Hot Air Balloons

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Hot air balloons were first invented by the Chinese in the mid fourteenth century. Learn more about these contraptions in this category.
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paper and hot air with a bag put a basket with it
They are called Sky Lanterns, I have added a link that gives instructions on how to make your own
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Yes, but only in light winds.
It depends where you want to go, and how fast you want to get there. Normal hot air balloons can only go where the wind take them. The speed is as of that depending on the winds. If the wind is too strong, it would not be good for the balloon. If the wind is weak, you would not get anywhere...
High winds, thunderstorms, or very cold air would have a detrimental effect on any hot air balloon flight.
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Airships of all types are lifted by gas in bags. Now almost always helium. Most use small aviation engines for propulsion and steering.
There are many festivals around the world devoted to ballooning. Some places that hold festivals are Albuquerque in New Mexico and Bristol in the UK. Colorado also has a large ballooning population and there are many places where one can ride.
They are filled with hot air. The hot air raises and take the balloon with it
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Because hot air rises. And I assume because burning fuel to create the hot air is easier, perhaps a lot lighter as well, and definitely cheaper than constantly buying helium. Although blimps used that method.
In very simple terms, hot air is lighter than cold air, so it rises.
the combination of air and heat cause the ballon to expand, therefore, the ballon will float.
If it is the one I am thinking of a few years ago, fire or explosion indirectly caused by a rough hard-impact landing.
The smoke from the fire can effect the the air and pollute it, causing sick animals and sick people. The fire can also catch on a tree or some shrubbery if it crashes causing an open bush fire. It can be an enjoyment though. Also the way that its made and where it's made might affect the environment...
The gas (hot air) in a hot air balloon gives the ballon its "lift". In nature, hot air rises. This is why it is usually cooler near the floor of your house that near the ceiling. Filling a balloon with warm air and then heating it with a flame gives the balloon more and more lift. By controlling the...
It all depends on the amount of fuel you have, most hot air balloons carry 1-2 fuel tanks. On average a hot air balloon burns 25 Gallons of propane an hour, and average fuel tank is a 10 Gallon fuel tank, sometimes 15 Gallons, meaning roughly 45 minutes to an 60 minutes, sometimes its a cool day,...
The first hot air balloons were flown by the Montgolfier brothers in France in the year 1783. Etienne Montgolfier tested the tethered balloon, which was used on November 21, 1783 by its pilots, Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and (Marquis) François Laurent d'Arlandes . Rozier later...
1500 hot air balloon accidents happen a year in the United States. There are many safety precautions that can be taken to avoid these accidents, however.
Yes, they are. Many people fly them for a business or hobby. The first air type spy mission was with a hot air ballon in the civil war.
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Yes of course everything depends on what the balloon is made of.
what happens is when the hot airballon is unbalanced it stats moving around eventually going to fall when its balanced it stays perfect and doesn't wobble
You have to trigger the heat, which goes through the tube and it heats the balloon and it flies in the air.
H istory was made at 4:54 AM, Eastern Standard Time, Saturday, March 20, 1999, when the Breitling Orbiter 3 achieved the first nonstop round-the world balloon flight. After 19 days aloft, Switzerland's Bertrand Piccard, and the British pilot, Brian Jones, crossed an invisible line over the vast...
because there are helium or gas in the balloon.
A mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other various gases. The only reason is floats is because the hot gas inside the balloon is lifting it up.
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The hot air inside the balloon is less dense than the cold air outside, so the balloon floats on the denser air. But an airplane relies on a wing moving through the air to create lower pressure on the top of the wing, so that air below pushes the wing up. hot air balloons require no movement.
The average speed of a hot air balloon depends a lot on theenvironment. The Pacific Flyer actually recorded the fastest groundspeed for a manned balloon at 245 mph.
Air expands as it is heated, hence, hot air is less dense than cool air. Hence it rises in a surrounding environment of cooler air.
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\nEither by releasing some of the air it contains or by not applying more heat - as the air cools the balloon descends.
Smoking in a hot air balloon
One can find and book hot air balloon rides in Niagara on the 'Balloon Over Letchworth' website. One can also find such balloon rides listed on 'Trip Advisor'.
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There are a variety of sites that offer information for a variety of Hot Air Balloon tours in the United States. The site Balloon Rides US offers listings for a wide range of locations in the US where the company provides balloon tours.
Just regular air, which is heated. That's why they are called hot air balloons! The fuel gas used for heating the air is usually propane.
Mostly nitrogen, since a hot air balloon uses air & air is mostly nitrogen. Let your ears hear what your lips are saying ! The hot-air balloon rises because it is inflated with . . . . . . . . wait for it . . . . . . . . hot air !
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High pressure. A hot air balloon has a maximum altitude, where it has only just enough lift to keep it there, because there is very little difference in density between hot (near) vacuum and cold (near) vacuum.
Far too many variables to answer ! The amount of heat required depends on the weight of the payload (basket & number people).
Hot air balloon rides are very popular in California, as well as in the New England area. Companies that offer hot air balloon rides are: US Hot Air Balloon, California Dreamin, and San Diego Balloon Rides.
When the burner on a hot air balloon is turned on the air inside the balloon is heated making it less dense. This will cause the balloon to be more buoyant and climb.
No because the air gets too cold for convection to happen, causing the hot air balloon to stay in place or even fall
Answer . cold air drops, hot air rises, remove vent covers up stairs check for blockage with flashlight, put a fan at top of stairs blowing down, see if that improves it, or open a window up stairs to allow more air flow,
If you visit the Ballon Ride US website, you may book hot air balloon flights for different areas within the United States. Prices range from $160 to $225 USD per person.
One can find new and used Hot Air Balloons for sale from retailers such as Blastvalve, Global Plane Search, Cloud 9 Ballooning, Hot Air Zone and Cameron Balloons.
kinda-sorta. A smallish balloon, like a Chinese Lantern, couldprobably be made to go airborne by a bunch of hair dryer, hot airguns and similar. Bigger balloons, it'd be hard to find an electric heat source withenough power.
It rises until the air it displaces weighs no more than the balloon and everything hanging from it weighs.
the higher you go the lighter the air is.
The air inside a hot air balloon is the same as normal air around the balloon and the air you're breathing, only heated by the flame inside the balloon, hence HOT AIR balloon.
Yes, they do. Anything around which air ever moves hasaerodynamics. It may not be crucial for you to know theaerodynamics of your mailbox, but in some regions it may beimportant.
so that it has extra heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hesitate to say it's impossible, but there are two inherentproblem: the volume of a balloon is not fixed the way the volume ofa glass bulb is, and the density of gases depends greatly uponpressure (the density of liquids is, to a very good approximation,constant with respect to pressure). For...
There are actually a number of ways to make a balloon lift, without helium. Hydrogen is even less dense than helium (but has the disadvantage of also being highly flammable). And since hot air is less dense than cooler air, you can lift a balloon just by heating air. Since hot air is less expensive...
well, hot air balloons are made from nylons because so it does not burn or catch on fire with the flames
because the air inside the balloon is heavier than the air outside in the other layers of the atmosphere
No, hot air balloons, as the name suggests, contain hot air, not helium.
Hot air balloons played a big part in the American CIvil War. Itgave an advantage to see above the trees and see an enemy beforethey could surprise attack...
Ballons are made of an elastic plastic while a bottle in a harder plastic
The first untethered manned flight in a hot air balloon wasaccomplished on Novemebr 21, 1873, in Paris, France.
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Yes, if the craft is manned- or even carries animals- i was thinking of a sky-born type of Hat-trick with Rabbits, perhaps. The FAA requires a specialized balloonist or Balloon pilot license for all manned aerostation-Balloon flight except a captive or tethered balloon which does not really fly but...
Maybe you can use a blow dryer and a paper bag.
They shrink because of Charles' Law, which describes the direct relationship between volume and temperature. As the temperature goes down (which is a measure of kinetic energy,) the volume goes down as well.
Yes, but only on a large scale such as solar towers.
Because air is pushed into the balloon!
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By heating the pressure in the balloon is rised and the limit ofthe resistance of the balloon envelope is exceeded.