Dow Jones Industrial Average

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Simply known as the Dow, refers to a stock market index showing how 30 publicly held companies in the US trade during a trading session. It is owned by the CME Group, with majority ownership over the Dow Jones Indexes.
Go here... . Go to this address:. enter the time period in 1976 that you want price info for.
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A rise in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and good business conditions indicate a bull market.
the London stock market opens at 7am gmt
Watch the futures. Watch the futures Someone at google misplaced a decimal. There was no unusual price fluctuation in 1988 for GE as is represented with google finance.;range=my -...
Visit the Dow Jones Indexes website. Home > Dow Jones Averages (on drop down) > Index Data >. Specify your data range (i.e. Feb 1, 1980 - Mar 1, 1980), be sure to put Frequency to Daily, and 'Get Report'.. You will have the Dow Jones Industrial Average for your date.
It has changed over the years to reflect the changes in the important companies in the U.S. economy. But currently the 30 companies that make up the Dow are . Alcoa . American Express . AT&T . Boeing . Caterpillar . Coca-Cola . Citigroup . (Walt) Disney . DuPont . Eastman Kodak . Exxon Mobil ....
One year makes any gain from the sale a long term capital gainwhich is at a lower tax rate than a short term gain.
This answer changes from day to day. Search stock ticker symbol DJI for a current position.
The New York Stock Exchange opens at 9:30 ET. In the winter, that translates to 14.30 GMT. During daylight savings time, it is 13.30 GMT.
A.E. Long and A.A. Jones invented Caps For Bottles And Jars in 1898
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Historical stock prices for any range can be found by going to and entering the stock ticker in the "Get Quote" block in the upper left of the screen. Then under "Quotes" in the left column you will see "Historical Prices". On this page you can enter your start and end date...
Up until recently, it was impossible to buy a share of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). The average consists of 30 companies, so an investor who wanted to mimic the returns of the DJIA would have to buy shares of all 30 companies in proportion to their weighting in the average and...
The Dow Jones Industrial Average consists of 30 stocks of large, stable, blue-chip companies, who are thought to represent the US economy as a whole. The DJIA includes: Company Symbol 3M MMM Alcoa AA AT & T T American Express AXP Bank of America BAC Boeing Company BA Caterpillar CAT Cisco...
It depends on the number of business days we have in the year. Usually the exchange is closed on: . Saturdays & Sundays . National Holidays like Christmas, New Year etc On all remaining business days the Dow Jones is open for trading
All the answers say 4:30pm NY time. But I had traded the emini dow until around 5:15pm NY time. Look like the DOW takes a break at 4:30pm but restart over again. It is Friday 5:10pm NY Time as I'm writing this note and I'm still trading the EMINI YM taking more than 40 points on the last contract....
Well, you see... the lowest value of the Dow Jones Industiral Average Index is a mere 4.099. This is because when American's Next top Model started its 14th cycle, the ladies did a photoshoot on Mars. The owner of the world had to pay 45 billion dollars to the Head Martian.
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The Hong Kong Stock Exchange opens at 9:15 HKT. This time is 9:15pmof the previous day in Eastern Standard Time.
The US is growing its home sales and starts, slowly but surely. Sherwin-Williams is smart and aggressively capitalizes on this sector and usually comes out on top. This company is run but extremely smart people.
DOW INDU aT END OF 2008 (12/31) WAS DOWN 4488.43 FROM END OF 2007
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Because the game is delayed slightly, about a minuite or two, you get the real time quote of a large company from google (in real time) you wait for the stock to start to rise, than immidiately buy about 500-1000 shares of that stock in the game. Watch the real time quote and when you see it peak...
11205 as of 05/25/10. It happened on 04/26/10. This high was followed by a 1000+ point drop in the following weeks due to the debt crisis of Greece and Europe as a whole. Tensions between North and South Korea over a sunken Naval ship also contributed to the decline in the Dow Jones.
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An index is in the back of a book that tells you what page number you will find a certain thing you are looking for.
As of today, 34 times.
When it was first published in the late 1890s, the index stood at a level of 40.94, but ended up hitting its all-time low of 28.48 during the summer of 1896 during the depths of what later became known as the Panic of 1896.
According to the Investors Business Daily, the lowest in it's 5 year history is 15.5 on 11/26/07. It's high was 102 on 05/29/08. As of August 24th, 2008, the PE of DJIA is 91.5
hi the close of the Dow on June 14 was 10190 after turning lower in afternoon trading after moody's downgraded grece to junk status dody99
Most chart programs will use this symbol: $INDU
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