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The Caravan is a minivan produced by Chrysler Group LLC for its Dodge brand. Since its introduction to the market in 1987, this long wheelbase (LWB) vehicle was manufactured in five generation models.
the tensioner has a torx head bolt that comes in from the backside of it, you need to remove the belt and access the torx head bolt from underneath.... it is easier to have someone hold the new tensioner in place while you start the bolt back in and tighten it
Firing order 1-2-3-4-5-6, the cylinder 1 is the front left, 2 front rigth,
  == Answer ==     Up for debate--Will lower fuel mileage, but if you take into consideration the increased wind resistance created by having windows open--probably a wash   == Answer ==     Up for debate--Will lower fuel mileage, but if you take into consideration the...
take the van to your local dealer and have the horn cherp option enabled in the body computer. or chech one of the techs walking in the back door and offer him 10$ to do it for you
  First, break the lugnuts loose with the lugwrench while the tire is still on the ground. Then jack up the vehicle near the tire that needs to be removed. with the tire in the air. Finish taking off the lugnuts. Tire should come off.
Automatic fuel pump shut off needs to be reset   I could not locate a reset switch and from the manual I think it has a fuel pump relay and asd relay do i need to replace these
The windshield wiper assembly can be removed by unplugging the wiper motor harness, removing the wiper arms and unbolting several bolts that attach the assembly to the firewall. Doing this will give you the room necessary to work on the backside of the engine.
engine knocking hard,   and shaking a bit
  == Answer ==   R-134A   == Answer ==   Technically, Freon refers to the older refrigerant. The new stuf is called "134A Refrigerant"... and that's what all newer vehicles use.
Requires a special wrench tool.Look on eBay for "Volvo Oil Filter Wrench"They are about $10.
Water is commonly getting into the hazard light systems
Blown fuses. Consult your owners' manual for their location.
It means that the engine computer has detected a malfunction and set a trouble code, you need to have it checked for codes.
Two common reasons. The first is that it is like any other component and it can just fail for no reason. The most popular reason for malfunction though is people installing air filter incorrectly. This will cause dirt particulants to contaminte the little filament wires on the sensor. Once this...
Possibly your transmission isn't shifting out of 1st or 2nd. This is the 'safety default' when the Speed Sensor in the transmission goes bad. About $150 for a Transmission shop to fix (tranny doesn't need to be pulled).  They can test for this externally via the diagnostic port.
Trouble code P0721 means:Output speed sensor circuit range/performance
The 2000 Dodge Caravan oil sending unit is located on the bottom of  the engine. It is on the front on a six cylinder, and the rear on a  four cylinder.
On the upper dash panel between the turn signals.    GL    Dean
  The gas tank opener for the 86 Fiero, is located on the "B" pillar,located behind and to the left of the drivers seat approximately 3 inches back from the door opening, and four inches down from the roof. It is a pull down hook.
For the 3.3L it is 1-2-3-4-5-6.    Dean.
  == Answer ==     Look under vehicle--follow fuel line from tank
  == Answer ==   Tires and/or wheels out of balance or bent?   Rotor warped?
A Chrysler/Dodge dealer can get that part.
Under hood, driver side, front side of strut tower, rear of headlight, mounted on inner fenderwell
For a job like this you should have a basic Haynes or Chilton book for your van.    A normal driveway mechanic should be able to do this in about 4 hours.    Set park brake. Be SAFE!!!!!!   Loosten lug nuts 1 turn on wheel to be removed.   Use breaker bar and remove axle nut.  ...
  26 means too high resistance in the #3 injector bank, or the injector itself.
It is located?æon the driver's side next to the the firewall. Thisfuse box will be quite large so it's very easy to find.
It is inside the fuel tank.
The correct space is .030, find a piece of cardboard or thick paper and lightly glue it on, it will get knocked off when engine starts.
I have a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan, and what I had to do was remove the plastic covers from the windshield pillars (they should just pull off). Then you should be able to pull up on the upper dash which is covering the speakers.   You will probably need something to pry it up a little, then you...
Plastic part, probaly rusted in so it broke off. If you have room - heat up a suitable piece of flat metal, red hot. Press it into the plastic, it melts easily. When it cools twist it out with a wrench. If no good, drop oil pan and try to knock it out from inside. If metal part fell into engine, you...
  ( 5 w 30 ) according to the owners manual
The statute of limitations for debt collecting from a deceased  person in the state of Kansas is ?æfive years. However, the statute  of limitations for debt collection will vary in other states.
  == Answer ==     if you look down at the top of the headlight assm with the hood open,at the rear of the headlight assm you will see two long clips holding in the headlight assm. they run top to bottom. you have to pull these clips up and release them from the headlight assm. now pull...
Here's how to do it.Remove the plastic trim panel behind the mirror. The electrical connector is located under the top dash trim panel. Pop it up and disconnect the connector. Route the new wire in the same area as the old one. Rick I'm a retired ASE Master/L-1 Technician. I still keep current...
Turning over indicates the starter is working. The voltage from the battery should be around 9 volts while cranking. If so, check spark plugs for spark. And spray quick start fluid into the intake manifold. If still no run get back to me.
The book says: 1) disconnect the negative terminal from the battery 2) disconnect the solenoid wire connector from the terminal (this is about the toughest part believe it or not. Dang connector is tough to get off!) There is a little red locking piece that MUST be pulled out about 1/8". Once it...
Trouble code P0131 means:O2 sensor circuit low voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 1)
check that you have a properly charged battery, key to run position. Use a short piece of wire. a larger paperclip formed into a a U will work, and jump the two terminals on the starter relay which is usually mounted on the firewall. If the starter turns over the engine you may have a PCM problem...
  == Answer ==     It should be pretty straight forward. The splitter block or porportioning block will have three inlets. One from the from the front and two going to the rear brakes. One will go to the left and one will go to the right. Just hook up the side closest to the wheel. Then...
I think you will have to replace the assembly, Not sure if cam sensor is available seperatly.
Did you mean shut off? My Grand Caravan will turn on and them immediately shut off when I use a copied key. I believe the key has an electronic signal as part of an anti theft system so a copied key only opens the door. It can start, but once the car senses the key does not have the electronic code,...
  Should pull the drive pulley and then you can pop off the old seal with a screw drive and press in the new seal.
The Oil Pressure Switch (Oil Sending Unit) is located on the rear of the motor towards the top. The crank sensor is located next to it if that helps any.
if you disconnect it you will have a fault code stored in youy ecu and will cause problems like dome lamps staying on all the time..
    take the front grill support off if the engine is in the car. then remove the plate covering the cam. then remove the cam?. it is alot easier with the engine on a stand.
Try the ignition control module. Had the same problem with mine $36 part fixed it. The ignition control module is in the distributor and so is the pickup coil, but the ignition coil is by the battery. There is a spark test that can be done. If it was already done and couldn't see a spark, then it...
Answer   as far as i know your vehicle has to be 93 through 96 in order for you to use a odb1 diagnostics tool on it or 97 and newer for odb2. If you can get ahold of a shop manual it will give u all of the sensor resistance and voltage values. also some manuals at the auto parts stores have the...
  Good news is that you may not have to! There was a safety recall for the entire clockspring assembly. Here is an excerpt from a letter I have:   The clocks pring assembly that connects steering wheel mounted electrical components to the electrical system on your minivan (VIN:...
It is on the right side of engine in a small black box and once you remove the cover .read the relevant fuse and you will find it there.
front side of engine block, between the oil filter and transmission
I've had this trouble in a couple vehicles. It could be a misreading Mass Air Flow sensor; also called a MAF sensor. If the air-gas mixture isn't reading correctly, you can get a low idle, high idle, or a jumpy idle.    OR    It could be the throttle cable is too tight. It looks like a...
  The 3.3L engine for dodge is always a timing chain but they RARELY fail.
I just bought this exact vehicle last week and ordered a Beck/Arnley oxygen sensor on eBay for $20 bucks. Bosch may be the best brand sensor (also called O2 sensor) but you'll be paying a lot more. NGK is another brand. My 940 will not be getting many miles per year, so I went cheaper.
On the caravans, there is a resistor modual for the fan speed to the motor. This modual is located just behind the glove box. The cost is around $40.00 and is a dealer product only.
I cant answer that because alternator tensioner fell off and I'm having trouble finding one.
I have a 2000 dodge caravan 3.3L that was doing the same thing. I took it to a transmission shop and had my transmission rebuilt. it seemed to work for fine for a few days and then it started doing the same thing again. I was then told that it needed a new transmission computer or transmission...
  Behind and above the brake pedal is a pushbutton switch. When the pedal is not being pushed, the steel part of the pedal arm hold it in, essentially shutting off the brake lights. When you push the pedal the switch is released, turning on the lights. It is very easy to see if you look under...
  == Answer ==   had a co worker that had to change both of motor /regulator on that car she spent 280 on the left side and two weeks later she had to do the other side.sad but true bad design gets dust and dirt on the regs cables and plastic pulleys and smokes the motor easy way to spot tis...
at the back of the engine, below the throttle body, to replace, have to remove the intake manifold
V6, it is on the lower front of engine.. 4 cyl, it is on the rear, under the intake manifold.
  I own a 2003 dodge grand caravan. the check engine light has come on twice. The first time is was a bad fuel hose in the engine which was very expensive to fix. the second time it was the air conditioning compressor that had blown up this too was a very expensive repair, I have since gotten...
  You must remove the bolt holding the spark plug clip and wiring just above the water pump housing, and move the wires out of the way as much as possible. The hose is held to the housing by a squeezable clip - need long preferably curved needle nose pliers to squeeze and pull off hose. If no...
  loose connection at battery or pcm or ipc bad ignition switch too much crap hanging from key
The 1997 Dodge Caravan has the most common hook-end wiper arms on front and rear. See the Sources and Related Links section below for installation videos. Also, purchase the replacement blades first and there will be additional instructions/illustrations on the replacement packages. Locate and...
You can get from a dealer. I got them for my 2001 Sonata and it cured the rubbing and noise problem.
Blower motor relay is probably bad. I just ordered one for mine and fixed it pronto. It only costed $16.00. The resistor is located in the firewall on the passenger side and can be a real pain to remove. I ended up getting frustrated trying to finesse the little spring latch with a tiny screwdriver ...
you don't! it's part of a recall, that has a lifetime warranty! save your money and frustration.
I had the same problem with mine also on my 2002 Dodge Caravan, and it goes on but you have to work at it. Then it would also pop out on me, where the blade would lift up and not wipe the rear window. It takes a bit of patience, and getting it on just the right way. You can also see if the closest...
depends on the engine on the 3.3 there is a thick black hose that goes from the radiator to the engine
  I'm betting it's on the valve cover. There's a hose running from it to the air cleaner. It's an easy replacement and not very expensive.
If its the factory unit, look at the face of the unit and there should be 2 tiny little buttons (holes) on the front. One has an H (hours) next to it and one has an M (minutes). Use a paper clip or a pen and adjust the time.
Your child protection manual switch is probably in locked position maybe?
People have given all kinds of answers except the correct one. The most common reason for a stall is low oil pressure. The car has an oil pressure protection circuit that shuts down the motor when oil pressure gets below a certain level so that the bearings do not overheat. If the car stalls, then...
Answer . Could be a number of things CONSULT with with your Dealer and have it looked at.
Type your answer here... air bag sensor light on?I had one in a 96 in the column, went to local wreaker and changed the column. Works now
  The main causes of backfire in any car are incorrect ignition timing, crossed sparkplug wires or worn timing belt (or chains and sprockets).
  == Answer ==     master cylinders should be same   abs works thru an electronic valve , usually away from master cylinder
I also had the power door lock problem. I got the update as well. I called Chrysler to give them a chance to make good on the problem because I believe that locks are a safety issue and should be a recall item and the fact that there was a software update to correct it means they know that the...
  It is shared with the Back-up light switch. Towards the front of vehicle on the transmissions. There are 3 in a row, it is the middle one i believe. If you unplug it, the back-up light will not come on.
  If it is right at the top of the engine, this is just the rocker arm cover, and is not serious. This probably just needs a new seal. I would just start by tightening the bolts a bit (not over tightening. If you are Hercules, get your wife to do it, she probably won't be able to overdo it). ...
Most of the time this means that the coil for that cylinder is bad. It can also mean a bad plug and sometimes the fuel injector.
The starter seems prone to going bad. We are having starter problems and I looked online and saw page after page of other people having the same issue with all years of the Dodge Caravan.
  ==Answer==   Look at the bottom of the seat near the floor. The seat will be mounted to the floor by four bolts. move the seat all the way back to get to the front two and then all the way forward to get to the back two. Then it should come out. Good luck.
the fuel filter is on top the fuel tank must lower tank partially to get at it.
  == Answer ==   Facing the engine on the right closest to the radiator is #1 then 3 5 7 to your firewall. Otherside, on the left closest to the radiator is #2 then 4 6 8.