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an aunt is called une tante in French. Tatie would be the equivalent of auntie.
'le vestiaire' (most often used in the plural: les vestaires) is the name for the locker rooms in French.
by putting threr bums in it
Three hundred and sixty five thousand kms
It is almost the same in English: it is "Association it means: as·so·ci·a·tion (-ss-shn, -sh-) n. 1. The act of associating or the state of being associated. 2. An organized body of people who have an interest, activity, or purpose in common; a society. 3. a. A mental connection...
nagé is the past tense and that goes with the auxiliary verb "Avoir" but to swim as an infinitive is nager
un chemisier (woman's shirt)
Japanese fighting fish are called 'des combattants' or 'des poissons combattants' in French.
Il y avait 89 athlètes de la France dans les olympiques 2010.
Paris, Lyons, and Marseilles are the three largest cities in France.
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Le nom de son bateau est Le revenge ou le qloop le - seahouse .
'the role of the language in crisis management'
the same as english.
Quelles sont les causes de la rumeur ou Quelle est la cause de la rumeur
If you mean "la vie", it means "life".
The French equivalent of the English phrase, they have . is: ils ont (masculine form) and, elles ont (feminine form).
Si c'est pour noter en pied de page, c'est p. suivi du numéro de page (ex. : p. 9).
la taille de Gerard lenorman est 1.72 M.
What is French for group
The French town of Rouen is the setting for the play 'The Lark' ['L'Alouette'] by Jean Marie Lucien Pierre Anouilh [June 23, 1910-October 3, 1987]. But at the time of the events of play, in the 15th century, the town is the center of the English occupational government of France. The play deals...
ilya 46 regarde le site http://lesé'dojifd/djjfkn/jcjhvbj/djbdabbnbh/hyfb
Usually foreign words are newer words for objects or actions recently invented and they lack a proper French word to describe it. Words such as "taxi" are an example. One could describe a taxi entirely in "native" French words, but that would be a fairly lengthy description as opposed to simply ...
It usually ends in May.
Like a lot of people do, to go out with friends, parties, cooking with friends, to go to the restaurent, make love...
Est ce que vous aller partir aujourd'hui?
* je ne peux pas *bavarder* (Use infinitive as you've already conjugated :) ) avec toi* - I cannot joke/trifle with you
The pronunciation is (egleez)
ben putain , ecoutes je ne sais pas moi
The English did who was lead by the General, James Wolfe.
Assuming the Q refers to rain, My usage would be that a shower is of short duration, whereas light rain may persist for some time. I fancy that these terms may have formal definitions in the profession of meteorology.
Can I have a little coffee: Puis-je avoir un peu de café ? Can I have a cup of coffee please: Puis-je avoir une tasse de café s'il vous plaît ?
One is going to daily shopping
What are the other countries that speak Italian?
Septembre , Octobre and Novembre
You could say: "Il n'y a pas beaucoup de soleil ici."
respect is spelled the same in French.
The same thing than any other country. The most important thing is shutters as it keeps out the heat in the summer or when its hot weather.
How thick is the ozone layer?
Let me show you what a kiss is, the French way.
It is tout/e in French and alles in German
Ça serre à tes identifier des autre personne de la population. C'est pour identifier, les policier, les pompier, les ambulancier, etc. Moi, je suis coordinateur et chef infirmier de l'urgence, ma uniforme me identifie comme un responsable, et ça me distingue des préposé et les...
you are wonderful, tu es merveilleux (masc.) / merveilleuse (fem.)
to think is penser in French.
The famous person that bought an atoll in French Polynesia is Arthur C. Clarke.
the hen is la poule in French.
If you mean Turn Right, then - tourner à droite.
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You're my [ ray of ] sunshine is an English equivalent of 'Tu es mon rayon de soleil.
isol é is a French word meaning isolated or insulated
Je crois que la couleur est rouge.
Because that was the day, in the year 1789, when the Bastille (a prison in Paris) was destroyed, and when the King of France was overthrown.\n. \nA few years after, one of the first parliamentary democracies in the world was formed, in France, known as the Republic of France.\n. \nNot to be confused...
Oui, certainement. On dit que dans le pays qui sont démocratique, la société est plus juste. Yes! Certainly. It is said that in countries which are Democratic, the society is a more fair one.
qui en est l inventeur
Argent. Parce que la suisse est une pays de banques. What are the natural resources of Switzerland? Banks. Switzerland is a land of banks.
C'est tres froid. Il pleut et a la montagne il neige.
Moi, je suis sure que si je te vois, je serai en amour avec toi.
Where are you going for your trip?
il regarde (glancing stares) or il joue (as an actor in a movie)
What would you say of yourself
baisers vous embrasse
Le mot "malfaçon" est souvent utilisé comme étant l'équivalent de vice de la chose vendue alors que le vocable ne devrait être utilisé que pour caractériser le travail défectueux de l'entrepreneur, même si celui ci fournit aussi les matériaux. On utilise aussi le mot "d...
UmptEE ptee FOORr seevoo PLAY, with a little stress on the uppercase syllable
French uses the English expression, but they spell it with a hyphen: le snack-bar.
Mon meilleur ami est appelée
Le mot yacusi est feminine.
Il y a seulement une chose qu'on doit faire pour maigrir et ça c'est de consummer moins qu'on utilise quotidienment.
The English meaning for 'Les compétences des chevaux divins sont divisées par deux dans le calcul du prestige des compétitions' is The powers of the divine horses are divided by two when calculating the level of competition
elle a des yeux brunes
It can actually be red OR blue. The red flag was flown by the Metis that traded with the Hudson's Bay Company. The blue flag was flown by the Metis who traded with the Northwest Company.
Un tournesol [ Helianthus annuus ], c'est une grande plante dont la fleur est jaune, et qui est originaire du Canada, des Etats-Unis, et du Mexique du Nord.
Votre question n'a absolument aucun sens. Si vous souhaitez poser une question qui fait sens, je ne serait-il répondre.
that I might have (subjunctive of the verb avoir - to have)