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Stalking is the illegal activity of repeatedly directing unwanted attention to another person. It usually shows a mental or emotional problem in the stalker or criminal intent. Stalking can be following a person around, trying to talk to them or lingering outside their house, also threats or property damage. However, even sending messages or gifts to an unwilling recipient can be just as harassing and is also considered stalking.
Dealing with someone whom is repeatedly attempting to contact you despite your refusal to have anything to do with this person (whether stranger or known to you) is not easy.If the person is an annoyance more than anything, having a direct conversation with them in a public place is a good idea...
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There are 3 types: � Physical: Punches you, has fights.� Cyber: Rude messages on the computer, text messaging.� Verbal: Name calling gossiping-sexual: forcing you to do something that you do not want to do; touches you in places you don't want to be touched
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Tell your parents. They can try to find out if it's true and also alert the police.
Well.... you have someone that is obsessed with you.
The punishment involves the blocking of the user from various websites that he has used and in many states, legal action can be taken if digital evidence is produced and continues.
This is not an easy task, especially in a world which becomes more technological by the day. If the person is stalking you online, then you can do things like using different email addresses, making sure that your passwords are all different and changing your forum usernames so that he/she does not...
Call 911 and get her off your back!
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It took so long to make stalking a crime because it's hard to define when someone is stalking. There are also First Amendment issues involved. The case that set the precedent involved Rebecca Shaeffer, who was murdered by an obsessed fan who had stalked her for 2 years prior to the incident.
It depends on the individual case and the state and/or county where the injuntion was issued. I would think that any competent judge would think long and hard before returning firearms to a stalker, but stranger things have certainly happened.
In most cases he is infatuated to you and has a big crush on you, explains his obvious move of following with your knowledge. But sometime it could be adverse- could be he is a sex addict, a thief, a robber, rapist, psychopath, compulsive stalker (harmless but addictive, yeah there is such a thing...
It is usually referred to as cyberbullying.
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Make new accounts, delete her & block her, if its in person ; get a restraining orderr. change cell phone number..
If this troublesome girl is a friend of yours then you should remain friends with her, but, it is not uncommon to have one or more friends so make that clear to your friend. If she does not like sharing you with anyone then you may have to break up the friendship and move on from her. If she is not...
Depends... If its a older women/man than you, then Shoot them in the face with a sniper, if you have any problems call me and ill shoot them instead. whatever, about this person who is stalking you they are massive paeophiles. Keep a log of incidents including the date, time, what happened, and...
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I understand that you really like this boy, but why are you wasting your time on HIM? If he can't see what a great person you are, he isn't worth it. If this isn't treating you act like he doesn't matter to you anymore. He may realize that he cared about you or he could just be a jerk and not care....
I would say, shes not over the boyfriend... an that she is probablygonna find a dark something about you an tell the boyfriend leavingit to a huge fight between the too, an end up not loving each otheranymore (sorry but its the truth)
In 2013, Peter Robbins, the Charlie Brown voice actor, was accused  of stalking his ex-girlfriend. Peter plead guilty to threatening  and stalking his ex-girlfriend. He was sentenced to one year in  jail and ordered to a residential drug treatment center.
He is attracted to the receiver of the kiss. Or he is taunting the  receiver by blowing him a kiss because he knows the person knows he  actually dislikes him or her.
You may NOT follow the person to their house, you may not watch  them 24/7, and you may not follow them around everywhere you go.  unless you are a little kid then following a girl around is not  illegal, except for watching them through their windows.
When someone is on another's property they are trespassing so get a 'no trespassing sign' and put it in plain sight. If this person is still on your property then be calm and ask them to read the sign and to please stay off your property. If they become belligerent or they refuse to stop then phone...
There may be. She may be trying to get him in trouble. She may also  be paranoid because something has happened in the past..
following behind about maybe 50 feet away from target following  home to look at with a telescope
This is debatable. Stalkers often use search engines to stalk, and Google is probably the most popular search engine. However, stalkers would also use sites with more local scope such as Craig's List (to hook up with actual victims), Facebook (many users put their personal details there and thus...
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If you are in school, tell the principle.If you are in real life, file for a restraining order.
At a basic level love is on a higher intellectual plane as to love something is normally a decision to love, while anger is emotional and is designed to 'attack', whether it is verbal or physical doesn't matter.It is much easier to get angry because it is similar the effects of adrenalin. Anger is...
No it is something that you do, when you want to know more information on a certain person.
following someone around all the time, searching them on the internet frequently, asking the persons friends about the person often, looking at them from a distance thru binoculars, if you obtain their cell phone number, email address, or house address without asking them directly and looking thru...
A guy is a stalker if he follows people, has obsessions with people, has a restraining order. If you have a feeling someone is a stalker, keep away!
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If a person is acting strange around you or another person and they tend to be many places you are at the same time, they might be a stalker or they must really like you. They may also avoid you but are always there at certain times. They giggle and act shifty when you walk past or send you loads of...
noWell, it depends if you actually LIKE the celebrity that is stalking you. If the stalker is Justin Bieber, grab a shovel and beat him in the head with it....or if you are "civilized" just call the popos.
Hmm...Invasion Of Privacy?
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Not a total stranger stalks someone. Someone who is being stalked  from one of his or her known one. May be the stalker would like to  know more about a person that's why he or she stalks.
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You follow people uncontrollably and are obsessed with them. hope this helps
That depends on how serious it is. If he's persistent and he just won't leave you alone, tell him to back off or you're calling the police. But if he doesn't stop there, it would be best to call the police. Even if you don't want to bring your parents into it, it could be a serious matter, and I'm...
They are probably obsessed with their 'prey', or else they are creeps and just want fun... well any stalker is a creep.So the answer to your question... Stalkers stalk you because they are creeps :)
After three years, it would be hard for me to be as nervous. However, one never knows when such might escalate. Simply arrange with the police for them to be there at 2:55am, and then they can observe him do this and talk to him. You can also file for an Order of Protection. Understand, that might...
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stalking in general is weird.......and kinda scary........and really rude.
Some key things is if you meet him everywhere you go or if he  constantly asks where you are at
tell somebody or call the police cause it could get serious.
Stalking is a misdemeanor, with a penalty of one year and/or $1,000 fine, and up to five years probation.Aggravated stalking is a felony, with a penalty of five years and/or $10,000 fine and any term of years probation, including life, and not less than five years
They always return...   Or depends on how long they have been stalking that person and how  much they are obsessed.
At one time, such a person would be known as a  'busybody' or 'nosy'. I don't think that the term 'stalker'  applies!  
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stalking a minor in ANY state is disgusting and wrong so don't do it!!!!
reverse search license plate numbers or talk to the police.
well nobody can really tell but mostly they only think of ways to get to you and make plans of following you and stuff.I had a stalker once but im not really sure.
Either you are paranoid or you have a stalker. Find evidence of a  stalker first, since if you fail at this, you are most likely  feeling paranoid. If it is severe enough to cause problems in your  life you can take medication, seek therapy, or reduce the stressors  in your life. If you have a...
block their number or email address or save all the evidence and report them
Because they were in a relationship and it ended badly- they become obsessed etc. They are often not mentally stable at the time -Because they think your cool (Will) ; p
Clearly you're girlfriend doesn't seem to think that. If it becomes  a bigger problem, get an ex-parte and it should stop.
say listen here boob if u ever touch me again then i will call the cops on you and then do not answer her phone calls and keep your doors locked at all times and windows and never speak to her again eventually u will never want to see her again actually you will never think about her at all and then...
it depends on your definition of harassment when comparing it to the legal definition. Legally, you would need to show that her behavior is intended for the sole purpose of threatening or disturbing your life. There is a lower burden of proof for a restraining order, which you can look into in your...
If they follow you and if they are everywhere and if they know everything about you then they are stalker!
I would imagine no amount of appreciation/praise could ever make him feel properly for-filled and so he's still looking for it where he's most recently had it, from you. the way I would deal with it, is instead of being black and white about things like saying "I don't want to talk to you" or "I...
the police have to see if the stalker has had any past stalking times/ restraining orders
They can hack your mobile phone by bluetooth. They can waste your credit and other sorts of thing. But they dont mess on YOUR phone. In the future try turn bluetooth off when you have finished with it. Hope this helps :)
R u sure he isn't just following u cause he's going to the same place or area as u? Or it could be just a coincidence. U could also ask him y r u following me?
When an ex-boyfriend stalks his ex-girlfriend, he does not think the relationship is over or, if he broke up or cheated on her, he feels she is still his property and he wants to see if she is seeing other men. If he continues to stalk you report it to the police. If you insist on speaking to him...
You shouldn't be scared of anything. Addresses can be found anywhere, and if someone wanted your address, they would be able to find it even if you didn't tell them.
That is a serious situation and if they do try to come always know that you can call 911 or lock your doors. Besides, why would they go through all that trouble to find the home of a stranger, whose address they don't even know if its fake? Relax, take a deep breath, and know there are lots of...
You should discuss it with your aunt. If you can't do that then you have answered yourself.
Notify your parents or your school administration if you are minor. If you are an adult report it to the police giving as much information as you can about the person you suspect/know is doing it. Do not engage this person in any kind of contact, either personal or on the phone or internet chat....
Go on Omegle and give someone your address. No purchase necessary.
Probably set them straight, give them priorities and talk to them about what they're doing and why they're doing it.
tell them to go away. dont afraid to be truthful n tell them how annoying they r.
I don't really know because when I looked it up, it says that it isn't even a word.
The good thing is that 'cyberstalking' scares you, as it should.  This has become a huge issue in the past decade, so I'm going to  share a few tips with you to help you avoid stalkers on the Web.   1. Never, ever, ever give out your home address.   -  This also means you shouldn't add...