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Bachelor of Business Management BBM

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Sometimes known as a Bachelor of Management Studies, Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) is a three-year undergraduate program offered in Management by various universities worldwide. The course teaches the management techniques that exist in the corporate world.
private ownership, individual initiative, profit, and competition
Loss of control -Will usually not have as tight control of external resources as internal ones Higher complexity of managing innovation -Need to continually consider external relationship management, intellectual property, confidentiality etc Higher coordination costs -Will usually cost to...
emule, limewire i m persuing bbm from dayananda sager institution in bangalore....i hve 2 make project..and i need topic..related 2 finance.
Obviously,,,Nepali can come to Finland for their study .......Just you need to rearch for the college and apply for a appropiate university,,,But never go to consultancy for help,,every information is provided in Internet,, and u can search in internet,, don't pay any money for information,, For...
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They are as long as the college or university evaluating and conferring the degree has a regional accreditation . There are many diploma mills out there that would love to take your money. However, the end result is the degree is not valid, and use of the degree can be illegal in many areas. Thus,...
There are countless topics for a project in business administrationbecause it's such a vast topic itself. There are broad areas suchas marketing, finance, and management, and then there are subtopicsbeneath them such as sales, advertising, banking, stock markets,management strategies, etc. If you...
we study management because,
major subjects of the bba are Principles of Management Business Mathematics and Statistics Business Economics Introduction to Operations Research Financial and Management Accounting Production and Material Management Personnel Management and Industrial Relations Marketing Management...
There are 3 main functions of Profit:. 1) Measures performance of a firm. 2) Premium to cover costs of staying in business. 3) Ensures supply of future capital.
Leading is indicating the most important performer or role. Leading is the greatest in importance or degree or significance or achievement.
There are many programs of study that require calculus. A few of them are as follows. . Some business degrees . Engineering (professional degrees) . Some health related majors . Some technologies . Some biological sciences . Math majors . Chemistry . Physics
what is the diffence between bbe and bba. which one is better for career prospects.
Sports management is a field of education and vocationconcerning the business aspect of sport. Some examples of sportmanagers include the front office system in professional sports,college sports, managers, recreational sport managers, sportsmarketing, event management, facility management, and...
Answer . Production planning is the projected flow of production , while production control is the systematic approach to control the flow of projected production.
WHAT IS PRODUCTION PLANNING ? Production planning is simply a group of processes that startin market and ends in market in a cycle manner. MARKET Planning for future in most manufacturing cases depends onpast history (MARKET). First step of planning is to forecast the...
lack of communication is the main barrier of time management.
It depends on the institution and business department within the school as to which focus they prefer. The Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) has a broader scope, with a strong emphasis on the humanities, theoretical and general knowledge in a recognized discipline, interdisciplinary field, or of a...
You can earn it in 4 years if you take a heavy work load, but generally it takes 5-6 years.
\nMacro economics studies and deals with Micro economics
Managerial economics use economics concepts when making decisions about how an organization is to be managed, especially financially. This is one approach to running an organization that often considers budgeting, risks in the organization\'s investments, and practically all expenditures.
Objectives of production planning and control - 1. To plan production facilities in the best possible manner along with the proper systematic planning of production activities. 2. Providing men, machines, materials etc. of right quality, quantity and also providing them at the right time forms a...
economic, competitive, technological, social, global
1. put emphasis on external factors and ignore firm-specific factors 2. institutional issue plays an important role in shaping and controlling the industry, but porter just treat it as a factor, no as a influential force 3. his model is industry-based, how firms can do if revolutionary changes...
both art and science
Competition Act,2002 2questions
Diversity Management -- I also encountered this question for my B.S. Degree in Business Management. Answer is D - Diversity Management
BBM is better than BCA, because B TECH CS & IS graduates always outsmart BCA & MCA graduates. Even most of the IT company prefer B TECH over BCA ie) first preference is always given to B TECH holder. The best option is to do UG-BBM & PG-MBA for bright future.
A Certificate from the First Class Magistrate in a Stamped paper ofRs. 20/- about the loss of the Degree Certificate. 2. Demand Draft of Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) drawn infavour of "Bharathidasan University" payable at Tiruchirappalli - 620 024. 3. A Declaration by the candidate should...
The best way to deal with competition is to effectively identify it through market research and industry knowledge. The company should also position itself in the market relative to its competition. It should focus on brand recognition and product differentiation to establish its name as separate...
With a business management degree you can be as creative as you want. Consider starting your own business. One example of a business is starting a certified nursing assistant (CNA) school. CNAs are in big demand and CNA schools make a lot of money. Healthcare sector is growing. Anyone can open...
hi you can goto any one of these three places .. 1) MBA.com 2.)whytodomba.com 3.)howtodomba.com
HENRI FAYOL 1841-1925 Command and control F ayol is famous for the classical school of management, which emphasises 'command and control'. A Frenchman, he wrote General and Industrial Management in 1916, but it was not translated into English until 1949. 5 Fayol taught that the functions of...
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There are several challenges facing an administrative officemanager. Often, they are the go-between or bridge between the otheroffice staff and the executives. Also, they are often left incharge of hiring quality employees, which can be frustrating andproblematic.
you can download bbm on iphones no one said it was impossible there definitly is a way!
B.TECH in CSE,ECE & MECH is better than the above courses for bright future.
Single-person economies: output optimisation; labour-leisure trade-offs. Multi-person economies: exchange and benefits from cooperation.
Hugo Munsterberg is regarded as the pioneer of applied/industrialpsychology. He founded the human relations movement in managementwhich contributed immensely in the evolution of management theory.
Economic standing refers to the amount of assets and finances thata business has. Economic standing may be good or bad depending oncertain issues.
Engineering economics is the body of knowledge devoted to the systematic evaluation of network of benefits resulting from proposed engineering and business ventures in relation to the expenditure associated with the undertaking.
A stakeholder will require financial information to get an understanding of the performance of the organization. This record shows the assets owned, amounts owed, amounts invested in the organization and profitability to better manage the operations.
The importance of communication in industrial relations is foreffective leadership and morale building. It is also important forcoordinating and job satisfaction.
Edit: . The previous answer was quite possibly the worst answer I haveever read, here is something which is a little better. Proactive leadersare leaders whom expect the workplace to produce a high amount ofproduce, but keep good relations between the leader and employeesto keep a good...
You can add someone and then chat to them, send them a voice note,send them a picture, send them a video, send them music, PING them( if their phone is on silent so they cannot hear the phone itvibrates / makes a noise anyway ) share you pictures, broadcast amessage to the selected contacts, Make...
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The need for sound organization methods refers to the ability toestablish business practice within the business that actually work.Using business methods that are proven increases the organization'schance of success.
Did managerial economics an integrated course in the field of business administration & management Did managerial economics an integrated course in the field of business administration & management Did managerial economics an integrated course in the field of business administration & management...
Any job concerning the running and or management of a business. Can entail management of staff, accounts, rosters, humanities or pretty much any aspect the business feels needs management.
Non-financial incentives are gifts given to an employee andfinancial incentives is money given to an employee for doing a goodjob. Non-financial incentives do not raise moral like a money giftdoes.
Management theory can be regarded as the collection of ideas which set forth general rules on how to manage a business. It actually addresses the managers and supervisors relation with the organization's knowledge and its goals. Its implementation require the accomplishment of the goals and the...
free resources are gods gift and economic resources are man made(artificial)
1. Supplier's power 2. Threat of subtitute 3. Buyer's power 4. Barrier's to entry 5. Rivalry
The importance of costing to the management of an organization isthat it helps a company incur a cost with the expectation ofprofit.
The N6 certificate is on NQF level 5, and the Diploma is on NQF level 6.
No, but if you have some nursing background, that will help you get a job once you have the training for billing. Professional training centers and junior colleges often have the training programs.
Seahorses are not only ocean-dwelling fish, most species are only about the length of your thumb.
There are few that don't offer accounting programs. What you need to determine is if if your state needs a masters or a ba for CPA, so you know how many years are required.
Actually there are no rankings of private universities in Bangladesh by any proper authorities or Government. Therefore, there can be no useful and accurate answer on this site.
Hugo Munsterberg is the father of industrial psychology
Hugo Munsterberg lived from 1863 to 1916
Managers must study the legal environment to ensure they arecompliant. When managers don't, they jeopardize the business andrisk getting sued.
Most organizations formalize a code of conduct so they can hold their leaders and employees accountable to certain behaviors in the workplace. It clarifies for people what they're signing up for when they join the organization - and if they choose to ignore it and behave in a way that contradicts...
The problem of human input: The fact that human is unpredictable shows that it may not always work as the law states. . External and unforeseen changes: This includes technological breakthroughs, natural disasters... . Situational: Economic theory needs to be situational. While it may be appropriate...
The skill or ability to work effectively through and with other people.
Answer . Industrial relation is the study of employment and labor market. It assesses factors that shapes employer, government and workers relationship in enterprises , industries and across labor markets
Well obviously, everyone is different, regardless of their sex, but on average men are usually better at things like mechanic's, and building other things. Women are usually better at things like math, and English. As for superior, I don't believe any sex is more superior, I believe that every...
The close is the sixth, though not final, step of the sales process
Simply log in to websites of these respective universities and check their accrediting bodies, and check their accrediting bodies websites too. Legal Documents are all shared for general public for clarification purposes in most of the cases
Business communication is very important for your business because you can get all information about market and products only by the good business communication. You can find what are the requirement of market, what type of products people most like, only with the help of good communication.
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Different managers perform at different levels and require different skills. To meet the demands of performing their functions, managers assume multiple roles. A role is an organized set of behaviors. Henry Mintzberg has identified ten roles common to the work of all managers. The ten roles are...
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A reseller is a company or individual that purchases goods or services with the intention of reselling them rather than consuming or using them. This is usually done for profit (but could be resold at a loss). One example can be found in the industry of telecommunications, where companies buy...
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uum university utra Malaysia and Universiti Malaya (UM), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)...and utm
Hotels, department stores, and grocery stores, all large users of energy, began implementing energy management systems in the 1980s.
Most people recover from it completely, even without treatment
About 90% of patients survive, with some spontaneous remission
first step is to identify the number of unit to be produces for the month plan for the man power and man hours required. control the through put time reducing setting time reducing the testing time final packing and inspection time
The Department of Labor anticipates unprecedented demand for licensed accountants. If you are interested in this challenging career, consider our B.S. in Accounting. The program features up-to-date curriculum design and courses taught by respected practicing professionals. In addition, the program...
goal succession refers to conscious attempt by management to adapt new goals. such change is done consciously and intentionally to adapt the organization to changing environment
You have to study the entire text book...
Elasticity of demand is the percent change in the demand of a good over the percent change in the goods price. It is a measure of how sensitive a good's demand is to a change in its price. If a good is inelastic, demand changes very little with a change in price (very steep demand curve) Elastic...
The focus of economic perspective is economic growth of a country
\n. \n Jobs in Sports Management \n. \nTry a job in sports, like sports journalismn for a newspaper company, local television that has a opening, if they don't have a management position you could always stick around with a company that will have one later on. what about a coach position with a...