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Lilacs are species of flowering woody plants within the olive family, native to eastern Asia and southeastern Europe. These shrubs or small trees have deep green leaves and flowers, normally purple in color.
Lilac comes ultimately from the Sanskrit nīlā meaning "dark blue".
Adelaide Dunbar is a lilac bush that is beautifully fragrant and generally disease-free. But the woody plants in question ( Syringa spp ) all react sensitively to other than proper drainage, heat, light, moisture, nutrients, and pest control.
  Hello What this means would only be known by the psychic who gave the reading, so no one else can answer. As psychics we all have our own 'language' with spirit, so what one thing say a 'tree' means to me it will not to another - same with lilacs. Sadhara
It's not purple that lilacs come in. Violet is the only color it can come in.
Lilacs are not long lasting cut flowers, however you can improve their shelf life. Bring in the cut stems and re-cut the stems while immersing the bottom tip in a bowl of soapy water. This help reduce the surface friction and get the stem taking up water again.     They have a tough woody...
You can trim the tree when the bloom is over and before it sheds  its leaves. In the spring, the best time is after the last frost.  Water and feed the tree.
after lilac blooms have died and dried, this is the time to prune
is it okay to use hollytone an lilacs and weeping cherries
  If you mean it does not bloom year after year youre pruning it at the wrong time or you have a blind plant that will never flower.
Elderly Chris's mind.
sure, they smell nice     === Or ===   There was an old belief that rosemary would only grow in the garden of a strong-willed woman.   Lilacs were at one time associated with death and graveyards.
It is a pale purple. Some lilacs have more pink and some have more  blue.
either red or blue depending on what you want
" Lilas " is a Spanish equivalent of "lilacs" ( Syringa spp ). The Spanish word is a feminine noun. Its plural definite article is " las " ("the"). Its plural indefinite article is " unas " ("some"). It's pronounced "lee-lahs."
lilac bellong to the same family the olive the purple lilacs are the Strongest of scent the lilac are the state flower of NH - new Hampshire the color are red pink yellow blue purple and white they bloom in the spring and the summer by ---- kailey shaffer
Lilacs are purple flowers associated with the "language of  flowers". They symbolize the emotions of early love. The color  lilac is associated with mourning. Black was worn in some countries  to symbolize death. After a year of mourning, the key mourners,  such as the widow, could switch to...
they just grow somewhere i don't know I'm trying to find out the answer too
You can, but if you do you will lose next Spring's flowers.
Yes, but if you do you will lose next year's flowers.
    No, they are often candied and used to make wine. While they smell intoxicatingly delicious, they are a bit bitter when eating them. I put them into tea and sometimes even my coffee, just to make it more aromatic. Try crushing them into sugar, which you can add to teas and coffees for a...
  Yes they do, but sometimes it means its dieing.
  In spring, but the time varies by region (and climate). My lilacs bloom in Northern California in March, abut the third week, but my friends in the Northeast won't see theirs until May or June.
  == Answer ==   Prune after they bloom and then cut off the old spent flowers.
  lots of light but not much direct sun
Yes. It is possible in an emergency but it takes a lot of skill and knowhow.
Some are. It depends on the variety.
Lilacs are trees.
Yes lilacs are dicots.
a light or deep green, gray, black, maybe red, royal blue, and possibly yellow depending on the shade
Blooming requires a lot of energy from any plant, shrub, or tree. They need nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, chlorine, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc. Nitrogen is the most important, followed by phosphorus and potassium. All growing things need...
== Dwarf Lilac bush ==   I have the same problem. I have lost one dwarf lilac bush all ready and now it looks like the one next to it is starting to die. I was told the first one that died had Gurgling (sp) root disease. The root starts to wrap around itself and chokes off the other roots. Has...
It was written by Walt Whitman to mourn the assassination of President Lincoln.   Sic transit tyrannis!   ; When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom'd,  ; And the great star early droop'd in the western sky in the night,  ; I mourn'd, and yet shall mourn with ever-returning spring.  ; Ever...
they give us oxygen
== Answer ==   Yes! They go perfect together, silver goes with a lot of colors and lilac certainly is one of them.       also that is what she said last night
Only if you want to tidy them up.
  I have had a similar experience with a 3 ft lilac bush. It is (still alive and coming back!) Rather than a lawnmower trim, it was pruned to about 6 inch height after a large tree limb fell upon it and destroyed most of the branches. This occurred about two years ago and now and is approx 2...
We'll, you can never know where Bailey is! She can be all over Lilac Isle, so look around and you'll find her.   If you really are having trouble and you're searching for what seems to be forever, kindly ask in global chat if someone could map her for you. They will understand, I'm sure it's...
When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd was created in 1865.
Lilac is a shrub or small tree which carries panicles of scented  flowers in May or June in the Northern Hemisphere. It goes under  the Latin name of Syringa.
  Spider egg sacks wouldn't kill a plant. I looked up the product you used and it specifically says not to spray it around people, pets, or plants. It was the Hot Shot that killed the plant.
The Lilac Bush is an angiosperm.
== Answer ==   Knowing when to trim lilac bushes is important. Most lilacs don't require pruning until they reach about six to eight feet tall. The best time for pruning lilac bushes is right after their flowering has ceased. This allows new shoots plenty of time to develop the next season of...
common lilac - 20 to 23 feet
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    Reaction of Li with H2O
  Yes you can. It is fine make sure they get lots of water   Yes you can. It is fine make sure they get lots of water
  Lilacs smell like a sweet rose and a hint of vanilla. It's a light but a thick scent. Unlike lilac a rose has a more light and thin scent while the lilac has a heavy vanilla-y scent. I prefer the lilac more though! :)
The niche of syringa vulgaris (Lilac flower) is to look pretty in the wild when none other beauty is to be found. It is also to produce pollen so that we can grow other crops and harvest them properly. Without the flowers and such, we would have died out years ago. We cannot live on plants alone,...
Hmmm...definitely not maroon, - that is quite dark, almost like a burgundy. Lilac is quite a pale purple and I'm not really sure about musk, I'm sorry. Hopefully that helps a little bit, lol!
  uhhh... i donno   possiby
Rosemary is thought to increase longevity and memory. But, because smells can help us remember things and Rosemary has such a strong, distinct smell, those assumptions probably came about before the smell/memory study was done. =)It's a GREAT herb! Smells good, tastes great with poultry, and is...
  I usually start with cutting out all of the 'suckers' in the bush. These are the very straight branches growing straight up.   Then I trim to the height that I want to bush at. Then I will thin out a bit, trying to take out some of the very oldest branches to allow the new growth to fill in...
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  I just read on Fox Hills Lilac Farm's website that the best time is between April and Oct. They stated that 75% are done in the fall.
  Shrubery which bloom such as lilacs and azaleas should be pruned after thet are through blooming before they begin to set new buds for the next season.
  add lots and lots of red and white until you have almost no trace of lilac paint left... or just throw it away and but some new pink.
  From the Persian word, nilak, which became "lilac" over time.
It is same in English. As it is not a word but a plant name.
Take semi ripe cuttings mid or late summer, for nodule cutting, just below a node. Remove side shoots, nodule cuttings should be 3/4 inches long. Dip base into rooting hormone, insert into standard cutting compost, if more than one cutting, ensure leaves do not touch. Place in propagating case at...
Presumably you mean the Penny Lilac issued in 1881 and in use from 1881 to 1901.    The value depends upon several criteria:    1. The Die used to produce the stamp - Die I has 14 dots in each corner; Die II has 16 dots. Die I stamps are usually more valuable than their Die II equivalent. ...
Mine did this year which led me to your question. Ours is at least 15 years old and went from purple to white this year. So the answer is yes it happens, but I do not yet now why. Matt
  The best time to do this is right after they stop blooming. If the plant is large, you usually will see small runners on the grown around them, I have dug them up and replanted. Plus always remember when pruning a lilac bush, wait till its done blooming. Also it might take a yr or so before a...
  cutting them, or using a stick to wrap round to make them grow that way
  Lilacs are an acid loving plant. The leaves will turn yellow and the plant often can and does die if the soil is too alkaline. You don't have to have the soil tested. A quick and easy solution is to get some Azalea/ Rhododendron plant food by Miracle-Gro. Mix it in water and put it on your...
  == Answer ==   The pink, depending on what shade, will either drown out, if too light, or overpower if too dark.   Go with the silver and add some diamond accents, fabulous.....
  Lilacs can be started by digging suckers early in the spring before leaf out, or after the leaves have matured. They do not root well from cuttings, so I do not suggest that. They are usually very accommodating about sending up sucker growth, so you should have lots of material to select from....
  NO. They are sun plants, and need to be outside. it is to stuffy inside   no
\n. \n Answer \n. \nThere are different colors of lilac and sage. Unfortunately, you have picked two colors that are going to be extremely difficult to match. Lilac is a beautiful color and can be in tones of mauve, pink/mauve, to deeper colors. I'd go with the lilac. You could introduce another...
  It is cadillac.
whitish yellow or just white     It depends on what your sense of purple is.
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Cut back hard, cut out about 20% every other year or so. You should  have all new growth and they might not bloom the first season after  the trimming but they will remain healthier and support better  blooms.
The flowers are fun to pick and suck out the nectar. It is verysweet. I don't know about eating the flowers or other parts oflilacs however.
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