there'
الله يا رحمان و يا رحيم   Allah الله      yaa يا      rahman رحمان      waو    yaa يا    rahiim رحيم   O Allah the (Most) Gracious and the most merciful
Il mesure 1m63    In other words, veeeeryyy short.
Je veux etre stupifie'pendant toute la journee
Love is a fire that goes out if it does not increase.
nimporte quel feraille du moteur peut faire l'affaire
Needs some punctuation. "Find the names of products which are provided on labels of empty bottles or on packaging carton. Cut out the names of the products and glue them in this box" (referring to printed box on some type of form or coupon).
Ok this sounds odd, but my french teacher said if you want to learn french, WATCH FRENCH TV, it will help with studying, also study french, but you can learn how to SPEAK well by watching the tv, good luck!
Forty-seven is "Quarante-sept" in French
it's spelled "vert(e)" and you pronounce it like "v" and "ear" put together. the "t" is silent.
"Sahn- tay" but make the "ay" short like the Spanish do
Un homme grenouille est un Plongeur équipé d'un scaphandre.
J'aimerai faire quelque chose de nouveau. Expérimenter des nouveaux affaires.
la cur duh la mare ... do re mi fa so LA... ocCUR ... DUmb (same sound as the u in luck)... do re mi fa so LA... mare like a horse or rhymes with hair
Peut-être means perhaps or could-be.
Sweet dreams is : Fait des beaux rêves
je permetstu permetsil permetnous permettonsvous permettezils permettent
Peyton is a name, not a word, so it's still Peyton.
il est trois heures trente
What is the nature of the business of plumbing?
I'm walking in Paris: je marche dans Paris I like walking in Paris: j'aime marcher dans Paris (infinitive)