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Peer Pressure

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Peer pressure is the influence of one's friends or social group on his or her decisions, often with negative effects.
About 10% but that oesn't mean it couldn't rise at any moment.
True but I seen people that are not Russian have a star on  their knee.
  fitting in, being popular, being skinny, being cool, and being awknoledged and noticed.
it depends on what u mean
Tempting peer pressure is something that seems appealing to you which makes it harder for you to resist .
It can probably be intensified with people under the influence of alcohol to pressure people, or under the influence of drugs even perhaps. Those factors seem to be the higher the risk of peer pressure. Whenever something dangerous like that is involved, peer pressure usually heightens.
Peer pressure can have negative effects by doing something you don't want to do and having negative consequences from your actions. Doing something you don't want to do can also have a negative impact on your life by ruining your social reputation. An example: Doing Drugs Having a friend peer...
Indirect peer pressure is when someone phsyically hurts you face to face. Definitively NOT the answer above this. Its INDIRECT not FACE TO FACE.
  == we dont know that its happening but sometimes they can get out of it .we dont know what the consequences are ,but we want to fit in with the croud . ==   == we dont know that its happening but sometimes they can get out of it .we dont know what the consequences are ,but we want to fit in...
when teens your age pressure you to do things.....   teen peer preesure could be anything.... but the most ones that everyone does is sex,drugs,and alot more
just try to laugh it off, if you show people that it upset you, they will just make fun more and more. i know it was embarrassing for you but if you show it does not bother you it will soon blow over. good luck.   Doesnt this happen a lot anyway. I thought it was pretty normal to be naked when...
Teenagers are very influenced by peer pressure to drink in excess. It is a form of socializing and sometimes the amount of alchohol can get out of control.
even adults experience peer pressure
Like our country, we share various cultures which are also affected by peer pressure. Other cultures also share the same problem, therefore it exist.
You may want to rephrase your question to get a better answer. But, I can do my best to answer it myself. Peer pressure happens to everyone, no matter how old you are.I'm pretty sure that it is scientifically proven that human minds will be pressured to make certain decisions if others around them...
Anyone who cannot remain indifferent to the whimsical ebb and flow of emotions in his/her surroundings. Basically it comes down to not placing your self-esteem in another's hands. Once you do that, you become a beam of light-- an independent, self-assuring force to be reckoned with.
Yes. There's not much more to it. You don't realize but you're being influenced by friends, teachers, siblings parents... and you're influencing all those people too. Its not necessarily a bad thing though. You can become a better person or a worse person. Best thing to do is to think about your...
yes it is corruption!
1. Reinforce your family values (make your child feel belong in  part of your family group)   2. Talk to your children about the world (share your thoughts with  them)   3. Build up their self-esteem   4. Let them share their problems   5. Inform them of your values    In...
Inform your parents and/or staff at your school or place of education, and they will be able to contact the local police and have appropriate action taken. You may also contact the police yourself.
it means to force someone to do something
Whenever your in doubt don't do it. Always go with your gut instinct. You know what the right choise is deep down so make it, regardless of what everyone else chooses or says about the decision you are making. Stand up for what you believe in, EVEN if it means your standing alone. Be a leader and...
Because it can be very hard and stressful so it makes life easier to just give in. Also sometimes it can feel like your friends will ditch you if you don't do as they say and you don't want to be seen as a chicken or whatever. Oh and because there will be pizza :D
the way peer pressure can affect ones choices is psychological and psychology is considered a social science. also, sociology is another social science that studies how people influence each other as well.
Your life will be so much better. In avoiding peer pressure, you will learn to take better control of your own life rather than someone else controlling you.
rarely is peer pressure useful...because often the peers are not behaving well themselves, and seeking to dominate others because of their own insecurities. When a person only feels safe by conforming to "peer pressure" it is a sure sign of danger and reqires an outside objective opinion.....
A negative effect of peer puressure is anything that your peers tell you to do that makes you feel uncomfortable or that you know is wrong.it can be a very dangerous thing when you are young and impressionable.So pick your friends very wisely and always do what you think is right.
it is estimated a staggering 83% of people give in to peer pressure... sadly 60% of statistics are made up...
if you are being pure pressured, what do they want you to do? ok, let say they want you to smoke. if they are ur friends, then they probably dont want to be alone in being hooked. if they are ur enemys, then they probably want to see you choke. think of the possibilitys.
Think of the Police as a Fraternity, there are certain expectations and traditions that are carried down. There are also levels of brotherhood(and sisterhood) that must be maintained as part of the trust involved in the job
Because when some people see others around them using them and telling them that they will feel good and they will look cool if they take them. They would never usually try them but they do because people are pressuring them into doing them.
Maybe by showing them the effects it can have on people
Suicide, criminal acts and more pressure
Yes it is highly likely that this is the case. Peer pressure is the pressure of someone wanting to be part of a group or stay in the crowd and they feel if they don't they will lose their friends. What kind of friends would pressure them anyway? So when their friends start smoking they are pressured...
What percent of teen are under the influence of peer pressure?everyone likes dick
It can be hurt full to be peer pressured. Especially by your friends, thinking that they want the best for you, and some times its not even bad!! It can be good like encouaging you to go out for volleyball, or the debate team or something. -Tori Kovacevich
There are 2 types of peer pressure. The first type is good. That  means your friend is teling you not to cheat. The second type is  bad. That means your friend is telling you too go smoke weed. Good  peer pressure can make you and bad peer pressure can break you.
if you don't listen to your family members. it will hurt them. you don't treat them as your parents. that's an example of how its affects family
Everybody! Becoming subject to peer pressure is an unavoidable part of maturing into an adult. It is a true test of friendship; those who attempt to pressure you into doing something bad against your will fail this test. However, those who encourage you to do something which could potentially help...
Because it gives them something to talk about some big people do like sloppy but then there are others who keep themselves looking very nice and sometimes they look nicer and have nicer things then the skinny people talking about them, but the main people who talk about fat people are ugly people it...
Teenagers fall into peer pressure when one of their friends asks them to do something that they don't want to do. The try to pursuade them even if they don't want to do it. Usually, it is something that they wouldn't do, but they do because it's "cool" and they will be made fun of if they don't.
It can affect what your thoughts are and could possibly drive you to the point of insanity.
an example of direct peer pressure is like you're friends offer you a cigarette and wont let you just say no. Indirect peer pressure would be like, you took up smoking because 'every body else was doing it'.
dont do it....no matter how cool your friends think it is...dont do it it gets you no where in life
There is great significance in the study of peer pressure. This  study examines the change in thought among individuals being  pressured that would not normally occur.
Yes it is a major problem, Many kids today are peer pressured into doing things they really didn't even want to do. sometimes it may be a little thing, but other times it can be something serious, and can be fatal, or harmful to others, or the person being pressured. eg: Drugs, alcohol , stealing,...
Joining a club in highschool like keyclub and doing community service.
I think its because one kid drops out and then pressures their friend to drop out too then that kid does the same and so on and kids don't know how to handle pressure as well
Peer pressure tends to have more of an effect on children with low self-esteem. If a child feels compelled to fit in, the teen may do things that go against his or her beliefs simply to be part of the group.Peer pressure can lead to experimentation with drugs and alcohol, sex, skipping school, and...
Outsiders will view the person you have been forced to become and  that you project on to everyone else. Those that know you closely  will know the true you. Your true friends will always be able to  tell who you are, and that is how you know who your true friends  are.
every single one, 99%. 1/100 arent
because he is a vampire and he cant kiss you otherwise he isn't strong enough... JK He is probably a bad boy-friend if he dosent kiss you otherwise, 'cause he just is probably so embarassed to kiss you otherwise. you should leave him, or kiss him your self :P
There friends usually pressure them into doing the following....1. Drinking Alcohol2. Smoking Weed or Cigarettes3. Sneaking Out4. Going to parties5. Having Sex6. Vandalism
You need to give examples and situtations on peer pressure and what would you do in that situation. You need to explain that you shouldn't be sucked into something that is wrong or that you are not comftable with. Look up peer pressure talks and do research. Then put your class together.
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The negative peers can drag the student down, by encouraging the student to engage in bad behavior. For example, a straight A student starts hanging out with the wrong people, and his grades go down to straight Ds.
To project status similar to those whom they wish to be accepted or  approved by. The prime example being other adolescents they need  approval from in order to pursue a sexual desire(not necessarily  sex, could be a simple crush), since these desires are felt very  intensely in a developing...
it helps because kids like to blend with pressure as in kids think that kids with dropped pants are cool so they do that
This isn't really math related. but negative peer pressure is when your peers or friends try to pressure you into something you don't want to do or isn't good, like smoking or doing drugs. Positive peer pressure is when your friends or peers try to pressure you into doing something good, like...
try to enjoy your reading==================It would help to describe the pressure you are experiencing, and why.If you are studying for an exam, and you don't think you'll have time to prepare fully for it, remember this: it's better to be fully prepared for two-thirds of the exam than it is to be...
Try not to get really angry..don't do anything you will regret..talk to someone and let your feelings out. It's not good to hold your feelings inside all bottled up because, if you do you'll eventually explode.
Because you know deep down that it didnt matter if she was your enemy. Your conscious new it wasnt the right thing to do.
When an unpopular student follows you they are generally looking for a friend or possibly a mentor. They want to be part of things at school just as much as you or your friends are. Dare to be different from others! Smile, say hello and get to know this person as you may find you will end up having...
Both the U.S./Canadian governments make a great deal of revenue off tobacco and although they are behind the cause of it all (allegedly working with the tobacco companies at one time) the governments have turned on the tobacco companies. Although there are no ads on TV or in magazines or any form of...
  Well, in every case that I've seen peer pressure it had bad effects. So let's say someone is really good, listens in school does their homework, Then someone who is the opposite of that comes along and teases them they are pressured to do wrong. So that is really bad.   But, in really rare...
tell them to go to hell its your decision dont give in
us kids hate peer pressure being a kid i love it when my parents  tell me not to listen when people talk drugs. or ect us kids might  not seem like it but we defiantly listen when we really must thanks  you - real life kid
It works both ways equally.
Start by removing yourself from the situation in small ways if you can. Secondly, Learn yourself, what your lines are in whatever way you feel most comfortable, this will make it easier for you to resist the urge to "just try it" when pressured, which will ruin it for you most likely anyway. And...
It means he is a pervert. You don't have to do that if u don't want to.
Cocaine, heroin, ecstacy, meth, and Richard Simmons.
People want attention, and peer pressure may cause them to buy goods, just for the sake that their friends will approve, or they may get noticed in the bunch.
because they know their not in that persons shoes and think "im so glad in not him/her right now".
Well, some people give me stuff if they like me.
You need to tell a senior authority but be asked to keep your name held as annonymous. That way you roomate will get caught without anyone else knowing you told!
Indirect peer pressure is when people may say comments in front  of/too a person who does not want to do an activity the others do.  Although, you (pl.) may not be saying it directly too them and may  not intend for them too be hurt or effected by it in any way, the  other/s may feel as if you ...
No, they don't because sometimes in their like they give up. they really don't know what to do. they want so much money and want to become rich people without doing nothing. they know this won't happen.
Answer I think it would be a situation where a person is bullied into doing something they do not want to do by friends or others of the same age group.
The best way a teen can save another teen is to prevent them fromruining their life. Many teens change friends when they decide tobegin using drugs, drinking alcohol and skipping school. This meansthey leave another group of teen friends behind. These are theirgood or positive friends. The good...
For me it's simple. peer pressure usually occurs when my friends ask something of me that I usually wouldn't do. As an example smoking honestly I hate it! My friends are always offering them to me or blowing in my face,always laughing at me cuz I absolutely refuse to smoke.Also my boyfriend hates it...
The statistics for clothing as a result of peer pressure are  alarming especially for teens. Over 65 percent of clothing trends  are influenced by peer pressure.
Peer pressure is probably one of the biggest issues in high school,  but especially if your a freshman. Freshman want to fit in and  sucumb to peer pressure to do it.   Answer2: Peer pressure is in high school and all schools and age  groups. Adults want to be accepted by their peers too. No...
anybody that owns or is doing it.. so basically the starter or  bigginer.
yes......but no.if you like that guy just strait up say it to him!good luck!