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The Sims 1

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The Sims 1 is a life simulation video game produced by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts in 2000.
For one, you spelled pregnant wrong. its PREGNANT. First you need to get 2 sims of the opposite sex, that have a good romantic relationship, relaxed on a double bed. Be one sim and click on the other and click "try for baby" you may get a cutscene, you may not. they will be lumps moving under the...
yes get some stairs and you can make 2-3 stories. I am not sure about 3 but two denfently works. so i havent played the sims 1 in awhile so pretty darn sure that u can make 2 stories
You keep making them kiss, but it won't work if you already have four people in your family.
yes, you can go on to EA's website, and buy the games, which are then either downloaded to your computer, or sent in hard copy. however, if you are looking for a free option, im afraid there isn't a legal one.
sorry you can't there is only a carpool when you go to work
Press A and use the control buttons to move them. -Tyler
What you do is hold down the Ctrl key on your keypad. Then you hold down the Shift key at the same time. Now press C and let all the keys go. Now the grey cheat bar will appear in the top left hand corner. If you don't already know the Sims 1 money cheat it is: rosebud;;; now press...
go to the home screen then hold in R1 R2 L1 L2 then enter PARTY M
while you are following him, if you observe, you see he turns left and right to see if anyone is following him. move quickly to get behind the flower bed this is very easy you would be so dumb to get this wrong
Well, do you have the Sims 1 House Party expansion pack? If you do then, your in business, lol. 1st, (if u have it) Go to the phone and select Throw a Party. You might want to buy a buffet table and hire a caterer or fill it yourself. and anything else that's party-like. If you have a totoally lame...
yes you need the love bed and you know woo hoo then sometimes they ask you SHOULD WE HAVE A BABY click yes if your ready
Pink, and you should not change carpeting or walls anywhere in the house but your room.
i don't think so but u could try building one and making an engaged couple move there and get them married there
At night in any community lot in downtown.
you can try going to download.com.check http://www.ea.com/sims3
The Sims 2 bodyshop is very finicky. Some computers it will work and some it won't. I don't know whats happening with yours, but if its not opening, try double-clicking on it 3 times, then doing something else, like tv or something. Come back in a bit and it should be open. This is what happened...
Mine won't go past the 'select language' stage. Please let me know if/when you get an answer. Thanks.
No sims 1 can not have babies. I have been trying it for the longest of times. If you do want to get a sims pregnant i suggest you buy sims 2 or 3 or 4. Otherwise there is no way. This is just me if someone does have a baby in sims 1 let me no because it hasn't work for me. -Ally xoxo
Well Basically it is a Solid substance which is formed by the rapidcooling of a liquid
either shake it upwards or hit a button. read the manual!!
Here are the most useful cheats: rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;1 (hold down the enter key for lots of money) klapacius;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!...
You can go to the town hall or whatever the government building is called and change your sim's name.
you can't. you have to buy the PC disc. but they're really hard to find at regular stores. if you want Sims bad. go to value village and get one. they might have some. But you won't be able to download hair and clothes because someone probably used the number on the back of the disk. but if you want...
These instructions will vary by operating system, but you generally need to either go to the Control Panel and select Sims 3 and uninstall or go to Start -> Program Files -> Electronic Arts -> Sims 3 -> uninstall then follow the on-screen instructions.
No. There is nothing you can do to have one
ok well if it is for game cube you need 2 controlers and plug them in and have the second on hit start i did not no how until my sister hit start
You can buy it in magic town in the dragon stand or you can actually buy a dragon from the dragon stand then when it hatches.... tickle them and a piece of dragon tears should pop. Adults can buy dragon tears but kids cant so your older sim should buy a dragon for your kid! =D NOTE: Be patient...
you backup the files on to a disk then put the expansion packs on then load the disk back on , hope this helps :)
Violets cat (Weather) is at the petting zoo. Talk to tabor (petting zoo owner) he will say something about a noise behind the boxes. Move the boxes around and Violets cat (Weather) is there.
well first its a monkey butler and heres how you find it. first put in midas and freeall at the beginning of the game push l and r at the same time to access cheat menu. then go to play game and hopefully the codes worked. go to the bottom category and get the very last one at the very end. put it...
In the blue lagoon the porch has a first aid kit on it then click it it has the medicine in it.
yes you can have a pet on the game all you have to do is complete the s mission its next to the rep mission on your mission menu and when you have completed it on the secret island that you will soon find out you can get to ( by the way its not paradise island ) just to be sure you know its...
yes there is! u just go 2 the cheat box: ctrl-shift-c and type in maxmotives and then your sims mood will go all the way up! good luck!
you can have as many children as you want but you are only aloud 8 in the house hold,hope this helps :)
You can have 8 sims, so 6 babies
You must have 10,000 lifetime reward points from completing lifetime wishes or just by playing the game and keeping your sim happy.
When you gain enough lifetime rewards points, you can purchase the upgrade.
Do you mean the cheat box? If so, then you just press ctrl+shift+c at the same time
First of all there are some steps that you need to take. 1. well go to violet and talk to her about the missing cat. She will tell you about Weather (her cat) and tell you she liked to go for walks at Little Lea Lake. So go there. 2. You will probobly find Tim, who runs the sweet wagon. Talk to...
you need a mac version, but yes. it does work on macs. my friend has it, you can see if it's for macs if you check the corner, it says pc/cd ROM, or mac. or all of them! or ask someone that works there to check for it ^^
there are definetley no viruses on sims, any of the sims
To change someone's style on the urbz, all you need to do is use positive socials on them (green word socials), this will increase your relationship with them, and eventually, they will change their style to match your's.
For entertainment purposes.
You need to build a cage, then chase it into an open spot. Once it's in there, shut the cage. If a cow goes into a corner of the cage,block it from escaping, then take away the fence in front of it, and it will run in. Do that with the other cows.
You have to put stairs then put carpet on the next floor so your sims can walk on it....if this isn't helpful then look at the instructions book
You have to carefully pull away all of the crates in the empty space below the panda pen (I say carefully because you have to move them the right way or you cna't reach Weather) and when you've done that you will find weather.
This happens to me sometimes. I either clean the disc, clean the disc slot or turn off the console. If netiher of this happens just double check that your console is working with other games as well.
The cats ribbon is on the sidewalk of the East Village where Violet lives.
just put some burglar alarm at the doors.
If you are referring to the blur in a shower or while undressing simply when the person gets in the shower go to "build mode" then hold "CTRL" "SHIFT" "C" then type in "Move_objects on" then hit "ENTER" and go to the hand tool in build mode and simply remove the shower, you can then hit live mode...
you pull them. never to the diaglel coz it wont w0rk!!
Well first you go to the store and tell the clerk a nice pick up line and then YOU GET A LIFE!
yes you ca have children in the game. but you have to have partner, weather a female or male partner.
Get a boyfriend have sex and create a child
It depends on the circumference, the radius and what type of ferris wheel it is. The ones like they have at fare grounds are very small but you can also get HUGE ones
You must install the expansion packs in the order in which they were released or it won't work. Insert the first CD of the first expansion pack you want to install into your CD drive on your computer. Autoplay will run the installation executable automatically. Then follow the directions on...
thesimsresource.com ( you have to make an account but it is free and safe)
don't skip your job and you'll eventually get promoted.
In The Sims original game, you are only allowed a maximum of 8 Sims in a household at any one time. Maybe even less than that if your PC can't handle the pressure of the graphics. So a couple can only adopt or give birth to 6 babies at a time. Once one of the babies grows into a Teen and leaves for...
no, boys and girls can both play the sims games
Well, assuming you're on a PC, I tried pressing the windows key, ( 2 to the left of the spacebar ) which is just like closing a window; and it goes to the bottom of the tab thingy down the bottom ( sorry my description is rubbish :-S ) then you can just click on it again and it will open fine. ;-)...
I know most definetly you can get sims castaway on the wii and Nintendo ds and i think you can get it on PC as well.
You Have to get a level 3 Visa before you can buy a house abroad -Fraser McPhee
I think to get engaged, the relationship status has to be up to 75 [you have to be in love]. Then a box will come up on the screen asking you if you would like to propose. Click yes.
Well if you want your sim to have Babies faster you need to know a Cheat called BoolProp testingcheatsenabled true. Then Shift-Click your Sim then click Spawn... Tomb Stone of L and D. Then click on the Tomb Stone and select Speed up my Pregancy. It's noteworthy that this only works in the...
There is no cheat to have 400 babies, that is a game glitch.
there are not many cheats fot unleashed, but if you type in the sims cheats in a search engine all of them will come up and type that with unleashed to get them cheats.
I dont get the question but if i am totally sure on what you meant in some ways. Many people move into their mates house way to early and end up getting dumped later because its about being there 24/7 instead of certain times.
If you have your volume on, it will start to play a kinda scary haunted type music jingle and when you do, look to the grave you have, and wait for the ghost to appear.
In Sims 1 there is only baby, child and adult. You can make the child or adult in Create A Sim (or CAS). To get the baby you have to have a high relationship with another Sim (male and female, of course). If you are lucky you will get a call from the adoption agency asking if you want to adopt. With...
I wish! But, sadly, no you can't! You do get to ride in one for work tho... carpool
Yes you do have phones on the original sims 1-but not mobile phones.Just home phones.On the sims house party you can call frieds and invite friends and throw a party.So I hope thi helped . EDIT (26/2/2013): There are a few options for home phones within the game, and a few fan-based phones around...
It has semi-mature themes: Sexual overtones (although censored) and a little comic violence
the sims one is outdated, the sims 2 or 3 has much better graphics and more options and a lot more fun than the sims 1.
No, only expansion packs made for Sims 2 will work. Sims 1-3 are all different games with specific packs made to go with them.
I think you can just try it and it might work
Type in cheat move_objects on and delete your sim. Then click on your sims icon, as if you wanted to control them. They should have full moods.
No, it comes only with expansions for the Sims 1.
It's not easy to get celebrities friends. Look inside the Studio Town Insider and go to Who's Hot in Studio Town section. Whoever isn't in that list can be talk to easily but their last name must be Somebody. It's easy, just look who wears High Fashion Outfit and who isn't so popular. But you have...
An entry code to the sims 2 deluxe is this: GPV5-S3K7-WYJM-LEP3-7JR5. I hope I helped. -Jenna B.
You have to install the 'Unleashed' add-on. (They are not all residential lots but you can make them into residential lots by building over them)
You have to nurture and look after the baby. Feed it, play with the baby and look after the baby
yes u an download it without credit card i already did it lol......
in sims 2 and 3 you can do maxmotives
you have to wait until nightfall and then go back to the flower shop and play the minigame its just like bejewled Hope this helped :)
There's no burglar outfit in The Sims unless you join the Life of Crime Career. Another way is to buy a costume trunk and search for the burglar outfit. But they don't stay long and still doesn't replace your Sim's everyday outfit.
in the sims 2 you can (i dont now if the sims 1 and 3 have that... i dont now if they got a hot tub there! sorry)
Your 2 sims have to relax on the double bed click on the opposite sim if your meter is full there will be a button that says TRY FOR BABY you want to make sure that it works so the music will be really romantic... do that three times withe the romantic music and in 5,6 or7 days your sim will have 4...
No, your sims can not become a maid in the sims 2.
On the sims 1 you can't get skins. But of you go to sims body shop you can just colour in a sims, but it takes a long time. If you are talking about sims 2, you can make your own on sims body shop using paint or you can probably download them.
cause that's the newest game,it is in order of when they came out, so if u only have 1 pack, youll insert that one, if u have all packs then the newest one is what one u insert.
The Sims Superstar is an expansion pack to the original The Sims game and requires that stand-alone version in order to play Superstar. Anything you can do in the original Sims, you can do in Superstar, so yes.