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Ice Cream

Ice cream is dairy dessert made from milk and cream, ice cream has many flavors and fans. Ask questions about calories, brands and flavors here.
Unless specifically labeled, ice cream salt is not meant to be eaten by itself.
Yogurt is more healthy and carbs,calories,and sugars are more low and yogurt tastes bad ice cream is yummy :D
because it tastes really awful and you will get stomachache 
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cause marijuana is illegal in some states
== Kevin - Rocky Road ==   == Joe - Chocolate Marshmallow ==   == Nick - Cotton Candy ==
There is no real way of telling. You can get an estimate by finding Ice cream polls around the web.
If one is at sea level, ice cream STARTS to freeze at below 0 (so about -1 and -2) but the higher altitude you live in, the temperature doesn't need to be so low (because of the air pressure)
double choc chip! yummy! XD! :)
after eating ice-cream makes you thirsty and some people get  headaches
It is nasty do not try it just kidding its really good
Chocolate ice cream was invented in the year of 1692.
the taste of it also how it looks and smells and often just by  reading the name
You will get freeze burns and the ice cream would not have the  amazing taste as of before
No, the only "drugs" in ice cream significant enough to affect a person are probably sugar and chocolate, which are stimulants.
Ice cream cones were invented at the New York Cities World Fair.
Yes, But in Cans not Paper
Dolley Madison, wife of James Madison, was reputed to have  popularized ice cream.
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people who owned a ice cream shop have ice cream
The person that invented chocolate cookie dough ice cream was Ben  and Jerry
because it holds all the ice cream from your hand
  == Answer ==   After the cake is thawed for a 1/2 hour at room temperature, use a wet knife to cut the pie.
Ok it's called ITALIAN ICE. What do u think isn't it crap pin obvious? The Spanish created it and the Italians took their idea duuuuhhhh
Ice creamm cones can be used to make cupcakes. You put foil in the cupcake pan and then place in the ice cream cone (it must be one with a flat bottom) then you fill the cone almost to the top with cupcake batter. Then cook it until ready! Another thing is that they can be used to decorate cakes,...
Well! It depends. Each and every company produces different sizes  of cones. For instance if you take the company  "Bestsoftserve.com.au" it produces various sizes of cones.
Sodium chloride (NaCl), in the form of rock salt, is used in the production of making ice cream to lower the freezing temperature of the ice water surrounding the ice cream mixer. The colder temperature allows the ice cream that comes in contact with the metal mixer to freeze solid.
Klondike bars are made from Ohio, Japan.
Used on ice in the mixing tub outside the ice creme mix container, it helps reduce the temperature to below freezing.
Nothing. The salt is used to reduce the freezing point of the water  in the ice bath surrounding the mixing vessel. By keeping the  "refrigerant" (the ice bath) in a liquid state, it maintains more  contact with the mixing vessel, thereby more rapidly cooling the  resulting product and allowing...
Ben and Jerry's contributes to the recycling cause by having  reusable, recyclable packages.
Whether pickles will taste better to you if you eat them with ice cream depends purely on your personal taste. Many people wouldn't even consider trying the combination, others might try it out of curiosity, and others might think it sounds great. As always with flavours, as with other matters of...
Ice is formed in as large as possible crystals. If the mixture is disturbed during crystal formation the resulting individual crystals are much smaller and have a smoother   more pleasing texture. The water in the mixture is encapsulated in the fats and lipids of the milk -cream- soy-seal oil; ...
The first record of cream being used to make an ice dessert is from Italy in the 1500s. There are records of milk being used in this way in China from much earlier than that, however. See the timeline of ice cream history below.
I has ice cream!
Yes and it is delicious.
Ancient Rome had an ice cream like treat. Nero sent servants into the mountains to get snow and bring it back. History records he put some flavoring/fruit on it. Today the ice cream in Italy is more icy than a cream. George Washington love ice cream and it seems that it was more like what we have...
there are lots of ice lollys flavers
  if it is some kind of plant that likes the cold
No. Ice cream in the US is only allowed to use dairy fat. I think Canada and Europe use vegetable fats.
Well, first off it depends how much ice cream you put in that bowl.  Two Oreo cookies are 90 calories and I did find one brand of low  fat ice cream that was also 90 calories.
Rockey road ice scream
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depends what flavour it is
No, ice pops do not expire. Unless it gets freezer burn but I don't think that will happen so it won't expire. :)
To make an Ice Mold, you first need to boil 1 cup of water with  desired food coloring (if you don't want any color, skip the food  coloring), then add 1/2 cup of sugar until boiling. While it boils,  take ice and add it to a bowl. After the mixture has boiled, add it  to the bowl of ice. Then...
Egg Nog ice cream is sold by Baskin Robbins. Breyers sells Extra Creamy Vanilla ice cream.
For one thing dry ice is colder than regular ice and it keeps it cooler.
Illinois. Chicago to be more specific.
Maybe they like ice cream?
The grade of ice cream does not affect the melting time of ice cream. Ice cream that doesn't contain thickeners (added to products to bulk them up and improve the texture and look) will melt faster than ice cream with thickeners, regardless of flavor. You can tell the difference yourself with a...
which ice cream melts faster
Well ice cream is genraly ice "cream" and a popcicle is just frozen ice water with flavouring in it. ( basicaly popcicles are ice cubes)
It looks like ice frozen but its soft.
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My dad told me the ice cream man comes on 4 30
Almost all summer fruits go well with cream. The classic coupling is with strawberries.
  It really depends on the temperature; if it is in a cold environment such as a freezer it would not melt but outside in a normal, warm, or hot temp., it would eventually melt.
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Some cold stones and big stores like At Disney world or six flags sell Cherry ice cream. Most likely they have them in stores like Wal-mart and Kroger. And yes it is pink.
The creamy richness that practically melts in your mouth.
It depends on the flavor, but I think it's good.
Yes, I lost 500 lbs. eating that much ice cream a day, so it will make you skinny super quick!!
A snow cone or ice cream cone
$893, $347 for an ice cream bar.
Milk and sugar and lots of good stuffAnd a high proportion of air.
make two homemade chocolate chip cookies and in between add your homemade icecream-my nameanonymous
To keep it from dripping from the bottom put a marshmallow in  before the ice cream to plug it up.   I hope this answers your question.