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Italian Language and Culture

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Italian is a major language of international organizations such as the European Union; and of countries in South America, northeastern Africa, and southern Europe. It also is Vatican City's primary language and therefore a main communications vehicle in the Roman Catholic Church worldwide. Typical contributors seek information about the language's regional variations; and wide ranging use in business, cooking, literature, and religion.
Everybody is different, not everybody has the same eye colour
Romance Language, as opposed to a Germanic language like English,is the way that Italian is classed linguistically.
If you start from Modane, France you can get directly to  Bardonecchia, Italy using Fréjus. It's about 33 minutes apart with  26.2 km (16.27 miles) between the two. Hope that helps. :)
No, it is Potuguese, I believe
Yes, Italian is hard since the grammar is similar to French.
Un vero ragazzino italiano is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "a true Italiankid". Specifically, the masculine singularindefinite article un is "a". The masculine adjective vero means "true" in this context. The masculine noun ragazzino means "kid, little boy". The masculine...
Words that have been taken from other languages don't always end in a vowel. Ex: il computer, gli sport, il club, il film, il DVD
Sono una gatta for a female and Sono un gatto fora male are Italian equivalents of the English phrase "I'm a cat."The respective pronunciations will be "SO-no OO-na GAT-ta" for afemale and "SO-no oon GAT-to" for a male.
origin 1675-1685 italian---from the latin word largus(generous)
MAINLY new York, jersey, and conneticut. And since I'm Italian I'd know that in NYC, the boroughs with the most Italians are staten island, queens, and Brooklyn. Then there's alot on Long Island too. And in New Jersey, mostly north and central jersey. South jersey, not really. And conneticut I...
No, Bacco is the name of an ancient roman god (Dionisius for the greeks). He was the god of wine and agriculture, infact you can find a lot of pictures representing him with a glass/bottle of wine and/or grapes on his hand. From him derives the "culto di bacco".
Check on ebay, or amibay or some amiga forums, people sell off their games every so often. If you just want to emulate you can probably download the game for free, this is leagal as the company is bust at this stage, try planetemu for the disk images.
I have a family and a heritage with great amazing food that comesfrom italy and great soccer experience because italy supportssoccer very much And I have the sense that one's private, family life is separatefrom one's public life.
The way to greet a female friend in Italian is Ciao! ("Hello!"), which also works for a male friend.
Giorgio Pini [February 1, 1899-March 20, 1987] was the editor of 'Il Popolo d'Italia' ['People of Italy']. The newspaper was founded by Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini [July 29, 1883-April 28, 1945], on November 15, 1914. Publishing of the newspaper began again in 1998, through the efforts of...
ci vediamo venerdi'
It's "Non vedo l'ora di vederti" ;)
Yves Montand is the Italian-born French singer of the song "Let's make love". Specifically, Yves Montand (October 13, 1921 - November 9, 1991) was born Ivo Livi in Monsummano Terme in Tuscany, central Italy. But he went with his family to France in opposition to the increasing political power of...
La Grecia is an Italian equivalent of the English name"Greece." The pronunciation will be "la GREH-tcha" in Italian.
If you mean David Beckham no he is not Italian he is English
Maybe Spanish but i don't know because i haven't tried it. But it's a Latin based language so it may be easy.
Italians use Euro. Most of the country's in Europe do.
A decline in trade is the effect of the success of Portuguese trade on other European nations in general and on the Italian city of Venice in particular. Specifically, Venice is located on the northeastern side of the Italian peninsula. It therefore represents one of Europe's most convenient and...
Belle scarpe is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "beautiful shoes". Specifically, the feminine adjective belle means "beautiful". The feminine noun scarpe translates as "shoes". The pronunciation will be "BEHL-ley SKAHR-pey" in Italian.
Scarpone in terms of a man's boot and stivale in terms of a woman's are Italian equivalents of the English word "boot". Specifically, the masculine noun scarpone calls to mind a boot whose heel is typical in height of a man's regular tie shoe. The masculine noun stivale designates a boot...
Bellissime foto! is one Italian equivalent of the Englishphrase "Great photos!" Specifically, the feminine superlative adjective bellissime literally means "extremely, most, verybeautiful" according to context. The feminine noun foto translates as "photo" in the singular and "photos" in the...
My grandmother is an English equivalent of 'mia nonna'. The feminine possessive 'mia' means 'my'. The feminine noun 'nonna' means 'grandmother'. Together, they're pronounced 'MEE-ah NOHN-nah'.
La storia della famiglia Pallominy a Firenze, Toscana, Italia. La storia della famiglia Pallominy in Toscana in generale, e nella città di Firenze in particolare, non è quello che si aspetta molto da una tipica vecchia famiglia italiana con una linea ben documentato che risale agli inizi del...
her roots are Spanish and Italian but she is American born.
Mente is an Italian equivalent of the English word "mind". Specifically, the word is a feminine noun in its singular form. It may follow the feminine singular definite article la ("the") or the feminine singular indefinite article una ("a, one"). The pronunciation will be "MEHN-tey" in...
The Italian plural of Signora ("Mrs.") is Signore,  the same spelling as the male singular Signore ("Mr.").
pizza, spaghetti, mozzarella, Gorgonzola, etc.
Cioccolata for the drink and cacao for the powder are Italian equivalents of the English word "cocoa" Specifically, the feminine noun cioccolata means "cocoa drink, cocoa refreshment". The masculine noun cacao translates as "cocoa powder" which will go into the making of the cocoa drink. The...
Cavalla is an Italian equivalent of the English word"mare." Specifically, the word functions as a feminine noun in its singularform. It identifies a female horse. The pronunciation will be"ka-VAL-la" in Italian.
You could visit a book shop or a library (some also have audiotapes/CDs available). You could also research local "freecycle" websites, which are siteswhere people exchange or give things away for free in your localarea.
Flower, you never remember me or Flower, don't you ever remember me may be English equivalents of 'Il fiore, non ti scordar mai di me'. The masculine definite article 'il' means 'the'. The masculine noun 'fiore' means 'flower'. The adverb 'non' means 'not'. The reflexive pronoun 'ti' means...
Chocolate in Italian is cioccolato
they only buy butter... and only on the weekends.
The verb essere, meaning 'to be' has six forms in the infinitive. They are as follows.Io - sonoTu - seiLui/Lei - éNoi - siamoVoi - sieteLoro - sono
Mi manchi tanto [il] mio amore is an Italian equivalent of 'I miss you so much, My love'. The personal pronoun 'mi' means 'me'. The verb 'manchi' means '[you] are lacking or missing to'. The adverb 'tanto' means 'so much'. The masculine definite article 'il' means 'the'. It doesn't have...
Le zanzare [da famiglia Culicidae ] sono di colore grigio o nero .
That you need to respect our rules or That you need to watch your interactions with us may be two of the meanings of 'Don't mess with us' in English.
Siamo andati is an Italian equivalent of 'We went'. The auxiliary 'siamo' means '[we] are'. The past participle 'andati' means 'gone'. Together, they mean '[we] are gone, went'. They're pronounced 'see-AH-moh ahn-DAH-tee'. That's what's said when 'we' refers to a group of males or a mixed...
No hes really spanish hes real last name is lopez:)
Questo segno is an Italian equivalent of the Englishphrase "this mark". Specifically, the masculine demonstrative adjective questo means "this". The masculine noun segno translates as"mark, sign". The pronunciation will be "KWE-sto SE-nyo" inItalian.
Ale is an Italian equivalent of the English name"Allie." Specifically, the name functions as a feminine/masculine propernoun. It is a given or nickname in English. In Italian, itparticularly serves as a nickname for Alessandra ("Alexandra") or Alessandro ("Alexander"). The pronunciation will...
Un segno is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "a mark." Specifically, the singular definite article un , uno means "a, one." The masculine noun segno means "mark, sign." The pronunciation is "oon SEH-nyoh."
A name which is used for the north is settentrione, which means north. Similarly meridione, which means south, can be used for the south.
"Eagle" is an English equivalent of the Italian-American nameEtzio. The name originates in the Italian masculine proper nounEzio, which traces its etymology back to the ancient Greek (aetos,"eagle" [Aquila spp]) by way of the ancient Latin Aetius.
"BRAH-vo" is the pronunciation of the  Italian word bravo.   The word functions as an adjective in  its singular masculine form or as an exclamation according to  context. As an exclamation, it means "well done!" As an adjective,  it translates as "capable, good, strong, valiant, worthy"...
Il Prete Rosso is Antonio Vivaldi's nickname in Italian. The  Venice-born Italian composer and violinist in question (March 4,  1678 to July 28, 1741) managed to pursue musical and religious  careers since he also was an ordained priest as of 1703. He  likewise was known for his red hair, which...
Businessmen, descendants ofimmigrants, diplomats, spouses, students and teachers arewho the Basques are in Italy. Specifically, the Basques are notconsidered an ancient people of insular or peninsular Italy. Theyinhabit coastal, hilly and mountainous areas of southwest Franceand northwest Spain....
Sotsass for a designer and spilla for an item are  Italian jewelry names whose spelling starts with the letter  s. Ettore Sotsass (September 14, 1917 to December 31, 2007)  is an Innsbruck-born, Milan-bred Italian designer of furniture,  glass, jewelery, lighting, and office machines whereas ...
Imported goods such as spices, tea, silks
Teenage Muant Ninja Turtles. Donattello, Raphael, Michaelangelo, and Leonardo
L'uomo nell'ombra is an Italian equivalent to the title of the movie 'The Ghost Writer'. The masculine definite article 'il' means 'the'. The masculine noun 'uomo' means 'man'. The word 'nello' * combines the preposition 'in' and the feminine definite article 'la' to mean 'in the'. The...
you pronounce it bah-thyo the y is like y in yeah not my. stress bah.
My or Mine may be English equivalents of 'la mia'. The feminine definite article 'la' means 'the'. The feminine possessive 'mia' means 'my, mine'. Together, they're pronounced 'lah MEE-ah'.
mahr-sel proost See the related link for more information, and actual recordings of the words.
Colosseo is an Italian equivalent of the English word"Colosseum." The pronunciation of the masculine proper noun --which is preceded by the masculine singular definite article il ("the") -- will be "KO-los-SEY-o" in Italian.
The masculine singular noun raggio is an Italianequivalent of the English word "ray." The pronunciation will be"RAD-djo" in Italian.
The word, 'precipitevolissimevolmente', in English means as fast or soon as possible.
File Server. Usually Italians doesn't translate computer language.
Yes, Latin came from Italy
Italian operas are either opera buffa or opera seria. opera buffa is a comedy. opera seria is a drama. Italian operas often have Bel canto. it means beautiful singing. all i know for German operas are that its very emotional. its not always beautiful, it may sound ugly. sorry that's all i know for...
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Highly doubt it, it wouldn't be very accurate if it existed.\nThere's no subtitute for the human brain.
Guadagnarsi da vivere is an Italian equivalent of theEnglish phrase "to make a living." Specifically, the present infinitive guadagnare is "toearn, gain, win" in English. The reflexive pronoun si means "for oneself" in this context. The preposition da means "for, to." The present infinitive ...
"Sei mio" if the person who is 'mine' is male, "Sei mia" if female. . As for previous suggestions.... > "Lei è il mio.". > Romantically, "lei è il mio amore", or even - as a leading > question - "lei è il mio, caro amico?" Utter nonsense. Who would use 'lei' when talking about a loved...
rich families paid for the creation of statues, painting, beautiful buildings learning, such as universities and hospitals.
Italian equivalents of 'pocket' are tasca for clothes in general, tascherino for jackets or shirts, sacca for concentrated areas, and vuoto d'aria for air.
Italians immigrated to Canada in the 1800's
Turin was Italy's first capital city from 1861 to 1865 when Florence became the capital & finally Rome became the capital in 1871.