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The pit bull is actually not one member, but several members of the Molosser family including, the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and English Bull Terrier. They are characterized by their high activity, aggressiveness toward other animals and strong builds. Questions about pit bulls, their health, behaviors and training should be placed here.
Carver is a fine pitbull bloodline. The budro is short for Bouderaux. This another fine pitbull bloodline. Now, the gator blooline is a bullie line and not a pitbull line. Get yourself one of the fine bloodlines. You make it the biggest they could get by good food and plenty exercise.
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When a person that knows you have a pitbull, who keep saying comments after you correct it, could be that the person could become your worst enemy and who calls animal control on you. Anyways, dont get into an argument. If you are asked a question about pitbulls, answer it in a respectul tone and...
Lot of people wants that maybe because they don't understand the breed. What they need is having more control of these fights when they go on and having a program for the comminuty that raise good pitbulls.
Some dry dog food contain great deal of chicken meat or fat. Most times, chicken meat don't affect a dog. But the bones could bring some great problems. They could form sharp point that will hurt the dogs.
No he doesnt this is because he isnt married nor divorced but he is hot!
New Jersey law holds dog owners liable, or financially responsible, for injuries made by dogs. In the related links box below, I posted this law.
The American Pitbull Terrier was registered as the American staffordshire terrier in the early 1900. They came from the Colby bloodline. Pete the pup was both registered as a pitbull and as a stafforshire terrier. Now, the pitbull were kept breeding game lines meanswhile the amstaff was breed for...
The best place would be a house with a yard where the dog could run around it although I have seen pitbulls living in apartaments and they could do given daily excersice.
mikecasey lovesgrro rubysta.
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The eyes of the puppies usually stay blue when they are between 8and 14 days old. After 8 and 14 days the colors of the eyes usuallychange to normal.
ptbulls run aproximetly 25mph
What you do is feeding the dog good food, give it plenty of excersice and the rest comes from the genetic of the dog.
Adam's Kingfish Alabama Gator Alligator Apache Assassin Avant Banjo Big Boy Big Gator Blue Diamond Blue Gator Bolio Booger Boogieman Boudreaux Boyle Buck Bully Gang Bullyson Camelot Carver Castillo Ceaser Chaos Chevy Chinaman Cherokee Clemmon Clouse Colby Collett Corvino Cotton's Bullet Cowboy...
There is no reliable statistic on that but I will assure you that the number is more less than numbers of pedrigee dogs destroyed because the puppy is not the right color or other plenty excuses for destroing dogs.
they could live up to 13 to 15 years.
they came from Ireland
you can nuter him. that will make him not want to breed.. NEW ANSWER. It depends on the situation, some aggressive behaviors can be fixed others unfortunately not. Some pitbull experts even advise against having more than one pitbull or bully breed under the same roof. . For more info about...
i dont know really everybody that likes pitbulls but i do know alot of people that love them ypu should to
Dogs no matter the breed, are not predesposed to violence. It is a matter of raising the dog.
Yes. No matter the strain or bloodline, a pitbull with a pitbull produce pitbulls.
pit bulls are protective and are complete babies especially around there owners. Even though they are known for fighting they are an extremely sweet breed and if trained properly they get along great with other animals.
It is ok. When you start training a dog to pull weight, a heavy weight from the begining is not good. You should start with a light weight and work it from there. Update: I finally found a link to put in this question in the related links box below.
The media has a way to catalog other mixes of breeds as pitbulls. To them, all dogs that could look like a pitbull, is in fact a pitbull. A person with expierence with these dogs, could be 85% right based on the looks of the dog. The best way to know if the pitbulll is a true pitbull, is to get...
You should not cut ears! It is a barbaric act.
This type of question adds no value but I will answer it. It has been tried in the past matching pitbulls against other breeds. Breeders from all over the world matched their breed against pitbulls with negative results. The only breed capable of fighting against pitbulls is the Tosa breed. This...
American bull dogs like pit bulls are in the bull breeds category. If you raise them properly they will be good dogs.
First of all, I don't sponsor mixing pit-bulls with another breed. Now, speaking about pit-bull crosses, there is some cities and counties that has a ban on pit-bulls, mix of pit-bulls or any dog conforming to the bull terrier. You have to check you city or county to find about the law there. In the...
I never had to train my pitbull as a guard dog. I only teached him not to bite anyone when I'm walking him around and other basic teaching like the only place he could go to the bathroom and to be a docile dog. Pitbulls are smart and when they grow up, they will tell when they are needed in a...
Type your answer here... the height of the pitbull usually razors edge are alot shorter and lower to the ground ****** A "regular" pit bull is one that conforms to the UKC American Pit Bull Terrier standard. A Razor Edge pit bull should not be considered a pit bull. They are technically what...
Ross' Red Devil 8xw aka Iron Dusty. Born in 1958. From the Corvinobloodline. True Red Devil bloodline is very rare. Only place to RedDevil bloodline 1/2 to 5/8th is ironlinekennels.com
Line types are a result of a specific breeding programs effects on the breed type. Going back to the Colby example, after 100 years of line breeding they have produced a distinct looking do. Black brindle with white blazes or completely white heads. They also have a fawn and fawn/white type of dog...
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People with dogs no matter the breed need to know that Heartworm disease is a serious illness that can rob your dog of its health and even its life. No matter the state you are from you, should be aware that Heartworm disease has been reported in all 50 U.S. states. It's up to you to start giving...
yes but you can also dock there tails
Dogs that comes from game bloodlines has the strongest jaws. These bloodlines are docile, agile and good with children.
Yes. A pitbull, especially an aggressive or vicious one, could kill a human.
In the films that Eva took of Hitler, he was constantly surrounded by German shepherd dogs. Germany's military also used these dogs for antitank operations.
Yes. And was convicted of having a dog-fighting pit on his property, and taking part in wagering, as well as some animal cruelty charges. The whole incident was ugly and disturbing.
On earth... where people own them. What answer did you expect? um any where esle i met
It is a bullie line know as royal blue.
The breed is The American Pit Bull Terrier. Some people shorten the breed's name but it is the same thing.
rednose pitbull is the most commonly bred pitbull.
Most pit bulls are not aggressive what so ever. They rather confront other animals that humans. The rotweiler breed was developed as guard dogs and are most likely to be a more aggressive dog.
Perhaps you should do some research on "pit bulls", because this lockjaw that you speak of is myth. Quote: "The few studies which have been conducted of the structure of the skulls, mandibles and teeth of Pit Bulls show that, in proportion to their size, their jaw structure and thus its...
This states has the vicious dog law pertaining any breed and Millville city has a ban on pit bulls.
The Condo Board must give written permission, plus there is an additional $50 fee for the licence for City dog tags, and you must submit a current picture of the dog.
Here is a list than can make almost all pets sick: . Alcoholic beverages . Apple seeds . Apricot pits . Avocados . Cherry pits . Candy (particularly chocolate, which is toxic to dogs, cats and ferrets, and any candy containing the sweetener Xylitol) . Coffee (grounds, beans, chocolate covered...
Usually 8-10 weeks but only if they ate eating solid food
It is the same as all dogs: the Canis
Blue and fawn are strains or colors within the pit bull breed not a bloodline.
Usually they have 6 to 8 but it can always be more or less than that
That line is not listed in the official list.
Most dogs no matter the breed, become good watch dogs. Pit bulls on the other hand are smart dogs and can recognize the situation when their presence is needed.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, American bulldog and Bull Terrier. http://wiki.answers.com/What_two_breeds_of_dog_make_a_Pitbull#ixzz167BOY76y .
No matter the sex, pit bulls are good with kids. The grown ups have to head of training the puppy.
A dog head no matter the breed, doesn't split. This term is refering to the time when the dog reaches the age when the head is full grown.
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Quite the contrary, my friend. Way over bred. However, pits come from the English Bulldog, and White terrier. The white terrier is extinct........Chuck.
Colby bloodline white with brindle patches 70 pounder.
Pit-bulls can be VERY aggressive. Which could be a problem if you want it as a family pet. When it's a puppy you must start training it right away or it will always overcome you. Hope this helped!
A Purebred is a dog, cat, horse and any other sub category or animal that hasn't had any other different breed taint the bloodline and only comes from previous stock of its breed whereas an Impure breed is a mix of two of different breeds, tainting the line and making the offspring mongrels.
1. Have the mental and emotional capacity to treat the animal with love and kindness. 2. Not live in an apartment. Pits make great indoor pets if they get plenty of exercise time, but generally aren't allowed in apartment complexes. 3. Use common sense.
You need to add the countries name to the question.
once every 2 weeks, sometimes once a month.
Someone punched him in the face
No. Not all. I have 3 pit bulls and my parents have 2 pit bulls. Ages range from 2-7 years. On holidays we bring the dogs along and they run and play together just fine. So they get along and only see each other maybe 4 times a year. My brother has a 5 yr old. catahoula leopard mix (taller & heavier...
I will advice not to breed a pitbull with another breed. Pitbulls have a stable temperament and mixing it with another breed will ruin that.
That is a red game line. You can find the Redboy and the Jocko to be from the same line of the red dogs.
I posted a link where you can see the places in Georgia with a pit bull ban in the related links box below.
There is only one pitbull breed. The names you hear are the bloodlines names within the breed. Dogo would refer to some bull breed names which the pitbull isn't related.
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You should know that Toronto has a pitbull ban. Owing a pitbull there could give you some troubles.
My blue nose was at 6 weeks old 8 lbs 5 months he was 50 lbs now he's 10 months nd he's 80 lbs most full blood blue noses get up too 90-100 lbs full grown
Answer . At first they were bred to fight bulls in late 1800's. After a while people started breeding them for entertainment to fight other Pits, (disgustingly).Now it's for a multitude of reasons..
He is a rescued pit bull. In the related links box below, I posted the website.
yes because they are very protective
Pit bulls are trained to be fighting dogs. Approximately 5% of pit bulls are good at dog fighting once trained. Like any dog, the best way to tell if a pit bull is aggressive is how its raised. If it is kept alone, or is not introduced to new situations it will likely be fearful of new experiences...
You don't. Tell as soon as you find out. Its the best way if ur a teen.
ear cropping . take it to the vet. period.
Its a cross of two bloodlines"jeep" and "mcoy"
yes no not very much
i also have a red nose pit and have been told the life span is also 12-14 years.
A Perfect pit stop is something that many f1 teams dream of. For all practical purposes a perfect pit stop is one that is completed within 3-5 seconds (for a stop without refuelling) and within 8-10 seconds (with refuelling) wherein the driver comes in and stays stationery for as less time as...
No dog have that mechanism.
The result will be a dead Doberman. Fighting a pitbull against another pitbull is wrong but making another breed of dog to face a pitbull is the worst.