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French Guiana

French Guiana is a neighbor of the South American countries of Brazil and Suriname. But as an overseas department of France, its currency actually is the European Union's euro. Questions typically refer to the country's infamous but now closed prison on Devil's Island; pioneering ecotourism by Maroon descendants of escaped slaves; and politico-economic challenges of illegal gold prospecting, high unemployment, and alleged favoritism to Hmong refugee settlers from Laos.
Current population of French Guiana is at: 203,321
The guiana was discovered at 1595
Black people,haiti was a french collinie and creol is also spoken in French Guiana.
French Guiana is part of France, and the official language isFrench.
There are many different plants in Guiana. I will list a few here :P
Suriname is in between Guyana and French Guiana.
French Guiana is still an overseas territory of France, located in northern South America. It was settled by the French in the 17th century. It is called "French" Guiana because in colonial times, there were three colonies: French, British, and Dutch Guiana. The latter two became Guyana and Suriname...
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Guyane (French Guiana) . Suriname . Guyana . Venezuela . Colombia . Peru . Bolivia . Paraguay . Argentina . Uruguay Source - http://maps.google.com/maps
The Caribbean South America.
The Spanish, Portuguese, British, French, and Dutch all influenced the Guianas.
Brazil (to the east and south) and Suriname (to the west) are thetwo countries bordering French Guiana. The other parts of FrenchGuiana are bordered by the Atlantic.
Some of the import economic activities in French Guiana are Farming, Fishing, Mining, exc... Those are three that I knew.
A developing market economy focused mainly on fishing, crops, timber, and agriculture. They have to import almost all of their minerals and their main trading partner is France.
Not including French Guiana (a French overseas departement), Brazilborders: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname,Uruguay, and Venezuela.
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We eat colombo (it's a kind of curry) of chicken or pork, many fishes and crustaceans (Acoupa, Aimara, Vivanau, Attipa, Croupia...), Awara Soup (a palm fruit), Blaff (fish preparation with legumes) with accompagnement of rice, red bean or Kwak (Manioc). There is many other and off course all that...
Some physical features of French Guiana are: . coastal plains . small mountains . hills Hope this helped!
The country became Guyana in 1966 when it became independent of the British. They still speak English.
French Guiana's traditional music is "Zouk". It's near Haitian Compas.
French Guiana is an overseas department of France, and it is in the Amazonian region of South America. ~ Hope it helped! I'm doing a project on French Guiana and I've been researching a lot, and this is the best I could find. [:
French Guiana is the dependency that is to the east of Suriname. Specifically, French Guiana is an overseas department of France. Unlike neighboring Suriname, French Guiana therefore is not an independent nation. Like Suriname, it shares a southern border with Brazil.
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French Guiana is part of France.
French Guiana - 32,252.7 square miles.
NO it is now called Suriname and is in South America
People in french Guiana eat usally fish or meat around 2:oo pm.
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The president of the French Republic(France). Today it would be Nicolas Sarkozy who is its leader.
French Guiana - 32,252.7 sq miles.
France or one of its territories. Republic of France is what the RF stands for.
Suriname is to the east of Guyana. It's to the west of French Guiana. All three countries are located in the northern part of South America.
The capital city of Guineais Conakry
French Guiana, an overseas department of France is located on the northern border of South America between Brazil and Suriname.
The Guianas is a term that is used for the countries of Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana. Specifically, Suriname is the former Dutch Guiana, from its colonial years under the European Kingdom of the Netherlands. Guyana is the former British Guiana, from its colonial years under the British....
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No. It's located in South America, bordering Brazil (to the South) and Suriname (to the West).
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The national language in French Guiana is French. Other languages spoken in French Guiana include: Arawak Carib Chinese, Hakka Eastern Maroon Creole Emerillon French Sign Language Guianese Creole French Haitian Hmong Njua Javanese, Caribbean North Levantine Spoken Arabic ...
Yes it was once part of Guiana but they separated later on.
The Guiana Highlands are located in the western Sahara Desert
The official flag of French Guiana is that of France's, but those who live there sometimes say the following is their flag:
The national language in French Guiana is French. Other languages spoken in french Guiana include: Arawak Carib Chinese, Hakka Eastern Maroon Creole Emerillon French Sign Language Guianese Creole French Haitian Hmong Njua Javanese, Caribbean North Levantine Spoken Arabic ...
Because the weather is more consistent in French Guiana.
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There is no local government properly said. French Guiana is a "département", and the local representative of the French government is a "Préfet", i.e. a high-ranking civil servant. The decision-making follows the same organisation and rules as exist in mainland France, including local councils.
The vast majority of French Guianans are Roman Catholic. There are many other religions practiced by the minority groups. These include indigenous Amerindian shamanistic religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Africanbased religions. .
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There are different animals in Guiana Highlands. Some of theanimals include ground snakes, geckos, tree frogs, lizards and manymore.
yes it is fairly rich, because it is a part of france.
great Britain accepted growing US influence in latin American countries
The Guiana Shield is the name for the highlands that separate French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela from Brazil. Specifically, the term refers to an ancient geological formation that is found on the northeastern portion of the South American continent. It forms all of the northern...
The Guiana Highlands , also called the GuianaMassif or Guiana Shield , separate the northernborder of Brazil from its neighboring countries.
The main crop of French Guiana is sugarcane! Yay, sugar for tea and cookies all from Frech Guiana! Happy cooking with your french sugar! (Frecnch Guiana isn't in France i was just being funny, but the main crop really is sugarcane. Happy Internet lookin' = ) )
it is called as inogolo
The country that used to be Dutch Guiana is now called Suriname
they are all different countries in South America. Suriname is the smallest, then french Guiana, then Guyana being the biggest. By the way you might want to check this answer as i am only 11 years old and doing a project on South America so my answer might not be right. SOS if its wrong.
You are probably here to find out what the population of French Guiana is. If you aren't then you should stay to learn something. The approximate population in 209,000.
They Colonized Angola because of its gold and also because it wasnear the coast which gave them an easy access to trading. Later onthey realised that it was cheap to get slaves there too.
what they all have in common is that they are all [but no for US] explored by french and they all border the Atlantic Ocean.
commodities: food (grains, processed meat), machinery and transport equipment, fuels and chemicals
French Guiana is still a French dependency and elects deputies to the National Assembly in Paris. Guyana (formerly British Guyana) and Surinam (Dutch Guiana) are both independent countries.
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some natural resources include gas petroleum fish clay gold
Land, Tax, more knowledge taken from the people of Br Guiana [if they have some that the British did not], more CHEAP Labour, more resources...etc. etc.
The Fur Trade is an industry revolved around the acquisition and the sale of animal fur. In the years around the 1580s, the French were very interested in 'castor gras' or 'coat beaver'. Beaver wool became the sought after material for French hat makers.
They are all in South America. They all have a lot of differentcountries' people living in them.