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Fetal Position

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As the fetus develops in the uterus, he or she changes position. If the fetus is in an undesirable position, the obstetrician or midwife can sometimes manipulate the baby's position. These positions can alter the outcome of your labor and delivery.
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Baby position keeps on changing while doing scanning is called "Variable presentation"..I have checked this with doctor and she said it is not a problem in 5th month as sufficient time is there for the baby to change its position for normal delivery.. K.Veeramani from India..
baby head is seen already in the perineum or what we call crowning.Baby will come anytime soon.
If you feel pressure in your cervix and are towards the end of your last trimester that means your baby is dropping into delivery position! :)
*80% effaced and -2cm station.
The most desirable presentation is the left occiput anterior and the right occiput anterior.
There is face, butt, foot and vertex or cephalic presentation.
They will wait until you are due and if your baby is still transverse they will tell you that you have to have a c-section. Sadly, 99.9% of medical doctors will not give you any other option. There are several techniques you can do to encourage your baby to turn head down. There are several websites...
Yes by aversion or the baby will move or reposition itself in the womb when the baby has still enough room to do it.
There is no way to prevent a fetus from settling into the breech position at the end of pregnancy. A woman who has had one breech fetus is more likely than average to have another.
This is a dangerous sign , a sign of incompetent cervix. Avoid vigorous activity,no heavy lifting, raised buttocks to put no additional pressure on the cervix.
There is no problem with sitting down when baby is in transverse position.
By doing the leopolds manuever or using the ultrasound you will know the position of the baby.
Answer . No I don't think so. It might be uncomfortable to you but God knew what he was doing when he made a woman to recreate.\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nIt is possible to carry your baby low in the pelvis. I am 29 weeks and I'm carying low so low that I was just at the hospital for preterm labor...
That is called a Breech delivery, named after Frank Breech.
Adults lay in the fetal position because at the core they are still the same human beings that were initially developed in the womb. Our bodies naturally form in this position because it is not only space efficient for the mother, but it's also safest for the baby, protecting head, neck, chest, and...
Less chance because of the growing fetus but you can ask the suggestion of an aversionist, a doctor specialized in manuevering the position of the baby with the use of an ultrasound if this is still possible. If theres still enough room and amniotic is adequate < i think it would be ok.
The baby will experienced lightening or going downwards at 36 weeks about to engaged.
The head is the presenting part in the birth canal.
I'm 4months but I don't feel the baby move and I'm over weight. And this is my third baby that I'm having
Two possible reasons. (1) Contracture of the legs and hips: They shouldn't be permanently in a fetal position. Their legs must be exercised at least twice a day by getting the caregiver to gently rotate the legs clockwise and anti-clockwise several times. It can be very painful for the elderly but...
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This is a term used in pregnancy to describe the placentapositioning. Grade two posterior placenta means that the placentais facing the back of the uterus. It is located in the lowersegment and touching the edge of the cervical opening but is notcompletely covering it.
If it wasn't, then the arms and/or legs could become deformed because they aren't meant to bend upwards. It is already a tight fight, and having an arm caught doesn't help.
%DETAILS%. Answer . No there are no risks. Every woman carries their baby different. I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant and carry low too. Every morning I can barely make it out of bed because the pressure down there is painful. It's nothing to worry about!\nStacey.
June 7th 2010? Your rough conception date would be September 13th, give or take a few days. However, it is very difficult to accurately say when conception occured. Therefore, I suggest speaking to your doctor, midwife or obstetrician about it because they can give you a better idea.
\nIt means the head of the baby is facing down and the baby is parallel to the mother's spine.
Dangerous because the cervix may open due to the weight exerted by twins.
There is not a quick way to make the baby drop. You can trywalking, or squatting. Pelvic tilts are also a good way to open thepelvis. Make sure that the baby is not in the breech position asthis could harm the baby.
Head to toe of the fetus is parallel to the ground. Head to toe of the fetus is parallel to the ground
You pretty much want your fetus to be positioned head down toward the cervix and vagina because it makes it a whole lot easier on mom and fetus during birth.
That is a footling breech presentation.
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Congratulations!! The day you got pregnant would be sometime in December.
This is not good because the weight of the baby will put pressure on the cervix and may open and will have a premature delivery.