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The common lavender, Lavandula angustifolia, is a flower of the mint family, Lamiaceae, and is widely used in the production of honey, tea, potpourri and aromatherapy oils. To learn more about the propagation, planting, maintenance, trouble shooting, and harvesting of Lavender, come into our Lavender category and ask questions about all of that, as well as its regions, growing and light requirements and much, much more.
Just have the bottom (my son gave it to me when he was 6 - thought it was pretty) Found in Southern Illinois.
The scientific name of the lavender plant is Lavandula  angustifolia.
historically lavender was described in the roman times,
The Italian and French lavenders will grow on quite poor and dry soils. Some types have gone wild in even the driest state of Australia and are regarded as a weed. The English types are still quite tough but grow best in areas that have slightly richer and moister soil.
Fuchsia flowera are different colours, although they are predominantly reds, pinks, lavender and white (or various shades in between)
Lavender is both a flower and a herb. It is used as a herbal filler in sachets between clothes as a fragrance and in scented waters
Because of Australia's range of climates and soil types, the country is able to grow nearly any crop. Greengrocers in Australia offer a fantastic array of fruit and vegetables, most of which are locally grown. There is a huge variety of fruits and vegetables - apples, oranges, melons, citrus,...
Yes because it has a fresh smell that soothes all the nerves in your body. So you become very relaxed. When you are relaxed you fall asleep much easier. Hope this answered your question! Lavender is a wonderful way to relax. I suffer from Panic Disorder and to keep my anxiety in check, every evening...
No nits do not like lavender because they do not like strong smells!
  depents on how much light it gets and how high you turn on the heating
  Also called true lavender or fine lavender
1Harvest the lavender plant in the morning and allow it to dry for a few hours. This should ideally be done on a dry, sunny day just as the flowers are approaching full bloom.   Load the plants into a distillation vessel. This is typically a large, food-grade stainless steel pot used only for...
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The herb is a Mediterranean native. The herb thrives in full sun and poor soil.
  After fowering. Just trim off the old flowers.
The order of draw would be the red top first, the green top second, and last would be the lavender top
all colours mixed together!
Yes. If it is stored properly, lavender oil can last a year or two,  but always sniff the oil before using. You will be able to tell  when it goes bad.   Pure essential oils do not go rancid, but over time they may lose  quality. Close the containers tightly and keep in a cool dry place  when...
They go great together if you like PINK!
  a single flower is only a few millimeters long. the bloom, of hundreds of flowers, is 3-4 cm long on top of a long stem
Honeysuckle is Lonicera and Lavender is Lavendula. There are many different species of each.
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Lavender will probably grow well where vine grows. The soil should be neutral to alcaline.
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No, lavender has a stronger aroma and it often repels flies. The  smells are also noticeably different   Lavender is my favorite fragrance, but it is stronger than lilac  although they are both yummy. Lavender has been called a gift to  the senses. Lavendar has a gentle calming action. It has...
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It takes 287 pounds of lavender to make 1 liter of oil isn't that really crazy ok by the way its 287 ponds of lavender.
I believe you may be referring to Iochroma. The leaves (and even stems) of the plant are very rubbery and hold up extremely well in the wind. The flowers appear in clusters and are trumpet shaped so the hummingbirds love them. If you conduct a search you will see they actually come in various...
It is a species of orchid native to Europe, eastern United States and Eastern Canada. It is known as the Fen Orchid as it grows in fens and bogs
Lavender is a plant that grows well in temperate to Mediterranean climates. You do not "make it" as such, it just grows.
Lavender will self seed. However this will not be true lavender due to pollination. It will not spread like mint say. If you want more lavender, the best way is to take soft wood cuttings. www.yorkshirelavender.com
Lavender buds are the unopened flower buds of the lavender plant. They are most commonly dried and used for their fragrance, but they can also be used as flavoring in foods.English lavender is the sweetest variety and its floral flavor is particularly suited for baked goodsProvince lavender (a...
Probably because someone has sprayed a lavender perfume into your room or there is a lavender air freshener in your room hope this helps ya xxxxx
I hadn't thought of lavender, but they DO smell perfume-y. The assassin bugs that creep into my house in autumn smell sort of like banana-flavored nail polish remover if you accidentally step on one. I try to gently pick them up with a paper towel and put them outside. Any sort of damage releases...
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  Depending upon what you're looking for, lavender can symbolize luck, devotion, and trust. For the more supsersitious, lavender is a way to avert the "evil eye".
  A lavender plant already contains the sweet and pungent oil. Though it is the flower mostly contains the essential oil. It is being distilled and then use in perfumes, soaps, toiletries, potpourri and bath oils.
Yes, Lavender and gray match quite well.
put lavender in powder and mix it together.
It treats a bad headache
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No it Can not kill u I know people who ate it
    Lavender Jade is said to bring one in touch with their emotions, especially the softer side. It is said to assist in honest communication and self control. It is often given as a gift to someone who has been hurt or disappointed by love.
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light greens and soft yellows
Lavenders are dicots
the national flower of Portugal is lavender because: The Lavenders are a genus of about 25-30 species of flowering plants in the mint family and are used in cooking, the potency of the lavender flowers increases with drying. While the English lavender , yields a highly effective essential oil...
Answer . I believe your harvest the flowers that turn pink and you dry them. If there is a nonflowering lavender.
  leaves as a herb and flowers in soap and stuff like that
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a florist <3 xx
Thought to have been domesticated by the Arabians and started to spread across Europe from the year 600 BC
Lavender is considered to be a light shade of purple. But lavender is actually also red and blue mixed together or maybe purple mixed with white. It can be considered a shade of blue too.
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Lavender is a flowering plant of the mint family
All lavenders are perennials
Lavender is grown in south eastern France. It is growing naturallythere as the plant is adapted to the mediterranean climate.
Yes, lavender is a purplish/violet shade of blue
Lavender essential is generally known for relaxation and for skin conditions. The full properties of lavender are anticoagulant, analgesic, antidepressant, anticonvulsant, antihistamine, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, antimutagenic, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, antiseptic,...
  == Answer ==   At the Pike's Place Market in Seattle, WA. That's where I got mine.
  Hi you want to get your cloves of lavender and take off the purple heads , with the purple heads you need to place in a pan , put boling water in the pan so it just covers the lavender cloves light the cooker and boil the water down until your left with a stodgy mushy paste civ out the liquid...
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Lavender is a beautiful color. Its like purple only lighter, just a light, creamy, purple. The flower looks like a strip of light purple rice and tiny petals on a stem.
Both - however lavender is a culinary herb and commercially used  for the extraction of essential oil
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full sun, not too much water and most are hardly to zone 7, some to zone 5   Oops....I need more info...but just about wintering (Kansas zone 6)....clip it down? Or leave it be (doing so nicely right now)? Mulch heavily around base? Or not? Help appreciated....this is my first plant and it is...
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yes because it is a vascular plant that has seeds that are not enclosed in an ovary
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  light purple
Lavender flowers are spike-like flowers composed of multiple, tinypurple florets on a slender, elegant stem. They are valued fortheir soothing, herbaceous fragrance, their healing properties,their multitude of uses and their physical beauty. In addition tothese characteristics, lavender flowers,...
  No, according to this website it's a perennial herb.   http://plantsbulbs.suite101.com/article.cfm/plant_profile__lavender