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Eoin Colfer

Eoin Colfer is a bestselling Irish author and comedian. He has written many successful books, but is best known for being the author of the Artemis Fowl series.


yes, he did. here is a list of some of the many awards Eoin Colfer has won: 1.Bisto book award of the year 2. Wh people choice award 3.Irish world literature award 4.red house children's book award 5.carnegie medal
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Eoin Colfer wrote Half-Moon Investigators.
Eoin Colfer married and had two children with Jackie Colfer.
Wexford Christian Brothers School source: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1379619/bio
If you are a fan it is: EoinColferFanAddress@gmail.com
That is a tough question. Because although Harry Potter has the magic Artemis Fowl has the brains.
In Wexford, Ireland.
connor is sent to jail and has to try to escape
His wife's name is Jackie Colfer and he has had two children with her.
Airman is not part of any series. it is an individual book about an island and its inhabitants called the Saltee Islands.
I looked everywhere as well! I found nothing I think they were never published in the 1st place!
no, he's married with 2 kids
My edition of 'Airman' by Eoin Colfer has 412 pages.
It hasn't yet come out, but i think it will be called The Supernaturalist 2
No, Eoin Colfer does not have any tours planned for 2010.
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one interesting book by eoin colfer is Artemis Fowl!! trust me it is a really good book.
Why is probably like any other author, to encourage imagination and show writing talents. How he came up with the idea is how his little brother acted so deviously
He poisoned a druken sprite with holy water in whiskey or scotch for its' book
Yes, Eoin Colfer is planning on writing an 8th and final Artemis Fowl book.
He is found to have said something about the LEP (communications wise) and is found by Holly Short and Mulch Diggums after being sighted in the news being taken away by a demon for a short time. After this he finds out about another Criminal Mastermind who wants to capture a demon - unfortunately...
Other than his popular series (The Artemis Fowl series), he has written the books: Airman , The Supernaturals , Half Moon Investigations , The Wish List , The Legends of Spud Murphy , The Legend of the Worst Boy in the World , The Legend of Captain Crows Teeth , Benny and Omar , and Benny...
Eoin Colfer Is An English Airman Writer But His Background Is IRish. If You Can Look Up The Real Answer That Would Be Great . Hope THis Answer Helps. Jakki~~~~
Eoin Colfer was born on May 14, 1965.
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yes, it is confirmed. But since there is no progress yet, and Colfer is working on other projects (AF movie, Plugged, possible AF book 8 and sequel to The Supernaturalist), it looks like it won't be out for a whie. Especially since only one movie at a time he can work on, and AF has more progress. ...
he married a lady, had a girl with her, killed her, then married his daughter, which he had 83 kids with, all of which he murdered and ate.
check his email or go on the Artemis fowl website and check if theres a link in it that can go onto his site or something
Conar Broekhart (aka Conar Finn, Airman), Declan Broekhart, Victor Vigny, Isabella, Bonvilain, Linus Wynter, Otto Malarkey.
He lives down the street of my cousin in Wexford, Ireland.
Until And Another Thing , his sequel to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy , debuts in October of 2009, Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox is Eoin Colfer's most recent novel.
He is a well known author and is becoming more well known, so hecould be said to be famous at this point. He is a well known author and is becoming more well known, so hecould be said to be famous at this point. He is a well known author and is becoming more well known, so hecould be said to be...
He's sold millions of books, and that is Artemis Fowl alone. The Artemis Fowl series was hugely successful, along with Airman. The rest of his books probably sold an average amount. Not much, not too little, but the Artemis Fowl Seeries, Airman, and the Benny series are probably his top three...
Eoin Colfer is still alive.
its not who inspired eoin its what inspired him,what inspires eoin is what happens to him in real life.
I am told that it is eoincolfer@hotmail.com but I tried it on my computer and it did not reach him. Maybe someone out there will get better luck
Eoin Colfer usually writes for young adults but his book 'Benny and Babe' was for kids.
Yes he is married and to Jackie Colfer.
Eoin Colfer was born in Wexford Ireland in 1965
yes he is writing 2 books
Eoin Colfer C/O Hyperion Books for Children 114 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10011-5690
(May 2009) Currently Eoin Colfer has two boys, Finn(1997) and Sean(2003).
According to the "Artemis Fowl Confidential" website, Eoin Colfer's wife is Jackie Colfer, with whom he has had two sons.
According to the "Artemis Fowl Confidential" website, Eoin Colfer has two sons: Finn, who was born in 1997, turns 12 in 2009; and Séan, who was born in 2003, turns 6 in 2009. http://artemis-fowl.com/author_biography.php
He lives in Wexford, Ireland.
No. At present, Eoin Colfer is not writing a sequel to Airman . Instead, in a video interview for the "Artemis Fowl Confidential" (AFC) website , he has mentioned that once he finishes And Another Thing , the sequel to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy , he will focus on publishing his already...
According to the "Artemis Fowl Confidential" website, Eoin Colfer has two sons: Finn, who was born in 1997; and Séan, who was born in 2003. http://artemis-fowl.com/author_biography.php
ur so thick he likes writin
He started to write in 2001, when he wrote the first book in he Artemis Fowl series.
Eoin Colfer's full name is Eoin Colfer.
Eoin Colfer is 52 years old (birthdate: May 14, 1965).
It has not been made public what primary school Eoin Colferattended, but it was in southeast Ireland. He also taught at anIrish primary school in Wexford.
I'm not sure for his other books, but for Artemis Fowl it's 'Puffin Books'. :) Hope this helped! :) x
Actually, Eoin Colfer does not live in the United States. He lives in Wexford, Ireland.
well if you are talking about the Artemis fowl books then the main characters are Artemis fowl, butler, holly short, commander root, foaly, (and in other books) n1 (means number one; a demon), opal koiboi, and mulch diggums
It just makes the idea of him being a genius more cool, and makes it more interesting in the later books when he is dealing with teenage problems.
No, it is not. It is the real Irishman's name.
Eoin Colfer was inspired to write in primary school after reading Viking books inspired by his history lessons..
Yes, he is Irish. Eoin Colfer was born in Wexford, on the south east coast of Ireland, in 1965. . Hope this helps!
Never. He's not a comedian, he's a writer. Wrong. He is a comedian, but i dont know how long he has been a comedian. I think he stopped after Artemis Fowl hit #1 on New York Times bestsellers
Born May 14th, 1965 - in Wexford, Ireland
For fans: EoinColferFanAddress@Gmail.com
eoin said in the artimis code breaker book that his inspiration comes from a vast amounts of books that helped his creativity
yes eoin colfer is alive in southern Ireland
114 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10011