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Domande in Italiano

Questa categoria è per le domande poste in lingua italiana. This category is for questions asked in the Italian language.
Everybody is different, not everybody has the same eye colour
Words that have been taken from other languages don't always end in a vowel. Ex: il computer, gli sport, il club, il film, il DVD
Giorgio Pini [February 1, 1899-March 20, 1987] was the editor of 'Il Popolo d'Italia' ['People of Italy']. The newspaper was founded by Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini [July 29, 1883-April 28, 1945], on November 15, 1914. Publishing of the newspaper began again in 1998, through the efforts of...
La storia della famiglia Pallominy a Firenze, Toscana, Italia. La storia della famiglia Pallominy in Toscana in generale, e nella città di Firenze in particolare, non è quello che si aspetta molto da una tipica vecchia famiglia italiana con una linea ben documentato che risale agli inizi del...
pizza, spaghetti, mozzarella, Gorgonzola, etc.
Flower, you never remember me or Flower, don't you ever remember me may be English equivalents of 'Il fiore, non ti scordar mai di me'. The masculine definite article 'il' means 'the'. The masculine noun 'fiore' means 'flower'. The adverb 'non' means 'not'. The reflexive pronoun 'ti' means...
they only buy butter... and only on the weekends.
The verb essere, meaning 'to be' has six forms in the infinitive. They are as follows.Io - sonoTu - seiLui/Lei - éNoi - siamoVoi - sieteLoro - sono
Le zanzare [da famiglia Culicidae ] sono di colore grigio o nero .
Siamo andati is an Italian equivalent of 'We went'. The auxiliary 'siamo' means '[we] are'. The past participle 'andati' means 'gone'. Together, they mean '[we] are gone, went'. They're pronounced 'see-AH-moh ahn-DAH-tee'. That's what's said when 'we' refers to a group of males or a mixed...
Imported goods such as spices, tea, silks
Italians immigrated to Canada in the 1800's
Turin was Italy's first capital city from 1861 to 1865 when Florence became the capital & finally Rome became the capital in 1871.
anche io ho bisogno di conoscere delle festività confuciane di gennaio . per favore datemene almeno una
This question was under translation Italian to English, which translates:What is the most penalized team in the serie A by the arbitrators?Now if it was someone seeking for an opinion, here's mine for what it's worth...Credo che gli arbitri siano distorte a favore della squadra di casa, in quel...
The last name 'Frantom' may or may not be Italian. It sometimes is identified as an English family name. But in that case, it most likely is originally a French last name. The French origins may or may not go back to Italy. It may relate to 'frantumi' , which is Italian for 'splinters'.
It's in the region of Tuscany (There are no states in Italy).
The surname "Franko" is from Italian, however the spelling has been  changed from Franco. The K in  Italian does not exist. Though, when names have been changed, even  slightly, it means that the family may have Italian descent, though  it would go far down in their family tree.
coal, mercury, zinc, potash, marble, barite, asbestos, pumice, fluorspar, feldspar, pyrite (sulfur), natural gas and crude oil reserves, fish, arable land
Umberto I [March 14, 1844-July 29, 1900] was Italy's leader in the decade, 1890-1900. In fact, as King of Italy, he led the country as of January 9, 1878. History has given him the nickname 'il Buono', which means 'the Good'. But his rule ended with his death by four well aimed pistol shots of...
Direi diverse tonalitá di marrone... alcuni chicchi possono tendere al nero.
The plural of il fiume, the river is i fiumi, the rivers.
Un lavoro sulle politiche da adottare è come si traduce normalmente la frase inglese policy paper. Si può anche dire una pubblicazione sulle politiche da adottare. Si tratta di una spiegazione di problemi di politica.
The official religion of Italy is Roman Catholicism.
signora // Sig.ra abbreviated
il volo di domani casablanca milano malpenza ci sarà?
What are the functions of the body parts of a seal ?
Medicine (drug) that opposes to the effects of drugs ?
What are the countries where racism still is a serious problem?
In how much time one heals of (from) keratitis?
ciao bella. com'e' andata la tua giornata? what you put above had to have come from an online translator which are completely wrong 98% of the time.
Esistono molte risorse che offrono la possibilità di consultare dizionari della lingua italiana online. Tra i miei preferiti questi due: http://www.dizionario-italiano.org - Dizionario Italiano http://www.dizionario-sinonimi.com - Dizionario Sinonimi
Molto denaro è stato speso, ma poco è stato fatto.
no it is not. Italian is a person/something from italy, British is from Britain.
  == Montgomery Clift, of course... ==   MONTGOMERY CLIFT sang "Plaisir d'amour" to OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND in the famous William Wyler film, "THE HEIRESS", based on the Henry James classic "Washington Square".   Olivia won her second Best Actress Oscar for THE HEIRESS ('49).   Anonymous
Italians usually have breakfast as soon as they wake up, lunch at 1o'clock and dinner at 8 o' clock in the evening. people also have snacks in between.
C'è un blog sempre aggiornato che recentemente ha pubblicato un post davvero semplice ed esplicativo, prova a dare un'occhiata su simutuo.myblog.it
No, it's German. Neu = new and burg = castle, so a "Neuburger" would've been a "person from the new castle."
mee say mankaato (1st"a" like in "cut", 2nd"a"like in "car", "o" like in "pot") tanto ("a" like in "cut", "o" like in "pot") doo - run - te ("te" like in "tell") less - taa ("a"like in "car") - te ("te" like in "tell")
Tiffany Dawn Thornton è il vero nome di Tawni Hart in Sonny tra le stelle. L'attrice e cantante statunitense è celebrissima per l'interpretazione. Si tratta di una Disney Show Original Series -- intitulata "Sonny with a Chance" in inglese -- dagli anni 2009 - 2011.
como posso te mostrar que gosto de voce
Giovanna, Luigi, Dominic, George
They find them sexy! Did you forget that those country boys love "Dueling Banjos?"
Napoli (Naples), it's not a language, but there is an obvious Napolitano dialect of Italian.
Yes , " Levario " may be an Italian last name. Specifically, the name is found in the Spanish-speaking world. But it is possible that those who bear the name are descended from inhabitants of Italy. Another possibility is a Middle Eastern origin before that in Italy. One place in Italy where...
Arrivederci/addio e Buona fortuna ragazza/signorina. Giovane donna, the literal translation of young lady is also correct but it sounds stilted here. Addio is a more definitive salutation, like farewell in English. Dio is God, a means to, so it literally means 'to god'. Arrivederci is like goodbye...
dietro il cassetto porta oggetti, premere verso l'esterno per sfilare il cassetto
"fear none" translates to, "paura di nessuno" in Italian.
The Italians call the national football team "gli azzurri".
In 1884, the word was expanded from the Italian word riso, meaning 'rice'. Risotto is rice cooked in a broth with meat and cheese.
Babbo is what Italian children call their father. Specifically, the Italian word is a masculine noun. It means "Dad, Daddy." The pronunciation is "BAHB-boh."
No, they speak Italian which is a derivative of Latin.
I don't think so. Delgadillo is a spanish surname.
no. it may be German though.
Car-nay-val (as in call)-a (as in say) Dee ven (as in when)-ets-e (as in me)-a (as in ha)
The Bambino Familia Rod and Major, descendent's of Herbert Gabriel Angelo Natele Bambino.
Anfibi sono una classe di animali come le rane e le salamandre. in Inglese: Amphibians.
YES. My grandmother's name was Lillo and she came from Naples, Italy.
Wop is an acronym which stands for "with out papers" so the term would suggest that Italians were illegals, or not real citizens.
"One of the hardest things in life is having  words in your heart that you can't utter."  James Earl Jones
Italian - Napoli is the same as Naples, Italy. They also speak the Neapolitan dialect of Italian, which can bequite a bit different from Standard Italian at times.
boheme is actually a French word and is pronounced: "bo-EM"
um, perhaps because they are from a different country. long ago before they had telephones and stuff like that, people in different countries learned to speak differently, and they never heard people speak in different accents, so it's not like they had any idea they were speaking differently. they...
" Handsome man of mine " is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase Bello mio . Specifically, the masculine adjective bello means "beautiful, handsome." The masculine possessive adjective mio means "my." The pronunciation is "BEHL-loh MEE-oh."
O is an Italian cognate. Specifically, the exclamation is the same in Italian and English. It may be used as the first word in phrases expressing a range of emotions in both languages. But whether to begin a phrase of negativity or positivity, the pronunciation always remains the same: "oh."
numbers in Italian are not masculine or feminine because they describe a noun. When used to say the date, the article is always il. For example, il 5 aprile.