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Arbor Day

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Arbor Day (or Tree day in Latin) is a holiday in some regions in which people plant and care for trees. Initiated by J. Sterling Morton in Nebraska on April 10, 1872, it is observed by many countries on various dates, depending on suitable planting season. Ask and answer here about the significance of Arbor day and its aim in protecting our planet against global warming.
Arbor Day is special to Nebraska because it originated in Nebraska  City, Nebraska.   J. Sterling Morton is credited with its origination. On April 10,  1872 approximately one million trees were planted in Nebraska.    It became globalized when Birdsey Northrop of Connecticut visited ...
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Arbor day is a day to think about earth. Plant trees, don't pollute, and recycle. For this day you just try to help this day the most you can. Just like earth day you try to save the polar bears and stop polluting that is what you do for Arbor Day!
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Arbor Day is the last Friday in April. For 2011, this would be April 29th.
Arbor Day and Earth Day celebrate the earth and bring people to plant a tree.
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Yes, Arbor Day is a proper noun, the name of a specific day.
It originated in Nebraska City, Nebraska, United States during 1872 by J. Sterling Morton. The first Arbor Day was held on April 10, 1872
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  April 4 1958
In 2011, Arbor Day is on Friday, April 29.
  Arbor Day, celebrated on the last Friday of April, encourages people to plant trees so that our environment remains in a good condition. On this day people who plant most number of trees get a special prize.
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They planted trees and other plants and they also save paper by not wasting it.
no, it's celebrated by planting trees
They used to plant trees. Now, they ignore it.
Arbor day is typically celebrated on the final Friday of April. It  is a day where citizens are encouraged to plant new trees.
Arbor Day is traditionally celebrated on the last Friday in April. On this special day people are concerned with the planting and care of trees. Arbor Day is celebrated throughout the United States.
Arbor refers to trees. Arbor Day is a day in which we celebrate and plant trees. :)
Arbor Day - film - was created on 1936-05-02.
The address of the Gig Harbor-Key Peninsula Arbor Day Foundation is: Po Box 1493, Gig Harbor, WA 98335-3493
No, it can vary from year to year.
it was made by these one people that move to this one place and saw that there wsnt any trees and then planted some trees   :/
No, french do not even know it. In Belgium, our neighbour, the arbor day is 21th march. Actually, France is a country where there are more forests today than a 100 years ago.
Trees are planted on Arbor Day, and "arbor" is the Latin word for  tree. It's the source for the English words arboreal, arboretum,  etc.
Manitoba is a whole province, it has several significant cities in it and many different postal codes, which you can look up on the Canada Post web-site quite easily.
  It is celebrated the second Friday in February.
It started because of droughts and people were cutting trees down.
Arbor Day happens on the last Friday in April annually.
its called arbor day cause this guy missed trees so much that he decided to plant trees and told the president.
Canada Day used to be called Dominion Day. It's always on July 1.
by planting a tree because arbor day is when the farmers move to America and started to cut all the trees so they made a holiday which means you celebrate by planting trees .
Arbor Day is a day in which individuals and groups are encouraged  to plant and care for trees.    The festival originated in the US, but is also celebrated in  several other countries. In Commonwealth countries it is sometimes  spelled Arbour Day. In Japan, a similarly themed Greenery Day...
Arbor Day is observed on the last Friday of April each year in the United States. The customary observance is to plant a tree.
Arbor day is dedicated to the planting and conservation of trees. Education programs on horticulture and tree care are held in some places.
Arbor Day is so important because you get to help save the trees and plant new ones.
No - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbor_Day