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Urinary System

The urinary system, including the kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra and sphincters, allows us to expel waste from our body. Ask questions about this vital system here.


Have your patient take a deep breath. Then you should take a deep  breath. Enjoy it!   Instruct your patient to fast and rest for 1 week, only drinking a  smoothie made of kale, blueberries, strawberries, and bananas twice  daily. Tell them to expect nausea and violent changes in appearance ...
The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs located below the rib  cage. Each capillary cluster in the kidney is associated with the  cup-shaped end of a tube that collects the filtered urine . Each  kidney has large numbers of these filtration units called nephrons  packed close together. Each...
Yes. It's relatively common for people with two failed kidneys to receive a donor kidney from a relative. More contentiously, there is a trade (illegal in most western countries at least) in kidneys from poor 3rd world donors. Whilst having only a single healthy kidney is relatively safe -...
A bladder infection is a bacterial infection in the bladder.
When your kidney is dried it means that it doesn't have that much fluid in it so you have to continue to drink lots of water and go to the hospitalit also means that your going to be vomiting a lot if it gets to that stage when you feel sick then your seriously have to get it checked by a doctor.
what is the echogenic focus of the kidney mean
Once reason could be a hole in your ureter. If you have a hole in your ureter (whether it's by a medical mistake or birth defect..etc), the urine would leak out into your pelvis area (obviously not a good thing). So the doctors would put in a nephrostomy to reroute the urine, meanwhile they could...
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Ureters where it is stored in the bladder.
Urethropexy is the surgical fixation of the urethra. Where as urethroplasty is the surgical repair of the urethra. Urethropexy restores the urethra to its proper place.urethropexyurethropexy
  By eating helthy and not smoking.  
  == Answer ==     Sometiimes the infection affects both he bladder and the vagina.     And some vaginal infections make it very sore when you pee.     Get checked by a docotr.
The functional unit of the kidney is the nephron. Each kidney is  made up of 1.25 million nephrons. A doctor specializing in kidneys  is a nephrologist.
Bilirubin by the breakdown of urobilin
Yes, but only partially; salts can be released also bytranspiration.
Both males and females have bladders.
  The Candiru http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candir%C3%BA -Dane
To be honest, it is most likely for adults to have an overactive bladder than for kids.
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the same reason blue is blue and Martha Stewart is Martha Stewart (We don't know why we just name things)Another answer: According to the Online Etymology Dictionary the word 'kidney' is of unknown origin, originally 'kidenere', perhaps a compound of Old English 'cwid' (womb) plus 'ey' (egg), in...
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All organ donations are provided through the National Organ Donor program. Donations are strictly regulated. You cannot legally acquire any organ, whether it is a kidney or not, through private means. Your physician will advise you on this matter. Get some brochures from your doctor. If you are...
Organs, like most of the intestine, that are almost completely  invested by peritoneum are connected to the body wall by a  mesentery. Other viscera, however, such as the kidneys, are  retroperitoneal; i.e., they lie on the posterior abdominal wall and  are covered by peritoneum only anteriorly.
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In humans, the renal pelvis is the point of convergence of two or  three major calyces. Each renal papilla is surrounded by a  branch of the renal pelvis called a calyx. The major function of  the renal pelvis is to act as a funnel for urine flowing to the  ureter.
The Urethra. The opening to the urethra is just below the clitoris. It is not related to sex or reproduction, but is instead is the passage for urine. The urethra is connected to the bladder.
Pessaries are devices sometimes used to help with bladder prolapsein women.
The bladder wall is the outside of the bladder, the organ thatstores urine.
  Function     * Ultrafiltiration: the process by which fluid is filtered out of the blood by the glomerulus.  * The blood pressure in a glomerulus causes part of the blood plasma to leak through the capillary walls. The red blood cells and plasma proteins are too big to pass out of...
The smallest functional and    structural unit of kidney is called as -
Urine is the body's way of eliminating fluid waste products. Urine contains waste or excess materials and toxic substances. Urine's main content is water. In fact 95 per cent of the urine excreted is water. The other major and common constituents are sodium - 0.4 per cent, ammonia - 0.05 per cent,...
It will be taken in when you breathe and then goes into your lungs.  From there the blood will carry it to the various parts of the  body.
Why People Pee It is to get rid of urea, which is toxic to the body if too much of it is in the bloodstream. Urea is formed from the deamination of excess amino acids in the body, a nutrient that makes up protein. It is also to get rid of excess salts, which can dehydrate a person. And not...
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Mixed urogenital flora indicates contamination of the sample due to improper collection, storage and/or transport techniques. Mixed urogenital flora includes normal skin and/or genital flora without the presence of a predominating pathogen.
Aldosterone makes the kidneys reabsorb the sodium and reclaim water from the kidney
The kidneys act as if they were a filter. They remove wastes (mostly liquids) from the blood, and have some control of your blood pressure. Kidneys are vital organs that function to keep the blood clean and maintain chemical balance within. They process blood to extract waste products and extra...
Urethroplasty is the surgical repair of the urethra, the tube leading from the bladder to outside of the body.
  That's normal. Means your kidneys are working and that your body isn't retaining water in an unhealthy way.
Bladder The correct answer is the renal pelvis
NURSE: Daniel D. Ryan (b. 1979)   THE URETHRA GAUGE This device has been proven to reduce/prevent catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI).   Origins of Invention: "The Urethra Gauge" The inventor of the Urethra Gauge was Mr. Daniel David Ryan, R.N. (Registered Nurse). Mr....
The act of measuring the circumference of the urethra with a urethra gauge is called urethra gauging, an assessment performed by a health-care provider.The act of dilating the size of the urethra with a urethra sound is called urethra sounding, an intervention performed by a health-care provider....
  After having a rather large kidney stone removed (7mm) I can answer this question for you. A kidney stint is a tube surgically implanted in the tract of your kidney to prevent swelling from closing off the tract resulting in major problems.
Movement of urine into the bladder is an involuntary activity.
All of the blood in a human's body passes through the each kidney 400 times a day.
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  Yes. Kidney beans are only named such because of they have the same shape as a kidney. One food kidney patients should definitely avoid is starfruit!
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The kidney's clean your blood. They are responsible for removing urea from the blood (changing it to urine), adjusting ion levels in your blood and adjusting the water content of your blood. They need to do this because urea is poisonous and the levels of the other substances I mentioned need to be...
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Not necessarily. It has acid in it and is a waste product, but drinking small amounts of it would not likely kill you. Of course, drinking it is not something that should be done.
There are many Himalayan Ayurvedic remedies to cleanse the kidneys.  The two herbs that reduce the creatinine in the blood are Echinacea  and Phyllanthus niruri.
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The filtering unit of the kidney is the nephrons.
  Lethargy, unwillingness to eat, increased urination, increased drinking. Bloodwork: urine specific gravity < 1.030 (shows only after 60% dysfunction), elevated BUN coupled with elevated creatinine (shows only after 75% dysfunction), elevated phosphorus level (causes nausea)
Blood in your urine that is visible only under a microscope  is known as microscopic hematuria it is found when your  doctor orders a urine test called a UA or urinalysis, often ordered  to confirm or rule out an infection. Blood that you can see is  called macroscopic or gross hematuria. It...
Around 75% of UTIs in women are caused be E Coli, an organism naturally found in the lower intestines. When introduced to the female urinary tract, E Coli's finds a hospitable spot breed and grow.
Kidneys remove waste products from the blood and regulates water fluid levels.
The urinary bladder has a canal-like opening called urethra,through which urine is eliminated from the body.
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That is where the stones are "supposed to go", but on the way they lodge in the kidneys or more commonly the ureter, which leads from the kidneys. Breaking up or releasing the stone allows it to travel to the bladder, where it can be excreted from the body through the urethra (a much larger...
Urine production is complicated and would take several lessons to describe. The link below may be useful: Basically, the body uses fluids to make many physical and chemical functions work properly. These are all regulated by feedback mechanisms. For example, the small intestines pulls fluid into...
During systemic circulation, blood flows through the kidneys.Im working on the same worksheet. busy work blows.
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The bladder's main function is to store and release urine. Nerves in the bladder tell you when it is time to urinate (empty your bladder). As the bladder first fills with urine, you may notice a feeling that you need to urinate. The sensation to urinate becomes stronger as the bladder continues to...
  Sounds like you have a urinary tract infection, its not a huge deal but you should definatly go see a doctor...they can give you antibiotics to clear it up.
It is blood plasma that lacks most proteins. First, bear in mind that the process that occurs here is ultrafiltration. It is a non-selective process, and molecules smaller than a predetermined size passes through a membrane. Increase in concentration of waste products will occur only starting at the...
The urea in urine (yours or somebody else's) is poisonous so if you drink enough urine you will harm yourself. It may make you die and if you drink it, spit it out FAST.
Older rabbits especially can develop problems with their kidneys. Signs of developing problems are the bunny not drinking/drinking excessively. This is normally the first sign many rabbit keepers will see. There are now starting to be more ways that vets can treat kidney diseases in rabbits, so...
It is above the vagina and the anus. It is small, so if it's hard to see don't worry about it.
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