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Master of Commerce (MCom)

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The Master of Commerce is a postgraduate Masters Degree that focuses on management, commerce and economics-related subjects. This is offered in various educational institutions in India, including Bangalore University and Mangalore University.
it was placed in 2017. thank you. it also depends on what study you use.
Rtm nagpur university bsc second year computer science question paper? Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Rtm_nagpur_university_bsc_second_year_computer_science_question_paper#ixzz2Uwk92ECF
mcom fainal abst time table?
You have a opportunities in financial sector in areas like cash operations,budget management,business plans,brand management,product management.
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It depends on the category you belong to.....
It is already on the net at http://www.mu.ac.in/res_comm.html, you will get your marksheet on 23rd July. Best of Luck :)
  answer my question please
It is already on the net at http://www.mu.ac.in/res_comm.html, you will get your marksheet on 23rd July. Best of Luck :)
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Contact your tutor, the institutes administrator or the education board.
  Keep track on this post : http://vitzy.net/forum/Mumbai-University-MCom-Results-t1230.html Let me know if you need more information on this.  
I want datesheet for b.com regular part 1
pls tell me m com part 1 result my seat no 1312   pls tel me my m com part 1 result 1312
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It is anybody's guess. Even I am awaiting the results. The October 2011 timetable is given, without providing the results of April 2011. How can a University function i n this manner? Are these guys not answerable to the students? Can they take the career of all the students for a ride? Can we...
which date declared m.com part 1 result 2010 in Mumbai university
JUSTRU TUH LOE Yang hrs mikir gw nih ke susahan banci
If you have opted regular M.Com from private University you have to attend regular classes then.
please let me kno wen u get the result-even i am awaiting..Oct 2011 exam is just around the corner now !
i am venkat sir complited my degree sir next i am studying m.com sir please give me any information sir.
time table of m.com first year exam
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  fe result sem 1 dec. 2008
Draft an email to the University officials they will surely help out. If the data is confidential they might not share it with you. They will definitely ask the link.
i want my seat number of mcom part 1 of mumbai university
M.Com is a two years degree program. Note: The number of years also depend on the past level education of the applicant.
You will have to go on to the school website to find this out.  Often it will be located in your course materials.
need answer paper of cost-3,m.com-part2,in Gujarati
Last year the exam dates for 2012 were from May 17th to end of May. The time table is not published as yet.
plss anss fasttt wen is d result... <3
M.Com is not equivalent to MBA Executive. The courses of MBA is far more advanced than M.Com
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m.com semi 1 exam time table in pune university
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is there possibility to write improvement to get 55% in university  of madras
Thanks for those questions.I was searching for them and found it over here http://www.howtoexam.com/index.php?option=com_university&task=paper_search&state=Rajsthan&university=Mohan+Lal+Sukhadia+University+%28MLSU%29&course=M.Com&sem=4th+Year&Itemid=58. Hope it will help...
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    m.com final yaer time table jabalpur m.p. show know
mcom admission last date for the year 2013
  The time table is on www.mu.ac.in.com   The time table is on www.mu.ac.in.com
hi m doing mcom part 1...i need last five year question papers of mcom part 1 from university of mumbai
  my name is Amruta Amre. my mcom1 seat no. is 18616 so i want to know where is my centre is it in vasai or virar
  when is mcom final year exam starts
  {|  |-  | M.Com ( Previous ) June -2009 Friday 19.06.2009 Priniciples Of Management Sunday 21.06.2009 Business Policy & Environment Tuesday 23.06.2009 Marketing Mangement Thursday 25.06.2009 Accounting Theory & Practice Monday 29.06.2009 Human...
For it you can visit icdeol website of hpu shimla.
Hi Frnd. U can get all previous question papers at Xerox Centers  located near by PGRRCDE.    VSU
most likely in the 1st week of august 2012
Mcom part 1 result will publish on 28 July
when will be the m com forms of north Bengal university and calcutta university and vidyasagar university will come out
  If you will fail in tyb.com so you will appear in M.com this year?
  When is the result on M.Com Part I exam   Please do revert asap.
pieaas tell about mcom 1 result exam on April 09
 whats the last date for admission of M.COM 2013 ?  what are the overall procedures?plz reply  as soon as possible with relevant ans.Thanks,  Regards,  Amitabh More
It depends on the design of the program, the specialty, and credit load a student carries per semester.
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Mumbsi university solved question papers of strategic management
i would have to say about maybe 25-30 students for jr. High and high school but for lower grades there should be 15-20... hope it helps @ all!!
pls tell me what is the last date of admission in mcom part1 of 2012-2013
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Best to check out the model paper. It can help guide you through  the process you have to do ahead.