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Aquarium Fish Species

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This category is for questions about the various species of fish, as well as their defining characteristics.
The width of females are wider than males, and the male's barbels(whiskers) are also larger.
pretty all types of cichlids do. they might like laser pointers, like a cat does
They do not show certain actions that inform you that fishes areabout to lay eggs. The fish's abdomen will get bigger, and the malefish can get aggressive at times. Gold barbs scatter their eggswherever they please, being egg-scatterers.
... if the guppies are big enough ;)
That depends entirely upon the species. Some species are actually impossible to determine unless you catch them in the act of breeding.
yes.you can teach angelfish tricks like play dead,stand,ect.(and some more tricks)
Because they are still newborn
When they cant swim and they don't eat wait or is that a gubby
Cichlids will do the best eating something like New Life Spectrum (also you may see it listed as NLS). It can be a little bit more expensive than the crappy flake food, but if you want to see good color and health go with NLS. ALSO!! NLS provides alot of food per purchase.. so you dont get robbed on...
They keep chasing each other because they like to have fun and theylike to not have energy.
Your guppy could be very old and is life is probably catching up tohim. His final days might be coming. I may be wrong too. Your guppycould also be sick. Have you been cleaning your fish tank? Have youbeen feeding him too much food? These are questions you could askyourself when questioning your...
just leave 2 mails and 1 female guppy in the tank with no other fish in the tank at all times. -Shocker . There should be 3 females to one male. If there are too many males, the females will get stressed out. I would recommend a larger fish tank than a half gallon. Maybe a 10 gallon tank. Remember...
x-ray fish are called x-ray fish because you can see through them
yes, but you should plan on keeping more than just ONE tetra.Tetras are schooling fish, and they probably wont breed in yourtank(they may, but they probably wont), so i recommend at leastfive.
Sailfin mollies are near the bottom of the food chain. Some predators include the giant water bug, large mouth bass, raccoon, American alligator, and the bull frog.
i don't know how long corydoras have existed, but they can live anaverage of 5 to ten years. however some people have kept theirs'for12.
Put a small amount, just enough to be consumed in a few minutes, into the tank. For fries, crumble up the food if it is a flake, like TetraColor.
Yes, they can live in groups peacefully as long as there are not females around. Males live happily by themselves, you will probably see some nipping, just to establish who is the leader. But fighting is more common in groups of female. But, yes, they can.
Yes, but not nearly as rare as the Orangerind Cichlid.
Lizards, a puppy maybe...kids like to have animals who love human interaction fish are nice but you just watch them you could get a bird if it's hand fed if the bird is not hand fed then make sure the kid is ready to tame it. Hope this helped :)
Depending on the fish, it might be aggressive towards your tetrasand mollies, which tend to be pretty passive fish. I wouldn't, justto be safe.
This usually means that the fry have already been born. If the fry were born in the tank itself, you might not notice them at first, but they are probably hiding somewhere. If the fry were born in the breeding box and you don't see any now, the mother could have eaten them.
lay eggs of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That depends on how long they NEED to be in the bag. But pleaseedit your question to include more context.
You should stock your tank heavily, but keep enough specimens to the point where, at least, every specimen has its own housing item to hide in(Stump hides, Rock Formations, etc.). Most say to ALWAYS overstock your tank because they live in heavily populated colonies. That doesn't make the action...
If you guppy can't give birth to its fry, it will likely die.
That's a very nice setup! :) corydoras and most tetras keep tothemselves and i personally think a gourami would be a greatcenterpiece in a tank. But corys live in schools, so you should buyat least five. And since corys breed a lot, you should buy everyfew specimens from different stores.
African cichlids are PH 8.2 while babrbs are lower. You could acclimate the barb up or the Malawi down in PH but neither would do as well. Also, African cichlids are very aggressive and the barb, who is semi-aggressive, would probably not survive for long.
you have to make shure that the tank is clean and ate the right tempiter or you will kill the fish
Bog wood, driftwood, and especially bamboo help certain fish digest easier because they contain fiber properties. Like Fiber helps us, it can actually help fish as well. Bamboo is best but it's hard to keep underwater when you first add it.
http://tinypic.com/r/64gk2e/6 AND http://tinypic.com/r/xg0i9e/6 that's what he looks like.
small tetras, bottom-feeding catfish(NOT CHINESE ALGAE EATERS) andother live-bearers,
Neon Tetras lay eggs. The female's belly should be obviously largerthan the male's and should spawn in a few days. Some tetras alsocan get diseases that might make them look larger. What I do withmy pregnant female guppies is I put them in a plastic containerwith holes poked in the sides (so water...
anything that has a big enough mouth
Scalare, altum and leopoldi
Same as males. minus the Gonopodium (the live-bearers' penisbasically), that is.
Discus are normally quite colourful, African cichlids are also nice colours and some of the tetra family (neon tetras, cardinal tetras) and parrot cichlids
Look at the stomache of the molly. If it is fat and has a black spot in the middle, it is pregnant. Quickly take her out of the community tank and put her in an isolated tank with a few plants. Once she has popped the babies out, put them into another isolated tank. Feed them molly fry food that is...
A 4 gallon fish bowl is not adequate for these fish and you were miss-sold them. Is this bowl filtered? If it's not, it's not suitable for any fish. A 4g, filtered and heated, is only really suitable for a single Betta or a dwarf shrimp tank. In reality both these species of fish should be in...
yes it does. it will take a few days for it to have its tail as good as new again if it is taken care of properly.
The answer is their habitat is under the water
At night, the blue and red stripes on a neon tetra's body turn silver (as they rest). In the morning, they will reactivate. Hope it helped!
it come from syria an Arabic country
Wild neons and most tetras eat small crustacea like daphnia and insect larvae (mosquito wrigglers etc). They are opportunistic feeders.
Most fish have long feces because gravitational force is lessenedin water, thus the feces strand takes longer to break from it's ownweight. Though I must say, what an interesting question! :D
southeastern Columbia, eastern Peru and western Brazil
it depends on whatcolour the fish is, if its black than its quite difficult to see but if its silver or Dalmatian than you should be able to see a black dot underneath it and they should try and eat all the food also it would be bigger
all type of molly are from the same family but all fish are family
YEs they do. I've seen mine eat the "hair" like algae growing from my live plants.
mostly in Indian ocean in australia
Do you mean What they eat? Do you mean how often they eat? I'll tryto answer your question the best i can. They ea t brineshrimp, microworms, infusoria and mosquito larvae vinegar eels.But they also eat fish flakes. They can't eat pellets because theirmouths are too small. Although after about 2...
The guppy should be kept in groups of more females than males and is compatible with the Beckford Pencilfish, Black Phantom Tetra, Cardinal Tetra, Corydoras Catfish, Croaking Gourami, Dwarf Neon Rainbow, Endlers Livebearer, Gardneri Killifish, Glass Catfish, Glass Fish, Glowlight Tetra, Harlequin...
Scientifically, there aren't too many, aside from the fact that they are both fish, of course. 😏 ichthyologically speaking, they are COMPLETELY different animals. They don't even mate the same way.
\n \n\n \n\n \n\n. \n. It's DROPSY or a condition that is caused by unfavorable water, your fish will die if you don't change 25% of your water and cleanup your aquarium and filter.
You can know if your Balloon Molly is pregnant by obseving near the back of the Molly's stomach. If it's pregnant, the bottom and back of the stomach should form an approximate 90 degree angle. You will also need to observe the stomach before it is assumed pregnant, in case if the molly has been...
yes. 3 or 4 neon tetras can live in a 5 gallon tank. they are also fairly cheap.Type your answer here...
No. It's not healthy for a goldfish to live in water over 75°F and platies need water near 78°F. I hear ideal temperatures for goldfish is around 68°F.\n
Angel fish are light sensitive. They figure that light is alwayscoming from the sky, so, if the room light is brighter than thetank light and the tank has a dark top, then the angel fish willlook straight up thinking that it is correct and wonder why you arelying down and floating.
Very often this type of behavior means that there is not enough Oxygen is the water for their Gills to process. Yhey come to the top and GULP air. You should have a bubbler introducing Oxygen into the water to help solve this problem. Real Plants in the tank also help to Oxygenate the water.
Guppies are usually 1 inch long, and a good rule of thumb is tohave 1 inch of fish per gallon, so as many as 30 guppies will bejust fine. Although, it might be nice to add some different fishoccasionally.
Yes if they are big enough to fit in their mouths. If you have fryin with an angelfish or other semi-aggressive fish, it might be agood idea to put in a tank divider or separate the fry in agrow-out tank.
A molly fish can produce over a hundred fry in a month
about a month depending on temperature
Swordtail is not a mammal, it's a fish although it gives birth. Another example like Swordtail is Guppy. Guppy gives birth but it's a fish.
Yes they can live together. Mollies also go well with platies and sowrdtails.
the fishes need filtering every week or 2 weeks
1 gallon per fish for guppies in a regular tank, so just buy a breeding box at Petsmart or something and put the pregnant fish in when you think she's about to give birth and take her out immediatly when she's given birth. Note: guppies give live birth and do not lay eggs.
\nKeep the water at a normal temperature for mollies: 78-82° F. She'll do just fine.
because it give birth to young alive. Guppys are livebearers.
\nFor now, yes. But you should consider moving them into a larger tank.
you can feed them flakes, live food, pellets of shrimp and lots of other food including algae.
yes, mollies, guppies, platies and sword tails are live bearers
Well all fish breed. But just research how.
There are freshwater and marine varieties of angelfish.
Whenever you see "tetra" in front of a word in chemistry, it means"4". Similarly, "tetraconta" means "40", and so on.
Did you put these fish in recently? Have you had slight increasesor decreases in temp? If so, the stress of moving to a new tank or a chance in temp ofthe water could be making them die.
oscar breed according to their age.main thing is their diet.we have to make there diet very strong.heart of chicken is the beast food.n healty after their breeding
Age isn't necessarily the key. Size is. Fry should be about 1/4 aninch before being released into a live-bearer community.
they can but there would be no outcome of it
Might be time to get a tank divider to separate them. Although,typically, mollies don't eat tetras usually unless they are fry.
It should give birth soon, make sure you have lots of plants for the babies to hide in and good luck!
you should clean him and feed him and put him with his mom if he dont have mom you should put him in a warm place and feed him everyhour and take him to the doctors to see him if he is sick you should take him everyone week or two
Some types of killifish are territorial and some do get big enough to swallow the neon tetra and they will. Killifish are from all over the world and come in many sizes and aggressions.