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A German car company, BMW is known for its performance and luxury vehicles.
Depending on what year the model is, the installation can be hardor easy. if its an older car, installation will be easier, becauseyou wouldn't have to deal with too many wires, and electricalthings. if its a newer model, however, it will be harder becausethere would be more wires to deal with.
06 BMW 325i front or rear wheel drive?
It should turn off, if all of the brake pad sensors are working.You might have a damaged sensor. Each sensor costs around $13.00
Yes. BMW was founded, and centered in Germany.
You probably have a leak or too much oil is getting in the hood and blowing out the venting hose
1. First turn the ignition off 2. Press and hold the trip odometer button WHILE turning the key to position 1 3. Keep the button depressed about 5 seconds until you see "oilservice" or "inspection" with "reset" or "re" in the display then let go 4. Press the button...
If its anything like my 2004 525d Tourer, it will be found within the right hand boot (trunk) cubby hole (mine accomodating the first aid kit), under a plastic tray that is removed by unscrewing three nuts.
The 525 requires full synthetic oil. So you are looking at around 65-75 dollars at NTB or Firestone. If you want to do it at the dealership it will cost you around 110.00.
on the left hand side of the car. (when you sittin in it). look behind the middle panel, close to firewall.
All timing belts should be changed before 100,000 Miles
The same way you jump start any other car.
BMW X5 is an SAV [sport activity vehicle], where as BMW X6 is an SAC [sport activity coupe].
I take it now and the side effects is it makes you unusually tired about 2.5 hours into the dosage. If you are sitting down at a desk or other stationary place you are assured to fall asleep. I find it best to take at bed time ... and you will definitely have some weird dreams. Have been on it...
\nDynamic Stability Control, When you see the light on, it means the system is disabled.
I had this problem, too. I called my local BMW dealer and they did not have a solution other that to schedule a service appointment. I also called BMW Assist, same answer. I solved it myself by pulling out and reinserting the fuse for the "telephone," which on my vehicle was the second one from the...
The BMW 318 has only one belt. All of the components of the engineare driven by a single serpentine belt.
Answer . \nDriver side of upper intake manifold. Just behind the IAC valve. IAC is just behind the throttle body.
\n6 Quarts of Synthetic Oil, Preferably Mobil 1.
yes,\nif it is a shiny red but if it is a non-sparkly red no. yes,\nif it is a shiny red but if it is a non-sparkly red no
Drain the oil from your oil pan. Remove the oil pan bolts. Thereare 24 oil pan bolts. The oil pan will come off.
The oil level pressure sensor is located on the front of theengine. The oil pressure sensor is just above where the oil panbolts to the engine.
282 HP @ 5,400 rpm; 324 ft lb , 439 Nm @ 3,600 rpm .
Power loss on an engine is generally due to an air problem. Checkthe vacuum lines on the engine to see if there are any leaks. Leaksin a vacuum line cause a car to either run to lean or rich. Thiswill negatively effect the performance of the car.
DSP can stand for many items depending on the field it is used in.A couple examples are "Domain Specific Part" in computing and"Digital Signal Processor" in video editing.
start from$16 and up in Ca
look for a Red handle at the back end of the engine. There is one red handle so you cannot confuse it with anything else
It is the VANOS working in conjunction with the cold start injector... once your engine reaches that proper temp, the "shaking" goes away.
The 1997 BMW 528 outside mirror wiring diagram can be obtained frommost BMW dealerships. The outside mirror wiring diagram can also befound in most BMW service manuals.
The manufacturer recommends that you use 10W-30 weight motor oil inyour 2002 BMW 530 diesel. You can use a 10 W-40 weight motor oil inhigh mileage engines.
Bavarian motor werks
Right around $600.00. I just had mine done at the Dodge Dealer last month!!
\nHave access to a '95 540i and an '87 635csi. Both cars have leather clad seats.
\nHave the same problem with a 635/csi. I'm not technically a mechanic, but, pretty sure it's the heater control valve.
right hand side of the trunk behind the concealment panel and inside the glove box, behind the black panel in there. The fuse diagram sheet will either be in the black cover in the glove box, in the emergency kit on the trunk lid or in the spare tire well in the foam holder for the spare tire tools.
The light is reset with a smallish BMW or aftermarket device that can be purchased relatively inexpensively. On Ebay, for example. There's a port it plugs into under the hood, then follow the device's printed instructions, which is, push a button, basically. Very easy. Get on with your bad self in...
there are two pcv valves on this vehicle, one at the rear end of the intake manifold and the other in the front on the right side within the timing chain cover.if the idle goes wonky, then these are the most likely cause of your problem.the pcv also has to be changed on a regular basis, about 80...
One could start by pricing an engine at Bavarian Motor Recycling in Rancho Cordova California. Worlds largest BMW parts liquidators, I think.\n
If you have the cars original key, and it has a good battery in it, just press the remote button. Other than that, I may suggest you call the dealer. --------------- Have you tried just inserting the key in the driver side door and turning it? That's how you open the door with a key when the key...
castrol syntec 0w30 or mobile1 0w40 both are LL-1 BMW approved oil.
DS stands for Diesal Sport my dad said cause he has got a bmw
It is called a comfort relay and if in Australia is behind your glovebox accessable by panel under glovebox
\nUm, if the on-board computer is functioning, it's fairly simple. Hopefully. Push the turn signal stalk in toward the steering column. A display should appear or be present in the speedometer housing. Each push of the turn signal stalk "in" toward the steering column will pull up info on various...
Remove the housing and replace the gasket.
You can clean your air filter with an air hose. You can also cleanyour filter by submerging it in soapy water. Allow the air filterto completely dry before putting it back in.
Secondhand Britain; new Holland. Britain is not in the eurozone!
Its not a "fast car". Something like a Ferrari or Corvette could be called "fast". However, the little Bimmer is pretty quick. 0-60 mph in about 6+ seconds, with excellent handling and braking to go along with it, the 328i is a very agile and fun to drive vehicle. Most BMWs, while powerful, are not...
No it doesnt. I bought a 1994 BMW 530i that only came with 1 key. I immediately started calling about a making a copy (due to my absent mindedness&past locking-key-in-car incidences), only to be shocked at the dealers replacement key price of about $100 (which also requires a bill of sale, title or...
it comes off the powersteering pump, driver side of the car right on top, its got a bracket on the head and one bolt on the firewall,also a quick releast clip under the car, follow it with your hand and you will find the right line under the car
Germany is where they originated and are built, but also, the BMW X3, X5/M, X6/M is made in Charleston, SC, USA.
BMW series are the type of sedans that they have. 1 series, 3 series, 4 series, 5 series, 7series
Some are located in the e-box, which is under the hood on the drivers side up against the firewall, and others are located behind the passenger side glove box.
\nWhat mileage should you change the timing belt on a 2001 325i BMW?
The same thing happened to me mate, After removing the seat from the car and doing various tests I had a fault with one side of the seat. The bad news is the closest I could get to a full diagnosis was a fault in the gearing or the cable that runs from the motor to the gearing. I was told that you...
Hope This Helps:.
On modern vehicles the catalytic converter is made to last the lifeof the vehicle. It would need to be replaced if the car is burninga lot of oil or if it has been damaged.
Location of the fuse boxes are in the following locations: . Passenger side e-box (under the cabin filter housing). . Glovebox. . Under front passenger seat (under carpet). . Trunk batterybox (above the battery). . Hope it'll help you.
An intake boot. there are several different types by style number. you will have to look at your style idle control valve and any different vacume lines to determine your style intake boot.
Look in the driver side lower dash toward the middle console. It is on your right hand.
It is a small piston in the transmission with a spring on one side. It takes oil into it and slows the application of an element and has a reserve of oil under pressure to slow the release of the element.
Generally speaking, false. Red is a colour which tends to stand out, BMW tends to be more of a 'premium' brand of car than is the norm, and convertibles are also distinct from the norm.
How do I change the side/parkinglight on a bmw 530d 04 reg Do I have to take the cluster out?
It shows the estimated miles per gallon at that moment. You will notice that the numbers correlate to the mpg figures. So if you are driving on the highway at 65 MPH and your MPG gauge shows 25. It is shows that at that moment, you are getting 25 miles to the gallon. It basically helps you determine...
The mission statement for BMW focuses on providing premium productsand services for its customers. The BMW Motor Group is the parentcompany of BMW, Rolls-Royce, and Mini.
There should be a "H" and a "M" on the console with a small hole beside each of them , use a pen to push the recessed buttons.. I own a 02`Sebring and I know this works as I have done it..
Answer . \nI have installed everything from cold air intakes, exhaust and software mods to complete supercharging systems . depends on how much power you want and money you want to spend.
On the back of the housing there is a black plastic "tab" that slices (rotates) to disengage the headlight housing. Once it is release the entire unit comes out from the front and the bulb socket can be removed from the back and the bulb replaced. This one operation paid for the aftermarket...
No. But if you have proof positive that the mechanic caused the damage, HIS insurance will cover the repairs. Call your local office of the State Attorney General.
Transmission concerning this part link. Im having the same problem right now. I just keep restarting until the light goes away. let me know what you did to fix it. It's like a valve body, that part is not...
Automatic Stability Control (BMW)
%REPLIES%. Answer . Check the hoses and around the clamps to see if it is possibly leaking from there. Radiator sealer works fine on small leaks.If all else looks good you are on the way to have your rad repaired.(also check around the water pump,when they go they leak bad!!). Answer . if the...
When looking underneath a 1991 BMW 525i, the fuel filter is locatednext to the fuel tank. It is held in place by a bracket.
Castorol gtxc. Igh performance 10 w 60
The 2004 BMW 525i came equipped with the 2.5L 6-cylinder engine.The vehicle requires 0W40 or 5W40 European specification syntheticengine oil. The most current specification for these oils will listBMW Longlife-04 on the bottle.
91 octane in CANADA and USA, there are higher levels, like 93 octane
One risk of extreme customization is the fact that resale valuemight be very much lower than the market for an item. Extremecustomization also means that the customer base will be lower inquantity.