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The Tulip is a perennial plant of the genus Tulipa characteristic of a bulbous shape and vibrant coloration.
It has seeds that is light and has winglike structure and it has fruits with dry and hard walls
Mazumdar is a Hindu Indian name. Judging by her facial appearance, she is 100% Hindu Indian, but most likely born and raised in the United Kingdom.
Simon Cowl he's some tulip alright. but you'd see green leaves and a black tulip
i sure wouldn't want one , but if the one your with thinks of the motto ' it's the thought that counts ' . . . then yes , it is okay .
holland i would say
Blue tulips are actually quite rare. Back in the day tulips were the rage. Almost everyone grew tulips and tulips made such a high price that murders were commited because of jealousy and greed for the best tulips. Tulips were often used with their bright colors to signify certain events. Now,...
The tulip bulb is planted in the Autumn months before the winter season arrives. In the spring when winter has passed and all the snow has melted, the bulbs sprout and then bloom into beautiful flowers.-
This is the completely wrong category, but no it is not a film yet! Have a good day!
I believe they do.
Tulip is actually from Iran as described in the Related Link below.    In Persian culture tulip represents bravery of those people who  have died for their country (Iran) and for thanking those , so  called "Martyrs" there is a tulip sign in middle of White stripe of  The Iranian flag.   ...
Tulips are vascular plants. All flowering plants are vascular.
  of course it blooms more than once just make sure chipmunks or other rodents dont eat them.
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  1-2 times a day
In New York (or possibly in their summer house by Lake George, New York state).
a quarter of a million tulips bloom every year at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.
  There is more water in the plant than there is in the soil so the plant will attempt to even out the ballence by putting some of the water that is contained inside it into the soil which will inturn cause the plant to wilt because of returning so much water to the soil
When the tulip flower has died, you will notice that the area where flower has attached to the stem swells larger and larger. It is producing seeds. If you plant the seeds, it can take 5-7 years for the seeds to develop into bulbs which produce the tulip plants. Bulbs are necessary to store food...
Up until now, most tulips produced only one flower per bulb. There are new tulip varieties though that are producing more than one flower on a stem. These are more likely to be found in gardening catalogs rather than in the box store around the corner. Also, bulbs multiply underground and each...
Tulips must be propagated vegetatively to come true to the parent. Plants from seed will be variable.
Answer . As long as the leaves are green and healthy they are storing nutrients for next years bloom ( a good time to fertilize ). once they start to wilt and turn color they can be trimmed off, doing so before will lessen the beauty of next years bloom.
Tuliptree is the state tree of Indiana. Also known as Yellow Poplar and Tulip Poplar, the botanical name is Liriodendron tulipifera. Trees will begin producing flowers at around 12 - 15 years of age. Flowers are yellowisn-green with orange centers and are shaped somewhat similarily to Tulips. ...
here biggest relationship was with Natalie
The Tulip Touch is a children's novel by Anne Fine published in 1996.Natalie lives with her family: her father, who is a hotel manager, and her mother, who lavishes attention on her younger brother Julius. They go to live at a hotel called 'The Palace' and Natalie meets a strange, silent girl called...
Yes, they would. The Tulip Touch is a more serious book!
what is the purpose of each of a tulip flower     As with any flower it is to attract pollinators to fertilise the  ovary. 
Is a tulip woody or herbaceous? tulip is herbaceous, because it is a monocot. secondary growth doesn't occur in monocots, whereas secondary growth produces cork, which is the woody stem found in dicots
Tulip bulbs sort of taste like a raw potato with a strang spicy aftertaste sort of like chives.
Yes, tulips are considered poisonous to dogs and cats.
red, yellow, white, black, blue, mauve
No, rabbits can't eat tulip bulbs; tulips are toxic for rabbits. See the related link and question below for more info.
right here, in the wild forests of tulipian land. alas, ypyyppypypypy, earwax
They got their name from the Persian word "toliban" meaning turban. Why you may ask? Well because the shape of the headdress that many people in the Middle East wear today is simallar to the shape of the flower known as a tulip!
About 5 inches into the soil.
Tulips are indigenous to mountainous areas with temperate climates and need a period of cool dormancy, known as vernalization. They thrive in climates with long, cool springs and dry summers. Although perennials, tulip bulbs are often imported to warm-winter areas of the world from cold-winter areas...
a blossom ,a bulb, and a stem
I don't know. Check out another website!
No, tulips are multicellular organisms.
The seed is dispersed by wind and the fruit is dispersed by animal.
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As long as you did get leaves, don't give up on the tulip. It may bloom in the next season. Plants need to mature, just like everyone else.
Tulips close at night , because when sun rises in the morning temperature of the atmosphere rises and rate of transpiration increases with the increase of temperature. so tulips cells loses water potential and become lose and become open. when day passed on and temperature become low than water...
no.Although I did once mistake one for an onion and cook it. 
Its is dispersed by explosive action due to its fruit wall becoming hard and it's seeds has a wing like structure
In the book, the hotel is called The Palace.
  Foliage is like plants, trees, etc.
Too much water!!! Back off on the watering.. Let the soil dry out a tad in between waterings.
tulip bulbs need cold induction to produce flowers, when the foliage is dead dig up the bulbs, wash them, dry them (so they dont rot) and store them in your fridge. replant them around march
Ginger is a root.Sugar Cane is a grass that grows from 'corms'.
A rabbit or deer will eat a tulip and manyother types of plants.   A goat will eat anything.
It is in the Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland.
Trust me, I've seen this happen. You'll feel OK for about 20-30 minutes, but suddenly you'll start to convulse rapidly. It will look like an epileptic seizure. Your body may well be paralyzed and if you do recover, you'll get what's called shingles, not a nice disease. SO DON'T SWALLOW TULIP FOOD.
Yes, you can plant other flowers around tulips when their leaves are still green. Be careful not to dig into the tulip bulb when planting the new flowers. When tulip leaves are yellow and brown and drying, you can give them a small tug and they'll come free from the bulb. Don't remove them while...
Tulips need soil that drains well - you don't want them soaking in water and turning to mush. Dig down a foot or more to make sure they won't be trapped in any clay soil which will retain water and destroy the bulbs. If there is a lot of clay in the soil, remove it from the enlarged planting hole...
there color and smell is diffrent from certain other flowers.
  Here we go: http://www.organicgardentips.com/how_to_grow_tulips.html Check this out and read it, there is some good stuff on there. Thank you for the great question!
Because they find them to be a beautiful looking flower.
it would probably be tulip and natalie
  No tulips do not need to be covered in a frost. They are very hearty plants and actually last longer in cooler temperatures.
Smells like horse excrement after the rain.
In the morning the head of the tulip is closed andit opens up during the day. At noon it is open at it's fullest point,then it gradually closses itself. It simply folows the sun.
The best time to see the tulips is from March to May. The best place to see millions of tulips is Keukenhof Flower Garden. The park is open only for about 6 weeks every year. 2012 opening dates: from 22 March to 20 May, daily from 08:00 to 19:30, including Sundays and holidays. Added: The park is...
Tulip bulbs need planted in the Fall for them to push through the surface by Spring. Bulbs need those dormant months in the soil to produce flowers.
no. of petals,stamen.petal ,pistil does tulip have
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Carnations are perennials, but many people grow them as annuals.
tulips are called tulips from the word tulipa gesneriana
'Tulp' is 'tulip' in Dutch. [Tulipa spp].
Yes, I have one. It is reversible and has tulips on both sides. One side is mainly a purple color with tan tulips and the other side is tan with purple tulips. There is a white with yellow embroidery tag on it-only the Pe remains, as most to the tag is gone. I think it is from the 1950s. It's a...
'Bostulp' is a Dutch equivalent of 'wild tulip' [ Tulipa sylvestris ].
'Tulipano' is an Italian equivalent of 'tulip' [ Tulipa spp ]. The Italian word is a masculine noun. Its singular definite article is 'il' ['the']. Its singular indefinite article is 'un, uno' ['a, one']. It's pronounced 'TOO-lee-PAH-noh'.
" Tulipa " is a Portuguese equivalent of "tulip" ( Tulipa spp ). The Portuquese word is a feminine noun. Its singular definite article is " a " ("the"). Its singular indefinite article is " uma " ("a, one"). It's pronounced "too-LEE-puh."
From personal experience with my moth, you will have to be patient. It will take about 27 days for it to be a beautiful, huge, brown moth.
roses are more romantic that tulips...if you ask me:)
if you are refering to a kind of plant, that certainly is a multi celled organism because all species under kingdom plantae are multicellular. dont be puzzled of the name tulip because it doesn't mean it only has two cells..
Clean them well, let them dry for a few days and then put them in a box or paper envelope (something breathable). Label the box carefully, so that you can tell which is which in the spring. Store them in a cold place, like the garage or refrigerator. I don't believe they need to freeze, but they do...
Because anne fine wanted to inspire teens into her book as she was  a childrens book writer