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The intestines aid in the digestion and absorption of food and stretch from the stomach to the anus.
 The part of the grain that remains after being refined is the  endosperm. 
This could be down to a lack of fruit consumption. This happened to  a cousin of mine and the doctor said more fruit and veg should be  eaten. If you're really worried go to the doctor. Hope this helped!
based on the body parts
Bile is often green because their is to much Antographymecognismanriograph's in your blood stream
Yes at any moment! Don't force too hard when pooping. Also, if you have been cut by a samurai. So beware of samurai's and get an enema.
it is simialerbut the small one ie same thing estine are thour int bemcause thhe samething ey do t but the small instesti ne is about 7m long and the large one is least than 7m
If you ate rasions, they could look like that...
High levels of both soluble and insoluble fibre.
I am not a diagnostician but It is my opinion that it cannot effect  your sight.
A bowel movement is primarily what is left undigested from your  food intake. It pends on the amount of food you have eaten over a  period of item and the amount of indigestible material and fiber in  the food you have eaten.
A full stomach normally takes about four hours to fully digest.
Surprisingly this 'crumbly' substance is actually minute fragments of gold. It is usually found in small quantities, however large quantities, if properly sanitized are of considerable value.
yes. it's called the dirt.
Columnar epithelial cells.
The pancreas is located in the abdomen behind the stomach; this  organ is responsible for converting the food which we eat into fuel  for our bodies. The type of juice that can be found in the pancreas  is called pancreatic juice, which is made up of digestive enzymes.
Food coloring. Often consuming large amounts of foods such as colored cake icing, kool aid, and snow cones will turn feces green.
A gastrologist is treats and diagnose conditions that affect the  large intestines, small intestines, the biliary system, the  stomach, and the esophagus. Gastrology is a sub-specialty of  internal medicine.
When porcupines are feeling threatened, they release a very  distinct pungent warning odor when their quills are erect.
    Barf is an acronym for "Bile And Regurgitated Food".   not slang, but an acronym.
  The first region is called the Duodenum.   The second is called the Jejunum.   The third is the Ileum
Small intestine is where the food enters the blood.
Diverticulitis is a condition in where a person has pockets in the  wall of the colon. Diverticulitis is very uncommon in people under  the age of 40.
==Answer==   Add one cup of white vinegar to a bucket of water.  Works best for me!   If you have scuff marks, rub the sole of your sneakers on it and it should come off.
If you mean the plant goldenthread, then they are quite different.  Goldenthread is a parasitic plant sometimes called dodder, and  goldenseal is a member of the buttercup family.
Tissues called mesenteries that extend from the abdominal wall which is called the peritoneum.   to be short and sweet the answer is mesentery
Feces is one of the most noxious smelling substances known to man.It gets it's unpleasant odor from all the bacteria attached to it.Furthermore, evolutionists believe that feces smells so that humansknow to keep away from it, and that that trait evolved in humans. Due to the multifaceted eminences...
Laxatives should not be taken for more than a week. If you are  having trouble using the bathroom still, consult your physician.
Some people may loosen their jeans after they eat because their  jeans were too tight in the first place and they need room to  breathe. It may also be to make sure they are digesting properly.
if u r referring to the bodily function of wet farts then yes
Castor oil can expire or become rancid. Good castor oil should be  clear and odorless whereas expired oil may become cloudy and  develop an unpleasant odor.
it must be something to do with a muscular tube relaxing after death therefore becoming larger and longer
Yes, human fecal matter is toxic. That does not mean that if you ate a spoonful it would kill you immediately. However our fecal matter is full of chemicals such that our bodies chose not to absorb. If it were suitable for promoting growth, cellular reproduction or repair, your body would use it.
  some chemistry questions are so much more fun than others.   the gas that escapes out the anus is from food digestion, and from some swallowed air. if the air accumulates in larger amounts, more gas has to pass, that can affect the volume.   if you scrunch (there's a fine word!) your...
Possible causes of absence of bowel movement:Bowel obstructionDehydrationAbuse or overuse of laxativesUse of medicines like anti-depressants, anti-hypertensionIntestinal problemsInjuries to spinal cord causing paralysisIn children, fear of using toiletsLack of fiber in diet
I believe it's nothing wrong with you. It's just because you ate too much vegetable. How green is it? Too green meant a problem.
2. How about you?
1) They successfully out-compete harmful bacteria - no room for the wicked- ; 2)
The large intestine is called the colon. It begins at the ileo-cecal valve and becomes the ascending colon. It gets to the top of the abdomen where it turns and becomes the transverse colon. When it reaches the other side of the abdomen it turns again, becoming the descending colon. At the end of...
ask your ma
Yes, it is called prolapse of the rectum. It is repairable by a doctor.
Carrots are mostly fiber, and fiber is often indigestible, meaning your intestines cannot absorb or break it down (which is why carrots are not high in calories). Because the intestines cannot absorb or break the carrots down, your bowel movements will often have whole chunks of carrot if you ate...
The large intestine is lined with a think muccous membrane to absorb and/or eliminate water and salts.
  probobly because everytime i drink it i get gas..
== Answer ==   Nothing, just watch your diet.  Spicy foods, legumes (beans, nuts, etc), any other foods that give you gas should be avoided.
According to the "National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse or NDDIC" "Hemorrhoids are common in both men and women. About half of the population has hemorrhoids by age 50. Hemorrhoids are also common among pregnant women."
It can mean that you have had something that's hard diguest.
The small intestine is divided into three structural parts: ..Duodenum 26 cm (9.8 in) in lengthJejunum 2.5 m (8.2 ft)Ileum 3.5 m (11.5 ft)
if you are using just plain tap water, it would be just plain water
The iliocecal sphincter. It's a ring of involuntary smooth muscle that controls the passage of digestive contents from the small intestine to the large intestine.
If your bowel movement is pink, it means that you have blood in the  stool. You should see a physician to determine the cause of the  blood.
no they don't
  sort of yes, just like in your poop there is a lot of bactieria
Of course it is! It's how you remove waste your body didn't use and how food comes out!
Aspirin is absorbed from the stomach but most of it is absorbed from small intestines because of poor dissolution of acidic drug in stomach acid, high dissolution in intestinal contents, large surface area on intestines and good blood flow in intestines
"The baby will have the power of flight." What is this supposed to mean?
You should discuss that with your gastroenterologist.
you know... they just named it after the first sound it made while taking there dump
It depends on the breed of dog
Yes but it could possibly hurt if you play.
Yes - Red, orange and yellow aren't uncommon.
You may have a heart problem. See your doctor.
The white blood cells destroy diseases while the red blood cells carry oxygen through out the body. So all in all the white cells are for you to not get sick often and the red blood cells to get oxygen to your whole body. Thanks!
explain the regulation of secretions of the small intestine
It is common to experience changes in your menstrual cycle. Stress  and hormonal changes can effect your cycle. Schedule a visit with  your physician to make sure there are no other causes.
its part of the proces of digesting food
There currently is no "tablet" form of this product but the capsules (not the "Smart Chews") contain, according to information on the Citrucel web site, 1/2 gram of soluble fiber per capsule. A "dose" is 2 capsules for 1 gram of soluble fiber.
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Well, your body cannot hold much bowel movement. The most would be 2 ounces, probably, not even.
Hiccups are caused by air getting trapped in your diaphragm. This  can happen while eating or drinking and will usually stop after a  few minutes.
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Probably to stimulate the prostate, the man's G-spot.
== Answer ==     No. They are never really normal, but they are more common later in life. Risk factors are age, high blood pressure, frequent constipation, pregnancy, and certain other health problems.
Inflammatory is anything that is swollen because of an irritant
The anal sphincter.
in the small intestine
Tight pants will not cause hemorrhoids, However if you have them,  wearing tight clothing can only make them worse since the clothing  does not allow for any air circulation.
By the end of the small intestine, the nutrients have been digested from the food. What remains is waste. The large intestine absorbs excess water and a few vitamins from this waste, and then passes it out of the body via the rectum.
    There is no esophaguas intestines. You have a large intestine made up of four sections, and a small, made up of three sections. Both together can measure about 30 feet. We have an 'oesophagus' also known as 'esophagus'. This is a muscle tube that carries our food from our pharynx to...
NyQuil is composed of alcohol and water. Thus, it is absorbed  quickly. It leaves the digestive tract and enters the blood stream  in about thirty minutes.